Friday, March 1, 2024

Galatasaray 1-4 Arsenal – player ratings

After the clusterf*ck that was Stoke, a much-changed Arsenal produced an impressive 4-1 win in Istanbul that saw us come close (but not close enough) to securing top spot in the group.

Here’s how we felt the players rated.

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Edu's Braces

Oooohhh it was Sanchez holding us back this entire time


I can’t see why you took a point of Rambo.


Stunning goal from the lad. Those fans bitching about not getting Fabregas back, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen him score anything like that. Sure it’ll be nice to have Fabregas back but don’t be so naive thinking he has no part whatsoever ending up at Chelsea. So let’s focus on who we have instead and support them.


Now you’re getting carried away. Ramsey was unbelievable today.
Lets just leave it at that…


I’m not sure man, Fabregas in top form (his 1st few matches with Chelsea) against Ramsey in top form (earlier part of last season), I still prefer Ramsey any day of the week. Of course it’ll be nice to have both of them playing for us as their styles compliment each other, but Fabregas pretty much made his bed (and he actually did way back when he left for Barca). And I honestly think it’s unfair that Ramsey is getting flak when actually most of our frustrations stemmed out of Fabregas not coming back and coincidentally our form has been… Read more »


10/10 is doing it in the next round against bayern.


And he kicked it from 30 yards.

And it was good.


No, it was even better 😉


Seriously, I’ve watched it a dozen times already this morning – I think it’s actually still accelerating as it goes in



HE wouldn’t be OUR Jesus if he wasn’t so unbelievable. (Although it’d be nice if he did on a more frequent basis) 😉


best part of that goal was the keeper was not screened in any way; that shot was simply unstoppable. It’s also overshadowing his amazing first goal!

Nik B





The weird thing is I think this means that not just Ramsey’s goals will be returning but everything, the insane amount tackling, the constant hard two-way running, the clever assists, the dribbling past people…

Third Plebeian

Bleh. This is a game that meant nothing, and changed nothing. As has clearly been shown this season, this team is shit when it matters. I’m not singling out Ramsey, by the way. Just a general comment on the misplaced optimism that has suddenly broken out here.

Always great to see us win a game, but we are shit when it matters. Let’s put this win in some perspective.


Attaboy! That’s the spirit!


Oh of course. Dead rubber win against pretty rubbish opponents. However I think Ramsey has had a bit of a mental block as the goals dried up. He has stood up in important games in the past. If this game throws him back into form like we are all hoping, then I’m certain we can get back into that league topping form from this time last year.


Thank you for your support.

Third Plebeian

Well, this is the third time trying to post my response. Guess censorship of non-offensive comments is the order of the day here.

How very 1984.

Third Plebeian

I guess any defense of my comment (which was not abusive, by the way) will be deleted.

How sad.

Third Plebeian

Maybe I’m only allowed one sentence at a time?

Let’s try this:

Part 1: Let’s put this win in perspective, just like we do losses.

Third Plebeian

Part 2: Why is the call for perspective after a loss praised, while the same call after a win ridiculed?

Third Plebeian

…everything else has been deleted.

How is this different from Le Grove’s censorship of comments in praise of Wenger?


Why dont you go and follow the likes of Burnley or coventry. I bet there will be shitloads to complain about. 🙂


The fuck are you blabbering on about mate? Put your tin foil hat back on, there’s no conspiracy here. And to address your first point – what exactly should we be doing at this point? We can’t buy anyone or change anything right now, so we support what we have. And last night we had a nice 4-1 away win in the Champions League, and a wondergoal. Frankly if you can’t enjoy that, regardless of the many problems we have at the moment, maybe football isn’t for you. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go and watch Ramsey’s… Read more »


No one is deleting your comments. You just received a shitload of downvotes!!


And the reason you’ve received a shitload of downvotes is that what you’ve written is drivel at best and deliberate trolling at worse. If you hate the team so much, go away and bother some other team.

Seriously, mate, you’re such a downer the police could use you to settle riots.

