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Arsenal 2-0 Hull – player ratings

A pretty comfortable 2-0 win overall, despite the fact Hull had a lot of the ball in the second half. Goals from Per Mertesacker and Alexis sealed the deal.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Me So Hornsey

1 – the traditional shirt number which totally up for grabs now.


If Ospina gets dropped for Stoke then he will be quite rightly pissed off.


As much as I’d to see Ospina get a chance in some PL matches coming up, I can’t see Wenger putting him in ahead of Wojo vs Stoke and their aerial game. Ospina certainly deserves his chance though.

Runcorn Gooner

Is’nt this comment for “By the Numbers” which comes later but I do agree.

Me So Hornsey

I couldn’t wait for By the Numbers, this comment was bursting ready to explode right out of me.

Me So Hornsey

I couldn’t wait for By the Numbers, my comment was bursting ready to explode right out of me.


Ospina gets my vote, Szczney is a cocky c***, that thinks he’s hot shit, but has achieved nothing.
Needs benching, to give him a reality check.


Sczcesny is still smarting that most of his team mates have a FA Cup Winners medal and he doesn’t have one.


i reckon we should give ospina a run.
Szcesney had such a bad game there has to be consequences.
It may do him the world of good long term.
Chessney is still a young GK with much to learn

He played well last year , so he hasn’t become shit over night .

He is a cocky so and so though isn’t he


The better Pole in goal is now playing in Swansea.


Ah, I love a bit of revisionist history in the mornings.


As Mr. Blogs once said of him, “He’s as confident as a coked-up rock star.”

Don Cazorleone

You do remember that Szcz got the golden glove last year right? He has had many many incredible performances for us, and really is a good good goalkeeper. It is just a shame that it is a position in which good form is so easily forgotten as any mistakes lead to a goal.

Saying that, he does seem to be getting caught up in the latest sweeper keeper trend, but he’s a young man, it’s to be expected. But there’s nothing wrong with his abilities.

Personally I hate this overrated Neur Sweeper bollocks.


not sure Ospina had much to do today…I’d like to see him tested against stronger opponents before Szcz is dropped.

East Gooner

It was a good game from us, we were pretty solid and deserved the win. Ospina was steady and Bellerin looked good too. But it was really great to see BFG score after the tough times he’s been through and really surprising that we actually scored off a corner via a header. Monreal also looks a much better defender after that spell at CB – Much better in the air. Alexis and Cazorla were great as usual but I want to give props to our Coq who has been pretty good recently and showed some real hard tackling as well… Read more »


Monreal was good in the air before. Remember his first game against Stoke – he was superb!


It just goes to show what one ball into the right area can do. I’ve had enough of our fancy corners that need the team to work miracles. No more nodding it on at the front post, no more short corners – just put the ball in! I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been hit by counter attacks from such sloppy play as hitting it into the first man or losing possession from a short corner while our CBs are still waiting in the box. With defenders of their stature, Kos and Per could each be netting… Read more »

sad gunner

Bonus rating? That defender who blocked the goal off the line from sanchez…. That was superb, as good as scoring a goal.

Giroud Awakening

Arseblog, I’m disappointed, Paul McShane is a cult hero in Ireland!


Most of us wouldn’t know. Ireland are intelligent enough to keep their business away from the UK!

A bit like being intelligent enough to keep your missus away from John Terry.


What are you on about mate


Sorry if that was misunderstood. I was likening UK media to John Terry. No offence intended.


Fuck you/10?


Bonus rating should go to Coquelin saying ‘stfu’ so casually like it was nothing.

Don Cazorleone

I know it was a dangerous tackle, but it’s been a while since we have seen such a ‘fuck you’ attitude.
Proper Keane/Viera style, I’ve missed it.

Podolski Sklep

I didn’t mind the reaction but the tackle was dreadful. We can’t justly criticise c**ts like Shawcross and Williams who have rightly come in for huge stick, especially here, when a player wearing our shirt makes a tackle like Coq’s yesterday. I’m very disappointed to see Blogs overlooking the issue completely because it deserves to be called out. That tackle was a leg breaker which deserved a straight red. Reckless and stupid- it could have cost us the game if the ref had done what he certainly ought to have, and issued the red card. I’m all for athleticism, aggression… Read more »


he was a lucky boy – he could have had 2 reds in that game.

