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Wenger: If you love football, you love Tomas Rosicky

Arsene Wenger has lauded today’s inspirational captain, Tomas Rosicky, suggesting that anyone who doesn’t dig what he does is, essentially, dead inside.

The Czech international was a whirlwind of effective effervescence with a goal, an assist, and about 10 other things which made you go ‘ooh’, as well as putting in a shift which would have left younger men gasping for breath.

Speaking afterwards, the Arsenal manager was full of praise for the 34 year old, saying, “He was wonderful. A player we all love. If you love football, you love Rosicky.

“On top of that he’s a fantastic character, scored and I’m very pleased for him.”

After a weekend of shocks which saw Chelsea (haha), Man City (haha) and Sp*rs (hahahahahaha) all knocked out, bookies have suggested that Arsenal are now the favourites for this season’s trophy, but Wenger wouldn’t be drawn in that regard.

“With yesterday’s results you would be a bit cautious. The cup is the cup – what you want is to focus on the next round to go through.

“We have a good experience from last season to know that every round is difficult. The most difficult games were not especially the expected ones last season, so let’s wait for the draw.

“Of course we’ll fight and we want to retain our cup but there’s too long to go.”

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Hes right, what a player Tomas is, absolute class, on & off the field. He’s playing like he just turned 26 not 34!!!! How much longer can he go on for?


got gas for an older gent

Pires... Bobby Pires.

Ozil can really learn a thing or two from Rosicky. I know they have very different styles of play, but Ozil has to add that tenacity (which Rosicky has) into his game to warrant his place in the starting lineup. I don’t doubt his work rate, his stats back that up, but he can do a lot more with all the running he does. Whenever he or the team loses possession of the ball, he never presses to get it back or drops deep; rather, he always positions himself back into a neutral position waiting for the team to win… Read more »



Thank you.


I see where you’re coming from but let’s not forget it was his (and Walcott’s) first start since coming back from a long-term injury.


Should have been made captain once cesc left.

remember the invincibles

strongly agree with this. but Wenger’s captains tend to leave so glad that jinx wasn’t put on him


His footballing age is only 26 but. God I love that guy


JC: You look angry enough to kick someone. What happened?
PN: Did you watch the match last night? He looked one way and passed another!?! No respect, no respect at all. I feel like… Hey, what’s wrong, Jamie? You look so upset.
JC: Oh, Phil (sob!) They took another selfie!


Soooooo-per, super Tom….


Neither Wilshere or Szczesny will have what Rosicky has at his age unless they stop taking a fucking fag. Damn good role model alright. If you sit on your arse everyday then a fag every now on then is up to you. But if you play for Arsenal, then you learn your lesson as did Arsene 😛


Being a smoker, replace “fag” with attitude and I tend to agree whole heartedly
Both are are not that good to be arrogant.
Lets face it, if Young Jack was fit, TR7 would be coming on in th 90th min when we’re drawing 2-2 after letting in 2 goals in the 89th min, that was a failed clearence.


To Arsene : “THIS”

Giroud Awakening

“Our cup”..sounds so damn good


‘Arsene is my name. I’m the most wanted man on my island, except I’m not on my island, of course. More’s the pity.’
‘Your island? You mean the FA Cup…’
‘Yeah. It’s mine.
‘You’re a madman.’
‘I’ve come to the right place, then.’


That was painful.

Outside of the right boot

Could have really done without the link! 🙂

Ultimate Gooner

Next year’s Rosicky’s testimonial will be special!

Giroud Awakening

Nah this guy will be running rings around defences until he’s 64


Next decade.


“Of course we’ll fight and we want to retain our cup but there’s too long to go.”
“Our cup ” . It’s ours to lose. And I will absolutely love for us to win it again. That would make it
Six Fa Cups under Arsene and will be the most any manager has one.. equal to some fella at Villa.


Arsenal could become the most sucessful team in the Fa cup history above some team up north


Going for our sixth FA Cup under Arsene? That seems mighty strange with all the talk about this club not being able to win trophies 🙂


You have to be realistic about Rosicky. He is 34 and not getting younger so I give about six to eight more years with us and that’s that.
Oh, and I love him


Just remembering his countryman Pavel Nedved, who had an incredible late career renaissance at Juventus – he was near unplayable in the last few years of his career and he was 35/36 then. Incredible from Tomas today, long may it continue.


