Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Lukas Podolski joins Inter Milan on loan

Lukas Podolski has joined Inter Milan on loan for the rest of the season.

The deal was agreed between the two clubs and, having completed a medical this morning, the German international will be looking for regular first team football having fallen well down the pecking order this season at Arsenal.

He wasn’t shy about complaining about his situation but Arsene Wenger wasn’t prepared to offer him the football he desired.

Not once did he make the starting line-up for a Premier League match in 2014/15, and started just two games, one in Europe and one in the Capital One Cup, as well as making a further 11 brief cameos as a substitute.

From those appearances he scored 3 goals, having netted 28 times in the previous two campaigns from a total of 69 games.

It’s believed the deal with Inter includes a clause to make the deal permanent for a fee of around £5m.

Using his Instagram account, Podolski sent a message to Arsenal fans, saying, “I can’t express in words my gratitude towards Arsenal fans for all they have done for me in my years in London! Please know my heart always holds a place for you.

“I’ve loved every minute playing for Arsenal & I hope I have left my mark on the club & fans alike. Hopefully we shall meet again! COYG #AFC #RedArmy #Fans #Poldi #Gunner #Thanks.”

Good luck to him. It never quite worked out with us, but he did a good social media and man, when he did hit a ball, he really hit it.

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sad gunner

These onions doe


This makes me so sad. What a waste. Before our summer signings, he was the only natural left winger/striker we had and we didn’t use him and shoved Ramsey/Jack/Ozil there to rot instead. Yeah I know his work rate isn’t the best, but should’ve found some tactics to accommodate. His final ball and finish are some of the best around and it’s such a shame we didn’t use him. Have to say if we don’t get someone in this transfer window then considering our injuries and lack of squad depth, this will be a stupid move. Least I have all… Read more »


Just watch this compilation: and then say we are not losing a quality player. Strikers are there first and foremost to score, secondly to assist, and lastly, to defend… and that’s what Pods does. Click on the link and marvel at the swivel and shoot against Norwich, the miraculous volley vs Montpellier, the makeshift reaction header vs Bayern… the man is a born CF and natural in-the-box predator – something we are SORELY lacking!! And his assist for HFB were brilliant – but just when they seemed to be clicking into a telling partnership he was chucked back onto… Read more »



It’s well and good linking a compilation video of his best bits, but as good as he was, perhaps a compilation video of all the aggravating and poor things he did to go with it will give us a better perspective?

He was good, and should of been kept on as a super sub at the very least, but I won’t be shedding too many tears of Poldi.

Wish him the best for his future.



Most people are good when they are gone…
Its nice and interesting to gather someone’s best bits and rate the person. Gervinho was the real deal watching his clips.
Its consistency that matters. Too many a time he goes missing in a match. Something you can’t say of our current strikers. I’d rather someone who tries and buries one out of ten chances he creates than one who just waits for chances to fall to him and buries one out of two
Classic case in point is FA cup final last year.

Andre Kelley

I consider Podolski a quality player but surely he is not a natural left winger – he lacks pace and always cuts inside, making us narrow.

alexis' shorts

Poldi’s strengths can make him a match winner on any team, so long as the rest of the team’s style adjusts for his weaknesses. His crosses are probably as good as any one else on the team (which isn’t much of a compliment), and there’s maybe 2 or 3 other players who would make the conversation of who you want a chance to fall to in the box. He probably is one of the best finishers of his time and great ambassador but the rest of his game even before he got to Arsenal is what let him down. His… Read more »


“Poldi’s strengths can make him a match winner on any team, so long as the rest of the team’s style adjusts for his weaknesses.”

what you are talking about here, and a few others, is building a team around an essentially lazy player. do you think a team built around lukas podolski will be playing champions league football? As blogs pointed out – Inter are 11th in serie A – maybe thats the level of a team who would be happy to ‘accommodate his weaknesses’.

alexis' shorts

Sure, RS, I mention that at the start, but I go on to pretty much say that considering the quality of the other players in the team and the manager’s preferred football style, Poldi isn’t the right player for Arsenal to build around.
I don’t think he warranted to be on the first team every week, but I believe he deserved more appearances of greater than 20 minutes than he was given this season.


we should find tactics to accommodate lazy players…..wowzers.