Alexis you Alexis

I think Alexis should be the synonym of sexy in the dictionary. And beautiful. And brilliant. And pretty much everything thats good in this world

happy gunner

Oh I’m a happy gooner now too* not sad

happy gunner

Oh and I’m a happy gooner now 🙂






Superb Coq my MOTM.
Would love to see Ospina get a run of games ahead of Szcz


You know it wasn’t so many matches ago that people were saying Martinez should get a run of games ahead of Woj because of a couple of clean sheets. These people didn’t realise he had next to nothing to do then came Stoke away. Not been on since. I don’t doubt Ospina is a quality goal keeper but what concerns me is the back injury. Not a good injury for goalkeepers. Coq played well but Alexis was by far the best player on the field. Coq was lucky to stay on. In other matches that could be costly not least… Read more »


I thought Coq was great, but I also thought he could have seen red for the first tackle around 10 min. when the Hull players ankle bent over real nasty, was surprised he did not even get a yellow. Studs up sideways across the ankle -pretty bad.

Regardless, it is fine lines and I prefer him to Flamini, possibly Arteta as well against certain teams.


Yep, the referee missed a few decisions that went in our favour today. Coquelin should definitely have seen yellow in the first half, and as you said, even that first tackle was pushing on to red. The two-footer late on is the type of tackle they show in referee classes when they’re trying to teach “now this is a straight red card”. How he stayed on the pitch after that is beyond me. I guess now we only need about another 28 or 29 botched decisions in our favour to even the score for this season. But I sure hope… Read more »


You are very generous with TW but not the same with JC, He also didnt get a run of games before this thus match rustiness effect applies to him as well.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

Coq’s plugging all the holes. But all jokes aside, he goes in hard, has good stamina, isn’t afraid to get up at them, and works very hard to make up for a lack of size.

I hope he goes from strength to strength, because Arsene was never going to buy a DM this window – maybe Coquelin really has turned a corner.


A different ref and the corner he’s turning is during an early trip down the tunnel.

He had two separate two-footed challenges. You can’t make two-footed challenges any more. I don’t understand how he can do it not once but twice knowing full well you arn’t allowed to make those challenges any more.

That he escaped with only a yellow is a miracle.

Don’t get me wrong, there were promising things about his game today and his recent games. But you can’t tackle like that any more.

Don Cazorleone

You can’t tackle at all anymore, it’s a pitiful state of affairs in the league.
But if ever there was a game and a ref in which to do it, it was yesterday! He made a couple of awful decisions, but in general I liked his style of refereeing. Letting good tackles fly.

Saying that, Coq did go over the top. Lucky boy.

Hope he stays.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

Apparently you can – he did it twice and received naught but a yellow card.

Wenger's Waterbottle

Can someone explain the logic in this? Alexis scores, game killed off, why leave him in for another second? Ox obviously gets injured but he is kept in. Why take out Campbell even if it’s only for a few minutes, why not take off Ox. I feel like this is part of the injury problem. Players obviously need to be taken off but they are kept on.


Campbell signalled to the bench that he was injured and wanted to come off. They waited until they got news on the is and when the physio thumbs up they took Campbell off. Thought campbell did enough to get subs appearance. They needs matches but alexia is just brilliant


* news on the ox

Cliff Bastin

‘alexia’ sounds like the plural of a few people called Alex in which case you are right.


Three games on the trot Coq has been either our best player or top 2. He’s letting his performances speak for himself. I honestly wonder why has not rated him.

What I reply like about him is you can tell he’s a proper DM, as he always positions himself in the passing channels; either to intercept or being never far from aggressively getting the ball back from whoever is gonna get it. He’s not all about the hustle and bustle and shouting (hi Flamini).


I really like what I saw in Coquelin today. He can tackle and is physical, he can pass, and he even gave 2 through balls. He reminded me of Song. I think he should keep his place…

consice alan

Coquelin has learned how to swear in english haha saying “shut the fuck up” after that lunging challenge. Had overall a good game apart from that moment. Could have been sent i
Off really. Good game overall though.

Hank Scorpio

The Coq has consistently risen to the occasion since returning from loan. I thought he was great today & I’d like to see him succeed at the club. Shame we couldn’t finish them off earlier to give Akpom more of a run & Alexis a rest. Rosicky’s energy & drive were great today too.




