Monday, June 17, 2024

Massive blow as DM bid rejected

Arsenal’s chances of ever winning another game took a huge dent today as it has emerged that Legia Warsaw have rejected a £1.6m bid for Krystian Bielik.

Arsene Wenger, tired of the jokes about how he’ll probably go through the entire transfer window and only sign some unknown 17 year old, decided to do just that and get it all done and dusted, but the Polish club rebuffed the approach.

The 6’2 youngster who can also play at centre-half would surely have provided the experience and quality required to go unbeaten for the rest of this campaign both domestically and in Europe, and the club’s ambitions now lie in tatters.

However, it is thought that Arsene Wenger will go back with an improved bid then stick the lad in the reserves to completely and utterly Eisfeld his career.

Meanwhile, Newcastle’s Moussa Sissokho, linked heavily with a switch to North London is, according to Eurosport, in advanced negotiations with PSG in what industry experts are calling a Cabaye Manoeuvre.

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I saw the headline and thought our bid for Derek Mountfield had been rebuffed.


We will sign some unknown kid and Chelsea will sign Lionel Messi.


Messi would kill Joel Campbell and Dan Crowley

Siz C

Erm….. Comparing messi…. With anybody is just silly.


No way is Messi big enough to play DM


Massive blow? Kinda exaggerated.

He’s a promising young player with potential.


You don’t really understand the concept of ‘sarcasm’ do you mate?


it’s more irony than sarcasm


Alanis is that you??


You have fallen into the Sar-chasm.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

Oh dear.


Where’s the Poo rating?

I’ve stopped reading anything without a poo rating, including all bills, magazines, work emails, film reviews, texts from the wife, hospital letters, court summons…. Everything!


You better hope the wife doesn’t catch on, or you’ll have fridge notes saying “Don’t forget to pick up some milk” with 4 little turds drawn underneath…..


No one understands that JC is a genius. The absence of irony is the new irony.


Better than Flami..ah fuck it I’m done.


Love it Blogs, keep ’em coming!


I heard he’s the new chambers

Proff Gooner

Charmbers hasn’t even had a full season. Let’s let him develop and see what he becomes on the other side of 20.



i heard he is taking tips from TGSTEL to become TGDMTEL


Incidentally, how many defensive midfielders do we know with the initials DM?


David Moyes, would probably do a better job then Flamini




How about Dorgan Meiderlin?


Hell i’d settle for Dami Mhedira


I’d settle for Demi Moore


I’d even setting for Dudley Moore! As a bonus, him and Szczesny can go out on benders together.


Depeche Mode? Martin Gore is a Gooner. The other 2 are Chelsea scum.


David Miscavige would read the game and opponents minds quite well. For a fee of course.


erm, David mHillier?


Dominic Matteo?!


shhhssssshhhhh man…. Mark Draper counts?


shit, Danny Murphy.

Gus Caesar

Surely there is only one DM – Danger Mouse.


Dragon Monsteric – built like a tank and flies like a dragon


Perfect riff on the stories we all see. Now that the window’s actually open, pity the poor rumor-mongers. How do they increase the hype any further on these pointless speculations? If a player shows up for a medical, it’s time to pay attention, and when he signs, then we can get excited.


Legendary stuff on this site…


Poo-ometer please


may the poo be with us


I know the article is a bit tongue in cheek but is Arseblog finally getting fed up with Arsene Wenger? Your frustration is starting to show lol. Same shit, different day with Arsene.

It’s never too late to come over to the ‘”nlightened” side.

#WengerOut! 🙂


Legend or not, Arsene Wenger always seems to leave things to desire when it comes to the transfer windows. Which is the main cause for the discontent.

Thierry Walcott

Okay! #GoooooooonerOut! I’m not sorry of I missed an ‘o’!

My name is my name

What are you.. what?


A broken record. Stuck on ‘o’ apparently.

Tom thumb

No poo o meter?