RS how is he lazy? Yeah his defensive work rate is low but offensively it isn’t. He’ll always be up there providing support. And shouldn’t tactics be tailored to suit the players strengths? Or shall we just leave Ozil et al to rot on the left? For me Poldi is a left sided CF or an old school winger. Not the modern ones who can run the entire game because a) he’s never had to do it and b) his age will probably prevent him to do it now. Letting him go is silly imo. Prior to this year, both… Read more »


5mil……after a half season for free…..what a bargain for Inter. Just hope our Angel Of Injury doesnt now plague our forward line

wenger's coat zipper

*Wenger’s training sessions won’t take their toll

Get that straight once and for all


Have we signed anyone yet?




First to sell, last to buy. #PanicBuy

Arsene Wenger’s transfer policy at it’s finest..

Man Manny

Where have you been? In space?


Not really no. Please inform me about the last time we made a january signing on a day that was in the beginning of January and not at the last days of the window? Fucking hell, it must have been ages ago. He always panicbuys on the last days, where prices are even more inflated because selling clubs hardly have much time to bring in replacements.


Mate, his transfer activity the last 18 years have seen arsenal experience their best ever era. Please try and be more appreciative and stop acting like you know better. Thanks.


The first 8 years under arsene wenger was the best thing this club ever experienced. Since then it’s been one of those ‘dark periods’ of trophy drought.


You built a stadium remember? Do you ignore that ? Or do you not comprehend that such an investment will hold you back for a while? Why do you use the period where the club has other priorities, to moan about unrealistic dreams? Do you go buy ferraris when youve just taken a loan to repay your house?

Also some russians and arabs came into town. Do you ignore that too? Youre not very clever then, are you?


The market has become quite inflated as well. There are lack of central defenders in world football which means that the prices are crazy and the best defenders can pretty much choose any club they’d like to play for. Big defenders don’t go on the cheap nowdays. I think the best signing we could possibly get this window would be: Morgan Schneiderlin and Winston Reid. Having said that, I believe that arsene wenger will buy neither. I am not even sure we will sign anyone given that the manager won’t pay more for players than their actual value. £30m for… Read more »


And why should he? Just to make some agent rich? Will you pay back the lost damages if the transfer dont work out? Or will you moan again and ask for a new one?.. ha..


Because the supporters pay crazy money to go and watch their team. When there are gaps in the squad he hasn’t done his job right.. Some people really needs to take things in perspective and not be complete puppets. We went in to the season with 2 senior cb’s. One have been injured for large parts of the season and the other one has underperformed to say the least.

That is why he NEEDS to fill the gaps in the squad. It has costed us enough points already.


The ticket excuse does not count striker. Noone forced you to pay anything. Its a free world. If you come to my restaurant and dont like my food you can write a letter and get the fuck out and never come back, i have plenty of customers who like it so no sweat. You cant sack my chef just cause you didnt like the steak. Thats my decision to make, i.e the owner. Its my business not yours.

Maybe you are angry at kronke for not getting stuck in to abramovic glazers and sheiks…… ?…… just saying…


If you had enough complaints about your food and people stopped coming back you would get rid of your chef or you’d soon be out of business. Unless of course you didn’t care about the quality of you product or the reputation of your business

alexis' shorts

Schneiderlin would have been a great option, but I doubt we’ll get him considering that Southampton and us are in DIRECT competition in the table. If that hadn’t been the case, I would’ve been happy going back for a bid for him. He’d probably cost less than Khedira or any other well known player we’d look at. I don’t know how much I would be willing to pay for a defender this window, and can see us getting an experienced and dependable (notSquillaci) player who can stay with us for 2 or 3 seasons while the youngers grow. I can’t… Read more »


would you have said winston reid if his name didn’t get mentioned in a tabloid gossip colum recently? probably not if you’re honest. but now for you he should be our top priority as a CB. what are his qualities in particular that make him suitable to how we want to play the game? i’m curious as i really know nothing about him as a player, his strengths and weaknesses and how that would fit him into our style of play. is his distribution good? i know he ‘doing alright’ for his club currently. is that what we’re looking for… Read more »


