Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Spanish clubs interested in Campbell loan

According to AS, two Spanish clubs are vying over the potential loan signing of Joel Campbell.

Both Real Sociedad and Villarreal have expressed interest in the Costa Rican forward, although it remains to be seen if Arsenal are willing to let him go this month.

With Lukas Podolski already gone to Inter Milan, and Yaya Sanogo keen to go to Bordeaux, the departure of Campbell would probably leave Arsenal a little short of depth, even if Theo Walcott is on his way back to full fitness.

Despite the fact he started in the FA Cup against Hull on Sunday, the 22 year old has been very much a bit part player, often not making the match day squad, and he has only started two others games (one in the Capital One Cup and the other in the ‘dead’ rubber Champions League tie against Galatasaray).

It’s believed a late August bid from Benfica would have seen him depart the club in the summer but for the injury to Olivier Giroud to put that on hold, and the signing of Danny Welbeck to push him further down the pecking order again.

Campbell has remained positive in his outlook, saying he’s enjoying his time at the club, but would obviously relish first team football.

This is very much a definitely maybe kind of situation, so we’ll give it a Poo-O-Meter rating of 5.


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I’d rather keep him as an option from the bench/injury cover. That said, this story doesn’t suggest we are loaning him, only that some clubs want him. Reckon it will be one of Sanogo and Campbell rather than both

Saffer Gooner

When is Gnabry back? If his return is imminent I’d happily ship out Cambell. I reckon he has much better long-term prospects. Walcott back, with Ozil & Welbeck on their way. The’re won’t be that much opportunity to give him games, especially because every fixture is an almighty scrap this year…


I’m glad we have isco lined up as a replacement. The Telegraph reported it twice you know.


Haha lol

Andy Mack

Must be true then!

Third Plebeian

Spare a thought for the journalists. You finally work and luck your way into getting a newspaper column, and then you have to put your name on an idea you stole from CaughtOffside or soccersweep. Soul-destroying.

Big L HoP

Probably should keep this fella. Not sure how much opportunity he’ll get in the next half season but with Plodolski gone we’d only be shooting ourselves in the foot (cos we’ve never done that before). A premier league loan makes more sense, if only we could package him and Yaya as a gruesome twosome, that would peek a top flight clubs interest… Right.

Bould's Eyeliner

Normally I don’t do this sort of thing, but I see this far too often to stay quiet.

The word you’re looking for is ‘pique.’ It’s pronounced the same.

this aint FIFA bitches

I just thought he was a crappy centre back that United offloaded to Barcelona.


I reckon he put in a good shift against Hull. His poor finishing is down to lack og game time. Glad it isn’t my decision … COYGS!


What about his record anywhere suggests to you that his poor finishing was down to anything other than a lack of ability? He has scored 17 club goals in over 100 games. That doesn’t sound like a natural finisher to my mind.


Thierry scored 20 in 105 matches for Monaco. So don’t be too hard on Joel. If he can improve half as much as Thierry he will be worth keeping.


Fair comment I suppose. I just think that the clamour for him to be given a run in the side is wildly disproportionate to his talent as far as I’m concerned. I also think there’s a clue to his level of ability when you look at the sides that are reportedly interested in signing him.

I’m not knocking anyone for wanting to see him in the side, I used to think Glen Helder was going to tear up the premiership. I’m just interested in what people base this on as I haven’t seen anything to convince me.

Andy Mack

He’s still young and more of a winger than a CF, so his scoring record wouldn’t be that high. When he comes inside then he certainly drives the game forward and he puts in the effort defensively, so I’m hoping we hold him for another year or so to see how he develops. I’d like to see him go down the line a bit more often but it takes a lot to stop him when he comes inside. He’d have been brought on as a sub much more often if I had any say in it, but he wouldn’t have… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

I wouldn’t say I’d like to see a run in the side, you can’t say he’s up to the level of the Ox, let alone the other guys he’d be competing with, but I think with a little more gametime, especially as he’d be impactsub subbing for Poldi, we’d see him blossom. He can hit the ball from what I’ve seen, and looks like he would be pretty clinical with a little more confidence, but you can’t really judge on anything other than vague impressions as most people will have only seen him in a dozen games or so. Difficult… Read more »

Black Hei

Glen Helder……glad there was someone else that used him in CM other than myself.

