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Akpom heading for Championship loan

Via the reliable @gunerblog comes news that Chuba Akpom is likely to spend the rest of the season on loan in the Championship.

The young striker recently signed a new deal and was involved in some first team action around the start of the year, but now with things reaching the point of the season where experience is so important, he’s found himself sidelined as the manager sticks with his senior options.

The reality too is that those players are also better at this point but a good loan spell between now and the end of the season will aid his development significantly.

Akpom has certainly outgrown youth/reserve team football but isn’t quite ready for first team action at Arsenal just yet, so this will be a step towards that.

Good luck to him wherever he ends up.

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Let’s hope he is the new Coquelin not the new Afobe (though he is doing great now).


Giroud playing like a handsome french god is the reason he has to go out on loan.

there is welbeck too ahead of him and he scores winners at old trafford.
So he’s only likely to get a handful of minutes from the bench and he needs a place to shine and force his way in between those two …

Thats a tall order but hes a monster talent.!!


Dutch Skunk took about 240 games to get 100 goals for arsenal Giroud has 56 in 124 and he’s getting better and better (games per goal) – gpg) Season 1 – 2.76 gpg Season 2 – 2.31 gpg Season 3 – 1.52 gpg* * This season (which is not over obvs) Giroud is more prolific than Henry in any of his first 4 seasons. Obviously he hasn’t the direct assists that Henry gets but he does a lot of work that indirectly leads to chances – like bossing the central defenders, dragging them out of the middle. I’m not saying… Read more »

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

I started thinking of Welbeck as a good all-around winger. Nobody is a center forward with average finishing skills.


I really like Akpom. Think he’s got a very bright future at Arsenal. He’s signed the new contract and hopefully he doesn’t get too annoyed about not being in the first team yet and pushes hard to get there. Next season he’ll probably only be a bit part player for us, in the league cup etc but got really high hopes for him

Anonymous Physicist

I’m slightly surprise that we’re willing to let him go for the rest of the season, as I’d say we have about the right amount of cover at the moment, and reducing that is risky. But I guess there’s always emergency recalls if it comes to that.


Batman tune: Chuba Chuba Chuba Chuba Chuba Chuba Chuba Chuba AKPOM!

We dont need Robin, We got Batman, Ehm, AKPOM!

What do you think? Eh? No? Awww 🙁

J Bird

To the tune of Sex Bomb by Tom Jones.

Akpom, Akpom, Chuba Akpom….

Somebody more creative than me can finish it off…


And baby you can score my goals?

It’s fine, I already have my jacket…

forgot my usual username

To the tune of the Flintstones…

Akpom, Chuba Akpom, he’s the greatest guy in history. Akpom, Chuba Akpom, he’s about to hit a chestnut tree.

Also something to do with Chuba toothpaste, maybe Chuba Smarties too.


why is there no mention of gnarby seems to have gone of the radar maybe wont see him till next season then looks like Akpom wont return

J Bird

Akpom will return. Wenger rates him highly, with good reason too.


As long as senior strikers Giroud, Sanchez, Welbeck and Walcott are going to be toply available for selections for the remaining 10 possible Arsenal games. Akpom should be allowed by the boss to on loan to a club that can add value to his game like Chalton Athletics did for Francis Coquelin.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Don’t think Walcott is still considered as a potential center forward. He put this in his last contract negociation and Wenger said he saw him in that role for the future but the matter was settled on the field for good: Wally is a winger, period.


I’m confused as to how Championship loans work… The transfer window closed months ago but we’ve loaned out Emi and now possibly Akpom?

Anonymous Physicist

I’m confused as well, so I looked it up for you:

“In England, clubs from the Football League Championship to the Football Conference can loan in players from 8 September to 25 November and also from 8 February 2015 until 5pm 26 March 2015. An existing loan deal can be made permanent at any time outside the transfer window.”

So apparently there is an exception for loans to the Championship or the Conference (but not to league 1/2) and the deadline for that is coming up this week, which is probably why these two deals are coming through now.

Anonymous Physicist

And I’m in idiot: it says the Championship TO the Conference, not or, so Leagues One and Two are also included.


That’s okay. Physicists, chemists, biologists, and mathematicians are all allowed to be absent minded.


Thanks for clearing that up!


It will be interesting to see what Wenger does with Sanogo and Akpom next season. Unfortunately Sanogo isn’t getting much time with Palace so his development will be limited and at this point in the year there is not much time left for Akpom to get much time. Lots of rumors of course about our going after a striker this Summer (though don’t think we’ll sign anyone in that area) and there is also the whole issue of Campbell and Podolski and what happens with them. The biggest challenge I see facing Sanogo and Akpom now is that they both… Read more »

Anonymous Physicist

The striker position for next year is a tricky one for me. I’m pretty sure Akpom is going on loan next year, as he needs more game time than we can give him. Beyond that though… Basically, we have Giroud and Welbeck in the central striker position. The first question for me is whether Welbeck is effective enough as a central striker to provide proper cover and competition for Giroud. I’m inclined to give him another year to show he can do that, but I sympathise with those who feel we need to buy a ‘proper number 9’ (whether it’s… Read more »


I personally Haven’t missed podolski or campbell, i prob ain’t seen enough to miss him tbf. But based on what we have done this season, i cant see how an ageing Podolski and still relatively unproven Campbell bring to the fold. Havent seen any headlines to suggest they are lighting up their respective leagues. Team looks nicely balanced, and Pod atm wouldnt be a good fit. I think if we want to push on next year theirs probably 3-4 players that need moving on, and couple of youngsters brought through. Akpom and/or Zelalem for example. 1 or 2 signings max.… Read more »


Blog, shouldn’t it be @gunnerblog instead of @gunerblog in the first line.

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