Yep, we’ve been spending like a drunken sailor – second-highest net spend in the league last window – but have we spent well? The actual acquisitions – Oezil, Chambers, Sanchez, Ospina, Debuchy – were very good, I think; it’s the overall management of the squad and the budget that’s not. The reluctance to rotate hasn’t just been contributing to our never-ending injury problems; it also means that good players grow rusty on the bench (which affects their performance when we’re compelled to use them) and feel undervalued (which makes them want to leave – in some cases on frees). Replacing… Read more »


“but have we spent well?” “The actual acquisitions – Oezil, Chambers, Sanchez, Ospina, Debuchy – were very good” “We’re disorganised. Our spending looks completely unplanned” i am confused – we either spent well or we didn’t, to answer your own question. and as you point out the last few years we have spent very. Ozil was a very necessary purchace if you look beyond the immediate needs of the team and beyond 3-6 months of the seasson to challenging for league and european titles. we also tried and came very close to signing a defender that summer to by some… Read more »


Blogs, agreed we are spending now but that just amplifies the frustration of the current situation.
I could accept a 4th place dogfight when we had to be skinflints but not anymore when Wenger is spending and has cash burning a whole in his pocket.
If we have to pay the highest ticket prices then it is fair to expect that to be reflected in the performances and results.


Good signings, but they are not enough. Half of them were last minute signings, probably to appease disgruntled fans (a la ozil). Why wouldn’t Wenger just learn to do things right quickly enough. Inter is teaching us how to do good and brisk business, Wenger will never do that, always claiming he cannot find better quality than he already has, bullocks!!! Wenger needs to get down from his high horse and stop playing the ostrich, else fourth place will forever be our perennial target.


Space made in the squad for a new signing.

Proff Gooner

Something tells me he will offer the space to one the rising youngsters from the U-21’s.

We must remember 4 youths from the Academy and 4 trained in another UK academy HAS to be part of the square.

Saying that, we just lost a World Cup Winner. It’ll be really hard now to buy a player during this window he will ‘improve’ what we already have.

At least we can still look forward to Walcott, Ozil and Diaby (cough, cough).

Forever, Arsenal!!!



Apparently we only registered 23 players out of a possible 25 for the premiership.


Yeah, Källström on the way in! 🙂 Probs won’t happend until last day of the window though.


Hope he’s not injured this time!

#YOLO Toure

Nah, Wenger’s freeing up some wage budget for that new bumper contract for Diaby #heworksveryhard




The one that got away. I really believe that he could have been a huge success for us under different circumstances. All the best for the future Poldi.

Petit's Handbag

Different manager, ohh shit I went there

Giroud Awakening

Nah you can’t depend on someone who literally could be a passenger for an entire game. Every now and then he came up with the goods but not often enough to make him a real asset. He never tracked back and was far too lazy for BPL standards. Having said that I did enjoy those thunderous strikes of his, his volley against Montpellier a couple years ago was unreal. Thanks for the memories Poldi.

Michael Farmer

I fondly remember Podolski in the first of the 2012 5-2 derby games,he worked so hard breaking Spurs’ attacks down our left flank.He really had to battle that day and his interventions gave us the opportunity to win that game.It was outstanding tracking I think on Bale and Lennon.Unfortunately he did not do this regularly.


People keep harping on about Poldi being lazy and never tracking back. Really the way this season has gone!! Goal scoring record is impressive to say the least sad he’s gone.


Under a different manager. yes.