Tony Hall

If Wenger can give Sanogo how many games now then I think he can give Joel more starts to see if he has what it takes. But then of course Campbell isn’t french ..

Andy Mack

The reason that Sanogo has had more starts is because he’s a CF and we weren’t well stocked in that position last year, although better this year, injury had given him a few games. Whereas We’ve a lot of competition for Campbells winger position and he’s still young & in his 1st year with the team. Nothing to do with nationality! Hopefully he’ll develop and be a genuine option on the wings and as CF but not yet.

Dick Swiveller

Nonsense, I had it on good authority a few yers ago that the only reason Theo was starting was because he was English, so Wenger patently has a bias that way instead.


Rubbish. Have you noticed how many games Alexis is getting?! He obviously plays favorites to the Chileans. Er, Chilean.


Good point mate. Campbell should definitely be starting ahead of our others wingers like Alexis, Santi and Chamberlain. Wenger is clearly not picking him because he’s not French, because that’s his main criteria for selection.

You turnip.

Tony Hall

I am not a turnip thanks nor am I saying he should start ahead of the players you mentioned. Campbell has been an Arsenal player for several years, been loaned here there and everywhere. I think he at least deserves a bit of game time, a few impact sub appearances. To see if he is talented enough for us.


Give him to the chosen one, Senor Moyes! Some first team football will do him good. With Rosicky, Ox, Theo, Cazorla, Ozil (?) able to play on the wings, and Alexis, Dat Guy and HFB down the middle, we could be alright without any unlikely injuries or headbutts (as if…). We’ll probably be linked with a stellar loan move for Kalou to fill the gap anyway.


Half a season with David Moyes.. The lad will come back worse than ever xD


We don’t have to test the injury gods? Why not keep him unless we are trying to create space in the squad?


We’ve already let Podolski go, and Sanogo is on his way too. Losing Campbell is just asking for an injury crisis.


dont think AW will let Joel go letting pod go was an obvious one, would of gone in the summer bar the injury to giroud, and sanogo has been tried and aint showed it enough yet, joel has had more experince so its time for more game play and from here to the summer may see wether he can fit into the AFC groove


The joel campbell world tour continues. I would send him to brazil he seemed to like it there.

Rob Smith

Looks like 50 Cent Jr.

Dick Swiveller

I think with Sanogo it’s more the fact that we have two decent CFs plus guys who can play there even if they’re not a ‘proper 9’, whereas we can play Campbell either left or right, as well as an emergency CF if the 5 guys ahead of him catch a broken leg or something. And the fact that there are so many ahead of him, may explain why there’s the possibility of a loan.


With a different manager, Campbell might be the 4th choice winger, behind Sanchez, Walcott and Chamberlain. But with Wenger he’s potentially behind Sanchez, Walcott, Chamberlain, Welbeck, Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Ramsey and Wilshere on the flanks! Which is especially odd because, apart from possibly Sanchez, Campbell is the only one of them whose preferred position is on the wing!

Dick Swiveller

Aye, that’s quite true, aside from Wilshere and Ramsey, I think their time out there is donw.


The Wilshere and Ramsey part was a joke lol

Soqed Hozi

I wonder if Messi became available if wenger would think his top top quality was worth a big fee?


Though I’m not one to buy into gossip column nonsense (and most of it I actively avoid as it pisses me off so much), I don’t think him leaving is entirely beyond the realms of possibility. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if he stayed, of course, but it doesn’t seem as absurd now as it did a few years ago. Question is (and I’m not saying this seriously, simply out of curiousity) would all the Denilsons and Gervinhos and Silvestres be worth it if we went and signed Messi? Christ, imagine..