Third Plebeian

Wow. Excellent abuse, my friends. Have I insulted any one of you? No, but you insult me.

Classy Arsenal fans!


You can’t please them all : /


This match hasn’t changed my overall opinion of our season and its faults… but you know, sometimes it’s ok to live in the moment and just enjoy something on its own merits.

Give it a go. You might find yourself enjoying being a football supporter if you do.


@Third Plebian Your comments are still there as far as I can tell. You’ve just been down voted by a lot of other Arsenal fans.


Third Pleb, if you think there’s censorship why not contact arseblog about it? There’s a button up there, and I actually did e-mail him with your post. Justify yourself there if you care so much.


Ain’t religious, but I do pray this marks the return of the welsh jesus 🙂


just in time for Christmas!


Thinking of him in last season’s form alongside Alexis when Ozil comes back is reason for optimism

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

The freekick with the outside of the boot was pretty spesh.


i thought i was the only one who saw that. fucking rambo is world class

remember the invincibles

somedays he is. somedays he’s not( thats putting it mildly). Love him though.


The best thing thing to see wasn’t the goal, it was the couple of absolutely critical tackles he put in before them and the way he continued to dominate the game until halftime when he came off.

Ok. Ok. The best thing to see was the goal. But that other stuff is probably more important in the long term.


I think the rating system is broken. I can’t give Ramsey a 15.


Nice to see a few of the kids getting game time after the early Capital One cup exit. Would’ve loved to see Akpom aswell.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

The Newcastle keeper will not sleep well tonight. COYG.

gooner mon

I’m 17… What am I doing with my life…


We don’t know.

Yorkshire gunner

I know your pain 🙁

Robert Ochieng

Don’t worry mate, I’m a Lawyer at 27 and I still don’t know what I’m doing with my life!


Law from the sounds of things

Arsene's Zip

Charging people £175 for a letter written by your secretary?


Perhaps putting items on bills such as “Saw you while walking downtown and crossed the street to talk to you, then realized it wasn’t you – 15 minutes, £45”?

Trex d Gunner

Good game for the team, and its a real confidence booster.

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

10/10 Bonus Rating for Ramsey for the trip on Melo in retaliation after being kicked the the prick during the 1st half.


Very strong first half, dreadfully boring second half which was to be expected sitting on a 3-0 lead and not trying to get too tired out with a couple of young bucks (then a third) in there. Can’t see how Sanogo got a 7.5, he was really pretty bad, got pushed around a bit, bad touches much of the time, bad passing and really poor decisions at times. Was interesting to see Chamberlin jawing with him after he took the shot that was blocked when Chamberlin and Campbell were open on the right. I wonder if that is the last… Read more »


At least someone else noticed. Cambell wasn’t bad, wasn’t great. One good moment but was often ignored when he was in space, not sure if that says something in itself. He wasn’t great tracking back 2nd half either, maybe he was tiered..

Sanogo was fairly bad, unusually for him it was the hold-up play where he struggled too.

They were the only 2 poor (or at least not good) performances of the night though.

alexis' shorts

Ramsey’s getting all the plaudits here but Ox was the focal point of the first half in my book. He absolutely terrorized Gala. His decision making will need more improvement against better organized teams but he was an absolute joy to watch yesterday. The assist for Ramsey’s goal was reminiscent of the injury to Wilshere a few weeks back except that Ox’s athleticism saved him well for the impact (that and the defender didn’t plant his studs into him like McNair). Also was glad to see him put in a defense-first shift in the 2nd half to give more freedom… Read more »

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)


Anonymous Kumquat

So so good to have Debuchy back, I thought he was outstanding considering how long he’s been out for. I think we’ve missed him more than we perhaps realised.

Fireman Sam


I’ve been very impressed with Debuchy since day 1. Glad he’s back.

Another guy I’d like to have back from injury is Gnabry – he seems the kind of guy who can inject some pace and directness when we need to chase a game.

Danger Mouse

How many years in a row have we got out of the group stages? I’ve lost count. I fully accept that the ‘Wenger Out’ people have their heart in the right place but jeez, give old Arsene his due.


