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Walcott contract ‘on hold’ + situation round-up

The London Evening Standard are reporting (via their Arsenal beat reporter James Olley) that contract talks between Theo Walcott and Arsenal have been put on hold until the end of the season.

The England winger has just over a year left on his current deal and could, of course, walk away on a free transfer in the summer of 2016.

It’s worth noting that the first talk of a new deal took place in November 2014, with Arsene Wenger saying, “We are starting to sit down with him. I think he has one and a half years to go in December. It should be his peak years because he is 25. It’s the best years now, so hopefully we can profit from that.”

However, qualified that by saying, “It is never an easy job with him.”

Fast forward to last week when further reports emerged about Walcott’s contract situation with the Arsenal manager sounding a warning over the complications that arise every time it comes to negotiating with the player and his agents.

“The first contacts have been established with the embassy,” he quipped. “We will see how that progresses politically.

“He is very quick on the pitch but off the pitch, not always.”

The Times then reported that the offer on the table from Arsenal does not put him into the same wage bracket as the top earners, his position as the highest paid player at the club since usurped by Ozil and Sanchez.

So, last night both the Telegraph and the Mirror ran almost identical stories about how Walcott was a target for Liverpool as their worries over Raheem Sterling – similarly yet to sign a new deal – increase.

You don’t need to be a genius to work out that the papers received the same brief from the same source, a move designed to up the ante in terms of negotiation and brinksmanship.

Now today we have the Standard report saying that the talks have been put aside until the end of the season with both parties apparently ‘relaxed’ and ‘happy’ to let that happen. That itself probably tells you something about the thinking on either side.

From the player’s point of view, he and his people are trying to maximise the value of his next contract, whether that’s with Arsenal or elsewhere. It’s all part of the process, Walcott is far from alone in playing this kind of game.

From the club’s side, they won’t feel under as much pressure as they did last time around, simply because the overall level of the squad has improved since then and Walcott can’t exert as much pressure as he did back then.

The big question is what will happen if no agreement can be found. It seems unlikely that Arsenal will countenance losing him on a free, so if there’s a reluctance to renew, they’ll probably sell him with 12 months to go like they did with likes of Samir Nasri and Robin van Persie.

Final point: the idea that players are too busy, or concentrating on their football, prevents them from signing a new contract are little more than fanciful notions/excuses. The agents do their thing, the club does their thing, and the player puts his paw-print on the bottom. That’s the sum-total of their involvement.

If a deal isn’t being signed it’s because there’s a problem: either the player doesn’t want to, or the club doesn’t want to (or both).

We spoke about this one developing into something of a saga. Well, here we are!

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Daft Aider

I’ve been expecting this since the last contract wrangle ended with a surprisingly (for the club) short contract,
I for one will be shocked if he’s with us next season…..


All the signs are not good for Theo’s future at Arsenal right now. If he is trying to hard negotiate his way to being the top earner at the club again he will be sold. He is a highly marketable player but on the pitch he hasn’t quite cut it since returning from injury. There was one game at home where he appeared as a sub back in November where he was unstoppable. Then he had the setback and since then we haven’t really seen the same player. I personally hope it is just all brinkmanship and Theo pens a… Read more »

David C

but he doesn’t deserve to be paid higher than Sanchez, Giroud, Ozil, Kos, or Cazorla right? I’d keep Walcott, but he has to accept Welbeck or Ramsey money at the most because he’s only consistent in patches 🙂

James B

Not forgetting that a certain Ox is now clearly a better option, with a greater skill set and more multi-dimensional than Feo


and no end product 77 arsenal apperances 6 goals that’s truly impressive keep liking ox he will get you no wheres but out of bounds and horrible crosses

James B

@Garrett – have you been watching Arsenal this year fella ? Or even the last 2/3 seasons? The Ox is one of our best and England’s best players present and future.

Bould's Eyeliner

And 5 years younger, and more dominating performances on his resume, from AC Milan, to Bayern last year, etc. than Walcott has.


Ox will be better than Theo at the same age, far better control, skills, can dribble, almost as fast and goal-scoring improves with age, don’t expect a 21 year old to do as well as a 25 year old.