Beyond the toilet seat!


We should have signed a Center Back by now.

Perry S.

got enough fag smoking poles in our squad for my likes…


Ahhh… my day was not complete until I read a customary xenophobic comment on an Arseblog article. I can now go soundly to sleep.


Fags = Cigs

Mark Hughes

He wrote xenophobic not homophobic, they are two very different things.


xenophobic != homophobic




Where is that Double Entendre font Blogs?


xenophobe = phobia of foriegners

obvious stater

Xenophobia is actually a fear of foreigners.
Xenophobe is a person who suffers from xenophobia.
Foreigners is how you spell foreigners.


fear of bhuddism surely


Fear of warrior princesses.


It’s open for interpretatation 🙂


We should have signed a centre back in the summer, not now!

alexis' shorts

Top level insight. Bloggs sign him up!


If you fail to do it in the summer then you repair it in January. It is very simple. Don’t try to give Wenger excuses not to buy anyone in January, thank you. It has costed us sufficient amount of points already.


Well no it hasnt, simultaneous injuries to Kos, Debuchy and Gibbs have cost us buying a new centreback may have eased the situation but not massively. The type of centreback that would come and play third fiddle to mert and kos would be a squillaci type player that you would crap your pants everytime the ball goes near them. The type of player that would come and replace mert or kos would lead to one of those guys leaving – kos’ agent would get him a gig in spainand mert is a world cup winner and not a bench warmer… Read more »


I like both Per and Poldi, but the number of people calling them world cup winners makes me grin, sort of like Anderson being a PL and CL winner. Per was dropped for the final games and Poldi barely featured, the long rest after the WC was kind of silly because of this.


And what are the main reason behind the injuries do you reckon? There are statistics made showing that Arsenal has had over 650 injuries since Arsene Wenger’s arrival 18 years ago. The average of the other clubs have been 200, having said that it does not in any way mean that there are no other clubs that has had a lot of injuries. But what I am saying is that when wenger joined the club he did not only revolutionize the entire way we played but also changed pretty much all of the policies around the club. For instance the… Read more »

Brady's Mistress

If those stats are correct, then the solution is simple. Out with the broccoli! Bring back Mars bars on the bus, pints and sex and curry chips the night before the match, and celebrationary packs of cigarettes after a match! Oh, …


I wonder if its because we dominate possession so much? By Having the ball so much we must get tackled more and also invite more risk by trying to breakdown more stubborn defenses – i.e. maybe we sprint with the ball more trying to penetrate or circumnavigate the defence ala jack wilshere, tomas rosicky, Sanchez (Gulp) etc You can see why Jack is always getting injured ankles – its the high risk moderate reward game he plays – dashing headlong into traffic hoping to shift the ball just before he gets crunched. Sanchez at least sprints round his player Barca… Read more »


Then don’t buy a third rate defender then. Buy a top class defender and tell him he’s competing with mert and kos.if he’s good enough then one of the others will have to make way and if they don’t like they will have to improve. Simple as that. That’s what drives great teams.
If you don’t have competition you get complacency and that’s exactly what we have at arsenal.

Andy Mack

I think that’s the plan but finding one mid-season when the better teams (and better CBs) have cups/championships etc to play for isn’t as easy as many seem to think from Fifa14. I think that was even the plan last summer but things didn’t work out with the targets, so AW took a gamble and hoped Debuchy and Monreal could do an ‘Ivanovic’, plus Hayden if necessary, but our horrendous injury record this year meant he lost the gamble. Please appreciate that when AW first joined us he brought a level of competition for places that we had never had… Read more »


Totally agree mid season is the wrong time to look for quality and value. That’s why so many were calling for a another defender and dm in the summer. We failed to address either problem adequately despite Arsene saying that players coming back from the world cup often have a dip or need time to adjust. Re per or that kos was carrying an achilies problem from last season. Or that chambers was young and pretty much raw and unproven to the point that Arsène said himself it was a gamble or that in bellerin he had a player that… Read more »


Never heard of him. Instantly excited. Buying him on Fifa when I get home.