I say Amen to that . When his on the pitch, you see midfield under his control.

Mr Eko

“Our Cup”
We wants it.
We needs it.
Our precious…

Man Manny

I remember the year we signed him.It was just before the 2006 world cup so I took interest in him. He scored two goals in their opening game and the second one was a screamer from 30+ yards. The words of the commentator still rings in my ears. He screamed: “Rosickyyyy! A new star is born!” So sad that injuries robbed us of much of this shining star.


Yep, his injury was the main reason we didn’t go on to win the league in 2008.


No it wasn’t. It contributed and weakened us a lot but Eduardo was the straw that broke the camel’s back. We kept going for a long time after Rosicky and RVP got injured.


I remembered the commentator saying…THIS IS WHAT ARSENAL IS MISSING WILL GET NEXT SEASON(long shots)…


I was in a taxi with a Czech driver when we’d signed him, he was a big fan of Tom. I’d been a fan of his long shots for Dortmund in the Champions League, but he’s never really scored one for us.


He scored one for us in the Champions League in his first season against Hamburg, I think. They were also sponsored by Emirates and so we had “Dubai” on the front of our yellow shirts instead.


And what about that stunner against the Scum at Shite Fart Lane last year?

Little Mozart

He truly is an exceptional player. The FA Cup looks more inviting every day now!

batman's agent

I am so scared he won’t be remembered as a legend in the years to come since he didn’t won a title with us.


He won an FA cup last year… scoring an unforgettable goal against Tottenham in the competition. And now looks capable of leading us to another one… 😉


His unforgettable goal against Tottenham was in the league, not the Cup.

Rosickys hair

Think he means the Lloris chip after running half the pitch .

East Gooner

No actually he scored one in the cup too. Remember when he took the ball from Rose on the halfway line, left him lying on his arse and then chipped the keeper? No? Then you need to improve your memory. It seems that when Rozza scores, which is not often, he scores an amazing goal. Even this season that 1 touch finish against QPR to finish off our counter was really good. And it seems that the theory James mentioned on the arsecast Extra seems about right – Wenger did not play him early in the season, so he could… Read more »


To the previous posters: thank you for clarifying my post.
Of course I’m referring to this gem of a goal:

Even though I won’t forget his beautiful goal in the league either:

I love Tomas Rosicky so much.


@AlbZ; two cracking corkers. Class. Thanks for the links..


The world makes sense. Because I love football, and I do love Tomas Rosicky!

das pauly bear

Sicky is the king

end of . … ..


Rozza, Sicky…I wish people would stop with the silly nicknames. There’s only one Tomáš Rosický.


Tomáš Rosický – The Legend – Our Jedi


That’s a bit rich, considering your moniker…!

supa dupa

If the cocaine he took in his 18 month injury was true, no wonder him and Maradona were so great.


It really is so sad to think of what could havebeen with him, but long may this Indian summer continue


He has been true to his words that due to long injury layoff and not playing his football age is much lower than 34,i would say 28.

I really wish we retain him at the end of this season.


so what is Diaby’s football age? 🙂


Must be negative by now.


Tommy is top class!! Everyone fit I honestly believe with the addition of Paulista, we now have a team that is the strongest in the premiership depth wise!


Nope…While we do have the best cb partnership and the best midfield(yes even better than chelshit; they only have a better dm) in the league, our strikeforce is average compared to the big teams.
But the gap isn’t that large. Get a world class DM and a World class striker and we’ll be genuine league and champions League contenders

obvious stater

Give over. Chelsea’s goalkeepers shit all over ours and their defence is better too, even if it does contain the biggest cunt in the world.

Maybe we are about even stevens in midfield.