Would like to keep them both though.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

In terms of salary, Ramsey should get the third highest pay after Sanchez and Ozil, period. All the money made by Arsenal in champions league competition this year was the result of his talent and performance he put in last year. A special player should get special money. You do not do what Ramsey did last year by fluke. Just watch him next year ! As for Theo, he was recruited to be the new Henry but it didn’t happen. I am disappointed about that but still Theo is a player I would like to see in Arsenal shirt in… Read more »


From my understanding of what I’ve read I think Ramsey is the third highest earner at the club after his bumper contract deal last season, at the time it was quoted that he became the club’s second biggest earner behind Ozil, and I’d suppose now he’s 3rd behind Ozil and Sanchez since no one has signed big new deals since then.

Like you, I believe its well deserved IMHO.

Daft Aider

I would agree with all of that, except he’s not actually that clinical, he’s far too inconsistent to be clinical


Agreed. What’s scary, when you think about about it, is Giroud is actually more clinical than Theo. Obviously, I don’t mean that as a quip at the Frenchman. I just can’t understand how others can assess Theo as the most clinical striker at the club. On a good day, Theo still isn’t more clinical than Alexis. Real talk.


I dont get it, dont these guys watch their own performances ? Cant they see theyve not improved upon past seasons and therefore actually dont really deserve a huge pay rise ?
You want to be the top earner at the club but.. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY ? (Eddie Murphy voice)
Would anybody question Henry for wanting to be the top earner ? No, because he was the top talent.


Apart from Parlour of course.


To be fair, I ask for a salary hike in my office which is pretty disproportionate to my performance too

Me So Hornsey

Shouldn’t that be a Janet Jackson voice?


Defiantly an Eddie Murphy voice


Isn’t everyone jumping on the bandwagon just a little bit early here? Already people washing their hands of the whole thing before we’ve heard anything from theo himself. As far as I’m concerned, he’s an integral part of the squad and I’d love to see him sign. Let’s not start bad mouthing our own players before we know anything about the situation.


GT – it’s not about bad mouthing our players, the fact that Theo and his agents always prolong the negotiations and that speaks volumes. Arsene isn’t the kind of guy to mention the things he has either unless even he was growing tired of it. I’m sure theo loves the club etc but he needs to show his worth to the club and fans by putting in performances if he wants the kind of money Sanchez etc are on. I cut him lots of slack cus I’m a fan of his, but he’s literally a few upgrades above Lennon in… Read more »


and he is not a bad player by any stretch of imagination. yes he doesnt defend well. but the team needs different players. i dont see any arsenal player making runs like him. so i would keep him


He certainly won’t get a wage increase on par with Ozil and Sanchez. He hasn’t done anything to justify it. He signs a contract after much fuss, or he compels us to sell him this summer (we shouldn’t let a player of quality walk away for free), or he walks away on a free, and massive wages. The last part is a gamble, with his form so far patchy, and with his recent injury history…


I appreciate people’s concerns with Theo but I have to say I’ve always been a big fan. Would be gutted if we let him go as I can’t see him going abroad.


Now if you said that by letting Theo go (too much money for too little involvement and perennially injured), you enable the signing of Reus or Draxler, would you still be gutted? I know I wouldn’t be.


I couldn’t agree with you more Zeus! I think Walcott is a talented individual but there are a lot of options not only within our squad (The OX, Wellington Silva and Gnabry) but else where like Reus or Draxler. So why sweat our his protracted contract talks, for once I think the club hold the upper hand, unless the power of the No. 14 shirt turns Walcott into Henry over night.


Lol did you really include Wellington Silva


Yes and no. It’s not a black and white situation. Walcott is a unique player who can go 89 minutes without doing anything and get you a goal and 2 assists. I don’t know anyone who makes those electrifying diagonal runs behind the full back as he does.


What, like the ones that Freddie Ljungberg used to make, but still worked his socks off for the rest of the match as well?


