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Champions League draw: it’s Monaco!

Arsenal have been drawn against Monaco in the first knock-out round of the 2014/15 Champions League.

First leg
Arsenal v Monaco
Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Kick-off: 19.45
Emirates Stadium

Second leg
Monaco v Arsenal
Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Kick-off: 19.45
Stade Louis II

History: The Gunners have never faced Monaco in a competitive fixture. The Ligue 1 outfit did take part in this season’s Emirates Cup, beating us 1-0 thanks to a 37th minute header by Radamel Falcao. He’s obviously not on the books anymore, although they do have ex-Spurs man Dimitar Berbatov.

Record: N/A

Overall record vs French teams (via @Orbinho): W 13 D7 L2

Player connections: Emmanuel Petit, Gilles Grimandi, Chris Wreh, Emmanuel Adebayor and Thierry Henry. It’s also the former stomping ground of Arsene Wenger, who left the Stade Louis Carpark II 20 years ago before embarking on his Japanese adventure.

Full draw

Arsenal v Monaco
Shakhtar v Bayern
Schalke v Real Madrid
Manchester City v Barcelona
Borussia Dortmund v Juventus
PSG v Chelsea
Bayer Leverkusen v Atletico Madrid
Basel v Porto

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Damn you’re a quick typer

Runcorn Gooner

Beat Monaco and draw the winners of Porto v Basel then who knows

Mohit mandan

Arsene should go to church more often 😉




Huge result – and Chelsea get a tough draw too! Road trip for the away leg me thinks.

Rocket Diary

What church did you visit Wenger. I need help with some wishes of my own.


Wishes, really wishes, prayers more like it, geez wishes


Road trip for the home leg for me! Gonna catch the Everton match, too. Can’t wait!


Hold on… was the draw made in Italy?
Monaco means Munich in Italy??

Borissia Dortmund got Juventus – :O

Terry Henry

Ctrl C
Ctrl V

Fergie the Gooner



Arsene must have been in church all weekend!


We already need a hospital, let’s build a church as well. Or two.


Let’s connect them.


this will be fun


How the fuck did we escape all the big teams???


Chelsea getting PSG as well, best draw possible!


And Man City getting Barca. Get IN!!!

Me So Hornsey

Dortmund got Juventus. Is our luck finally changing?


Don’t jinx it man.


Dortmund are better than Juve .. I’d say


If they’re at full fitness, I’d back Dortmund, but since they seem to have pissed off the injury gods as much as we have, I reckon it comes down to how many of their key players are fit. If Reus, Gundogan and Hummels are out and Juve have Vidal, Pogba and Pirlo all raring to go, Juve might manage to win. Good contests all round methinks.


And Tevez too, he’s having an excellent season at Juve. I would put my money on Juve for this fixture.

Gunner From Another Mother


I wouldn’t dismiss Juve so easily.


Wait so finishing 2nd paid off…. Get in!!!


Wenger knows.


Now to get the much needed CB and probably a DM as well.

We have enough in the offensive locker to take us all the way.


Don’t tempt those injury gods now…


I guess the Anderlecht draw turned out to not be a fuck up after all.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Wenger’s ‘cunning plan’ all along!

Like a fox!


What does the fox say? A little bit the mental strength.
I’m sorry.


Because we are a “bigger” team!


Random fist pumps at work….WOOOOOHOOOO!!!

Wenger needs to go to church and pray for our injuries now….please

Luke BG

As good as we could have hoped for, happy Gooner!!

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

God’s on Arsene’s side.


About friggin time!


Prayers answered. Wenger, where is your new church located?


we are finished !
I was hoping for a kinder draw


Sarcasm, methinks?

Alexis' alexis

Down votes are sarcasm as well, methinks


One would hope so, anyway.


No excuses now fellas! Monaco do have the best defence in the competition but it’s about time we got a favourable one and Arsene should be chuffed!


the best defense in the competition? they had arguably the easiest group in the CL with Benfica and Zenit dissapointing.