Soqed Hozi

I’m exactly the same, but right now it seems more likely than ever before he could move, and I could only see him going to the BPL if he did as only one of our teas offer the competition, and money, that he would be after. Alexis – Messi – Walcott with Ozil and Ramsey in behind? Could work.

Black Hei

Imagine the bump on the ticket prices that will make.

Man Manny

The window has opened. Teams are moving to bring in players early and here we are, making headline stories of what should be sub-plots – Sanogo, Campbell, Podolski etc. I hope Arsene will disappoint his doubters who are busy predicting that he will not sign anybody of note. Truly, he has had a second bid for a 17 YEAR OLD rejected.
He has to realize that even if we have everyone fit, we need a minimum of 2 first team signings to be certain of 4th place.

Paul butcher

As a Tico, down here in Costa Rica, he is a bit of a star, and there is a belief he isn’t being played instead of inferior talents due to a bias of AW. I saw all his WC games and he is a speedy and effective outlet for them, but not a top flight finisher, yet. He can over play it and his decision making is poor at times, remind of anyone? Give him time and he may blossom, but game time is what he needs.


Absolutely. I think you have to look at player’s characters in big game moments and he has performed for Costa Rica and also that game when he smashed one in against United. From what I saw he was trying really hard to impress in the FA Cup game and is not playing totally freely. If he is given more games and if Wenger gives him the type of attention he gives other players, Im sure he will be a top player for us. Just rough around the edges. But Wenger does do these mad things like with Park who also… Read more »


Sorry, but what..? Park made more than two appearances, and bar the goal in the league cup (against Bolton I think that was, admittedly, a pretty good finish from what I remember) he looked no more adequately equipped to play as a professional footballer than me. And I’ve never even played Sunday league. He was utter, utter, crap, and though my hopes were raised for Campbell slightly in the World Cup, I think people’s disappointment with this season is manifesting itself in unreasonable hope placed upon players that in all likelihood aren’t good enough for us. I’d love to be… Read more »


I can’t see what strikes you as one-dimensional in campbell’s game. The lad always showed a good sense of positioning, gets into good areas, both wide and center. He can cross, he can play one-touch football(I was surprised to see this against Hull, because that’s the first time I saw that from him. I believe its down to training with arsenal the past 5-6 months). He shows good decision-making in terms of when to pass the ball and when to try and drive with it. He may not be very quick, but he is comfortable on the flanks and can… Read more »


As soon as we complete the loans of Podolski, Sanogo and Campbell, both Welbeck and Giroud will be injured. If you think I’m pessimistic, please refer history, the latest being Jenkinson loan!

Dick Swiveller

Our backup RB was never injured at all. The fact that we has also our backup CB, midfielder and possibly kitman so couldn’t always fulfill his role is neither here nore there.

I do think you’ll end up being right though. It seems to happen far too often.


I’d rather have a midfielder playing as a striker than Sanogo.


Alexis Sanchez I’d say.

Glory Hunter

As much as I hope Campbell doesn’t leave, it wouldn’t surprise me. Rumours/speculation about our players leaving always end up being true 🙁


That’s because we are keen to sell players that are not favoured by Mr. Wenger.

Dick Swiveller

It is weird how the players that don’t play, seem to be the ones that want to leave. Don’t they know they’re supposed to be mercenaries who are only looking for money?


“Keen to sell the players not favored by Mr Wenger-”
I’m pretty sure that’s how it works at just about every club.

I’m doubtful he’ll go, but get surprised by something every window.