I find it hilarious that you mention Red and Draxler since both are also of the Faberge egg variety. As for Reus, he’s a good player but he’s yet to produce Walcott numbers. And Draxler has fallen off completely since his hype train left the station two seasons ago. By his own admission he was poor last season and this season he’s even worse.


Given that Reus just signed a new contract at Dortmund, further discussion on his merits is rather academic. However, Draxler on the other hand suffered a thigh injury last October and hasn’t played since, so if you actually knew anything about his season, it’s a bit disingenuous to claim his form been really poor! For the 8 appearances he did make for Shalke in the league prior to his inury (including 1 as a sub and the 1 where he suffered his injury in the 3rd minute), 2 goals and 1 assist doesn’t seem like too bad a return. Would… Read more »


Amen! also, something i always find hilarious with some of our fans is when one of our players is coming back from injury and is getting a hard time finding form is always “he just came back from injury, cut him some slack” kinda thing, but hypocritically when is about a player from other league/team that is coming back from injury (Reus who has been injured a lot this past seasons sadly) never think about that 😛 if fans want to attack some pundits about being biased then we shouldnt be biased too. And yes, Draxler is atm a better… Read more »


Maybe someone should write him a song or do something like that to motivate him to stay?
Call the song, say “Sign That Thang”?
Just a thought.


It’s hardly motivational but Theo’s usually got a song by the Clash permanently running through his head… ‘Should I stay or should I go?’

Ex-Priest Tobin

I’m sick of mercenaries. Goodbye and good riddance.

obvious stater

You wouldn’t have anyone left.


Except Wilshere! I still have faith in him.


That’s just how financial negotiations work though. I tell you what I want, you tell me what you can offer. If one or both parties won’t compromise then an agreement can’t be reached and it’s bye-bye. Everyone moves on.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Clearly he has little love for the club which has supported him through a lot of injuries and which has made him into the player he is today. Remind you of anyone?


I wonder what his little boy is saying to him.

Rohith J

Combining this news with Tim Stillman’s analysis that Wenger might be on the look out for a Draxler/Reus-like creative left winger/MF, I am starting to wonder about Theo’s future. I must confess that the last contract saga put me off. As much as I felt sorry for his long injury layoff, he is increasingly starting to look like another one wasting his potential. 2011-12 is still the only reason why I rate him highly. But if he can’t play for the team like Wenger says, we might see him go. Hopefully, not to a direct rival.

Man Like Ozil

Reus for Theo would certainly soften the blow


I reckon we’re looking at that Fekir kid from Lyon, seems too typical a Wenger signing for him to pass up

Scott P

I think the question should now be asked: do we know what a ‘typical Wenger signing’ is any more? What may have been typical during the ‘barren years’ when we had to repay the stadium expenses is likely to be quite different from what may be his new typical. Think Welbeck, Ozil, Sanchez, Chambers, Debuchy, etc…


We’re not signing anyone to replace theo…i think welbeck signing was sort of a foresight/an insurance play by wenger…we have ox/alexis/welbeck and even campbell (when he returns) and gnabry…we are not signing anyone..believe it


This would be my guess also. I think the Walcott situation is done and dusted but I do not believe there will be any like for like buy when we have many alternatives already.

Other areas need strengthening like midfield.

And…for what its worth, I really do not like the idea (as some now keep stating) every new player needs to be an expensive marquee signing either. We are supposed to be a club that develops talent as much as buys it.


Can see him going, he will have to lower his expectations and salary quite a bit to stay and fight for a place in the first team


If Walcott is being a bitch about his contract and Sterling doing the same, how about a swap deal? I think we’d get the superior player and to me we’re obviously a more desirable club to play for. Raheem is no Draxler or Reus, but it would fit well with the idea of a British core.


I was thinking about the same. Sterling is clearly one of the brightest talents in Britain, has great pace, technical ability, and determination as well. I’m not so sure about the Germans though. They both had injury plagued seasons, I would prefer the chap from Liverpool.

bergkamp's hooped sock

sterling is doing the same thing at Liverpool


Probably because he’s at a mediocre club that struggles to get into the champions league and has a medium sized stadium. Tell him he can come to a team on the up with an increasingly star spangled squad ready to challange for the premiership and better European results, and i honestly think he’d jump at the opportunity. Sprinkle a recent FA Cup and great chances to get more and we could secure a core of the greatest talents England has to offer + world class foreign players to boot.