“Sky sources understand that talks are still ongoing between the clubs with Legia Warsaw holding out for a bid of £2.3m from Arsenal.”

Please Arsene, come back with a £2,000,001 bid.


that should activate the clause! 🙂

Rebel without cause

In other words, the chance for wojiech szcz to plunder another golden glove have gone up in smoke..

Don Cazorleone


LvL 3 Pidgey

Here’s your coat buddy


With Diaby almost back to full fitness I don’t think we need a DM anyway.




Diaby is more than like a new signing, he’s like a signing that left to win silverware, won absolutely everything, played in Spain and Germany and then in the US For 4 years, trained with us to get fit and is now going to be a player coach kind of signing


Arsene Wenger is absolutely clueless when it comes to get a deal through to get what we need. We’ll end up with some trash from Ligue 1.

Andy Mack

And you’re an expert on the subject!


Continue to defend Arsene Wenger’s transfer policy, why don’t you? We’ll be in the same boat next january as well!


Would that be the transfer policy that saw him buy Sanchez, Welbeck Dabuchy and Özil.


gunnerjoe – and also the same transfer policy that got us Squillaci, Jeffers, R Wright, Park Chu Young, Silvestre, and left us starting this season with 6 defenders.
Take those rose tinted specs off and have a more objective viewpoint.

Dick Swiveller


Doing exactly the same thing before criticising what you’re both doing.

I love the Internet.

Andy Mack

Lots of us aren’t happy with the transfer situation, but it still doesn’t make AW ‘clueless’. And calling him that doesn’t make you an expert either!


We are all frustrated with the lack of CB and DM but I can’t say that Debuchy, Ospina, Sanchez and Chambers transfers are making Wenger clueless…oh and Ozil too… 🙂

Freddys Hairdye

I don’t always like what happens in our transfer windows but I’m pretty damn sure that many of the names that float around to replace Wenger wouldn’t have been able to lure the likes of Ozil and Alexis!


Money is what lures Ozil and Alexis


@ john – didnt liverpool offer more money for sanchez.. oh wait dont tell me his missus wanted to live in london


I am honestly going to say that there was more reasons to Özil and Sanchez joining us then just Arsene Wenger. Money is what controls large parts of the market. Tell me, how did Carlos Tevez and Robinho end up at Man City under Mark Hughes if it is all about who is managing the team? Mark Hughes could be one of the worst managers in the entire fucking league.. Saying that the only reason why players wants to join your club are because of the manager is very ‘pro-wenger’ angled.. The most interesting thing in an employment is the… Read more »


Gee, there’s no evidence to prove that Liverpool offered more money. Whatever Sanchez and Ozil are getting paid it won’t be below the going rate for players of their stature that’s for sure, they certainly haven’t taken a pay cut to come here.

The first question in any transfer is can you afford it and if the answers no, then it doesn’t go ahead and that goes for both the fee and wages.


By the money argument Stevie G should be heading to Qatar. Oh, and isn’t Bony said to be taking a pay cut to sign at City? Not to mention a whole raft of players every year that go to a smaller team for playing time.

It’s not just money.


MPLS it’s funny how people like you say that top players like Ozil and Sanchez are at Arsenal because of Wenger and not the competitive rate of pay we offer but we can’t compete with Chelsea or Man City because they have more money for fee’s and wages! There’s a bit of a contradiction there


You’re over interpreting. I said it’s not JUST about the money. And nothing is completely this or that. Of course you need to be in a competitive dollar range, which we thankfully are closer to now, hence Ozil and Alexis. But if you’re talking 150k/wk vs 140k/wk (no idea what the actual numbers are) damn that’s still a lot of money and nobody starves on that. Footballing, team and personality ‘fit’, a legendary manager known for improving players, club direction and future goals, and not least consistent UCL qualification become a very big deal. Ruling those out is oversimplifying. Why… Read more »


Thank you, I think you’ve just agreed with me!!

