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Arteta, Wilshere, Diaby and Debuchy all return for Burnley

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Mikel Arteta, Jack Wilshere, Abou Diaby and Mathieu Debuchy are back in contention for this weekend’s game against Burnley.

Having come through an Under21 game in midweek the midfield trio are all available again, while the former Newcastle man is also in the squad despite lacking some match fitness.

There’s also good news regarding Laurent Koscielny whose groin scan came back looking ‘good’ according to the Arsenal manager although it remains to be seen if he’ll be risked.

Wojciech Szczesny could also return to the squad after missing the Liverpool game with a rib injury. “He has a test today,” said the Frenchman. “He has a good chance to be available for Saturday.”

It certainly gives Wenger something of a selection conundrum with so many fit players to choose from, but it’s one he’ll certainly relish.

Last time the two sides met Arsenal ran out 3-0 victors with a goal from Calum Chambers sandwiched by a terrific brace from Alexis Sanchez. Historically Burnley have a very good record against us winning on 45 occasions compared to our 33. There have been 22 draws since the first meeting in 1896.

The Gunners are the only club in the top five to play on Saturday giving us a real opportunity to consolidate our grip on second place before the Manchester derby and Chelsea’s trip to QPR on Sunday.

Liverpool, currently nine points behind us, play Newcastle on Monday evening. Mike Dean will be the man in charge at Turf Moor.

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That Burnley record is staggering, really. I realise football started well before 1992 but still.

I expect Wenger to pin a note with the glaring stat on the training room wall, psyche his players up to the point of bloodlust, and promptly tear Burnley a new one. Their fans’ gloating is getting us all down, I’ll bet.

Thierry Walcott

Gloating? Foolish gloating that’d be from their side, I mean… We are the Arsenal! Right?


Love to see the away fans go full Norwich from last year and blast out “DIAAABY! DIAAABY! DIAAABY!” for 15 whole minutes

Anonymous Physicist

I found that surprising as well, but wikipedia tells me they were quite the force in the 1920s, ’50s and ’60s. Apparently we took the record for longest unbeaten run in a single season from them, which they’d held since the ’20-’21 season.

Thierry Walcott

We’re going IN!!! I am especially happy and excited for Abou, COYG!


Bench at most for all of them surely. Would like to see Bellerin keep his place.


who drops out? Szczcesny, Debuchy, Gibbs, Chambers, Rosicky, Arteta, Diaby, Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey/Welbeck

3 have to drop out. Bloody pissed if WIlshere is given a place and not Rosicky after the work he’s put in.

sg gooner

Last season was great because we managed to trim our squad and get rid of all the dead wood. We should start to think of trimming our squad at the start of next season. Campbell should go which is sad for him. Theo should also go since we got sanogol, apkom and gnarby waiting in the wing. Most importantly, ox, alexis and welbeck are all ahead of him and they are all versatile enough to play either wings to warrant rotation. Our coq has managed to stay injury free so far, but surely mikel should only be our third choice… Read more »


How can we talk about “trimming” our squad and then saying we need to buy more players. I believe it’s ok if we have to rotate our bench too. I would LOVE to keep Rosicky and maybe he can play a more DM type role next season 2nd or 3rd choice. Flamini yes, but we can’t let go of our good players just to buy more. And Rosicky is GOOD!!


cambell, podolski, and flamini will go i’m sure of that maybe cambell another year on loan, rosicky depends if he wants to stay it’s his cards to play, i would not sell walcott in million years he will come good for us next season, arteta signed 1 year extension even is it not confirmed and know that he will be a part player next season. as for buying i would say we need only couple of players, DM ( schneiderlin) we need him to play with coq in the big games especially if we want to win the champions league,… Read more »

sg gooner

1 potential incoming dm. 5 outgoing (poldoski, flamini. Campbell, Theo, Rosicky) How is that not trimming? I was of the opinion that theo was worth the extension we gave him 3 years back cause he really had a knack for coming up in the big games. But that was at that point in time. I think enough chances have been given for him this season. Sadly he is still not performing up till the required standard… I love Rosicky. But he is too good to be sitting on our bench. And I really think mikel presence is enough for dressing… Read more »


Rosicky has to go? nah son, i think *you* ought to go.