I’d take that over a guy that “works hard” but need a dozen shoots to score a goal tho, after all last i known was football was decided by ammount of goals scored and not how many chances created or how hard one player worked

Dick Swiveller

Me too, luckily Heskey is in the lower leagues thugh so we can choose a guy with talent AND application like Welbeck instead.

Last I checked, football was more than just shooting a ball towards a goal.


Really? how many football games has been lost with teams creating a pletora of chances and not scoring? or how many “this guy worked hard, lets give them the match”

Scoring goals IS the most important Job of a striker, he can work hard, he can participate in the build up play, but if he need a dozen shoots to score a goal, isnt rly a good STRIKER. All the application and talent wont win u games if u cant score, let alone a league

Dick Swiveller

Far, far fewer than have been won by teams that craete very little but rely purely on lethality in front of goal.

obvious stater

The word you are looking for us shots.

Le Jim

Goodbye message on Instagram seemed pretty final to me 🙁

Goodbye and good luck, Poldi :'(


For all the talk above, somethings are not easily replaced (and I will be staggered if another striker is on the horizon). The goals for one. They were special and when you consider his return for minutes, things do not add up. People talk as though Giroud is consistent – he isn’t. He often has games where he does little and then nets a screamer – which is precisely what Podolski did. In terms of the intangible, upon scoring, Podolski invariably ran to the fans to celebrate with them, before his teamates. What is that worth in terms of generating… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

When you’re citing the fact that he runs to the fans after scoring a goal as an important reason to keep him, chances are he probably isn’t worth keeping.

Giroud IS quite consistent too, not that that has anything to dso with Poldi staying or going.


but the goalposts are definitely breathing a sigh of relief!


Goodbye message hit me right in the feels :'(


Kinda sad to see him go


And Sanogo still here…


Not for long though


That is pure bollocks. Sanogo is gonna be the star that arsene wenger will build his team around for years to come, lol.


Gutted to see him go, I just feel he was never given a consistent run in his more favourable position and moved around so much that he couldn’t get any form going. Just wonder how much of that Daily Mirror story was true when a loan move is suddenly deemed as a better offer. But wish the guy all the best, at his age he is just looking to play as much as he can when he could have easily sat on his wages with us on the bench so give him credit for that.

parker goon fishing


Perry S.

so one dimensional. love poldi, but other than that occasional left foot, he provided us nothing (super sub aside). he was quite the defensive liability and how many times last season when he played did he either harshly tackle someone near or in the box? his lack of tracking back made me have visions of arsha all over again.

this aint FIFA bitches

And yet Ozil has been getting away with it since he came here

Dick Swiveller

Ozil creates a shit-ton of both space and goalscoring opportunities, plus he covers a lot of ground.

If Poldi did more going forward then he’d be playing more often, but he doesn’t so he doesn’t. You give me a choice between him and Welbeck and it isn’t even close.

obvious stater

Back it up with some stats. Per minute played Podolski has the best goal scoring ratio in the league. Ozil has a few assists. Woopidoo. Also covering ground means fuck all if you you don’t put a tackle in/block the cross/track your man. Ozil has cost us more goals than Podolski for not doing his defensive job and I would guarantee that Podolski has better stats going forward. But I guess you will mention the invisible stuff that ozil seems to do that no one but Wenger notices. Don’t get me wrong, I like ozil but you can’t defend one… Read more »


Hi job was to score goals, he’s hardly played this season but are we defending better!?


28 in 69 occasional


Players come and go.

But love, will last forever

Giroud Awakening

Pfffft grow a pair hahaha


Thank you Poldi for all those great goals. You were and still are amazing! You brought a smile to every gooners’ face whenever your face came out with a smile. #AHA
I don’t see him coming back to Arsenal. Sanchez take the #9. Sign a DM for #17


I’m not superstitious but the #9 is bad luck…it just never happens to work out for players that don that shirt. I’d prefer Sanchez taking #7 when Rosicky leaves, which could be end of season with his lack of game time.