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

I see the same thing from Arsenal fans every year. We have some young, exotic striker, and everyone is all full of optimism, “Why doesn’t Wenger play him?” “He’s gonna be amazing!” Etc. Etc. Then when they inevitably leave everyone suddenly changes their tune, “Probably the best thing for him”, Etc. Hindsight is pretty helpful, but I think people have to be more careful in their praise. Campbell, Ryo, Bendtner, Jay Emmanuel Thomas, etc. I do fall into the same trap — I thought this guy was gonna be amazing because he put Man U out of the CL and… Read more »


Please, who in their right minds ever asked for Ryo/Bendtner to be played regularly? Bendtner looked promising at the start of his Arsenal career, but once his antics were out in the open everybody knew why he wasn’t being played. Ryo was injured most of the time. Then there was that Park character. The questions were mostly “why did we buy him if he isn’t good enough?” instead of people clamoring for his selection. Perhaps there are a few that want every player to get time, but most fans here understand that some players aren’t played for valid reasons. Campbell… Read more »

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

Mate I remember when we had Ryo back from Feyenoord and soooooooo many people on this blog were like “Why not play Ryo”, “Ryo is the Japanese Ronaldo” etc etc. I even remember then saying I didn’t think he’d make it and I got like 20 thumbs down. And when Bendtner was on the bench loads of people wanted him to play!


It’s all making sense now. Loaning all our attacking options to make room for Cavani.

Wenger loves the hunger and work rate of South Americans.

One Arsene Wenger


Nah, we can’t lose any more players. Sanogo and Podolski out on loan and Theo is still recovering. We will need Campbell.


Campbell impressed me v Hull. Whilst the confidence in front of goal is now understandably low, due to lack of game time, he put in a great shift overall. There’s talent there, so I would hope he goes nowhere and is integrated into the team more and more.


Agreed, he made two great slide tackles deep in his own half, rosicky would have been proud. He does look like he’s lacking confidence, I think he would have played a lot more had we been able to see games out a lot earlier but we haven’t so our squad players have suffered


4 days have gone off the window, we have so far been linked with a shit ton of different players. None are close to sign for us, but we have already managed to loan one player out and looking at reports we might loan out a few more. Why does Arsene Wenger have to wait till the last day of the windows? It’s like a fucking circus.


Wenger is always saying the first few weeks are always quite but after 1 week 2 will have left and none in. I know we are well over loaded on the wings but it is in the DCM and CB that we need to sort out not just bring in cover but bring players that are better than we have because we are slowing going backwards. All the good work going forward is always undone with the defense. I would try and get 2 CB 1 to replace the BFG and 1 for cover or promote Hayden as cover. I… Read more »


Think joel should have played more games this season. We should have kept jenkinson at rb , played joel ( where wellbeck is) and used the wellbell and debaucey money -£26 million and large joint wages- to buy hummels / chilleni or bender. Hope joel stays


That surely means we are buying Cavani!

Hehehe.. yeah..

i want to boff chuba and im not even gay

I agree that it’s time to give up on Joel. He’s had, what, 100 minutes on the pitch for us in 4 years and if he hasn’t proved himself yet he never will. GET RID OF HIM WHILE YOU CAN ARSENE!!! (I might shout that at Wenger next time he boards a train)


Keep him in and around the squad IMO.

As I mention, he will get more of a look in when Poldy departs.

We will need rotation in wide areas even with Walcott returning.

What he showed against Hull was very decent for a young player who hasn’t had too many minutes under the belt. Good movement and some imagination. Just needs to sharpen up passing and in particular finishing.


So apparently Giroud’s injury caused Wenger into the ‘panic buy’ of Welbeck, and stopping the transfers of Podolski and Campbell. Makes perfect sense, dunnit? Perhaps we need to lift our heads out the rags once in a while.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Neither he or Sanogo will ever be good enough for Arsenal and that’s a fact.


Anybody else noticed how good Campbell’s first touch is? When a pass is made towards him, I wasn’t worried at all about losing the ball right away as it is with some of our young players. Always looking to drive forward and has pace on the wings. Still young and will surely improve with better players around him. This guy definitely needs more chance to play after patiently waiting to finally be a gunner the past few years.

Arsenal Prince

Oh yes he definitely needs game time no doubt! The lad is goin to be amazing for yhe mighty gunners sooner rather than later!! Keep the faith we are Arsenal!!!

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