First question is always, can you afford the player? if the answer is no, it doesn’t matter who your manager is, where you’re located, or anything else, no player who’s worth £140,000 – 150,000 a week is signing for a club that will pay him £50,000.


As I noted nothing is 100% this or that. There is no way the MLS is matching what the Qataris offered Gerrard, and some, like Bony is rumored to be doing, will take a pay cut to play where they want, or just get more starts. But I most certainly did not agree that it’s only money that gets someone to a club, as your previous comments seemed to say. You would have picked that nuance up if you were looking for anything other than an excuse to be smug. It’s not exclusively money, it’s not exclusively the manager- and… Read more »


You’re going after the club with a torch because they’re negotiating a fee for a 17 YO?
Hardly what is going to hold us back this season or next.


Doc Martin would be a special purchase


Disappointed that we missed the opportunity to make a derisory bid for Sissoko


Our downfall was that instead of couriering it over we sent it by normal post to save money. It will arrive Friday morning and we shall have the last laugh after all.

Andy Mack

I thought we wanted a CM and possibly a DM. He’s neither.

i want to boff chuba and im not even gay

6 foot 2 and can play centre half or midfield? Sounds like Wenger is looking for competition for ozil on the wing


He’s two inches taller than Ospina, you know.

Seth Davis

I can’t upvote this comment enough.

John Griffiths

The CB vacancy is not easy to fill. We either buy a top class guy like Hummels to go straight into the team – unlikely as anyone good enough would cost a bomb. Or we buy another youngster – pointless as we have Chambers, Hayden and Ajayi. Or we buy some older guy who’s prepared to be 3rd or 4th choice – another Silvestre or Squillaci – heaven forbid! Or we accept that Monreal has actually done quite well and spend all our available kitty on a top DM who would protect the back four!


Or we get Loic Perrin who can play DM or CB effectively and, per St. Etienne’s manager’s most recent comments, appears to be free to join us if he wants to and we can work out a fair deal with the club.


New Squilliachi.. He ain’t used to the physical Premier League. I’d take Winston Reid ahead of Loïc Perrin all days a week.


Uh the french league is if anything more physical than the premier league. Obviously a switch of leagues always has the potential for difficulty but of all the concerns to raise that is surely the worst.


Ligue 1 more physical? LOL. Nope..

Premier League is the most physical league and also the league where you play the fastest football. It is a big difference between the two leagues.

Andy Mack

Which international CB do you want?
Then we can all ask if he’s played in the PL.
I agree that it’s a big question mark and Squillaci is the ideal example in that he had all the qualifications but couldn’t handle the pace of the PL. Perrin could end up being the same but so could Hummels or???

If we go for him then I’d guess it was as a stop gap before getting some serious mid 20s quality in the summer.

Andy Mack

and I’d go for reid as well. but that doesn’t make others bad,

Scott P

If he’s anywhere close to the Perrin I signed on Football Manager who scored 70 goals/season then I’d gladly take him


Anyone can be put on to the market if the money offered is right. Arsene Wenger let the fans down in the summer so now he has the time to repair his error, anything less than fixing the problems that we currently have is unacceptable. When I say problems I am talking about the CB and DM positions. And I don’t believe that Loic Perrin is the answer to those problems. No, I believe that Arsene Wenger has utterly failed to do what was needed in the last window. As he always seems to do.


Isn’t anything less than anything all kind of moot when AW in any way, shape, or form managing the club forward is unacceptable to you?