Same here…I’ve always felt that jersey was cursed.
Ever since anelka left, we’ve had bad luck with it…from Jeffers to Eduardo to Park now Poldi…


Not forgetting Reyes or Baptista…


Never forget when he made Neuer shrink in primordial fear of his left boot #aha


Begs the question why did we ever sign him if he has never been able to fit our style of play? We sold that cunt and then brought in Poldi and Giroud. Wenger envisaged him as our next central striker but he admitted that he later realised that Poldi just couldn’t cut it. Did he want to transform him or did his scouts say he could play up front alone and suit our style? So many questions… Podolski was extremely lazy and would tend to disappear in far too many games for me. But my goodness could he thunderfuck a… Read more »


Fully agreed. I do wonder about what Wenger’s vision and system is and whether he buys players for specific purposes or based on opportunity.

Ozil, great as he is, was an opportunistic buy that threw our system out of whack (missed up the roles of jack and cazorla).
Even Sanchez, as awesome as he was, Wenger openly stated was bought as a striker, probably as a false-9 like he was experimenting with gervinho. Then he just abandoned it, throwing our team out of whack again (ozil on the wings).

So many square shapes in round holes.

Dick Swiveller

I reckon Ozil fits in really well though, a player whio is comfortable in possession and is able to counter in the blink of an eye is at home anywhere. He wasn’t helped by his form, or the form of the team but I don’t think he’s in the wrong hole.


Quite agree but, thanks to excellent work by Gazidis, we’ve got a very good deal. Inter are paying us just for the loan, rising to over a million if Poldi enables them to qualify for the CL, and obviously we’re saving on his considerable wages. Add to that, they haven’t been given a right-to-buy option, so if he does well – which I’m sure he will once he’s allowed on the pitch – his value will start to rise again and we can sell him more profitably in the summer than would have been possible if we’d kept him rotting… Read more »


We knew we were losing the dutch skunk, Podolski was available (Koln had just been relegated for the umpteenth time iirc). It was one of those “good player is available, may as well sign him” things that Wenger periodically does that often don’t turn out all that great.

gunners die hard

yesss, reading those written by poldi on his instagram made my heart break a lot. it looks like he’ll never come back, in the next season. i hope it isn’t true. i hope it’s just a loan


Why is it that all the media guys leave? First Djourou and now Podolski.


Goodbye & best of luck, Poldi. What started as a promising association just wilted away. Hope we bolster our midfield and get another CB quickly. No more excuses please Mr. Wenger.


Nuff respect for Poldi ✌

Yorkshire gunner

Sad to see him go, but equally, if wenger was gonna keep on using him like he did, I’d rather use the 10mil (wages and fee) to go towards a player wenger will use. Still, wasted talent if you ask me

Wenger's Glasses

Couldn’t agree more. 🙁


whos the replacement for him now? Akpom?



Dick Swiveller

He’s going out on loan, and is more the long term replacement for Giroud than Poldi.

Akpom makes a lot of sense, but with Gnabry (presumably) not far out then I gues he has some competition, assuming that Theo/We;beck/Sanchez/Giroud stay relatively fit.


Funny thing is fans that say Podolski is lazy are the same ones that have said Ozil doesn’t have to be hardworking. But I think the team’s performances this season (especially this festive period) is also one of the reasons Poldi didn’t get enough playing time. We’ve had to defend with our lives to see games through which never made room for attacking players to come on in the 2nd halves of those games. However, there were games in which Campbell came in while Poldi was on the bench. I can only wish Podolski luck at Inter but I must… Read more »


Defend for lives? Mmm, and a fine job we’ve been making of that. I see it differently. Bringing on an extra defender to protect a one-goal lead or a draw is like raising a white flag to the opposition and actively inviting them on to us. Check out how often this has been what’s lost us the game in the final minutes. God knows why Wenger persists with it, seeming never after all these years to have learned that this tactic is not just nightmarishly nail-biting for the fans but as often as not counter-productive. I used to call it… Read more »


Wenger has been a manager for 20 years, how long have you been one?