I know he offers pace and the odd goal.that he was out for so long injured But really does he think hes needed as badly as last time he pissed us about. I personally think we should cash in on him.we have other players that actually put in a shift on the pitch.

Red Ed

I agree. Last time we really couldn’t afford to let him leave, what with the high profile departures we had had in the seasons prior. However, the club is in a much better position with a far stronger squad and he is something of a liability, even when he’s fit to play.


“He is very quick on the pitch but off the pitch, not always.” …..
Surely this is quite concerning? Why would Wenger release this information with potential buyers sniffing around?

Dick Swiveller

I doubt it’s seen as an attractive trait by most football clubs, Liverpool might not like the experience of being shafted by Sterling so might not be willing to risk Theo doing the same thing to them.

Or maybe he was just overcome by a fit of honesty.


theo is too overated… maybe because he is british… chamberlain way much better than him..


Theo is a good winger its his potential that’s overrated. Or rather his ability to convert that potential!


He is indeed a good winger. Trouble is that it’s not exactly a secret that he sees himself as a central striker.
My view is that he lacks that instinctive, radar-like feel for where the goal is and what needs to be done to hit it, regardless of his position and facing, that makes a great striker.


I just don’t see how he fits into this team anymore. Last week was a perfect example for me. The biggest game of the season thus far, a team in the ascendancy chasing a goal and Theo is brought on and offers nothing other than the diagonally chipped through ball which he more often than not miscontrolls.

A frustrating end to a frustrating Arsenal career!

Anonymous Physicist

From my perspective, this is pretty simple: Walcott deserves a new deal, but doesn’t deserve to make the same kind of money as Ozil and Sanchez. He is a very good player, and will definitely be important to our team again if he stays, but he isn’t a guaranteed starter, and he isn’t irreplaceable (although few players have his natural finishing ability). If he doesn’t want to accept a straightforward extension without significant pay rise, we should either sell him abroad in the summer or keep him and let him run out his contract. My thinking here is that if… Read more »


Blogs, I think you’ve been way too worried/paranoid about the Walcott contract situation for a while. It’s barely a saga yet, and you’re reaching boiling point! Of course excuses like “players are focusing on their football” are complete bull, but just as the Standard report says, Walcott will probably want to see whether he gets enough games till the end of the season. The competition for places has gotten fierce in attacking positions, and he isn’t winning his spot in the starting XI yet. Perhaps he wants to see his chances of being a first-team regular before signing an extension?… Read more »


It could be a long summer for Theo…

All the fuss over his last contract extension, which was a mere 2 year extension was it!? Definite brinkmanship from Theo and his agent. I doubt Wenger will put up with that this time round.


Swap for Sterling?

Just throwing that one out there


Would love that. Remember Liverpool were in for Theo last time around and their fans were lording it over us somewhat, and then when the tables turned and we made an approach for Suarez they went absolutely schizo. Taking Sterling in a swap deal would be sweet revenge for me.

Dick Swiveller

He’s got talent, but seems to have a kind of entitled, petulant side that might inhibit his development and makes him a twat. I think he’d end up costing more than he’s worth and it’s debatable if he has any more potential than the Ox or Gnabry, let alone Zelalem and Akpom.


Really, Sterling has had a number of man of the match performances in the last 2 years and your claiming Gnabry, Zelalem, and Akpom have more potential, you probably thought Eisfeld would be the new Ballack and Wellington the next Ronaldinho.

Dick Swiveller

You do know what the word ‘potential’ means, right? Sterling has accomplished more than all of our players I named, that isn’t even up for debate.On top of the reason I already listed, if Sterling stops getting free kicks for throwing himself to the ground at the smallest contact (unlikely, he’s English after all) then his lack of power will really hurt him, Gnabry/Ox/Akpom will never have that problem. And yes, I believed a short, slight midfielder would be a potential box-to-box powerhouse and a Brazilian with good technique was always going to match the best dribbler I’ve ever seen.… Read more »

Dave Gooner

Woould Theo sign for a smaller club?

