Thursday, September 28, 2023

Campbell happy with start, wants to stay

Joel Campbell got his first Champions League start for Arsenal last night in the 4-1 over Galatasaray, and after the game he said he’s glad to be at the club.

Speculation over his future has been rife and a January loan move has been mooted, but the Costa Rican seemed to rule that out.

Not showing any disappointment over how little he’s played this season (just one start in the Capital One Cup and five brief cameos as a sub), he said, “Today was a chance for those who haven’t played much, like me! I think we made the most of it in the best way, by winning in such a difficult scenario.

“I’m confident that I’m developing as a player and I’ll work step by step and work for my chance. I’m happy here, I’m learning every day and hopefully my chance will come.”

Meanwhile, Lukas Podolski praised youngsters Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Stefan O’Connor for their club debuts, away from home and in Europe.

“It was important for them,” said the German. “You don’t often have the chance to play as an 18 or 19-year-old in the Champions League and it was good for them.

“They came on in the second half, they did well and they should be very proud and happy to play in the Champions League.”

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Love the way Podolski goes around bending goal posts for fun.


That goalpost he hit earlier in the year is apparently out of the repair shop and back in full training – should be back on the pitch within another four weeks.




The left post at the North Bank is still vibrating. And that was ages ago.

Ant Lester

If we could only nail games a bit earlier on in the matches, then it would be great to give more minutes to everyone. We’d love to see more Campbell, Poldi, Zelalem, Rositfjdhdjfski et al.

The Dude

If we could only Nile games earlier on.


One Nile to The Arsenal!


As a metter of fact, winning games early is a reason why a team like Chelsea suffer less injuries and fatigue, as they effectively slow the game down and “rest” in the last minutes of a match.


Oh, you’ll see Rosicky alright. He becomes a regular starter from January to the end of the season.

Scott P

I have to believe that if Campbell’s attitude in training is as good as it seems to be in these interviews, he’ll be given his chance as long as the talent is there as well. It’s not every youngster that works this hard to prove himself and keep faith.


Is he drawn by Todd McFarlane?


He played quite well. Could have picked out a better final ball a few times in the 2nd half, nearly scored with an Henry-esque finish. Great feet as well, just needs to get in the box more and the goals will come. As for Poldi, I would start him vs Newcastle give him his chance to impress which he has earned.

Fireman Sam

#aha #startpoldi #breakthecrossbar


Agreed – good attitude from Joel.

Rated him 7/10 last night. Good endeavour, good attitude and some promising runs especially in first half. Last 20mins he was a bit too ‘head down’ as he tried too hard to get a goal when a pass would’ve been better.

Showed enough to warrant another chance. More game time should lead to better decision-making + understanding with his team-mates.


It is good to inject yougsters into a game like this it makes them proud and feel a sense of belonging…. Meanwhile I hard that Rambo just won himself puskas award. Congrats……COYG


we’re all hard after that ramsey goal…

Dale Cooper

Didn’t really rate his performance last night, but the guy sure has a good attitude. Good on him.


This attitude is what we need from him, hope he jumps at every opportunity he gets


I want you to want to stay! I see a player in there. He’s got good feet, a decent turn of pace, an eye for goal, good work ethic and the ability to combine and create space for himself and others. If he can build on what he has he will be the closest thing to a number 9 type forward we’ve had since dudu ( alexis doesn’t count because he is number everything and anything he wants to be)


Agreed. I also think he’ll be able to do a job as a striker.


I just hope everyone’s attitude are better know, more confident on the players that don’t get chances and inject this energy to win games every weekend


I really like Campbell’s attitude. He seems like a true professional. He obviously sees training with the club as vital a part for his development as playing matches too which may be why he wants to stay and fight


Campbell’s performance was not up to the standard that he showed playing for Costa Rica or Olympiakos last season. He looked short on confidence and desire. Arsene Wenger will play you weather you are from Timbuktu or Papa New Guinea, 15 or 40 as long as you have the required standard and application. He didn’t impose himself on the match and didn’t showcase his talent when he was given an opportunity. I don’t believe its because he’s a arrogant or has an attitude problem on the contrary he knows where he come from and everything good that has happened in… Read more »


I thought he tracked back pretty well yesterday. It was his defensive effort that led to Ramsey’s cool finish to the far post.


joel can only improve with playing around this team its wether he has the same sentiments at the end of the season if he dont get too much more game time we will see

Perry S.

he had a sitter saved yesterday. he shot well too low to give the keeper a chance at palming it, when about 6 inches higher was required. let’s hope he can improve a bit on his strike to add to the rest that he can bring to the table.


Is wenger listening?? campbell wants to stay so make him stay


There’s one in every crowd, isn’t there?


“Get out while you still can!”


Okay, I guess there are two in this crowd.


I think that was ironic reference to the Stoke station boneheads.


Please, Wenger give Campbell, and Podolski more games they are world class. To Play in the world cup you must be world class.


Gervinho hasnt changed much!!


I’m pretty sure Campbell was to often appear in the Carling Cup. Too bad that’s blown away. Maybe he’ll get his chance in the FA Cup against lesser oppositions.


Just a thought I had….maybe Wenger is going to keep Campbell and let Theo go? hmmm

is it recognize or recognise?

Campbell is a fascinating prospect. Any modern English club worth its salt (in the EPL) plays the game of purchasing outstanding young potential, training said player and exposing him to lower level competition (ie u-21 or any other iteration of the young pro leagues), and eventually loan(s) to determine if the individual has the mentality combined with tactical aptitude to compete at the highest level of European competition – I left out technical ability as it is a prerequisite to be scouted in the first place. At the age of 22 Campbell has gone through the aforementioned and emerged successfully… Read more »

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