By the way, I’m just kidding. I agree with everything you’ve said. Wenger lacks nous, everyone knows what he is up to.


Wenger lacks nous? He can buy you and sell you 100 times without you knowing it and you will question his nous ? Heh…i get it that youre frustrated with mertesaker and scezney being diabolical but what you said is not realistic.


I wasn’t implying we’ve been fantastic defending to see games out. I was just pointing out what Wenger’s tactics have been this season which I also feel isn’t the best. So, I agree with you completely & IMO, Podolski should’ve had more playing time considering how poor we’ve been this season


Yeah, easy to say that and appears valid, but Wenger did actually bring a striker -Podolski- against Anderlecht with us being 3-1 up I think, and we saw how that turned out. Then everybody was criticizing him for lacking tactics. On the other hand, against West ham and Qpr he decided to bring on defenders, and won.

Dick Swiveller

Pires was hardly the reincarnation of Parlour, it’s about overall contribution to the team. Ozil gives more to us offensively than Poldi does, so he gets more latitude in terms of his defending.


podolskis old manager as he left for arsenal essentially said he was glad to see the back of him he was so lazy. as brutal as that. look it up. so he WAS lazy, wenger took a gamble thinking he could motivate him by giving him a platform on a big big stage. in the end poldi still couldn’t be arsed. now he’s off to a struggling milan. ozil set records for the amounts of sprints attempted in a game, and covered over 10k in many matches for arsenal. not that that tells you anything otherr than he ran an… Read more »

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Is there any class that I have to take to understand what Ozil does on the pitch ? Cause I did not see what I was expecting. After many games, fans were demanding (even on this forum) that Ozil be benched. In Germany Ozil too has been called lazy.


Yep see ya. Thanks!


I feel so so sad :(.


Thats Arsenal for you, how many hours into the transfer window and we ve lost one already. typical of Arsenal, first to sell and the very last to buy. wenger in his elements.

King Henry XIV

Oh..oh! I hope it’s not that “first to sell and last to buy” moment again.

Cheers, Poldi!


28 goals in 69 games hardly playing a full match. Nice to know we are such a position to let talent like that go.


Fucking hate to see this type of player leave. should of had more playing time imo and I’m sure the team will miss his presence in the changing room… Such a positive character to be around. Gutted


I’m gonna miss the hashtag out of this guy.

Little Mozart

I can feel his absence already.

Please sign somebody like Reus and/or Khedira, Arsène!


i want to boff welbz and I'm not even gay

3 days ago when someone asked Wenger if podolski would still be here after the window he replied ‘I hope so’.

I know the truth doesn’t come easy to Wenger but why can’t he just be straight for once and say something like ‘I don’t know but we have teams interested in him and have to speak to the player”?

To be fair, he did say he ‘hoped’ Fabregas Nasri and Van Persie wouldn’t fuck off so I guess we can work it out from there.


Premier League keepers will breath a sigh of relief!

All the best Poldi x


Why do we get so little for our useless players? Why do Chelsea get so much for their frauds?


Just like that the best finisher in the club is allowed to leave.
Say what you want, poldi didn’t get that opportunities to play as a striker.
Getting benched in favor of sanogo…very insulting.
Now we lack a clinical finisher in the team(theo is ok I guess).
Wenger better have something lined up.

Dick Swiveller

Alexis isn’t a bad finisher either.

Plus, Podolski had his chances and didn’t take them, the fact you failed to notice when he was given a chance is rather damning of his performances in itself.

