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Wenger hoping Alexis will be fit for Leicester

After the disappointing defeat to Sp*rs on Saturday, Arsene Wenger is hoping that Alexis Sanchez will be ready to play a part in the game.

The Chilean missed out on the derby due to a hamstring strain, but according to the manager he’s got a chance to make a quick return tomorrow night.

“Chamberlain is out, but one player who has a chance to be on the bench or to start maybe is Sanchez,” he said.

And the Frenchman wants to see his side respond after losing for the first time in five games, as they keep up their fight for a top four position.

“There is a long way to go, so I believe that just keep going and recover, show quickly a strong response on Tuesday, and then we see where we stand after that.

“It is not the first time we lose a game, but how we bounce back is to take the information from what we got at Tottenham, and respond very quickly on Tuesday.”

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La Défense

Still stings… That defeat 🙁


3 points off 3rd, though we should be there already. COYR.

Sanchez off the bench if needed, rather than having him injured again.


I still can’t believe we got outplayed by spuds.
I’ve been avoiding going on social networks and football sites due to the pain and disappointment i’ve been feeling for 2 days now(and it also doesn’t help that i have to face those stupid chelshit and spuds fans at school tommorow).
NO MORE SLIP UPS from now till the end of season. Southampton have not “fallen off” like people thought they would, luck still continues to shine on manure and of course spuds seem to have finally found a decent coach in pochetinno.


Sad but true… onwards and upwards…. coyr…. coyg….


Leicester are awful, if we can’t beat them at home without Alexis then we’re in deep Doo doo.
The players owe us a result and a performance after that shambolic nonsense they served us up on Sat


The idea against Sp**s was good enough. It was similar to what we did against City. Maybe we should have brought in defenders from our bench after 70 minutes instead of bringing in Walcott and Akpom. But of course Wenger was looking for that second goal to seal the game.
Nevertheless there are positives from the loss. There is a great sense of confidence and tactic in the big games. We are slowly learning the art of playing big games. Things are getting better!

Aaron Ozil

Aye!That’s the spirit


I must have been watching a different game?
We were out fought got completely hustled out of it, and as much as it pains me to say we’re second best.
I struggle to find the positives

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Having been dominated in the 1st half, I think a lot of us were expecting some sort of change at halftime whether that be one or two substitutes (Flamini for Cazorla? and/or Rosicky for Ozil?), or at least some sort of tactical change. Instead the 2nd half was pretty much identical to the 1st half, apart from our luck and Sp*rs luck. There’s nothing wrong with making substitutes at HT. Tactics don’t always pan out to plan and you’re not hurting the feelings of any player if you make them understand it is for the benefit of the team. However… Read more »

Canon Fodder

I think Tom has taken a very pragmatic and insightful view of the game. I am surprised that he has received a ‘thumbs down’ for the comment. May I ask those who have done so to actual analyse the game before commenting.


We need to pull it together fast. Only a win will do.




Gervinho wins the nations cub!

I totally agree cisky should start, why he and walcot didn’t start against sp*rs is beyond me. The midfield just feels so much better with him in it.


Lets keep the faith in the team and be loud as ever


Another top 4 scrap..can I judge our team now…any other predictions from the posters here…this is the reason no one rates us for more than a top 4 finish, because we are not consistent…
Atleast show some intent for the season ahead by winning all the games from now without drama.

Sometimes I wonder if the medical or fitness staff at Arsenal are to is it that the same players show different energy levels and mental application at matches… who manages them ?


Hang on. The players have individual and collective responsibility for their game on the pitch…


Ok and who is responsible to make sure players take the responsibility and take corrective actions if not.
Its not that this is the first time this happened to us.


I think its more than that…anyway if its the players who are responsible then they should be made to face the consequences….if AW/staff/whoever is not ready to do that then they should take the responsibility.
At the end, we need to win…forget about playing pretty since we have not done that for a long time now.
As much as it hurts to say .. even chelskis are playing prettier than us.


I would prefer we lose against citeh and beat this lot. Still hurting after 2 days. Mind you I couldn’t even watch the news over weekend because they keep reminding me of it, call it trauma. All our remaining February games are highly winnable we really need to rebound. The Spuds still have manure and Liverpool ha ha ha ha COYG

Gervinho win the nations cub!

I wouldn’t start gabriel tomorrow, I rather we stick with the cbs, and give gibbs and chambers a go.
The idea of reasting giroud does sound good duo, let’s hand akpom his first start and bring on gabriel and alexis as subs.

Rosicky should please start.

king henry the 14th

If we can’t beat Leicester at home without Alexis then we might as well prepare for the Europa

Man Manny

Let’s put Saturday behind. It happens once in a while. I still believe that between 3rd and 8th, we have the best team and not much separates us and 2nd. This will show after 38 games. I am sure we won’t finish below 3rd and if City’s fortune don’t change, who says we cannot overhaul them? Chelsea, sadly, are out of sight. Not because they are that better than us, but injuries had been our undoing in the first part of the season. This team is not very far from league winning team. Next season, I am fully persuaded we… Read more »

Gervinho wins the nations cub!

Best comment’s of the day.


For how many seasons have we been 2 or 3 players from winning the league??
Much as it pains me to say it, that manure punks are looking likely to get 3rd spot. Even when their shit, they still manage to get a point. Its bloody frustrating.
If we hadn’t dropped all those points aganist hull, swansea, stoke, everton, we’d comfortably been 3rd.

Man Manny

They got a point where we took all 3.
You have to realize that the financial situation at the club now allows us to add new players without selling off our best players. The signings in the summer will further strengthen the squad rather replace the likes of Fab, Nasri, Hleb and RVP. That’s the difference. You don’t need a soothsayer to know that we won’t sell our best players this summer so we can, without a shadow of doubt, know that our team will even be better next season. Cheers!


Nice one MM. I like the positive attitude….
Cant thumb you up my ph wont let me…

Gervinho wins the nations cub!

Yeah, so what we are fighting for the top four again. The league is out of reach we might as well get that atleast but you can’t deny there is improvement in the team, you don’t claim a mountain in a day, give us time and we would challenge for that spot again. #COYG


Mason foul, free kick, Arsenal.
Mason foul, free kick, Arsenal
Monreal foul, free kick Spurs, yellow card Monreal.
Spot the difference Mr Atkinson?

King Tah

We should be able to beat Leicester City at home without Alexis. We’ve got Danny, Ozil, Thomas,Theo…. so i say we rest Sanchez. COYG!!


Time to hand Rosicky a start from now on. Bring on Ramsey after 70 mins. That might help Ramsey come back to form. The manager needs to be stronger though to ask Ramsey to stick to basics only. He has been at fault many times this season.


Should fed the spuds lasagne b4 the game. Cunts! Hate avoiding reading the paper and watching the news when we lose to the scum.


Defeat is hard to take man…but should beat Leicester at home though I’d rather we rest Sanchez.

Cape Town Gunner

Really hope that we get 3rd and Southampton end in 4th. Hard to say this in February with some massive tests lying in wait, but they deserve it. They really do.

I think wins at QPR and Palace in the foreseeable future will sew up 4th. A win at Old Trafford would give us the confidence to end 3rd and possibly 2nd. And then I’m liking our chances for next season already, we’ve got an excellent squad. And I forgot to mention that we’re winning the Champions League this season. COYG

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