Wenger in = Last gasp Fourth place trophy (this could end up being the Europa League trophy, so we have to hope that Chelsea City and Loserpool win their games, imagine wanting Chelsea to win? Vomit, slashes wrists with blunt object)
Wenger in = 1st knockout exit as per usual.
Pep Guardiola in = Second place in league and CL semi finalists.
Wenger should organise a “Guardiola in “to take over from him and preserve his fabulous legacy instead of souring it and fans getting into fist fights over the issue.
Wenger fix it up!
Up The Arsenal


Not sure if it was just me, but your post was a little on the not well thought out side…


Wasn’t just you, Goona.

Grays Gooner

Mancs (both of em) Spurs scousers and chelski would like to emulate our record of getting out the group stage


and Jesus rose.


And it was good for the Arsenal


I thought Joel and Yaya unfortunately didn’t make much of an impression today. This was their big chance. Fairly silent game from either.
Poldi was immense though. Really hope he get’s some more game-time from Le Prof now. He’s pretty much earned it.


Yeh, they wern’t up to much.

Not sure where Pod would get in the team though, Alexis must play and Ox has been doing well. Also, we have to remember that when he has started in the past (FA cup final/semi for example) he has often been dragged off within an hour. It’s only one performance against a team who Welbeck put 3 past and as we’re finding out, he’s not exactly prolific. Newcastle will be a different proposition altogether.


Agreed. Campbell was trying too hard.


Hope now Wenger drops carzola and gives Podolski and Campbell a chance in the next few games.

Fireman Sam

I don’t think Campbell will have impressed Arsene that much tonight mate.

Baron Ramsey

Campbell looked like a guy who knew he needed to impress and thought the only way to do so was to score a goal – I know he needs a goal, but there are a lot of ways to impress the coach, and the first step is by busting your guts out for the team.


Umm I’d drop Cazorla for Podolski, next game I’d like to see same midfield of Flam, Ox and Ramsey, with an attack of Podolski, Welbz, Sanchez. Do it Arsene. Cazorla lacks the physicality in most games, mind he did surprise me against Swansea with that burst of pace, Dortmund at home was no EPL game, thats where he struggles and gets thrown around like a lil teddy bear, poor Santi. Drop him.


I think “Joely” still had that meathead fan’s message of support ringing through his ears from the viral arsenal abuse vid (not made by a spurs fan either, what utter tosspots), “Get out while you still can Joel!”. Maybe these fans need to get out while they still can? Might have confused Joel somewhat, going into the next game as a starter.


Come on Santi is quite often a weak link when we are physically bullied, he’s had like 2-3 decent games this season, I love him but tell me who should be dropped for Podolski then? Ox? na, Welbeck, seriously no, leads the line better than anyone right now… So who…….? Santi. Ox in the middle, he deserves his spot more than any this season so if some of you want to see Poldi start in the league you’re gonna have to pick someone if you don’t like the comment, or just pick no one and leave him on the bench… Read more »


Great response.
Now let’s do this V Newcastle & the rest of the EPL

Rambling Pete

So good to win again after all the madness at the weekend. I understood it, but it just felt wrong to me. A bit like how Roseanne changed the actress who played Becky. Don’t get me wrong, I thought Sarah Chalke was a fantastic actress and if she was ever at a loose end I would certainly take her dinner and if she felt like taking things further, perhaps with some baby oil, a pair of furry handcuffs and a large courgette, then I would be more than willing to do that, but it’s just weird getting used to a… Read more »


This guy ^^^

Captain Obvious

Rambling Pete likes to ramble




Aha, I see why they call you rambling Pete!

Cheese for Rambo

Well, deffo agree, it entirely sure I’d be able to hold myself together if Sarah Chalke offered a night with her n a courgette…….

Any who, what a cracker from Rambo and a typical bazooka let loose from Poldi! (Good to see him score from the centre of the pitch!!!)


Never seen Maitland-Niles play but when I heard he was converted from winger to midfield I thought he would play as a box-to-box, not deep laying midfielder.

