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Wenger hails confident Sanchez

Arsene Wenger has paid tribute to star striker Alexis Sanchez after the Chilean scored his 16th goal of the season to ease Arsenal into the fourth round of the FA Cup.

The 26-year-old signed off another swashbuckling performance with a classy strike eight minutes from time as the Gunners beat Hull City 2-0 at the Emirates.

Questioned post-game on whether he was tempted to rest a player who has already featured 29 times this season, Wenger underlined that Sanchez appears to be coping well with the rigours of the English football calendar.

“I was tempted [to rest him]. Giroud was still suspended today and I knew that it was an important game for us. In the end, he always feels ready.

“I hope [he can keep his energy up for the rest of the season]. There’s no reason. You look at the players who have that confidence – you’re torn between the fact that when the player’s confident and keeping him playing, and giving him a rest.

“I feel that when the players are confident it’s important to keep them going, especially when they have that physical potential. He recovers very quickly and we’ll see. At the moment he doesn’t look in our tests like he has any fatigue problem.”

Assessing Sanchez’s overall contribution to a largely drab game, the boss continued:

“He always looked dangerous. He took the corner, he scored a goal and he gave a good chance to Oxlade-Chamberlain. He’s lively and always dangerous with his change of direction, his incisiveness and how penetrative he is.

“He’s interesting to watch because he has a good fighting spirit. He has a good combination of what you want to see from top players – that means that he is ready for a fight and also has talent.”

Arseblog News makes no apologies for using a picture of Sanchez in the bath on this article. We’re only sad we weren’t there to take the picture ourselves. The sexy beast.

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Walter Raleigh


Giroud Awakening

First to bring the potato to Ireland, Sir Walter Raleigh?


Read the commenting rules, you dummy.



The ‘Bull’ is the dogs.


Why did you crop the picture so we can’t see Alexis’ beautiful nipple?!


That’s just a bit weird.

Happy gunner

If you want porn, there’s a famous website starting with porn and ending with a word that rhymes with cub, or arsenal.com, take your pick




Pornrub obviously


Please please please don’t get Stoke away! I can’t see Wenger cowering in the dugout twice in 1 season !!


I would like us to have a manager that does not feel intimidated by inbred fans.


He is 26 not 25… GAWD. 16 goals and 8 assists in 29 games. Not bad.


One could even claim that it’s rather good.


“It doesn’t look in our tests that he has a fatigue problem” Who needs to look at test results? The guy is The Mighty Atom. His movement and stamina is unbelievableI and ,oh yes , he can finish! If he says he’s ok, play him.


Simply awesome player


“He recovers very quickly and we’ll see. At the moment he doesn’t look in our tests like he has any fatigue problem.”

Are these the tests that told you he was in the red just 2 weeks ago?

You don’t like to rest players due to their confidence? How did that work out for Ramsey and Ozil?

I love Dirty Sanchez, but let’s not ignore what the past 9 seasons have shown us when it comes to constantly playing someone.


Sounds like one of two things:

1) Shit tests – if they are saying he was knackered 2 weeks ago then you play the guy quite a lot for 2 weeks and then the test miraculously says he is now has ‘no fatigue problem’.


2) Some old French guy is talking bullshit.


The dangerous thing is that with Sanchez carrying us we’re still struggling to make 4th.

Last season Ramsey carried us to 1st, then got hurt and we ended up at 4th.

If Sanchez gets hurt now, where are we going to end up? It’s scary. The rest of the team really needs to get it together.


football doesn’t really work like that.


16 goals already!
Imagine if Theo was on the other side doing the same?
Giroud could just stand there and chuckle the whole season.

Remember the invincibles

He does that anyway


LOL. and worry about his famous hair.


Leave Giroud’s hair alone. Haters


Called my dad after the game and when I said “How about Sanchez again ?“ his response “what is there left for us to us to say about him?“ he really just is a fucking genius of a player.

My dream scenario now, we find a way of Ozil and him combining to get the absolute best from both. That’s probably being a bit greedy though right?

Mate Kiddleton

I wouldn’t call it greedy to expect that from our two record signings.


I’d just settle for Ozil stringing any sort of good form together, he really has been a big pile of dog poop


That’s my dream too! Watching Theo’s runs yesterday and the chances he got it made me even dream more! Can you imagine theo and sanchezrunning at you? Or theo right, alexis middle and Ox left with Santi and Özil central with a DM beast?


Just think, by the start of February we could finally see Walsanzil. Can you imagine what our attack will look like with Giroud drawing defenders before laying it back to Ozil, who has Sanchez and Walcott racing all over the place to pick a pass to? I’m going to have to start wearing extra-absorbent underwear to watch the matches.

Gustavo Almadovar

love that!


Semi off topic here. Im a bit embarrassed to ask, but can anyone tell me if we have a proper chant for Alexis? Haven’t been to a game since Leicester away, and back then we didn’t seem to have a proper one.
It’s a bit difficult to make out if he has one from watching Arsenal on norwegian tv channels. Thanks.


Definitely needs his own chant, and not just a “he scores when he wants” retread


Alexis, Alexis
He is from Texas
He scores and then flexes
We love our Alexis


Is there some town in Chile called Texas, then?


‘Muricans, everything has to be about them.




He came to us from sunny spain, sanchez, sanchez
He hates the cunts from down the lane, sanchez, sanchez,
He chose to come to london town and turned the fucking scousers down,
Alexis sanchez, no. 17.

gooner 44

where th fuck is ozil? driving podolski to italy??

Hank Scorpio

Not sure if anyone noticed but only a few minutes before he was subbed off he was urging others to shut down in the front half like he was. He’s not played over Christmas before and has had little break so far this season and is coming off a tiring world cup – incredible how boundless his energy is!


The talent he’s got, is amazing. I said it before, and I say it again, Barcelona’s loss, is Arsenal’s gain.

realgunner in durban

Alexis’ work rate is just incredible. How he manages to do it all games is unbelievable. Just wish it would rub off on other players as it has done on Oxlade. Glad he is a Gunner.

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