Paul S

Apparently, Burnley have played the most long balls in the league this season. With his aerial ability Debuchy is ideally suited so I suspect he’ll play if fully fit.


I would play Jack (assuming he is completely ready) in place of Santi just to give him some breather. I know it’s been a week since our last game but Burnley being physical my team would be: Ospina, Debuchy, Per, Gab/Kos, Gibbs, Coq, Rambo, Jack, Sanchez, Ozil, Giroud with a bench of : Scz, Monreal, Bellerin, Gab/Kos, Rosicky, Santi, Welbeck (sorry Wally and Chambers and Arteta and Diaby and not even counting Ox) … Damn we need to increase bench size to 10 :). I don’t envy the decisions Wenger has to make when all are fit …

Cape Town Gunner

Great news. Loads of central midfield options all of a sudden. I wouldn’t risk Koscielny either, tougher challenges to come. Burnley won’t be easy by any stretch though.

Hope Ox is back for the cup semifinal, he deserves to play a part for us in the big games that remain. He has been excellent.


Missed The Ox’s pace


Actually when i think of ox, i think of penetrating runs rather than just pace. Walcott –>pure pace, but the Ox takes on people and wriggles through them. And yes, I would rather rest Kos and give Gabriel another run out. I see a tight game for this round, 0-1 or 1-2 kind of match. COYG!!!


why would you risked kos the boss when we have another beast in gabriel, how times has changed. if it was last couple of years kos would be risked which playing in red zone brought his achilles problems, time has change we have two quality players available in every position.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Amped to see Arteta get a run. His reaction on the bench after his last injury shows how much it meant for him to be a part… and I miss his metronomic passing (not that I’m complaining about our recent form!)


I’m not gonna lie I’ve missed his hair. And the other stuff, too. But the hair.


We welcome back our Lego Man with his perfect Lego Man hair!

Luis Boa Muerte

I have to admit I’m kind of dreading the possibility of him playing instead of Coqueling. As intelligent as he is, his positional sense and know-how just doesn’t make up for his lack of legs at this point.

But, I’d like to see him played alongside Coquelin during difficult situations. He could cover and distribute to relieve pressure, whereas Coquelin and maybe one other cm would be free to hunt the ball when it comes in our half. I reckon that would be a better way to see out games than just throwing Gibbs on at left wing anyway.


Your situation of Arteta alongside Coquelin in those situations is currently being performed exceptionally well by Santi over the last few weeks (bar a few games when Rambo’s been there). Santi has been superb when he’s dropped back and has gone a little under the radar with so many other positives rightly being lauded over recent times. He is tigerish at the back, has the ability to pass us out from the back, run it out from the back where required and retain possession in seemingly impossible situations. Complements Coquelin superbly. Unless Santi is injured or needs a rest I… Read more »


If Santi needs a break I could definitely see Arteta being just the person to sub on to help close out a match next to or just in front of Coquelin. His composure, positional discipline, and care with his passing calms the team so much.

Fancy Pants

I don’t really like this idea of league gk and cup gk. Feel free to thumb down

Fancy Pants

Nobody talks about that shit, you must be a dumbfuck


Self-trolling. That’s new


….I think that’s dark! *respect*


Dark? I think you mean “dank”


I’d have thought Frimmy would have set you both straight by now.


Care to elaborate?

shabby agpoonahor

I expect to see an unchanged xi for game at burnley. And I think giroud will be the key man in an arsenal win.


The only changes may be for Ramsey and Koscielny to protect them from their niggles so as not to risk their presence in the Chelsea game.

Would maybe expect Gabriel and Welbeck to start. There’s a shout for Walcott but would anticipate AW going with Danny.

Springbank 1962

I can’t see much more than one change from the side that whomped the puds 4-1.

I also can’t see all of these even making the bench – which is a good thing, right?

We don’t have to risk Kos or even Ramsey if there’s any doubt at all. Best keep the momentum going ahead of Reading and our cherry-on-the-icing-on the-cake win over Ch*lsea.

Nevertheless, it’s really good to hear the Boss talk about Diaby being fit. Now all he has to do is impress him in training.


I’m back bitches!


that exclamation mark will strain your finger …


being diaby that would mean 6 months out

Mr Blue

Mikel Arteta isn’t 21 yet?

That’s great, he has his best years ahead of him so.