Cudos on him for getting some minutes though!


So the problem is Sanchez, welbeck and santi. Bet Wenger now has a proper headache ahead of the bar codes. Poldi in all ways for me but for who?

Fireman Sam

I get the complaints about Poldi, but boy can he shoot. I’d have him in the team yep.

He’s a born striker. That second goal of his was professionally taken. Ask yourself this: who else in the team would you trust to finish like that? Giroud? Welbeck? Yes those guys are capable of doing it, but there’s something about Podolski, when he gets the ball in the box you know he’s got the end product, and for that reason I’d give him more game time.

Fireman Sam

I thumbed you up just for your name!


I think we can fit him in by dropping Santi or Chambo. Midfield three of flamster, Jesus and Ox/Santi and Poldi up ahead with Alexis and Welbz/Giroud


On a side note I do feel that Campbell was trying a bit too hard to score. He deserves some chances in the PL and with a little less pressure to score that goal he desperately wants I think he’d slot into the team a bit better. Today he was visibly agitated and at times had his eyes stuck to the ground when there were options on for him. Give him a chance and he will shine!


Everyone should stay in their own camps, those wengerins and wengerouts….don’t use one particular game to lash out…look at the whole season thus far…we have been poor with appalling performances on both sides of the ball


So poor, indeed, that we are ahead of 14 out of 19 other teams in the PL and in the knockout stage of the CL. Hard to see how we could possibly be any worse than that.


Alex Oxlade Chamberlain. Most underrated arsenal player.


I would generally agree, but for me Gibbs takes that award all around


Monreal is fairly underrated as well.


I don’t think alot of fans relise how good chamberlain is his at best playing more centrally as he did tonight, he’s a Steven Gerrard in his prime


Out of all 3 debutants only Maitland Niles i think had a better game … Zalalem is a sideways passer never hits a long pass i’ve noticed and O’connor did okay but he was the least out of all 3 but Maitland was good out of those 3 i wish them all goodluck in their develpment.. i wouldve loved to see Akpom


Zelalem has insane vision for his age. I felt he played too deep to make that killer ball.
If he can bulk up a bit, he’ll be world class.


Flamini had 100% passing completion rate.

…but I guess most people prefer some sort of bruising DM like Felipe Melo.


So that automatically makes him pirlo or something right??
Even wenger admitted we’ve lacked a physical presence in the midfield since petit.


Zalalem alwatys gives the ball back anytimes he gets the ball he lacks confidence and intensity Cesc waay ahead of him at this syage if his development but hes a good prospect.. he also has that lazy guile of ozil in his running id like to see him go on loan and toughen him up he looks too soft and comfortable passing sideways and doesn’t like sticking his foot in and tackling he rather lets players run past him just like ozil lol as a midfielder he needs to improve A LOT!!! O’connor Also lacks urgency and intensity only maitland… Read more »


Podolski. Clinical. Just the way to force his way into the managers thinking. Ox. He just gets better. All those who dismiss players before they hit 23yrs…bollocks. Ox is going to give us options in the middle with Jack out. Ramsey. Just what we need, Welsh Jesus to rediscover his shooting boots. Fantastic! Bellerin. Considering he is on an unfamiliar flank in a hostile environment, well done! Thought Campbell was industrious too and almost nicked something first half when he slipped through. All in all a positive night. Some will dismiss this win as irrelevant but it builds confidence, bloods… Read more »


Its always the same. We lose at Stoke (as others do too) and they say Wenger is inept. We beat southampton and we are lucky. We lose to Klopp at his place and they want him to replace Wenger because our gaffer is simply tactically clueless, which is why he beat Mr Rock and Roll back at our place. We point out that Dortmund are at close to bottom of their (easier) league and they say the Germans are great in Europe. We draw level on points and beat them at home and they say the Germans are going through… Read more »


But wenger never thought the Fa cup and league cup was of any importance(except for blooding in youngsters).
Only when he finally figured that it was the only realistic chance of winning anything did he start taking it seriously.


Wenger out!