Andy Mack

I don’t know much about the French league and especially Monaco at the moment but they have a decent squad (per transfermarkt). May be easier than most other teams but still no push-over.

Perry S.

thank you captain obvious (sorry I had to). there are no “easy” draws or “push overs” in the knock out round. you don’t just slide into it, but there more “favorable” draws with respect to the other big clubs involved.

Andy Mack

So you don’t think everyone’s talking about it like it is a push over then?
and my cautionary comment is unnecessary.


Yes, they’re a good team. Not as daunting a prospect as Real Madrid but they could easily win. Their position in Ligue1 is a bit deceptive when considering how they’re likely to perform because they were horrible at the start of the year.


They’ve also scored 4 goals in 6 group games. I know we have to say things like “respect them” but we all know we’ll be favourites for this one. Happy with this for a change. Been a while since we were favourites in a last 16 UCL game. Perhaps the more interesting thing about the draw is this story of Rosicky trolling RVP


Parody account but still funny..

Hleb's bread

Shitty has picked up our lucky ticket:)


Barca seem to make a habit of getting tough teams in the last 16

Fruit and Fibre

Jesus H. Christ on a fucking pogo stick, Arsene’s church-going fucking worked! Top God-bothering the boy! Get in!


more church for Wenger

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

Surely. We like the ‘easy’ ones! C’mon Arsenal. Actually at this point we are 5 teams and nine matches away from lifting the UCL. Seriously.


Wouldn’t that be four teams and nine matches?


err 7 games & 4 teams!!


maths xd

Az Ahmed

Err. 7 teams and 4 matches?


Hrmph, four teams and 7 matches




With our powers combined, we can do basic arithmetic!


See you in the next Avengers film


Ha Ha Ha!

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

My mistake. My bad.
Thanks for correcting. 4 teams and 7 matches. Arsene some more prayers! COYG!!!
For the next draw(and injuries) I will personally escort the boss to that church of his! Anyone else coming?????


Tottenham is five teams and nine matches away from Europa League glory.

Hörður Sigurðarson

Wouldn’t that be four teams and nine matches?


He needs to go to church more often. Best possible draw for us! Tough draw for the chavs and shieks



Arsene needs to go to church more often.


now we’ll get our rematch for emirates cup!!

Anonymous Kumquat

And Dortmund got Juventus… I like this draw!


UNREAL DRAW! Was so sure it would be Bayern when it got down to the last 3! If only Chelsea got PSG that would be perfect….. oh LOL


Sadly enough I’d have prefered them to get Bayern Münich or Real Madrid, but PSG will have to do xD


Not because it was a possible draw, but it would be epic to see the Mourinho cunt’s face after getting knocked out xD


Yes yes yes

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

I’m just happy we didn’t draw Madrid or Bayen. We can handle everybody else


I actually think we can handle Bayern . I still remember the last time we played them at the emirates and had them on the ropes completely – it was only when ozil missed the pen that the confidence of the team started sapping away – the only team I would be fearful of would be REAL MAD

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

I’m just happy we didn’t draw Madrid or Bayen. We can handle everybody else


Hot dog!! Lets hope we perform to progress!


It’s a xmas miracle!


Woohoo! Feels as if Arsenal just won the lottery!!!

Saw the draw live and could not believe AFC escaped the big teams. About time!


Yeah watching it live didn’t look likely at all!

And after all the Anderlechting and the bitching and the cunting fullbacks at CB… we get a better draw than Dortmund!


Hah, glad we didn’t screw things up and win by 6 on the last day of the group stage now!


Arsene Wenger is a genius. He deliberately took the pedal off the gas at 3-0 up because he knew this would happen.

o leary bayernn..pheww


We are going to France and paying our old mate Berbatov a visit!! Fukin brilliant, I’m going to celebrate with Bacon.


you mean celebrate with a part of a dead pig? think of what/who you’re eating and what it went through so you can eat it.


I can deal with comments descending into random abuse of the team/manager and personal insults, but this chap is having a go at bacon and that’s just not on – can we please have him banned?