More and more, Arsene’s Coq is looking like the DM we need….
Well done Coq




Just loved watching Little Mozart and Santi pulling the strings but The Mighty Atom….Sanchez……is totally fucking awesome. His movement and workrate after playing so many games is incredible.
I know it’s only Hull and I know it’s a home game but we are starting to turn the corner I feel.


That look on his face towards the end when he quickly wanted to play the corner, and his team mates hadn’t come upfield yet said it all. Totally committed.

Arsene Ginger

Good performance from the boys, Akpom looks to have some pace. Would love to see him at the end of a few through balls.

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

Arsene should play with his Coq more often..#Campbell is a Gooner#

An Ox-sized Coq

Apparently there’s this rumor going around that Szczesny has been heavily fined for his dressing room after the Southampton game. Also that Wenger said he won’t play again this season.


That you just made up, or was it one of the tabloids???

Either way, it is b*llocks.


I saw that too. A tweet via John Jensen commentary in Denmark or something. If Szczesny plays the next game, then we know it’s bollox.


Yeah, i read that too, also he said that he will not play again till the end of the season, which sums up that is utter bollocks.


Heavily fined for his dressing room?

Are you sure that wasn’t Bendtner?


Wenger in 🙂


Joel Campbell 7 out of 10. Christ it’s clear he’s not long for Arsenal. He slows the game down an awful lot and doesn’t have much game awareness. Also missed a very easy chance not too dissimilar to the one Wilshere had against man utd which prompted Arseblog to give him 1 star out of 10.


Weird, he looks like he speeds the game up to me, always looking to lay it off first time or take a touch and drive forwards. Doesn’t always make the right decision but he’s got something, just whether he can do anything with it.


I think he’s turned a corner actually.
Saw him hunting the ball most of the time which is a big improvement.
Maybe learning from Alexis?
Maybe… but he’s still learning that’s for sure. Particularly the speed of UK football. I’d give him a break.


For now, I can’t see Campbell ever being anything more than a squad player at best. There’s a decent work rate, it’s true, but his finishing is awful. He hasn’t yet shown that he’s better than Sanogo, let alone Welbeck or Giroud.


On yesterday’s showing I’d have Campbell in ahead of Walcott every time. 9 years this man has been at the Arsenal and he hasn’t developed as a player one jot. At best he’s an impact sub because when he starts it’s as though we’re playing with 10 men.


I think most are forgetting just how little action Campbell has had this season especially in the matches against top flight PL teams. He is rusty and not used to the game speed quite yet. He certainly showed glimpses of what he can bring, but I think really needs a couple of games in a row to get into game shape and sharpness before full opinions on his ability to fit in can be made.


what is wrong with yu. Arsenal has not had a fluid attack in a few games now. Campbell was difficult to defend and hardly took more than two touches in possession. he missed a good chance but his run was a brilliant as Walcotts’.

Arsenal has not looked comfortable in possession since pre season games.
Appreciate the lad. he’ll get better coz therez no lack of effort in his showing last night.


i like the idea of giving goalies a run if they’re winning so i’d keep ospina in. also, sczez’s last game was so bad that he deserves some time on the bench. i really liked coq’s performance today. would love to see us sign someone like khedira or schneiderlin to partner with ramsey with coq as backup or an option to close out games (similar to chelsea’s use of mikel). i don’t think we can count on flamini or arteta for another season (let alone this one). i can’t wait to see ozil line up with theo and alexis. hoping… Read more »


Not Khedira, please. We’ve already got too many similar players and the only thing Arsenal about him is his injury record. Schneiderlin would suit us much better.


i guess i like the idea of khedira because he seems like he could be a leader on the pitch which is something i think we really lack at times. per and arteta are both getting up there and not having their best season. i just don’t see another leader in the current squad that can step in and captain this team and buying young talent doesn’t solve that problem. i’d take hummels too for the same reason. both won’t happen unfortunately.


Hummels before Khedira for me, especially since we need a centre back more than we need a DM. The one DM I’d really like is Lars Bender. But as you say, that’s just dreaming. The Carvalho speculation is probably more realistic, but I’m just not that impressed with him. I hope we get the business done early for a change, because we desperately need another CB.


BFG – He Bigged, he f*cked, he Germaned!!

Kim Kallstrom

I deserved more than an 8.5!