Ramsey's Spirit

i’d start debuchy, mainly because if he’s short of match fitness, and we aim to play him before the end of the season, surely the best time to do his match fitness gaining would be against less daunting opposition?


disrespecting and underestimating any opponents will be the beginning of our downfall … i’m comforted that this isn’t the mentality of our team at the moment and certainly not AW

Luis Boa Muerte

I feel like this one will be similar to the recent QPR and Crystal Palace games where we had to ride our luck a bit to get the win. Hard-working, physical teams on a small farm field are always tough and they’ve got a good record against big teams this year.


Hit the nail on the head. A wounded beast is the most dangerous, relegation battling sides at this point in the season will give us a run for our money. It would be stupid to shoot ourselves in the foot after all this good work.


Yeah? That’s what they said before the match in 1948!
Be careful


Agree with rainy. If he’s going to get match fitness minutes, I think it’ll be later on in games when we’re in a comfortable lead. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Tool for the job, for me. Who plays wide for Burnley? Big bloke, or quick tricky one? If it’s a big bloke with aerial and physicality, might start Debuchy and sub on Bellerin later to punish their tired legs.

But only if Debuchy is confidently fit enough.


Not after Bellerin’s performance on the weekend I wouldn’t. He deserves to start.

Fool of a Took

Oh sweet Diaby, my favorite Arsenal player (for real).
Still hold him as one of our greatest box-to-box players. The man can run, tackle, pass, score goals, has a huge presence and even does the odd nutmeg 🙂

Seeing Daiby togheter with Le Coq behind the trio of Özil, Cazorla and Alexis gives me goose bumps. Then having the option to chuck on Ramsey, Wilshere, Arteta and Theo. I see shining medals in our future 🙂


You need glasses, Diaby has never been great for Arsenal, he loses the ball too much when he plays, I would like to smoke what you’re smoking


You’ve obviously never seen Diaby play. He’s brilliant, and when fit is the first name on both the Arsenal and France teamsheets. Diaby and Coquelin in front of the defence would be immense. No-one, and I mean NO-ONE would go past them.


You have not watch the Liverpool game where Diaby boss the midfield have you? Never seen 1 person did that since the mighty cap Vieira.

Love to see him fully fit and not getting injured. But that’s a tall ask.


If only we could chuck in all our substitutes instead of just 3. I’m sure games would be higher paced and more entertaining.

Man Manny

I feel like singing…looking forward to seeing the bench. Scary!

kim kallstrom

Anybody else think it feels different about Diaby this time? Shame the squad is so deep it’s hard to see him getting a run


Just dont do silly things on the pitch if any of you guys got the chance to play, just don’t.

We need this depth in the squad.


If Wenger plays Arteta then we will either lose or draw, he brings nothing to the team, the same with Diaby, Wilshire will have to do a lot to get a start in the team, neither of the players coming back can expect to walk straight in, we have better success without Wilshire or Arteta, we are on a good run, no need to mess things up Wenger


I would confidently bet neither of them ‘expects’ to walk straight into the squad.
And your memory is quite short about what Arteta brings to the team. He’s not guaranteed a starter by any means, but a condescending statement like that is not warranted to me.

Everything about the performance, cohesion, and health of the squad is different now than it was when the team was struggling in periods, so a dismissive statement like that really isn’t applicable because it casts aside so many factors. Like Automatisms.


think it’s not hard to see that we’ve never had consistent defensive performances with arteta shielding the back four, sure we’ve had good wins with him where he’s looked solid in the past but there’s always the odd game where he gets run over and you can clearly see the difference now with the surprise find that is coquelin. No more sudden sleepwalking defensive games out of nowhere where we get blitzed. That is the real sign of quality. not to mention with mertesacker behind arteta would be a nightmare most of the time. Not trying to slag off the… Read more »


Diabys in last chance saloon really. I like to think this latest spell out has been spent conditioning his body ready to play again, and not been rushed at all. Cant wait to see him play again, just hope he dont brake down, as i dont think AW would give him new contract. Good luck Abou!!


if diaby accept to stay next season and be payed as you play he will be managed correctly he will not see him play 2 games in one week and get an injury because we have many options now and next season will be vital for him he will be managed to stay injury free playing one game in 10 days and build his fitnees all season and try to finish the season without serious injury and maybe just maybe he will salvages his carier. remain to see.


