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Wenger eager to retain Arteta

Arsene Wenger says he’d like Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta to stay on at the Emirates but revealed a new deal is yet to be agreed.

The 32-year-old, who has been sidelined since November with an ankle injury, is already allowed to talk to foreign suitors with his current deal expiring in the summer.

It’s no secret that negotiations with the club have been dragging with rumours circulating both in September and January that he was ready to put pen-to-paper.

Asked if there had been any movement on his future, Wenger told his pre-West Ham press conference: “No, not yet. Normally yes, I would like him to stay on. He has a huge experience and is very important to the squad. Yes.

Asked specifically if the length of the contract remains a sticking point, Wenger nodded, “Yes.”

Arteta returned to full training today and is expected to be available for selection in three weeks. Hardly the most fashionable player in the squad, it’s hard to deny he’s been a steadying influence on the squad since his deadline day move from Everton in August 2011.

Talking to Arseblog News before the start of the current campaign about his future, Arteta said:

“I had my conversation with the manager, he knows my opinion and I know his opinion and we’re all good. That’s all I can say.

“I can’t stop the rumours, but you can be sure that I’m really happy here. I feel valued, I’ve been given a lot of responsibility and I like it. Until the club thinks something different about me, I’m happy here.”

In total he’s made 136 appearances in the last four seasons, scoring 16 goals.

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Cape Town Gunner

It’s a position in which we looked pretty stocked and spoiled for choices, until the inevitable injuries to Arteta, JW and Ramsey on a long-term basis. We haven’t been able to field a properly functional duo at the base of midfield for a while and it has hurt us. Santi has done well but he isn’t a quarterback nor is he a box-to-box player. Also no coincidence that we battle to hog possession while Arteta’s not in the team. Yes, his lack of pace has made him culpable for a lot of the goals we conceded in heavy defeats last… Read more »

Man Like Ozil

*Unpopular Opinion Puffin* I’m not too sure just how much Schneiderlin would improve our midfield. He’s not Southampton’s strict DM; that’s a role shared between him and Wanyama, who seems to get through more of the grunt work. So by getting him we’d have three options: hinder the development of Ramsey and Wilshere even more by playing a base of Schneiderlin/Coq in a 4231, hinder Özil/Santi by playing a midfield trio and pushing one of them onto the wings, or we drop Coquelin which, on current form, is blasphemous. If that’s what we’re going to do though, I feel there… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

I’d rule Verrati out on the basis that he is owned by Qatar (or whichever country it is that owns PSG), it’d be nice as he’s a good, young player but Schneiderlin looks more solid to me, with Premiership experience and so for the amount of money we’d need to pay, probably not worth it. I’m not completely sure that there isn’t a player better for us than Schneiderlin out there but I’m buggered if I know who it is (one of the Germans maybe, a Bender or two? Don’t watch enough Bundesliga to say.). Unless we can get Pogba… Read more »


I am pro Schneiderlin for numerous reasons, but, if we are looking at PSG, Verratti is an established first team player we will not get our hands on. If talking PSG, I am surprised no one has bought up Adrien Rabiot. He came on and played the last 40 minutes against Chelsea. As were were linked to him, I watched him closely and was impressed. For a 19 year old he is incredibly composed and slotted in without missing a beat on the biggest of stages. He re-signed/extended his contract in the summer, but, his issue has been a regular… Read more »


I do agree with the view on how much Schneiderlin would actually improve our current team. He’s definitely good, but in the scenario where we have all our players fit, I do think we will need something better (no disrespect to him, but someone who’s more proven and towards the fabled “world class” quality side”) – if additions were to be made. Its also worth noting that with his contract to only run out in 2017, Soton will not be as pressured to sell and with a hosts of clubs interested, I doubt the price will be cheap. I do… Read more »

Andy Mack

Much as I really like him, Schweinsteiger will be 31 this summer so that won’t happen.
I doubt he’d want to leave Bayern either, irrespective of the money we could offer.


As far as Verratti goes, it’s worth noting that he’s playing with Matuidi (workhorse) and Motta (DM) so he’s their main playmaker. He’s a great player, but I don’t think he’s a player we need. As far as a DM goes, there’s the Bender twins and William Carvalho, all of whom we’ve been linked with in the past to see nothing come of it. So, in conclusion, let’s just bring Sol Campbell out of retirement and retrain that magnificent bastard to be a DM.


There’s an article in the guardian (i think yesterday highlighting this).
That since we lost Arteta, our principle possession ticker, but with the rise of Coquelin, we have gone from possession-based to counter-based, yet that as also seen us perform better statistically, especially against the top teams.

So if making Coq our primary DM means we cede possession a bit more to counter more (and thus win more), I’m all good for that tbh.

Besides, we haven’t looked a great possession team since Cesc left anyways. Our possession play in recent times have been in the more sterile kind.