You will soon realise how important Sczezsny is. Ospina is to small to be a goalkeeper in Premier league. The Pole saved us many times and on the other hand it was this the first game his mistakes costed us but it wasn’t completely his fault. Give him 1-2 game rest and then he will shine again. His problems are mental nothing else. Coquelin is playing well. And I don’t see anything wrong from his tackle at the end (not red card). He showed that you don’t mess with him. We are lacking that and because of that we are… Read more »

Alexis trousers

Fuck that. I’ve had enough of Sczesny´s petulance. I’m tired of players who are always on the brink of making a costly mistake. This club needs consistency and maturity, And the pole doesn’t bring any.


Totally agree, Rozza was involved in all our best play.


More and more, Arsene’s Coq is looking like the DM we need….
Well done Coq


Wait with praising Coq until we face Man City away and then we’ll see about him. He hasn’t yet faced one of the big dogs (bar Southampton and West Ham of course).


Why is this ‘Man City vs Coquelin’ a thing?

Why not Man City as a measure of Chambers or Sanchez or anyone else? If we fail at man City I would think it will be a collective fail not because Coquelin failed. Or is that the specific set up here…see, he did not play well against the champions so he is not good enough?


In fairness to Sanchez, he scored an absolute screamer against City earlier in the season so that’s a test he’s already passed!


He’s looked good, but I’d still want another one so they can both replace Flamini and Arteta. If that’s going to be Chambers, then we’ll need at least 2 centre backs…


Santi actually had two assists.


Assists are overrated, it’s who starts off a move and all those involved that count.


And I would sing for Maitland-Niles and I would sing for Arsenal!


The Oooooooooospinaaaaa shout every time Ospina goes to kick it is a good bit of fun, but surely it’s off putting for him?!

I like the look of him, and enjoy his want to get it away quickly at times to bring on a fast counter.


The Coq had a solid game. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Some of those wilder challenges had a bit of Frimpong about them. It will be interesting to see how well he keeps his head against a better (or more physical) side.


We’ll see next week, won’t we? I hope he keeps his place against Stoke. Just what we need against those subhuman fuckers.


It’s true ospina didn’t have much to do but the little he did have to do was done well. One thing I wanted to highlight though was his distribution which was outstanding and so much better than the pole. Looking forward to the battle between him and Szczesny for no.1


Sorry should of made myself more clear as you’re right, there were times when he was too quick to get the ball out when it prob would of been better to slow the game down. I meant more with regards to his passing, I was particularly impressed as most his passes found one of our players and his range was very impressive as well. Szczesny for me has a tendency to kick the ball to no one or kick it out for a throw in to the other team.

Bendtner's Ego

Actually, the last time someone pointed out the Opta stats (month or two ago), Szcz has one of the better distribution ratings on the league.

That criticism of him from earlier in the year has unfairly stuck with him.

Dan D

It was on obviously good to win today but honestly, Sanchez was head and shoulders above anyone on display. Hull were also very poor and never looked like really creating anything of note, let alone scoring. So while I’m satisfied with the result and the feel the majority of performances were competent enough, I’m also under no illusions that we played a side that didn’t look like they believed they could get a result today. So well done boys but my feet are staying planted firmly on the ground until I’m convinced we can mix it more consistently against better… Read more »


Mate, where is the bonus rating?

Bonus rating to this is what boobs are to an R rated movie.


Much better performance today even if Hull were SHIT. But it was more or less the same Hull that we struggled to get a draw with a couple of months ago so well done to the lads for making it look easy today. Thought Campbell was useful today. Sure he had a few balls that didn’t quite work out but you get the feeling that with a little run in the side, we might actually have a decent young footballer who can contribute here! Wonder if Arsene sees this or will Campbell be relegated to the bench again as the… Read more »




That’s more like it Arsenal! Thought Campbell looked useful today. Tried a few things that didn’t work out for him but considering he’s hardly played, looked alright. Get the feeling that there is a decent young player who can contribute if he gets a solid run of games. But who knows if Arsene will use him again until next Cup game? Spanish fullbacks looked good today as well. Monreal has better decision making but Gibbs maybe a better 1 vs 1 defender. I would like to see them rotated according to the opposition. Maybe Nacho for games we know we… Read more »


It’s amazing what can happen when we kick a corner kick over the first defender – imagine that we could actually have an opportunity for a header on goal.


Good shout about Szcz, his distribution % suffered from not having a target man upfront. And why do people hate him so much? His confidence is his one of his strengths! Fuck off!!!


