Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Thierry Henry: King of the assists

From our old friend Culann Davies comes the video which shows Henry wasn’t just a great goalscorer, he was a great creator too.

Here are all 106 assists of his Arsenal career.

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Selfless team player.

Absolute legend. As a kid i changed my name from Humphrey to Humphierry all because of this man.


Nice name


I want to name my next kid Thierry, but the wife isn’t having it. Maybe Henry!


Do you also have part of your growing up to dedicate to Outkast?


Haha Nope. Just a huge fan

Saffa Gooner

Wow, just wow. He loved Ljunberg and Pirez.

Michael Timbs

I find it quite ridiculous that people are claiming the likes of Cantona and Drogba were better strikers than Henry. Already this morning, BBC Sport has relayed some tweets saying that Cantona’s touch, finesse, vision, personality etc was unparalleled…I don’t think people realise just how complete a forward Thierry was.

Aside from heading, Henry had it ALL. Long live the King.

My Free Kick

How about his winner against Manure at the Emirates… Pretty damn good header me thinketh.


actually i noticed that during all his videos i have ever watched, there is like just one or two headed goals, is that because he was not very good at heading, or that most chances created were through ground passes?

Parisian Weetabix

I think the stat is he only ever scored six headers? Something like that. Thing is this Arsenal team played such beautiful football on the floor that there wasn’t really much call for headers.

Saffa Gooner



Just watched them all & still got goosepimpley and that’s not even watching his goals. Such a living legend


Legend. Absolute legend. Wow!

Cygan Is My Religion

I am glad you put this video up, because it is easy to remember Henry as simply a great goalscorer and a scorer of great goals. But he was also an incredible team player, and his record combined of goals and assists is unmatched in the Premier League. This video only takes into account direct assists, and Henry actually played a big part in many more goals, such as the Vieira goal vs Spurs when we won the league, when he dribbled about 60 yards with the ball to start the counter attack. Nonetheless, great video and great player –… Read more »

Less Rambly Pete

some proper good finishes in there too. Some he put on a plate, but some cracking all round goals there. What a team we had.

palace gunner

A solid player with pace and from the wings


THIS is why i get so pissed off when people are satisfied with having Giroud as our first choice striker.
From Henry to Giroud, and people actually think its alright.

Burn Baby Burn

I have a response for you, but it falls well outside the Arseblog comment policy


Likewise moron…infact i wish i should see you face to face.


My apologies…he/she clearly provoked me first.

kampala gooner

@ trez give it fuckin rest mate


Can’t I have an opinion??
Did I abuse anyone??


heheh, how dumb is that?


228 goals, 106 assists – he either scored or directly set up 334 Arsenal goals. And that’s not even counting the goals where he did all the work but didn’t get credited with an assist! Amazing man, true club legend, and the best player we’ve ever had.

Mills (the other one)

I have to say that after watching the goals and assists videos, I remember why people get so p*ssed these days. We may have witnessed one of the best teams in the world, never really mentioned in the same breadth as Bayern, real, barca, et al since we never won the CL, but my gosh, how amazing it was to watch bergkamp, henry, vierra, pires, ljungberg, adams, keown, parlour, lauren, dixon, seaman etc, etc, etc, etc …. From bridesmaids to invincibles, spoilt with the best, unhappy with second best …. I miss those days, but I still love these days,… Read more »


Congratulations, you succeeded in giving me goosebumps.


That Henry-Pires-Ljungberg axis.


One interesting thing you notice immediately in the first 20 or so goals is how often Arsenal used to take it around the keeper. Like 25% of those goals are from dribbles around the keeper. We don’t do that any more, I guess presumably because we don’t do those fast breaks any more.

Also more broadly, how often we used to get goals on the counterattack. Probably 50% of the first set of assists come off swift counterattacks.

The invincibles had a kinetic element to their play we don’t have any more.


Seeing that video you realize how different we play these days. Probably 50% of those assists come from quick breaks. And a surprising proportion of the goals come from rounding the keeper. We hardly ever round the keeper any more, and we barely score goals off fast breaks either.

There is a lot to admire about the way we play football now but there’s no denying we don’t have the sheer kinetic energy that the invincibles-era Arsenal did.

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