Sunday, March 3, 2024

Video: Gabriel Paulista – Welcome To Arsenal 2015

We’re teaming up with Arsenal Editor to provide you with lots more video content on the site over the weeks and months to come.

Here’s his ‘Welcome to Arsenal’ effort for new boy Gabriel Paulista, who officially signed earlier on.

If you missed it: 10 facts you never knew about Gabriel Paulista (probably)

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Crispy Fried

Wow, that signing came out of nowhere! Welcome the The Arsenal Gabby from Sao Paulo

Man Manny

Great signing I must say. It also goes to show what the manager is doing… We have a complete squad of players 26 years and below.
Ospina, Bellerin, Calum, Gabriel, Gibbs,
Coquelin, Ramsey, Ozil,
Walcott, Welbeck, Alexis.

Bench: Scz, Hayden, Bielik, Wilshere, Ox, Akpom ( an LB missing).

In two years, many in this team will be at the pick of their powers.
With players like Cazorla, Kos, Debuchy, Mert, Monreal, Giroud still around, Arsenal will be a force in England and Europe in two years. Thanks to the great man – Arsene Wenger.

Man Manny

*peak of their powers!
I suspect it’s risky making provision for “Auto Correct”.

Giroud Awakening

What’s with footballers wanting to be referred to by their first name these days. Alexis? Now Gabriel? How I would love to see Dave or Mike or something mundane, printed on somebody’s shirt

Ultimate Gooner

Racist. Not everyone is European, where the culture is the last name on the shirt.

La Défense

Chill bro. No need to play the racism card. He’s being namist, not racist.


I think he is racist, sexist, namist and a communist!

easy tiger


Chairman Meow

racist hahaha. you clearly have no idea what racism is. Incredible is this day and age


Yeah this is the most racist thing ever. I’m speachless. Never has anything of this sort been posted on the safehaven we call “the internet” before.


Terrible isn’t it – You wouldn’t see it in the olden days – top South American players like Pele, Ronaldo and Socrates would never have just their first name or nickname on the shirts 😀

John C

Neither Pele or Socrates were there first names, just nicknames.

John C

their* not there

Less Rambly Pete

missing the point there bud. A wee hint of sarcasm me thinks.


Y’all sexist pigs! Whats wrong with Ethel, why can’t a man have a girls first name?


Maureen has one. Jose is actually short for Josephine. A little known fact for the collection. I think the world would be a better place If chelski players had their real names on their shirts. Of course you’d have to add numbers to avoid confusion. Cunt1 cunt2 etc.


May I point you in the direction of Fred?

John C

I’d like to see Norman or Melvin


Well as long as their last names isn’t “Drinkwater” or “Whitehead”

La Défense

Video has been blocked on YouTube.


Just click to go to YouTube and watch.

La Défense

Oh… Silly me!


He’s an angel, Gabriel.


I love the song….. who knows the title?

Scott P

Check the description on YouTube


Darude- Sandstorm


You do? Really…..?


Why the down thumbs though….. I love the player also, I just want to know the song


Steady on fellow gooner, noting a cultural difference and flat-out bigotry are not the same thing! What gets me is though I love Stu McFarlane’s work, but a little confused by this two shirts thing. Even commercially it makes more sense to put him in an away shirt holding a home shirt, if he’s not gonna be in his clothes. Or even better lets see new signings in front of one the new Arsenal icons – the pitch, the mural, the Henry or Bergkamp statue maybe? The Overmars/Petit/Wenger photo was such a classic and really heralded the start of Wenger’s… Read more »


Or how about, just for fun, wearing home kit and holding home kit showing reverse i.e name and number?? Maybe a bit too radical.

Less Rambly Pete

ken, it’s totally bizarre.
“Hi, check out my super awesome new arsenal shirt that I also happen to be wearing”

Maybe it’s the in thing now. This is what one has to do to ‘get down with the kids’. Next time I go out to boogie I might bring a second identical shirt and wave it around like a sexy matador… but it will be my horn you’ll need to be careful of! Ha!

anthony arsenal

I take back what I said he looks really good actually looking forward to see him at arsenal


Looks like a calm presence in the back four. Looking forward to seeing next to Kos. Or Mert for that matter. Greatly needed. Also covers for both full backs if needed. I’d be happy with that for January and leave the big midfielder until summer when there’s undoubtedly more choice.


Not sure about calm, but a lean, mean machine for sure. Welcome to The Arsenal..


Is the ArsenalEditor a second channel of MGH? Intro was very similar.


No bullshit.

batman's agent

Dracula! – that would be a fitting nickname.


Thanks for the honorary mention.. but really this dude keeps cracking heads without flinching. Welcome to the Arses Gabby!!!!


Great signing but who will he replace? Hope it works with kos.


Seems to play at left back a lot

Rosicky's Little Toe

Welcome Gabriel!!


Quite like the moment when he body blocks(checks) Ronaldo. Welcome!

das pauly bear

He is going to get booked like fuck playing for us. He looks like chambers full blooded strong fair tackles but in gunners shit its a booking.


Let’s just give him the surname Logan and be done with it.


Well, anyone else thought the interview was hilarious?

”I thank god for being here”, does he believe that Wenger is a god or what? x) On a serious note, I think he seems like a rather nice bloke.


man, i’m just so happy we now have formidable cover pretty much throughout the squad. i’m licking my lips for next season with this squad (possibly minus flamini given artetas extension). Tasty. with a capital ‘T’.


Nacho must be pleased about not having to play in the middle as much anymore, though he was actually getting pretty good at it.


Pace, strong in the air, committed and great at interceptions. Can’t wait to see see him go up against Costa aka Prince of dirty play(The Orcs are still the kings)


him spiking @ costa’s ankle would be nice…..won’t mind dat being his first booking!

Rectum Spectrum

Awww I stopped watching after the 4th replay of him heading well over the bar from a corner.

Looks good though, strong, very committed. He seems to get fouled almost every time he heads clear, so he shouldn’t be too shocked when it comes to marking crouch. What did he win that big plastic yellow dog turd thing for?

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