“Our possession play in recent times have been in the more sterile kind”

I call it flaccid dominance


I personally thought thiago motta was brilliant for psg. Id have him over verrati, based on the stature of players we already possess

Ultimate Gooner

Performance wise this season he is still up to it, it’s a shame he’s had injuries. Even with Coquelin’s brilliant exploits of this season, nobody is as good as Arteta in starting attacks from deep, not to mention his leadership qualities as well.

the only sam is nelson

I always thought of MA as a creative attacking player when he was with Everton so it’s been really interesting to see him re-cast in a more considered role, building from the back. He’s got a sweet radar, he takes one for the team when necessary (Palace last year, for eg), he can shoot from the edge of the area, he can gee the team up where necessary; I reckon if all that’s stopping him signing is the length of the contract then fuck it, give him two years instead of one. We’re no longer skint and I’d rather Mikel… Read more »

Save Theo

2 years man? Come on!! We all love MA but two years is stretching it for a guy who is no offence immobile and can only play one game a week if we are stretching it. One year for me.

the only sam is nelson

All things being equal of course you’d be right, but if he’s not going to sign a one year contract then I’d happily see him get a two year. It’s not like he’s on £150K a week or anything and the benefit to some of the younger squad players from working with him would be well worth the money, even if he’s not playing often.

Mr. G

I actually only think we should keep Arteta as third choice DM, mostly being around to provide experience for youngsters to learn from rather than actually playing much.

He is not good enough for our first team any more. Coquelin and a new summer signing in the DM role should be competing for that spot on the team sheet. He slows the game down too much, was never defensively aware enough and is too slow at his age anyway

Anonymous Kumquat

Really hope he stays! Not sure at this stage whether he’ll ever be a regular again (with the rise of Coquelin), but a player of his quality and experience is always welcome. I also think he and Coquelin could prove a very good partnership in the midfield for some matches where we need a bit more protection for the defence.

G Sonic

I think we need to keep him if only for another season. We definitely need some experience in the squad.
Arteta and Rosicky will be a huge influence on the team next season with there experiences, but be that as it may, their 1st team action will be extremely limited particularly for Arteta if Arsene buys a DM next season to ease Le coq from fatigue next season.


I hope He stays. We need him.


I reckon we should exchange him + 12.5 million for William Carvalho. I may, just may, have been playing too much Fifa 15.


We as fans should learn our lesson and not push him out like we did Gilberto. Arteta has a role to play for at least one more year.

Clock End Mike

Did *we* push out Gilberto? All I can remember is that, like many others, I was clamouring for him to stay. Such a cool customer, and such a leader, quite apart from his unequalled qualities as a player.

Dick Swiveller

Nah, the fans were generally on his side, plus I don’t think we have enough effect to ever force a player out of the club. Only possible example I can think of is Gervinho and if he doesn’t have the mental strength to keep going in the face of a few boos, maybe it was better to get rid.

Just telling it how it is

I hope this is not an unpopular opinion but if it is I dont care. If I see Arteta & Flamini in an Arsenal shirt again it would be too soon especially with the emergence of Coquelin who can not only do what central defensive midfielders are meant to do (provide solid cover allowing offensive players some freedom to do what they do best) but can also pass & burst from midfield effectively when needed. Arteta & Flamini are mediocre at best & you would be lying to yourself if you think different. We should use Arteta’s & Flamini’s wages… Read more »


You, as many others, seem not fully understand Arteta’s role, strengths, and possibilities. For one, tell me why he should not be able to play besides Coquelin.

Just telling it how it is

His pace, tenacity, work rate, aerial ability, tackling ability are just a few reasons why he cant play the holding role. As for playing ahead of Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Wilshere, Rosicky & even Ox in midfield? forget it he’s just not good enough

Clock End Mike

Have you any stats at all to back that up? Just telling it how it ain’t..

Dick Swiveller

Funny, his tenacity work rate and both aerial and tackling ability are a few reasons why he’s a good DM, that along with his ability to dictate a game and mantain posession.


While you are at that telling, tell me, where did you get this nonsense from? Arteta is a very good tackler – last season he averaged (per 90) at 2.65 tackles successful tackles with success ratio 0.7:1, Schneiderlin this season is 2.84 at 0.72:1 and matic(!) is 2.99 at 0.71:1. Now, what exactly is this fabled work rate? I guess it comes right from the top shelf, where it sits next to our new beast of a DM. Oh, wait… In two person midfield next to a player of Cocquelin type you can play either a playmaker as Santi or… Read more »


This is where I see stats as useless in football unlike basketball or other sports…football is more opportunistic, one mistake can cost you the game…football is not a game of averages…you can quote all the stats you like but if you actually watch the matches arteta played…he is the epitome of average…he’s decent in matches where no one exploits his weaknesses mainly strength and pace and also if you really watch him tackle players more physical than he is, you’ll immediately see why he’s never a DM….he’s just forced into the role because wenger can’t find a “cheap” enough defensive… Read more »


@maddyclaires: Of course, stats are useful only to a certain point. But you can push the point about him being a bad tackler also only to a certain point – if he is making almost as many tackles as say matic, with the same success rate, he cannot be that bad, right?