And how the fuck have the club been going forward in your eyes? We have got a new stadium since 8 years back. The last few years we have suffered some of the most humiliating losses in arsenal’s history. 8-2 loss against Man Utd 6-0 loss against Chelsea 5-1 loss against Liverpool It is not only the results but the way we played in those games. You hear Ivan Gazidis talking about the wish to become the next Bayern Münich.. How are we supposed to get as good as Bayern Münich when we fail so hard against our title opponents?… Read more »

Andy Mack

Only 120m. Check out how much it cost the chavs and $ity to win the title.
And they haven’t spent most of the last 8 years having to sell players to raise money to pay for the new stadium that we moved into 8 years ago.


Did I say anything about forward, sideways, or otherwise? I did not. Furthermore I don’t give a fuck what Gazidis said, as it has nothing to do with anything I posted. And no, I don’t believe things have gotten worse every year.

You and striker seem to conveniently ignore any contributing factors other than who is in the manager’s seat, because that might diminish your singleminded view. It’s like a fucking political rally.

All this ‘brigade’ and ‘fanboy’ tripe is nonsense.

Dick Swiveller

Not buying a CB is unacceptable (in that, I’d rather it didn’t happen, rather than I’ll be unable to accept it), but a DM is only something that is necesary in this window OR the summer.

Only being one signing short of getting what we needed is agonisingly frustrating, and difficult to understand, but it was still a good summer for transfers aside from that so I wouldn’t call it ‘utter failure’.


If we are looking at a 17 year old to solve our DM needs, we might as well go with six defenders in a season……wait, what……


Speaking of Ajayi, he made it to the bench against Hull. We’re getting closer to our Coq playing with a Semi!


I sense a heavy dose of sarcasm in this article.

Thierry Walcott

Blogs is the best, no really… is there a Blog d’Or?


I’ve got some Carte D’or, will that do?


Son of Kim.


We are never going to end this trophy drought. Its been one half of a long season since we’ve won anything significant. We need a DM. Melo, MVilla, Capoue, Gustavo, we can’t win anything without someone 6’2+ that can be the new Patrick Viera for us. Never mind Cback. Who cares about defending crosses. So we’ve leaked in the majority of goals from set pieces and crosses into the box. So what? Flamini is clearly rubbish. Never mind his recent goal or assists or some 90% pass completion rate, we’d rather have Coq with his 3 two footed challenged against… Read more »


Yeah, we’ve not won a trophy since August


Yes we’re never going to end our epl drought with the way things are going. FA cup in 10 years…what a GREAT achievement. WE NEED NOT ONLY A DM, BUT A PHYSICAL PRESENCE IN THE MID.BARCA, CHELSEA, MADRD, BAYERN, all have that. Unless wenger knows something that they don’t. We needed BOTH a cb and a dm…that should be clearly obvious by now What assists?? Please tell me which top 6 team would flamini(or arteta for that matter) get into their first 11. Flamini is even more reckless than the coq is. Yeah you mean the same Coq that’s only… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Man U for a start, West Ham too.

Arteta would be good backup for Matic and Fernandinho as well (I don’t rate Fernando).

So, that’s 3 out of 6, with 2 of the exceptions having blank chequebooks, and the 3rd are going to lose the one guy better at being Arteta than Arteta (Schneiderlin) very soon. We can upgrade due to their age, and we will but it really isn’t as desperate as you seem to think.


Nonsense, neither Arteta or Flamini are anywhere near good enough to play first choice in a title winning team, if they were we’d win it wouldn’t we?

I’ve asked this question before and i’ll ask it again, if our players so great why can’t they win the league? Or beat a team above them in the league? or is it that our players are great but our manager poor?

Dick Swiveller

Well, if they have a massive psychological issue going back for longer than most of them are in the squad it kinda has to be, at the very least, the manager who can’t solve it. Takes time to build a side though, we had a fair few new players settling in earlier and we are short at a very vital position, so the squad is not ready to challenge for the title imo. Also, we beat teams above us in the league, ok so it was only Southampton and West Ham but they look good this season. That makes no… Read more »


You’ve contradicted yourself here, surely you can remember how effective Viera, Petit and Giberto, all 6’2″+ defensive midfielders were instrumental in our defending and attacking of set pieces? That’s part of their job and exactly what we’re missing!! It not just their size in open play but more specifically set pieces where they’re missed.