Out of those four I think only about two of them will play (at least come on as a sub) I reckon jack will play and I hope abou will come on and hopefully now he can regain some fitness and sustain it until the end of the season because he really deserves it and he is capable of some really wonderful things and he can bring a lot to this club.

North Bank Gooner

Little off topic, but clean up the barbeque, and stock up on beer, St Totteringhams day is coming soon!!!! 🙂 🙂


Ohh I have to get all the decorations out of the attic and make sure we have sherry in for Nanna.

Alex Hill

To the tune of “Let It Be” by the Beatles:

Diaby, Diaby, Diaby, Diaby. He knocked out John Terry, Diaby.


This doesn’t relate to the article at all, but thought i would state the obvious that i havent seen anyway else write. I cant see how in anyway we are going to sign Cech this summer (even if Wenger wants a new GK). Considering our form since christmas its clear that we will to some extent be title challengers along with chelsea and a couple of other teams next year. This means there’s no way chelsea/mourinho will sell a player we clearly need to us; i mean mourinho refused to sell us Ba 2 years ago no chance he will… Read more »


My starting eleven vs Burnley: 1)Ospina 2)Bellerin 3) 4)Le Qoc 5)Metersacker 6)Kolcieny/Gabriel 7)Carzola 8)Diaby 9)Giroud 10)Ozil 11)Sanchez. Formation: 4 2 3 1! *2(holding rôle): Le Qoc and Diaby!



Thierry Walcott

I die!


With all these players coming back from injury and the squad depth I think we should be asking the Premier League for a World Cup style subs bench!

(Actually, I don’t think that in seriousness – it was only a light hearted way of delighting in the fitness and depth of our squad)

Gooner Jakub

I’d say rest koscielny and put Gabriel on so he dosent get injured for the Chelsea match and out rosicky on instead of Ramsey to also protect him and leave the rest of the xi the same. We need to pick up every single point possible and burnley already caused some upsets this season

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Let’s burn Burnley! The only thing that counts.


It’s looking a fantastic end to the season. Normally we’d be scratching around for non injured, non knackered players but they’re all coming back after a few months recuperating.


I don’t see how you can drop anyone from the bench that has been available recently as our bench last game was Welbeck Walcott, Rosicky, Flamini, Gabriel, Gibbs and at the GK (forget his name). My guess is that Arteta and Wilshere will come in at the expense of Flamini and Rosicky unfortunately while getting Debuchy into the squad would mean dropping one of Gibbs or Gabriel. Of course it may be a chance for Wenger to rest Ramsey and Koscielny completely which would ease his selection problem, but you still have Chambers who didn’t even make the bench last… Read more »


dropping the only real CB cover we have who is fighting for first choice cb are you real ? i honestly think that next season gabriel would take Per’s place. And i thin wenger would not risk kos and will start with gabriel against burnley so maybe if he is not risking kos and gieve him complete rest debucjy will come for kos on the bench and jack will come for flamini. arteta will have to wait.


chambers would not make the bench again especially now when we have debuchy back.

Anonymous Physicist

We have such a good squad right now! It seems lots of people are still in the “just buy these two players and we will be really good” camp, but as far as I’m concerned our squad is right up there with the best. We have fixed all the holes we had in our squad last season and in the early parts of this season, and added some real quality. And ther are still many players in our squad who have yet to reach their peak. Don’t get me wrong, if someone Wenger thinks can improve us is available in… Read more »


heh. Koscielny’s groin scan is “looking good”.
Gross, Arsene. Gross.


Really shows how highly rated Diaby is for him to still be around. What a great story it would make if he came back an started playing well I don’t put it past him. Wish him so much luck


Mmm, Shadoobie Shadded-Shadded
Mmm, Shadoobie Shadded Shadded


By far the most honest and extensive interview Wenger has given in recent years. When he speaks as freely as Mourinho does you realize just how good of a manager he is.

This pre-match press conference was absolute class from Wenger.

On a sour note anybody that has seen some hard time and also Wilshere’s interview on Arsenal Player knows that his status has gone to his head.

Nobody has those bags permanently under their eyes while accompanied by the complexion of a cloudy day without some serious lifestyle issues. Not that I’d know about this or anything.

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