King Henry XIV

Wenger stays until Henry is ready to replace him. :p


I enjoyed seeing us belt a few past another team. Seems like forever since we’ve done that.


Pretty sure Arsenal Gent’s dream came true when Oxlade-Chamberlain and Maitland-Niles played at the same time

Fireman Sam

That collapse against Anderlecht hurts even more now – we should’ve ended up top on 15 pts.


So, did you notice we brought four right backs to Turkey and played them all? I’m not complaining, but I’m also not sure if that lineup could really work against a better team.


What has Sanogo really done to justify him getting games ahead of Akpom. His hold up play, movement, technique and finishing are way below the standard required at The Arsenal.
Better to develop one of our own who is younger and seems to be better than Sanogo.


I commend the boys hard work and mentality but most people will agree he is Damn lucky to be starting for arsenal in any game. There’s no glaring skill or ability to right about. The only excuse we hear is Wenger must fancy what he sees in training. If he was our only youngster I wouldn’t mind but it’s frustrating sometimes seeing him get games ahead of an exciting player like akpom


Funny enough, sanogo was known to have great technique for his age back when he was at auxurre.
Injuries has really slowed down his progress.
Akpom is great, just needs to bulk up a bit. Don’t think he’s physically ready.


I don’t know What do you think but I am unhappy because of Wenger mentality. We were 3:0 up before 30′ And I could easily saw as winning by 6 goals margain. All players wanted that but Wenger substituted Ramsey. A feel he is one of the players who didn’t need rest. He could play for 70′ at least and I really believe we could make it. But those youngsters really disapointed me because there was no movement from them, just 1 yard passes. Where was running the most important thing in football? For me it was a Disgraceful performance… Read more »


Apparently you missed the part of the post-match press conference in which Arsene said Rambo had a slightly tight hamstring and the decision was made not to risk him further in a game we already had won? You should at least check your facts before ranting about team selections. Furthermore, we sent on a bunch of 17 year-olds and our midfield didn’t fall apart even though the Turks upped the pressure in the second half. Maitland-Niles and Zelalem did the professional job they were asked to: keep it simple, don’t give up too many easy chances. Maitland-Niles especially impressed me… Read more »


Yet another know-it-all second guessing the manager. Yawn!!


Poldi’s statement today seemed like : Start me and i will score in the first minute, do not substitute me and i will score in the last minute

Tony Hall

Great win but lets not get too carried away. Only a few days ago we put in a 45 minute horror show at Stoke when we should have been playing like this.
Repeat of this performance in next premier league game needed please!



Alobam(nwa 9ja)

Rambo is back..

Podolski's mum

Well, I think Lukas should play more. If he’s back on the bench this weekend and after that, I’ll be forced into desperate measures of unthinkable violence with my handbag.
(jokes apart, I’m 100% in agreement). Best striker at the club. Will score 3x as many as Welbeck and 2x as many as Giroud. Sanogo – no comment.


Jesus is back just in time for Christmas!


A great win which will give the lads a confidence boost for the weekend’s game against Newcastle.

Can’t wait for Arteta and Ozil to be back from injury! Feel that they both contribute a little something extra when they play imho.


Wasn’t the spuds manager up for manager of the year last season?

Give Wenger credit where it is irrefutably due!

Well done Arsene……thank you


Oh Ramsey, that was just delicious. Welsh Jesus indeed. Terrific performance.


One massively offside goal from Anderlecht was the difference between us finishing first and second. That offside official may well cost the club millions of dollars. Just saying.


Alexis was watching the game on TV while running on the treadmill.


And the Corporal Jenk is great at West Ham too. Happy days ahead indeed

Dan D

It was a welcome return to having a nice feeling about Arsenal. Also left me feeling somewhat regretful. In Ramsey and a few others we have exceptional footballers who simply haven’t performed as they can thus far this season and I do feel it’s too late now to mount a serious title challenge. But moving forward the season can be a success of some sorts if our players perform to their potential. Blame it myself on Wenger’s obsession with Wilshere – just don’t think he offers enough for all his potential and we do not miss him, while other players… Read more »

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