Andy Mack

First and foremost they were very good footballers who defended very well. Their size was undoubtedly helpful but was secondary. There are far too many poor players making a name for themselves as DMs just because they ‘put it about’. I think we’re looking for the PV replacement but so many DMs are just not good enough and would cost more than they would contribute by giving away free kicks or getting red cards. Remember that playing for us makes the refs give red cards for little to no reason.


Their size wasn’t secondary, it’s what made them effective, they acted almost as 3rd and 4th centre backs and offered a shield to the defence. I would dare say they would be as effect as Flamini or Arteta, which is not very, if they weren’t so big. There isn’t an results based argument you can make to suggest that our current incumbents in that position make up for there lack of size and physicality with footballing skill. Also, you derisory ‘put it about’ comment in regards to a replacement to Vieira, sometimes that’s exactly what we need and exactly what… Read more »

Andy Mack

In the modern game. especially playing for AFC, you can’t have a player that just ‘puts it about’. Defensively PV would have had to change his game if he was playing now, as you can’t play with the intensity of the modern game with only 10 players. As for size, if you’re the manager and you only have 2 options to play as DM, one a new inexperienced young but big CB and an experienced but small FB, then you’d pick the FB as you don’t want to be giving away free kicks in the DM territory. Size is secondary… Read more »


The modern game hasn’t changed at all, the formula and composition for a winning team is the same now as it was then. The teams at the top of the league both have big, physical, 6’+ players in the middle of their midfield, just as we had when we were winning the league.

What has changed is the composition of the Arsenal team and we’ve become uncompetitive. This idea of the multi functional midfield, devoid of a specialist defensive midfielder isn’t working for us, and there’s no proof it’s worked for anyone.

Andy Mack

John, First I have to say that I’m not advocating buying players because they’re small. I’m saying buy the best players available for the position but that size is secondary in this case. If you have 2 options of similar ability then go with the bigger guy but only of he’s good enough. I don’t remember the last SAF winning team being particularly big in the MF. The top few teams may have bigger players but the important thing is they’re good players that happen to be big. Would I prefer our guys to be 4 inches taller, yes but… Read more »


Are our players good enough?

We know that physically they’re not good enough, and results have shown that technically they’re not either. At what point do you try something different?


Patrick Viera a defensive midfielder? Do me a favour…


Was he a winger?


There is only ONE Patrick Viera @ Santori. But another one would be pure magic…….


I think a bid for jay spearing is in order.

John Scarratt

This is a joke, right? He hasn’t tried to solve our DM problem with a 17 yr old with hardly any pubes on his nuts??!!!


This is planning for the future. Which, some opinions aside, you still have to do as a club.


Everybody knows its all about NEXT season.


Ah, the old catchphrase.
At 17 it’ll be 2 to 3 seasons minimum.

Gus Caesar

Wasn’t the old catchphrase presented by Roy Walker?


So this is what Gazidis meant by ‘escalation in our financial firepower’


If you ask me he’s way too old, 17 I mean he’ll be burnt out at 18.


AW is trying to tie down a deal for a player in a position were we dont have the right quality (to be fair the coq has been excellent recently, but only for rotation.) Look at Man sh*ty blowing £30 million pound for a what should I call it third or fourth choice striker?

Come on Wenger, we have seen your coq but that is not enough!


Everyone who’s giving Wenger a hard time should just wait 8-10 years and see Krystian blossom.


Dude we have waited enough already

Barry wickings

The coq that AW may be is gonna go with the coq he has bigged him up for 3 matches to be fair done okay I’d rather him than flamini

Unwashed youth




What is LANS please?