However we make up for that by being a team of cunts managed by a cunt


True. But i feel our defense is equal or slightly inferior(we have better cbs, they have better fullbacks).
But thats the annoying part about arsenal…we’re always one or two players short from being genuine contenders

Anonymous Physicist

I would agree that we probably have the best squad depth-wise. That is: with everyone fit we have the strongest second eleven in the league. But we don’t have the strongest first eleven in the league, that has to be Chelsea at the moment.


Rowan Ince could be the new Paul Ince … sign him … Tomas was great, against a 2nd division struggler, we made it far too close for comfort.

Jose M looked liken he’d swallowed a rat LOL


“play with fire” Arsenal style :p

the way we were playing the ball in their left flank, before we gave away possession. Felt like a tiger, playing with a captured rabbit. The rabbit escapes but the tiger is still quick enough to pounce back and devours the rabbit. Looking at how other tigers went hungry after letting go of their rabbits. Arsenal tiger felt good . :p

True Red

With the time Tomas has missed through injury in the past he’s effectively about 30. He doesn’t have the wear and tear that most 34 year old players have.

I really think he could play for three or four more years if he is managed sensibly.

Let’s hope the club is far sighted enough to offer him another contract, even if only for one year.

Our little Mozart can still compose a fine tune on the pitch


He been with us 8 years i love him so much il cry if he leaves wich i doubt

The Beard of Ramsey

I love the way he raises his arms in the air when he’s scored. He does it every time but it has a spontaneous joy about it like a kid in the playground.
No wonder he was Marco Reus’ hero. Tried to copy him with everything including the sweatbands.


Arsene is right that the easy round last year was not our easiest. Wigan were much tougher to beat than spurs were and Hull likewise.

geoff trigg

i would play him in every game if i could he is class

Trex d' Gunner

Everybody loves Tomas Rosicky. What a guy.

Dr Jack

Been crying since the start of the season for our Shakira and finally he came back and back with a bang ! May your days be long Rosicky.


Isn’t it wonderful that one week we are loving the skill of Alexis, the next Cazorla and the next Tomas – what a team! COYG!


it like
He-man(Arsene Wenger)
and Masters of the Universe(Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla, Rosicky)


There are plenty of likeable footballers in our team. I got to say though that Flamini really showed why Coquelin should start week in and week out. Same goes for Wojciech.


Wojciech looked like a different man,
looking at his face, it felt as if he has lost something,
I am not sure, what it is, maybe its confidence,
I don’t know, felt like a defeated man,
especially in the closing 20-30 mins

suker 4 punishment

I am really happy whenever I see Rosicky play and i just hope he stays with us for at least another year or two


When he retires his hair should take pride of place in the club museum.


next to Arteta’s


love his laugh when he gave his post match interview and said the previous days results were ‘interesting’.
He must think it’s up for grabs now.


Who was the lucky shirt recipient ? Love the class of the man for coming over to us and handing over his shirt , True Gooner.

Al Gilmore

TR7 \m/ \m/

brazilian matador 99

How many people agree that Rosicky is the closest thing we have to a Robert Pires?

Despite the fact that I hope Ozil will have the type of impact that either Pires or Berkgamp had for years to come.


When we first signed him I had such high hopes that we would be the next Robert Pires, but those injuries really robbed him of some golden years. Thankfully he saved some of the energy from his youth and is really showing what a class footballer he is.

palace gunner

As captain we must watch this goal concede although arsenal fc defeated brighton i still say ospina impressive, he is new to the team and defence operate better with him, nice goals partically the third coyg


TR7 my favourite player. He’d probably not be in the team if we hadn’t had a few injuries so there was a good side to the injuries. I hope he stays fit and Wenger prolongs his contract by at least another year. Can’t stand the thought of him leaving. There’s no-one with his drive and passing ability in the team – he doesn’t just play short passes either; those outside of the foot trackers are wonderful. Talking of passes, I nearly passed out when he scored that goal. And who can forget the one against Them. He’s probably the only… Read more »

Lingden limbu

Tomas Rosicky (deserved captaincy) should ve been captaincy after king Henry left us..but injury fuked him…
I’m huge fan before when he was at that time Czech Republic was mine febs too..due to ‘”Pavel Nedved” and “Tomas”. But he’s still captain from his national side. Gunners for life.

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