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Debuchy picks up hamstring problem

Arsene Wenger has revealed that Mathieu Debuchy has picked up a hamstring problem in training and could miss Monday’s trip to Hull City.

The French international has only recently returned from three months on the sidelines with a discombobulated shoulder-thingy and after 120 minutes at Wembley was left on the bench against Chelsea last weekend.

Other than the right-back, the squad appears to be in decent nick ahead of the final month of the season.

“Everybody is in good shape, apart from Mathieu Debuchy, who has a little hamstring problem,” Wenger told

“We don’t know how bad it is. Apart from that everybody should be available [for the Hull game]. Monday could be too early for him [Debuchy]. He got the injury in training.

“We are at a period of the season where it’s going to be important to have everybody on board and to see everyone fit makes us stronger. We are on a good run, we want to keep it going and the fact that we have plenty of [selection] opportunities is very interesting for me.”

Arseblog News isn’t 100 per cent sure that ‘everybody’ includes midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The England international hasn’t featured since the FA Cup win over Manchester United with the boss lamenting this time last week: “He’s still out, he has not been in training. He’s not being considered at all.”

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Thank Bergkemp there’s Bellerin.


We’ll just have to go with our first choice RB then.


I think the offensive mind of Bellerin is a big plus for us. He is almost a direct replacement for Theo if he walks, meaning Jenks and MD fight it out for the RB berth while Bellerin offers them defensive support when we are under the cosh. Or we could just try and keep three very good right backs happy.

Mesut Aussie

I do love the mighty debuche!


Poor debuchy. Missing out on the opportunity to play for arsenal. I would be devastated too.

But bellerin, what a season he’s having!

Déboucher Deboires De Debuchy

We have Bellerin, no stress, Mathieu will take time to heal. However, Wenger wouldn’t want to put too much of pressure on the young boy. He will rest him and use Chambers in some games.


Debuchy has been extremely unlucky this season. Get better to full strength, real soon MD. But next season with two top right backs ready to roll, will be delicious. Hector has been a revelation, what a terrific season he has had. COYG!!!


I am confused about next season’s conundrum! Will we bring Jenks back? We will have three amazing right backs in our team then! To be honest I don’t want Wenger to sell any of these three! They are better than most of the right backs in the league.


I think even if you were convinced about him before he joined you still can’t class Debuchy as an ‘amazing’ right back until we’ve see him do it for us on a regular basis or even at all. I live in Newcastle and I’ve seen him live a good dozen or so times and I’ve never really taken to him. His injury record at Newcastle though never anything like what it has been this season, was never great otherwise I would have seen him more often but when he was on the pitch he was only ever ‘good’ to ‘average’… Read more »


Debuchy made 28 league starts for Newcastle last year, the year before he made 29 league starts for Newcastle and Lille combined, the year before 32 league starts at Lille, the year before 34 league starts at Lille. Maybe you should have been paying more attention.


So he missed 1 in every four games, not exactly a whole season is it…?

Rozza the samourai

Bellerin is really awesome but it doesn’t make Debuchy trash all the sudden. Did you remember how solid Debuchy was as a CB ? Sagna too was solid in the middle. Experience counts.


I don’t think that 120 minutes in the FA cup match did him any good, the plan was probably to sub him but it didn’t work out that way.

alexis' shorts

I’m with you Rozza. Debuchy is pretty much like for like with Sagna, maybe slightly better offensively, but it’s hard to tell when we had 7 years to fall in love with Sagna and it feels like it’s only been 7 games with Debuchy. Big issue here is age, we can’t all be Rosicky’s.


I’m not judging him on the back of Hector’s good form, I’ve seen the bloke play live more times than we’ve seen him in red and white.

You’ve cited one game there, well done. Let’s see him do it another 15 times before we describe him as ‘amazing’ ay.


Can’t wait to see the Ox back in the game. He was probably our 2nd best player up until the turn of the year. If we can start to get more end product from him, 10-15 goals & 5-10 assists a season territory, he’ll comfortably be one of the best players in the league.


Fucking Stoke cunts…


An Austrian Stoke cunt (Arnautovic) at that 😛

Ivan Drago

I’d like to see Jenks return, he’s had a great season with West Ham, and having two young rightbacks pushing each other would be great for both of them


Debuchy is blatantly made of pastry. Sell him to the glue factory and get Corporal Jenks back, ffs. With Bellerin and Jenks we’ll be sorted at RB for the next 10 years.

Déboucher Deboires De Debuchy

Arrogance or failed joke? We have two great young RB but experience at club and international levels is important. Our young RB cannot play as CB as Debuchy did.

the only sam is nelson

With Diaby’s contract unlikely to be renewed, have we stumbled across Abou’s natural replacement here?


You think its no coincidence that Debuchy took over Diabys number and now he’s injury prone for ever? RETIRE THAT JERSEY!


Puma must have build its shirt factory on top of an ancient Asian burial ground 😉

Mr Gooner

So when Santi Cazorla scores a chipped penalty it’s ‘disrespectful’ and heavily criticized but when Messi does it, it’s ‘the best ever’. Smh

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

Umm yes because Santi plays for Arsenal.


I agree with you completely.

The suckers would probably argue that Messi’s was the opening goal of the match.

David C

Why does anyone criticize the chipped penalty? I just don’t get it. If you are good enough to fake out the goalie and bold enough to try the move then you deserve the praise. It’s a sneaky move for sure, but not disrespectful at all.


There’s a clip of a guy on you tube scoring a backheal penalty and i read that afterwards he had to apologise.


Because the Media, and by extension a large amount of the fanbase, are total and complete fuckwits. Disrespectful behaviour my aged aunt….


Where is Chambers??


CB from now on, by the looks of things, with a couple of RB and CM appearances throughout the season. Almost like our very own Phil Jo..n….

Ah, I couldn’t say it. Made me feel a bit ill.

Trex d' Gunner

The so called pundits are just a bunch of cunts, who view whatever an Arsenal player does as disrespectful, and such player deserves his leg snapped in two by a two footed challenge


I rang the box office today and they will be showing the final at the Emirates. They won’t come up with details until all the tickets for Wembley have sold, as if they won’t and we pathetic red members are bound to be offered them.


Poor Debuch!


During the FA cup tie, I remember Ramsey taking a throw in from right flank instead of Debuchy. That would be odd unless he (Debuchy) had been recommended against taking throw ins following his dislocated shoulder.

Rozza the samourai

Did Wenger told you this ?


Nope mate, watched it on TV.


Has anyone checked Hector’s locker for voodoo dolls?

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

Blessing in disguise


Aaron M

Debuchy was always a short term option. I’m glad we’ve found a long term one in Bellerin!


Why is everyone saying that we’ll have three very good right backs if Jenkinson returns. By my count it’s four – Jenkinson, Debuchy, Chambers and Bellerin.

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