Look after nervous Szczesny

Szczesny's Butt

I am Lionel Messi’s perfect cousin and I can confirm he will be coming to Arsenal this January – he’s even agreed to take a pay cut!!!!

Ex-Priest Tobin

You’d have more luck understanding a David Lynch movie than Wenger’s transfer policy.


What happened to the Thai kid running along Arsenal’s bus for three hours during their tour of SE Asia?


According to santori: -We do not need a DM because we don’t get dominated physically in the middle of the park against the likes of stoke, etc – Flamini is the best dm in the epl…the likes of chelsea, city and manure are all dying to him. Oh and he is also better than gustavo and mvila(for some strange reason he doesn’t mention guys like schnederlin, khedira who we’ve been linked with) – Just because you’re 6’2 means your not good on ball; all 6’2 DM are “BIG BRUISING PLAYERS” never mind the likes of busquets, carvalho, gonalons, etc. A… Read more »

Andy Mack

You’ve just named most of the DMs that are actually good footballers.
There aren’t many more, especially that are available.


That might be true, but calling our need for a dm a “myth” is crazy…don’t know why that isn’t obvious.


Sorry *may

Andy Mack

I don’t think he’s referring to the mythical DM as much as the ‘Need’. Lots of teams want a DM but they settle for a clown that puts it about. The idiots whine for the mythical beast but we do not want a ‘destroyer’ unless he happens to be an excellent footballer. None of the names you mentioned would fall under the ‘beast’ heading. But plenty would rather have the Belgian/Dutch/Danish etc version of lee Cattermole rather than wait for the right player. It’s a position where brains are more important than muscle but muscle can help big time. Gilberto… Read more »


How many years do you wait before you try something different? A real winner doesn’t say i’ll put up with being uncompetitive for year upon year until I can build the team that I want to build, with the players I envisage for my system. No, a real winner understands the need for pragmatism and that he has to build the most balanced team he can with the players that are available to him, whether that’ll be in his squad or on the open market. If you can’t find or afford the 6’2″+ defensive midfielder you want then you have… Read more »

Andy Mack

PV was very effective in attack. Drove the game forward immensely.


Patrick Vieira’s game was completely prededicated on his physical attributes. From his strength in the challenge where he used his body as a lever, to his driving runs, which his height and stride length enabled.

Black Hei

Patrick Viera isn’t useful in attack?

Try saying that to his face. Bring a ladder.


No he wasn’t very good in attack, that was always the one criticism of him people would come up with. He would score about 4 goals a season with one generally being a long ranger and maybe another from a set piece, he certainly wasn’t known for his play in and around the opposition box. He would make driving runs from deep in midfield but the vast majority of his game was spent behind the ball not in advance of it


From what I’ve seen the past few games id be ok with Coquelin there until the end of the season, he’s very tenacious and seems to win a lot of tackles, he can give the ball simple to our more attacking players and start attacks. It could be Diaby Arteta’s last seasons. Flamini isn’t the answer and In my opinion Coquelin is better. Any world class option will be cup tied for champions league. When Ramsey and Ozil come back we will be very strong in midfield we should focus on a centrback. The best we can hope for is… Read more »


Absolutely. A defender is the priority and whilst Wenger did not handle this in the summer, what is the point in addressing the problem in this window? Clubs will charge a premium and you have a lack of choice. Essentially the damage is done for this season…accept it, and at least re-prioritize Agreed – 3rd place is bast case scenario (and hopefully some interesting cup runs) so keep the funds in the war chest until next summer. We in turn have several players returning from injuries – not perhaps the perfectly balanced team we would all like but I can’t… Read more »


And you think we’ll be able to get third place with that defence??

Dick Swiveller

With another CB? Yes.

With the current setup? It’ll involve us scoring a lot of goals.


I asked without another cb. You and i know its almost impossible to get 3rd place with our defence as it is.


Heard we’re signing Jozy Altidore on defense. The ball ain’t going anywhere near the net as long as he’s near it.