Dick Swiveller


I also enjoy dead Bambi, dead Daisy and y’know those cute little lambs that totter around, barely able to stand? Lovely with mint sauce.


Really, who can criticize bacon. My vegan friend used to get all jealous when I ate it in front of him, but he never put it down.


shame that you make such requests. i’m as much as an Arsenal fan as you and i don’t deserve abuse just because i advised someone to think about what he/she eats (even if you were being sarcastic). anyway, the best draw possible. 2 months till the first leg, now let’s prepare for Alexis aka ‘rejecting the scousers anyday’ tearing Liverpool apart.


Fair play… its disgusting how many farm animals are treated.
Although this is a football blog so I’ll shut the fuck up! 😀

Dick Swiveller

I dunno, injecting a little humour into what was a humourless comment seems like exactly the right thing to do.

As you say, there was no serious move to ban someone for objecting to bacon, I just can’t help mocking people who think of eating meat as a bad thing. It’s a problem. I’ll work on it.


Maybe he meant Kevin?


Awesome news! And about bloody time too, we’ve been due some luck! Can’t let our guard down though, they’re probably better than Stoke…

Proff Gooner

Like we fear anyone!!!


Proff Gooner

Like we fear anyone!!!



Maybe I’ll start going to church now too


We are paying out old mate a visit Berbatov aka Uncle Bulgaria!! Fukin Brilliant, I’m going to celebrate with Bacon.

paa tommy

wenger should be going to church for the rest of the season.

sh gooner

I skipped uni to watch the draw. Best decision ever! No excuses now. Hopefully a good win in the first leg with a clean sheet and we are off to the quarter finals.


let’s get to the quarter finals!

I hope chelsea and man c go thru too…keep them equally distracted…

Oor Wullie

Sorry, how many times do we have to play them? That seems like an awful lot of matches.

Proff Gooner

Wouldn’t it be for General Wenger to start an unbeaten run to the final starting off from the team he and Henry14 were introduced to the world!!


It’s going to be a big game for Park Chu-young, who returns to his former team. Err…

Lauren woz ere

Win at home and draw away against Monaco. Then, if there’s a chance we get the winner of Porto/Basel in the quarters… who knows what can happen?

Double, Double, Double....

Same attitude from the fans that have been amazing over the years at the home ties, whether it’s Bayern or Monoco, plenty of noise and get behind the lads, up the Arsenal!


Dream draw – now sit back watch us fuck this up.


Keep taking the happy pills FG.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

Is FG Usmanov?


The picture is close- infinite jowels of displeasure at his millions.


this is an opportunity where we cannot afford to fuck up, I don’t like when fans take a win for granted because the games needs to be played and Monaco is not a pub team. But this is a game that we really got the opportunity to win and I really think that the lads can have a CL run this year. COYG! The negativity is not needed at this stage, save it till after the season when we can judge the manager.


How can any Arsenal fan like that comment…


Fats kept clearing his cache. That’s how he can upvote himself.


I would like to see real Arsenal fans fuck you up. For good.


Literally fist pumped the air when bayern were drawn! Finally a last 16 I can look forward too, thought it was the same old story when city and Chelsea drew last years teams again!


Bet Wenger really needs to go church!!! Can’t be any kinder draw for us. Also happy Chelsea gets PSG!!! Bet Ibra will teach them lots some lessons!!!


Good plan coming 2nd in our group. Dortmund play Juventus.


Dream draw – now sit back and watch us fuck this up.

teddy salad

ok, gotcha the first time, buttcheese.


Christmas came early 🙂


So did most Arsenal fans, when they saw that draw.


Obviously Platini was made aware of the ‘fiddling with his balls’ comment…

teddy salad

He could go blind, you know.


Lol! Like most of the refs they employ…


Wow, how amazing is this draw. Best possible one for us. Monaco have Carvalho and Berbatov in their first XI. Cheers to Man U and Real for snatching away their superstars. Plus Chelsea, City and Dortmund all got shitty draws…..amazing foresight from wenger and the team to let anderlecht back in after leading 3-0. Looking forward to a quarter final against basel or porto……lol!!!

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