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Ramsey: It was nice

Aaron Ramsey says Arsenal can leave Istanbul happy after their 4-1 demolition of Galatasaray even though it wasn’t enough to secure them top spot in Group D.

The Gunners blitzed their Turkish hosts with three goals in the opening 29 minutes as they shook off Saturday’s defeat at Stoke City to record a first away victory on Champions League Matchday 6 since 1999.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the game, Ramsey did his best Michael Owen impression, reflecting in that frightfully dull way of his:

“We came here wanting to win and we managed to do that. We’re happy that we won the game. We finished off on a high in the group stages and now we’re looking forward to seeing who we’re up against in the next round.

“We looked dangerous every time we went forward tonight which was pleasing. We scored a few goals, which is always nice. We took full advantage of the opportunities, so it was nice to get the four goals that we scored today.

“We came here with a few players making their first [first] team appearance tonight. It was nice to come here tonight and nearly come away with what we needed to come top. It wasn’t to be and we finished off strongly so we’re pleased with that.”

He may have nearly broken the net with the second of his two goals, but the Welshman claimed that this evening’s stunning 30-yard volley didn’t top his strike away at Norwich last season.

“The ball came to the edge of the box and I thought ‘why not have a go’ so I had a go and thankfully it went in.

“It’s up there,” continued Ramsey when pressed as to whether it was his best ever goal. “I like the Norwich goal.”

Taken off at half time Ramsey admitted he had a tight hamstring but stressed that he’d recover in time for Saturday’s game with Newcastle.

UPDATE – Ramsey returned to speak to Sky Sports 40 minutes after the first interview  having watched his strike back on video. He’s now claiming, it was definitely the best goal he’s ever scored.

“I’ve seen it back and it was definitely the best goal I’ve scored. I thought it was a lot closer on the pitch. I can confirm that’s the best goal I’ve scored.”


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Beautiful performance. Players like Pod deserve to start vs Newcastle, tonight showed we need to reward form over reputation and a performance like that merits a start.

Worldie from Ramsey, tinge of regret from other games this year sadly though.


Do you also agree with those intelligent chaps who wants wenger to be replaced by pardew or allardyce?!


…and who would you start him over? Alexis? Ox? … You need to tally tonight up with his other performances too. Maybe he’ll get an extra 10-15 minutes but I wouldn’t be starting him just because of this one game.

Dick Swiveller

Maybe. We already knew he can bust the net when given an opportunity, but I’d temper the fact that he scored two goals with him doing his usual disappearing act. I’d love him to be able to stand out for longer than the two minutes he gets in front of goal but with everyone elze getting a rest for the Cl, I’d epxec him to be back on the bench and I wouldn’t drop anyone for him. I agree with the tinge of regret, every time I see us flowing forward there’s a part of me thinking ‘and if we… Read more »

Eric Cartman

The goal that necessitated collective unzipping of pants!


Amen to that.


It was indeed

Viva Vivas

A great performance against a team that was already out of any european competition. Stoke on the other hand is a different story.

Third Plebeian

Yes, and by a team that also, realistically, had nothing to gain or lose from the match.

Every time we dominate a dead rubber, people ask ‘why don’t we play like this all the time?’ Erm. Because it’s a dead rubber. It’s such a stupid question.

Anyway, back to our shit league form on the weekend, I suspect. Because, well, league games matter.


What is wrong with you all? Did you not see that strike? Do you have any sense of wonder or awe? I find your boredom to be morally obscene.


Posting only to add another like to the sense of wonder and awe comment. Hear hear!


And we had just about nothing to gain or lose, had loads of 2nd team player and even youth players and still did that well. Yes let’s not get carried away but stop being a buzzkill.

Third Plebeian

Sorry to rain on the parade. Just frustrated by the fact that we can produce top-class performances when it doesn’t matter, second-class performances when it does.


Because Dortmund at home was a total dead rubber… Oh shit, no, that was the win that qualified us for the knock outs. Also, today could have seen us go top if Dortmund had lost. This game showed that the boys wanted to go top and did everything they could ( a bit late but better than never) to go top of the group.

Yankee Gooner

I’m sure you’d be equally nonplussed had we lost the dead rubber 1-4.


I am well pleased with the result and performance.

but I do think it is worth asking whether Arsenal should have some sort of sports psychologist come in, the team consistently folds under pressure. How many times have we lost the first game in a two-legged play off to come back and play well in the final game when there is little chance of progressing. Wish the team could play with the confidence and freedom they had last night, then again, maybe a better team would have torn us apart -especially in the second half with all the youngsters out.

Dick Swiveller

I think it should be essential, I’m sure we have people dedicated to building team harmony and it seems like there’s a fair bit of comaradery there already but when we have such chronic problems with confidence, and a style that almost necessitates a calm, refined nature, it’s hard to think that someone working on that wouldn’t help us.

Welbeck's Hi-top fade

Is it really that difficult to just enjoy a good performance? People complained after the win against Southampton and again after the win against Galatasaray. If you can’t be even a little positive after games we actually win, then really what is the fucking point?

Dick Swiveller

I’m really not sure how you can look at the way we’ve generally played this season and be disappointed with the Southampton game, the solid defence and the pressure and control we showed was very impressive.