Well partly because he just has two of the most embarrassing gaffes a goalkeeper could have. Apart from that…


Be fair, that was one game and you know it was a one-off.


Confidence was also one of bendtner strenghts so…


Happy with result, yea we went through a bit of a boring period but there was a lot of positives.. Bellerin- pace to burn, few nice crosses and dealt defensively ok. Coquelin- bad tackle on Quinn but was a lot more successful in his passes than he got credit for and a lot of interceptions. Very impressive. (Don’t forget the “shut da fuck up!”) Cazorla-buzzed an jinked an was classy as ever. Campbell- few wandering passes but his best performance for us yet. Sanchez-fuck me,what a player we have. Rosicky-his dribble and through ball for sanchez’s chance nearly made me… Read more »


Nice to see Coquelin showing some form. It’s a shame he’s not suited to a run at CB alongside Mertesacker, we’d be able to rest the Mertescielny pairing with the occasional Coqsacker.


Once again, thanks Alexis the Sanchez for coming to Arsenal 😉


Thought Theo was significantly better than Ox and Campbell. Rusty yeah, touch and finish not there yet agreed, but as an influence over how we play and a genuine danger in our attack, light years ahead.

Feel he has to do a lot more than other players we have to be appreciated here mind.


Very encouraging today. Much better performance and much better balance. Again, felt Alexis up on his own was wasted at Soton and ineffective. He needed a partner in crime from another flank in Walcott. As is Wenger elected to go 3 prong with Campbell getting good minutes and putting on a very decent performance. Also felt Coquelin benefited from Rosicky closer to him. Le Coq is certainly making a case for himself and with current injuries at DM, I hope he continues to grasp it. It will indeed be a career resurrected if he can keep at it! BC our… Read more »


As akways Alexis is our very own Energizer Bunny, but one thing worries me–as indispensable as he is, he needs a rest or otherwise he’ll get buggered up for the rest of the season. Don’t run him into the ground!


He can take it easy through January, at least. No midweek games until well into February.


Walcott – Huge amount of chances fell to him.

Very encouraging cos it means he is again getting into the right positions.

Finishing will come with a couple more games under the belt.

We’ll need him back and scoring again.

Plenty of pace out wide. Which is I believe why Wenger is not fuss with Poldy leaving. As I mentioned, it will open up for Campbell. There is also Gnabry coming back.

Welbeck, Walcott, Alexis, Gnabry, Ox, Campbell, Bellerin, Gibbs, all pretty quick.

We are going to have a 6th gear to crank into now.


Monreal had a good game but disagree that he’s in contention to start at left back. Gibbs is better than him in all areas (except maybe aerially).

Glad Coq is doing well but I still think we’ll need another DM, both of whom could replace Arteta and Flamini. That player could be Chambers in fairness, but then we’d need to sign two centre backs…


Just a little comment on Ospina vs Szczesny. Former Gunner, John Faxe Jensen, said last night on Danish television that Szczesny made a spectacle after the Saints match and was fined by Wenger afterward.
He even said, he didn’t expect to see Szczesny anymore this season unless Ospina made huge mistakes. I do not how reliable this information is but he seemed pretty assured.


What the hell do you guys smoke? Just because we won didn’t mean we played well. We were horrible in attack. Way too many dispossessions, Campbell was so nervous he kept passing the ball away because he was too afraid to do something with it. The only real impact in the game was when Coq and Chambo came on and fired up the side to get Alexis to score. We’re supposed to win against Hull even with a 2nd tier side. That game was extremely boring I’m sorry. Arsenal fans are such flip floppers. Stick to your guns and keep… Read more »


I have to agree that Campbell didn’t have a particularly good game.


Somebody tell me why wenger does not let rosicky play! He does very well in attacking positions


Ha Ha! The BBC and Coq should not go in the same sentence


In all fairness, and I am a Dane too, John Faxe does lash out a lot of bollocks from time to time. He always claims to have insider information about the club, but seeing as he is not directly affiliated with the club, I would not categorize him as a reliable source.


The thing with Walcott is that he has phenomenal work rate but you don’t notice it because most of the time he isn’t chasing after the ball. Rather, he’s running into striking positions, but still getting back to help his fullback. Its a lot harder to track back from that position than if he stayed wide or came into midfield

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