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Video: Francis Coquelin – 2014/2015

Here is a video about Coquelin 🙂 Enjoy!

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Some brilliant slide tackles in there. The Coq has balls


Good to see him besting Alex Song at least twice on there. Song/Bendtner etc, all could have been great with the attitude of our Coq.

Remember the invincibles

I don’t agree. Because I never ever liked Song or bendthner. I’ve always liked young Framcis. Seems he was educated with the wrong crowd


Maybe you didn’t like them because of their attitude?


Putting videos of your coq online is not right. This is a family oriented site….. i kid i kid. Anyway, I am glad Coquelin grabbed his chance with both hands and hasn’t looked back. Timing is everything in life. It could easily have been Frimpong doing what Coquelin is doing.

Andy Mack

On his day Dench would have done the same but after his 2 Cruciate Injuries his attitude seemed to change.
He became more interested in twating (that is the plural of tweeting isn’t it?) than improving as a player.

Juxta Position

Verbs don’t have plurals.


For fucks sake?


Who is dench?


Hugely disagree. I’ve known about Frimpong long before he was close to the first team. He was always a donut, case in point the video that got leaked of him acting like an idiot and stupidly rapping in the changing rooms many years back. The ACL didn’t change him, if anything, it should’ve changed him to become more professional. Coquelin, I’ve always, ALWAYS been a huge fan, and was grieved when I felt he wouldn’t get the chance. Along with JET, Le Coq was my fav academy player. He was basically like a lesser version of the one he is… Read more »


How could you not love this man??!!


Yes, yes, we all love Coq

Gunner From Another Mother

Your user pic makes the joke.

Back on topic: Fantastic video. He has truly been immense for us since his return. Scary to think where we’d be without him. Probably lots of Chambers learning to play DM and learning the hard way…

Mr. White

He’s had the arsenal education so he’s really good with the ball. He’s only 23 and first season playin CDM for arsenal so our Coq is only gonna get better. Considering he’s undroppable now so imagine him just improvin on top of this. Everyone’s been shoutin for a CDM, including me, and all we had to do was look down there (in our academy) and there was a big one all these years

Jamaican Gooner

Cdm as always been his position..


To be fair you’re right, sort of. CDM was always his preferred position but prior to this season he was always deployed as a RB.

Andy Mack

As a youngster he was more B2B although he was particularly strong on the defensive side. But he was too far up field too often. Now he’s learnt to hold his position much better.

Gunner From Another Mother

He was only an emergency full back for us back then (left and right at times). It was never his position. Having said that I can only remember positive performances from him there. Great player


I love Coq.


Improve on his current form and bring glory to Arsenal! Well done boy! Well done!


Shame there wasn’t the clip of him telling someone to “shut the fuck up”. Who was that against?

Jamaican Gooner

He’s an underrated passer of the ball

Andy Mack

A few over ambitious passes in his 1st game back and half our fans think he’s no good at passing but as you say, he’s actually very good.


that is another plus that is so much better then flamini, coq always looks to pass forward if he sees a free player never mind if it is a long ball pass or short pass, flamini when free always is passing back to the center backs or sideways in our own half never tries to pass forward and open the play, even arteta rarely plays a pass forward.


FC34. Great things lie ahead for him. Arsenal’s Matic+Busquets, next year. 92/100 stat for Sliding Tackle in FIFA 17. French team fight-out with Schneiderlin for the number 6 spot in 2018. Ball-busting Gunner for a long long time to come.


It’s a real shame he’ll be dropped for Arteta


The man has it all. What a beast!

AK 57

He is done a lot in few games that he has played but it seems that there is much more to come from him.


Superb. The timing of his tackling has improved immeasurably. Love it.


Some of those slide tackles and sliding interceptions are insane. This lad is so tenacious. Love it


That moment when the Coq stood up hard and stared down at the cuntinhoe


Comment:I am loving this man.


Release the beast at old trafford!

George the Gooner

Who’s the coq down thumbing everyone? Bitter Tottenham fan yeah I reackon. Coq!!

Me So Hornsey

He’s our only midfielder bar maybe Rosicky who actually loves to tackle. I mean he really seems to revel in a good strong challenge whereas many of our players see it as just a laborious necessity.


yea yea. I think the player that likes tacking the most is Alexis. In saying that Ramsey was a quite good defensively before he began to think that he has to score in every game.