I guess memories aren’t so long these days.

alexis' shorts

Yea, many fans seem to have memories that last just 3 games or are capped at 10 years. However it is a bit telling that the Galatasaray are the only team we’ve managed to perform well against from the start and not leave them any chance to get back into the game. You could throw the 2nd BvB game in there as well but no other results come to mind. I did enjoy the first half though, it was a lot of fun watching another team’s defense go to shit on the counter. Second half was a bit reserved which… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

I agree that we’ve started games well this season and then fallen off, or finshed games well after starting badly.

Southampton/Dortmund/Gala/Villa are the only ones where I’d say we maintained it for 90 minutes, given most of those are recent, we might actually be going in the right direction. Not holding my breath, though.

bims lay

I respectfully suggest you take your tales of doom and gloom somewhere else….THIS!…… is the beginning of many similar good things to come!…..COYG!

Third Plebeian

I understand that you want one narrative all the time. But my impression was that Arseblog, unlike Le Grove, was a place that welcomed differing viewpoints. Guess I was wrong.

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

Cant say anything other than Welcome back!!!!


And I thought it was nasa that launched rockets


It’s nice to see that he’s not over the moon about it – there’s plenty to achieve before ripping up the AFC Standardised Interview Manual.

On the other hand, thank god he wasn’t the first one on the moon – “it’s a nice view, yes, came here bringing nice sentiments from all mankind, glad we were able to get to where no man had ever… where the boss wanted us to get to, just getting out, one step now, nice and easy…”


That Norwich one was super too!

Le Prof

Am I the only one who liked the Norwich goal at home ( more than the away one?

Scott P

Understatement, much? It must be a glorious feeling to know you struck something so cleanly and sweetly that it’s unstoppable from 30 yards out. Fantastic effort!


Master of the understatement.

Little Mozart

Great result tonight. Poldi played with the right attitude to produce two beautiful goals, and Rambo showed us some solid work with a couple of extraordinary finishes too.

If Poldi could do that every game I would be a happy man, inclined to tweet about every match in fact.


Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

Jesus loves his Turkey..Aha.

Man Manny

Just bring this form and swagger into the league and we will be fine.


Great hit, but where was that against United? Or any other game that wasn’t pretty much a dead rubber for that matter.. Hopefully this will give him (and the team) some confidence to find some form.


Said a few games back that it looked like Ramsey had largely simplified his game and although he wasn’t amazing he was putting in decent performances. And as people keep on saying, Ramsey is a confidence player and it looks (hopefully) like his confidence is back. His tackling again (put in a great tackle today) and passing is almost back to his best and he isn’t as selfish as he was getting, couple of times today passed when he could have shot and well (to save the best for last) that goal that he scored today… My Aaron, you do… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

It was the best half of football i think I’ve ever seen from him, sure Galatasaray were pretty poor but when you have someone tackling like that, passing that well, and getting into dangerouis positions, it’s beautiful.

I know he isn’t a 6″3′ brick shithouse but complete performances like that should draw as many comparisons to Vieira as some guy who busts into tackles.

N.B. He isn’t as good as Paddy and probably never will be, but neither will anyone else who gets tagged as the New Vieira (including the guy who you’re thinking of right now).

over and over again

Tonight we saw it. We saw the most exciting and thrilling football player in the world step in and show his pure class. It’s ridiculous that some Arsenal fans said that he should be dropped from the starting XI, while Ramsey is by far the greatest player we have in our squad (the greatest since Thierry left), and he can grow into the best midfielder of our history. He will be the guy who’ll lead Arsenal to success in England and Europe for the next decade (at least it’s my dream!)


1 game… It was 1 game…


Some Alexis Dude might disagree with you

Mesut Aussie

Kaaa Fuckn Booooommm!!!!


What a game, cannon shots flying everywhere…we are the Arsenal afterall!


Pfff score them playin’ heads and volleys all the time.

Evra is a cunt

Great management from Wenger taking off Ox instead of Ramsey vs Southampton


It certainly worked though it might have been half luck/half intuition. Ramsey scoring then, gave him the confidence he needed to score two today. let’s go for three on Saturday vs. the Magpies and Mike “direct pro” Cashley.

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

Stick in an “ever so well” into that interview and Rambo is officially back.

Jungu Beans

Sweet, sweet (Welsh) Jesus.

He smote that goal asunder.


Well the difference tonite….the players, as Rambo puts it, “have a go” at the opponents goalposts!!
For example for the first goal, how many of our players would take that shot that Poldi did? Nome. Probably tere would a few more passes before anyone decides to take a shot on goal. Thats the difference. Cut out the over elaborate passing and some one, anyone…just “have a go”!!!!



Ramsey looks like he is about to turn the corner.

Puts to rest all the negativity from shallow minded who start to lay in on players when they have a slight dip in form.

Santi was slated until recently as useless. They were just about to start on Ramsey.

You can never please these geezers. Players don’t have an opportunity to improve in their books.


Outside of the right boot to a team mates head in the first half.


That was magical. Too bad chambers missed a sitter.

bims lay

Ramsey, the Wesh Jesus!……..and smiter of anything from 20yds,,,,we hail thee!

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