David C

like Man U or Liverpool?

Anonymous Kumquat

While it wouldn’t be a disaster to lose him, I do think he’s a far better player than he’s showing at the moment. I recently watched a compilation of some of Arsenal’s best goals over the last few years and was genuinely surprised at how good some of the goals Walcott scored were. He’s been out for a year, I think if we’re going to judge him performance-wise we need to wait til next season. Having said that however, there’s no way he deserves to be in the same wage bracket as Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla etc. If he’s not willing… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

don’t be ridiculous!

Messi, Neymar *and* Suarez, now that would be more reflective of Walcott’s true value. At least that’s what his agent would say.


Nah, Neymar can’t finish, but that Messi guy has some talent.


The thing about Theo is that he hasn’t quite yet justified his high wages, so it’s a shame that he wants even more! I like the player. He offers us something that not a lot of players in the game do – raw pace and incisive movement. But what I don’t like are his off the pitch negotiating tactics. If I were him I would put my head down, work doubly hard and produce a level of consistency to justify being one of the highest paid players at the club. He’s 26, so clearly not young anymore. These next 2… Read more »


If he scores 8 goals in the next 9 games then he can stay. Otherwise…


That’s the Problem and Wenger knows it! he will not give him that kind of opportunity to prove he can! That’s wengers way of making him think about the money!

Jay Song

It makes sense because Walcott wants to re-evaluate his situation after this season.

I for one hope that he stays and fights for his place. I think people want too much of him too early. He was out for 1 full year. I think the player can only improve by playing and obviously Arsenal as a team is quite different compared to the Arsenal team before he got injured.

I hope he signs a new contract and fight a way to the starting 11. I think he still has plenty to offer.


Sell him this summer, not worth a new contract


I like Walcott as a player, but since he has come back from his injury spell he has not been at the races. For someone blessed with the pace that he has, he really does not utilise it well enough. He is at an age when he really needs to deliver. I find him frustrating to watch, when a pass intended for him goes astray and he looks ats the floor and stops running. Physically he is small and has a light frame, and will never ever be able to cut it as an out and out striker. I would… Read more »


Swap Walcott for Sterling?


Let him go and bring in reus or draxler as Tim suggested


I have to admit I don’t like his attitude when it comes to contracts. Play for the club because you love it, not because of a pay cheque. Secondly, the gesture he made in regards to fans rightfully booing the teams performance a few weeks ago is petty and shows his true nature. He comes across well in interviews and says the right things but I think that masks what he really is. Injuries are unfortunate and if a player is deserving of a wage increase i’m all for it. Unfortunately Theo doesn’t deserve a payrise and if he wants… Read more »

Martin Murray

has way too high an opinion of himself, he’s a passenger most of the game and exploited our situation last time, he should’t be babied the way he was last time, and his agents should be strung up


I don’t want him out but if he’s trying to be stubborn in his negotiation such that he thinks the great Arsenal will be held to ransom, sell him and let’s buy an upgrade version with good end product.


Remember that it’s not our choice whether we sell him this summer. Walcott could easily just sit his contract out, as Flamini did

The counter-threat from Arsenal is that if he tries to do that, we won’t play him next season, and then his value in the marketplace would go down. Not picking him now is a signal that we are prepared to do that next season. It is part of our plan to persuade him to sign or leave.


Wenger is already doing that, he will only play him if he has to rest someone but now that rosiscky is back Walcott might be dropped from the squad


Reus, Draxler, Isco, hell we could persuade Mueller to have some fun in the premier league

Dick Swiveller

Isco is playing a fair amount for Madrid atm though, due to Rodriguez being injured I presume, however it’s looking like Bale is more likely to leave, so if Isco is happy there I doubt our chances.

Then again, we signed Ozil.


Are Madrid short of money?
Just wondering why they’d want a Bale-out…….

(Ok, ok. No need to chuck things.)

Giroud Awakening

Doubt we will buy any more attacking players seeing as we are already pretty top heavy. Walcotts wages will probably just make space for Schneiderlin who I suspect we will get on a free.