Walter Raleigh

Guys, everyone, calm down, Wenger knows what he’s doing. How many matches have you managed in your careers? He dominated the late 90s and early 2000s, so here in 2014 he knows what he’s doing. #arseneknows Yes, we need to be bringing players in, but look at the balance sheet, this is a good move for the corporation, and if you really love Arsenal, then what’s good for the balance sheet is good for us all. Oh, next year, we may take out another 3 million to give for advising fees, but I’m sure it’s justified, because Arsene knows. We… Read more »

Walter Raleigh

2015*, I like living in the past just like Arsene


You’re living in the past mate. Yes wenger did revolutionize the game in the late 90s early 00s, but continously failed to adapt to modern day football. Unless you want to arsenal to become another Liverpool you need to wake up and see arsenals continued short comings. It is possible to question wengers decisions without resulting to abuse or just pure hatred and letting podolski go, midway through a season, is another example of how he is losing it. If it weakens the club then you simply don’t do it, especially at how inconstant we are… 2-0 down, away from… Read more »


Sanogoal? 😀


I always wonder why comments like this always get thumbed down. We have to tell ourselves the complete truth as fans. Wenger had been a tremendous coach, but the way he has gone about his business in recent times leaves a lot to be desired. Tactics, transfer business, player management etc. Somethinget really need to change.

Dick Swiveller

It truly does.

Remember the last time were were in a cup final? One of them got hauled off at half time and the other one came on and helped change the game.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

His last goal against Dormund, how did he hit top corner from angle that easy ? We are used to players sending it over the bar or into keeper.
I would like to quote Wenger here:

The Gimp

Another good player


I wish Pod all the luck in the world


The only positive here would be he would remain in fans memory as the best finisher the club has had for a while. If he had stayed we would have seen an other Arshavin who stayed too long. Saying that i do love both of them. Shame i could never hear this
Lu lu lu lukas podolski.


I seriously can’t get my head around this and just when I thought I couldn’t be anymore confused by wengers judgement. It really is like he’s trying to get rid of any type of plan b to the game plan. Would it gave hindered us at all to keep him until the end of the season…simply put. no.


BTW.I know this has nothing to do with Poldi, but I am wondering if my giving the “Italian Evil Eye Curse” at Chelsea stadium on Saturday when I went there with my son who wanted to see the stadium since it was his first trip to London and we had attended the Arsenal QPR game on Friday, resulted in Chelsea’s embarrassing loss to the Spurs on Thursday. I would like to believe it was. I refused to go on the tour with him because it made my stomach turn, but I figured I would try the old curse while I… Read more »

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

Great bench option but for £100k+ a year we can do FAR BETTER.


Arsene also got £100k+ in salary every week. He is one of the top earners in world football management. We should get something far better than what we currently have.


Give it a rest, for fuck sake

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

I mean £100k+ a week.


This blows. Great attitude. Great player. Just not to the Arsenal system. I really don’t understand why they bought him in the first place if they weren’t going to fit the gameplan to the way he played. He’s always played the same. It wasn’t like it was a surprise.


Why do some people insist on saying that he wasn’t played? He has been with us for 3 seasons. For the first season, it was only him and Giroud in the striking role. He got the first shot in that role with HFB on the bench, it didn’t work out, so AW shifted him to the left. Last season and the previous one, whenever HFB got injured, Poldi would be played upfront and almost always, he failed. That’s why Wenger preferred Sanogo and even Theo instead of him because they could at least keep defenders busy with their physical presence… Read more »


bring in Cavani on loan


People giving Podolski any sort of stick for the way he left are the brattiest fans imaginable. Compare his contribution to our team in relation to minutes played for our club to match-winning or tide-turning goals and you’ll see that he was not by any means ineffective by definition. It’s the affect playing him on the left side had on the rest of the team that resulted in him not being played earlier in his career when he was more of the crown-jewel in Arsenal’s crown after RvP left. There’s a reason why fans immedietely began replacing RvP’s name with… Read more »


good luck poldi.great striker. 29 goals for 69 games and much of them he was a subsitute. great ratio! and most of them were goals that did win us games. unless playing good and being ‘unlucky’ with injuries’ and having a great work rate in tracking back are the only things we are looking in players….
curiously poldi in his years with us was not that much injured. give giroud and poldi to another manager , he would play both.

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