Also, can you elaborate what exactly is it that you see when he tackles players more physical than him? I mean, is he winning the tackles or not? Cause if yes, I don’t give a fuck whether he looks silly or whatever.

Save Theo

Not the best move in my view. Its simple really. Next year, we are going hard to win the league (The manager said he would win it in his next three years at the club and the fans will not accept less anyway), so we do need to address that CDM position in the summer. MA is a class act of a man and has been a great player for us in the past few years, but we really do need a more dynamic player in that position and Im speaking from the standpoint of us competing for the league… Read more »


Arteta + Coquelin could be a great midfield base against some of the stiffer competition we still have to face this season. I think he’ll shine in a duo where he isn’t expected to do all of the defensive work.


I see no reason to let him leave. Players like him and TR7 are invaluable. They are the most experienced campaigners who should help a team through the ups and downs of a season, on and off the pitch. He doesn’t and shouldn’t play every minute of every game, but that doesn’t mean he’s not value for money. Sign him up!


I don’t see Arteta being retained. He has been a stalwart for us and an important player who was brought in to stabilise the team when Wenger realised he had to restructure in the knowledge that the Denilson generation was not going to cut it. Arteta was the lynch pin of the restructuring and added experience/leadership when it was lacking and we were under threat with key player departures every season. We have since weathered the storm and completed our restructure with both experience and new blood in every position. Arteta is an unsung hero who is much under-rated Internationally.… Read more »

Andy Mack

1) Flamini has just turned 31.
2) Gustavo turned a move to us down and chose Wolfsburg instead to be with his Brazilian mate, so AFC will not go for him again.
3) They’ll offer Arteta a 1 year contract only at decent term and it will be up to him if he stays or not.


Its a no brainer; if we were to choose between flamini and arteta i know who i’d choose.

David C

sorry Arteta, I love ya, but you should only be offered a rolling 1 year contract based on age and now your injury problems.

I think it would be good to keep him around, but I can understand if he wants a longer contract (his retirement contract) and more regular playing time. I’m not sure he’ll walk right into our starting 11 anymore with some of the wonderful options we’ve seen lately.

Andy Mack

I think it’ll be a 1 year, not a rolling year.


It’s a convenient point in time to move on from Arteta, Flamini, and Diaby in CM and find a legit anchor who can play alongside Ramsey or Coquelin. Hanging onto these aging veterans and hoping that they can combine to make up one slightly above average player is the stuff of the past when we were struggling to make ends meet. We’ve made progress each season since signing Arteta at the nadir of our decline, but to keep it going we have to do better. Thanks for the memories guys, but AW must upgrade this area of the team. I… Read more »


The club should be looking for someone to play that playmaker role for years to come, it makes no sense to let Arteta go by now – he should be staying one year to ease the transition and share the experience.

Bendtner's Ego

Arteta is a consummate professional.

I’d want him to stick around and become part of the youth coaching setup. Both the U-16 and U-21 teams can learn a lot from him on how to set yourself up properly for a good career.




Our captain, our captain! He shall stay on. It was bad enough to let Pires expire, just for being north of the thirty year thresholod. That was bollox business, and is some respects WEnger has mended his ways.
Arteta speaks the lingua franca of several key first teamers, is well respected in the squad, and the sequel of the Lego Movie will be about his hairpiece. So how much more can one ask for: two three more years? Give it to him.

Cliff Bastin

We need to send the club armband for microwave disinfection / blessing by holy water or something.


I don’t think we can afford to lose his hair! It gives the team good balance…:-)

Serge Blanco

I think we will go for another DM to be competition for Coq but cannot see the club offering Arteta more than a one year extension so think Arteta is 100% gone

Andy Mack

I don’t think it’s a 100% anything. It depends what his options are. He may well be able to have another year with us and then pick up a 2 or 3 year deal in spain as well. Or they may be telling him ‘come now or never’.
His agent will be looking for him to earn as much as possible (staying with us for multiple years) and will be implying he is in demand but he’s at an age where financially we’re probably the best option even if it is 1 year only…


I always thought he would thrive alongside a workhorse beside him and his partnership with Ramsey ,when Ramsey was still putting in incredible defensive statistics, was very effective on both sides of the ball. Arteta alongside Coquelin does seem very stable and could prove to be the type of midfield combination we should look to replicate with similar players in future. Wilshere coming into Mikel’s role when he leaves or retires is what I envision for Arsenal. A midfield of Coquelin and Wilshere in their prime looks to me, to be the most stable and yet technically gifted we could… Read more »

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