Reus, Draxler, Isco, Koke, hell we could persuade Mueller to have some fun in the premier league

Saffa Gooner

Wenger should offer Theo to Liverpool for 40m + 1, then tweet “what are they smoking up there at Anfield”, and sell him to a Dutch or Italian club.

Giroud Awakening

Meh couldn’t care less really. He never tracks back, he’s a glory hunter, he’s a wannabe Henry but never will be, and he’s pretty fucking useless in front of goal. 90% of the time he absolutely fluffs it.

Anonymous Physicist

I don’t get how you’re getting thumbed up for this. The guy was our top scorer with more than 20 goals just two seasons ago. If there’s anything he isn’t, it’s useless in front of goal.


I think the way the squad is composed now we have three players that provide us the pace (or close to it) that Walcott does, but all three with far more versatility and ability to affect a match other by just stretching the field (which doesn’t work against teams that sit deep). In the matches when Walcott has started or come on as a sub his low number of touches is really startling. That’s not just a “return from injury” thing, but how it’s always been with him. He really disappears in matches for long stretches and rarely drops into… Read more »

Monkey Nuts

He’s not exactly developing in the way Thierry Henry did!

I’d say his career thus far shows him as having limited ability but with lots of pace, little consistency and a few injuries.

I’d love for him to really push on and prove us all wrong but at the moment I wouldn’t be that fussed if he left to do more of the same at Liverpool or City. He won’t go to Europe because English players never have the bottle to play there, apart from Ashley.


I have to say I rate the Ox and Gnabry higher than Theo.
And if we can get Reus or even Mane, I would be happy to see him go.


A lot of people said you can only carry one “one dimensional specialist” in the squad and thus the reason why Poldi was put out on loan. So i guess If Theo leaves Poldi could stay.

He could also make space for Gnabry or possibility Campbell

Dick Swiveller

Theoretically, but if we can get a guy who can give us the same with a little added dimensionality, we’d be stupid not to upgrade. Gives a place for a youngster to come through into as well, considering the way Akpom and Gnabry have looked at times, that seems like a good idea.


Wenger’s comment about “establishing contact with the embassy” always gets to me. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard from him.

bims lay

MY TAKE ON THE THEO CONTRACT SITU Theo, for me is a top top quality player that offers “something” entirely different from that available from our current plethora of attacking talents…….I personally will be really gutted to see him go. The sticking point for his stuttering contract negotiations, i will guess, is what that extra “something” he brings to the table is deemed to be worth by both parties Wenger is probably thinking, ….”not a lot over what i am paying you now”….seeing you’ve been out injured for a while, and that i have managed to acquire other options while… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

I’m afraid he doesn’t give anything out of the ordinary now. You want pace? Sanchez/Welbeck/Gnabry/Ox are all pretty quick, not to mention our current RB. You want some clinical finishing? Sanchez/Giroud are better finishers, and Welbeck isn’t much more inconsistent than Theo, plus Rambo knows what he’s doing in front of goal.


Maybe wenger does want to get rid of him this year so as to free up money for another marquee signing this summer. Also guys don’t forget that Wellington Silva will finally be arriving this summer after having secured his work permit. He looks like a very fast, skilful, technical player who can easily play on both wings. Attributes that walcott, apart from his speed, doesn’t posses.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

A player in his prime with marketing value, English premium and an inflated market due to the TV deal – we’d get £35 million for him. That’s good business for a player who is very good on his day, but never great, and often completely anonymous.

Also, I don’t like it when players string out contract negotiations. This is Arsenal, Theo! Give me the Tony Adams attitude (Tell me where to sign boss, I’d play for this club for free if I didn’t have my mortgage) any day.

Let’s be honest, if Theo wasn’t English he’d have been sold the last time around. One-footed, below average technically, below average work rate, average finisher considering all the changes he gets playing in a team like Arsenal.


Why does Walcott think he’d get more games at another Champs League club? His flaws are obvious and at 26 this is as good as he gets….he’d be crazy to leave.