Gunner pundit

Personally I think hes thebest centre defensive midfielder in the league. This guy has qualities defensive mids dont have good pace, composed odribbling and passing, good use of both feet. Plus he has qualities defensive mids do have tackling positioning discipline even when defending corners. If he was english I think the media would have jumped on thebandwagon to such with such force the wheels on the bandwagon would come off.

Andy Mack

Better than Matic?

David C

he is not better than Matic…yet! Matic has a very big size advantage that really helps him in certain tackles. The Coq is at least on par with Blind from ManURE who is a very tidy player.

How much time should Arteta expect when finally healthy? will he play beside the Coq?


Honestly if he was Matic’s height nobody would think CDM was a problem area for us anymore.
I think he’s been fantastic since getting his chance. Much more disciplined than Flamini.

If for no other reason than to pass knowledge on to him, I’d love Arteta to stick around another year.. Artetas brain in that body would be vicious


Terrific player and only 23! COYG!


Ah look at the coq sliding in and out effortlessly


He is a worrior, literally playing every game like it’s his last. Our feel good story of 2015.

Red Cannon

Dios! This video makes my perception of him even better than it had been, which is saying something. It highlights how skillful he is on the ball as well as the more obvious tenacity with which he goes after ball recovery. Good for him. And good for Arsenal!

Cliff Bastin

I’m always amazed that the coq can last a full 90 mins.


One thing i love about Coquelin is he hardly ever passes the ball back to the defense unless necessary. This was my main problem with Arteta as he would continuously pass the ball back to Per even though no opposition players were anywhere near him, slowing our forward movement.
You go Francis and keep doing your thing. Cant wait for that first GOAL!!!! COYG!!!!

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Since January, he has been a top 2 or 3 in England in the defensive midfield position. Matic is obviously the best DM and #2 is either Coquelin or Schneiderlin


If he cost £30 million or played for Chelsea (same thing) he would have been hailed as best thing since sliced bread. But because he plays for us where if someone has a bad couple of moments (Mertersacker) then you are the worthless. Such is a world where ex average footballers are asked for thoughts, any things went downhill from then.


Fantastic video…..fantastic coq. please does anyone know the title of the song that was playing @ d background

Harish P

Song: Matisyahun – “Live Like A Warrior” (Richello Remix)

The secönd cöming

Really looking forward to watching Coquelin, Ramsey and Wilshere in the heart of midfield – three highly competitive and combabtitive players that are good with the ball. No reason why these three can’t start bossing big games.

chippy's chip

Yeah yeah were all loving the coq but feck that gooner tosser kane again!

Parisian Weetabix

He’s absolutely amazed me with the skillset he’s demonstrated so far. The slide tackles and interceptions take incredible power and timing, but he also has that incredible agility which makes him seem as though he’s made of rubber. He’s also shown signs of having the trait which makes Sergio Busquets such a brilliant player; the art of holding on to the ball without actually moving very far at all, just waiting for a passing lane to open so he can pass it to a creative player. But for me the most impressive attribute of all is his ability to jump.… Read more »


Like how our coq hurls his long balls to Giroud and co.

Goonsterham Lincoln

Great video! Not that I didn’t like the song that was playing, but I watched it again later with the sound muted while I was listening to Fugazi. Coq is definitely more of a Fugazi sort of player. Something that has been missing in Arsenal’s midfield.


He used to be trigger happy with most of his tackles. Makes him a volatile player to have coz you could be 10 men at anypoint from K.O. but now he has matured. The timing of his tackles and interceptions are a testament to this. He now reads the game.


Remember that he was our third choice DM when Denilson was Frist and Song 3rd. How time flies. Turns out to be better than the latter two tho Denilson had a few goals in him.

Andy Mack

Denilson was a B2B mid who couldn’t get his head around the requirements of the DM job.


Can we all take a moment and appreciate the tackle that takes place @0:30?

In my wet-dreams, I’m in a drunken fight and have to chose one of the Arsenal players to help me take on a rabid pack of spurs fans and without hesitation I take the coq everytime.


I know the best strength coq has is tackling and winning the ball, but i’m surprised and amazed how many headers coq has because he is not very tall and how big of a leap has, i think he is there with the tallest dm players in the league winning headers.


le Coq is just one word….a warrior! God bless that man


Again, as I have commented elsewhere: during the Black Sunday 8-2 drubbing we suffered at the hands of ManU, Coquelin was one of the few bright spots. I was always annoyed that we didn’t seem to be giving him a chance, but now I’m glad that he’s finally earned a starting role.

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