Theo to (unfortunately) leave and Akpom to get #14.

Perry S.

easily replaceable. stay for the right $$ or bon voyage.

Man Manny

Walcott thrills me one minute and irritates me the very next. If we can’t find a middle ground agreeable to both parties, then he should be sold in the summer; home or abroad, I don’t care. Wherever he goes, he will need an Ozil, Cazorla or Rosicky to get the best out of him and such players are in big clubs where he definitely won’t be guaranteed a starting berth. His general involvement in the build-up play is poor and at 26, might not get much better. The Ox is coming in leaps and bounds and his goal scoring will… Read more »

Ozil's chewinggum

i still believe he has a lot to give to the team and a big club have to have a way to keep players even if they cant provide a lot of first team opportunity. And as far as Reus is concerned, has not he signed a new deal recently with BVB?


Its hard to imagine Arsenal without Walcott but I feel that parting ways is the likely result this summer and it will be the best for both parties. Arsenal do not have a reason to increase Walcott’s wages and especially no reason to give him a commensurate raise to keep him as a top tier earner for the club. Welbeck and Ox match Theo’s speed and at the very least put effort and energy into defensive efforts. With Alexis, Ozil, Ramsay, Coquelin- barring injury Walcott isn’t going to be consistently first team. It makes the most sense for Arsenal to… Read more »

Arsene's Selfie Stick

Sanchez has showed how poor Theo is. Same age and he’s double the ability of Theo. Young. 25. Marketable. Sell him for a fat fee and drop the cash towards a monster striker.

Al Gilmore

I would keep Theo because he offers us something different in games. Unfortunately, due to injury to both players, we’ve never really seen the link up between him and Ozil develop. Theo-retically (see what i did there), we could use that axis when we are in the lead and do very much what Henry/Pires used to do to teams who dared to come on to us when a goal down…Pires to Henry…see ya. 100k/wk is not beyond our means BUT, he has to show he is worth it. Frankly, I don’t think we as a club need to be rushing… Read more »


if walcott don’t sign and wants te leave to earn more moeny, i would be happy to bring de breyne as his replacement who can play anywhere left right center and i think wolsburg will accept 20 mil for him.


and what a puncher suck would be for muringho when he comes brilliant players for us, he is on fire with wolsburg. yesterday he destroyed inter on the wing with brilliant assist. he could get 2-3 mroe assists.


Walcott will be gone this summer. It sounds like he’s already made his plans – and so have the club. It’s a shame because I like him and I definitely think he has something to offer us. He can snatch a goal out of nothing and his pace can trouble even the quickest of defenders.

But it looks like Wenger has had enough of him. Walcott’s agent has probably overplayed his hand, and Le Prof is fed up.

Eric Blair

This could work out best for all concerned, as long as we find an adequate replacement.


I think a fair outcome would be he signs for us and then is sold, so we get more money out of the sale. It is a fair way to repay the Arsenal faithful.


What they are smoking down there at anfield ?

Luis Boa Muerte

Time for him to go now. He’s a very injury prone and one-dimensional player who will become useless when he loses his pace. His finishing ability oscillates wildly between great and embarrassing but never in between. This means half the time, even when fit (half again), he doesn’t do his job. £100,000 to be a useful but limited player for a quarter of games is frankly shit, especially after the opportunistic way he held the club to ransom over his last contract. Add his lack of tracking back, physicality and basic technique and he’s probably up there as one of… Read more »


Can’t really remember a player who is back to his best after an ACL injury. Its too early to comment on Theo yet. But, if he produces the performances like the recent games, I wouldn’t mind selling him. Ox gives us much better attacking threat than theo. We have Gnabry who can be a starter soon.

No point of paying him higher than what he deserves just because he demands it.


By the way: have you seen the Champions’ League draw? Had we got past the might of Monaco we would have had Juventus in the quarters – a pretty winable tie. And then who knows in the final.

What a shame we’re out.


Come on, try harder, you’re getting lots of thumbs up.

‘Wenger is a peado’, ‘Per is horrible’, ‘Walcott is slow’, there must be something you can do to rile all of us.

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