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Seaman: Time is on Szczesny’s begloved hands

David Seaman believes Wojciech Szczesny has a big decision to make regarding his future having lost his status as Arsenal’s first choice keeper to David Ospina.

The Pole has made 179 appearances for the Gunners since his debut in September 2009 but hasn’t featured since New Year’s Day when an error-strewn performance against Southampton was compounded by his infamous shower cigarette incident.

Claiming time is on the 24-year-old’s side, Seaman – who made 564 starts in a 13-year career at Highbury – noted Szczesny could still rescue his career by using squad competition to drive himself to the next level.

“It must be hard for him now to be number two, coming off the back of a season where he was a regular and had been playing at his best,” the ex-England man told Press Association Sport.

“It is totally just because he had a couple of bad mistakes and Ospina has gone in and done his stuff. Either of them could be Arsenal’s number one, it is about who is on form – and if Ospina keeps his form, then he is going to stay there.”

“It is not a difficult situation, but it keeps you on your toes to know that there is quality behind you. It is not just the games which make you play better, it is the training.

“The goalkeepers train together, and you see the other guy, you think ‘I want to be better than him’ or ‘I am going to show him how good I am’. That is day to day and is good because it brings the best out of you and tests you, so you become a better goalkeeper.

“Wojciech has a big choice now, but he has still got loads of time, I did not join Arsenal until I was 26. It is about how he reacts, and what does the player want – does he want to play as a number one? Or is he happy being at a big club as a number two?

“It is all about his ambition. If he wants to be a number one somewhere, then how long is he going to have to wait? But if he leaves Arsenal, then it won’t be the same level, because it is not until after they go, that all these guys realise how good Arsenal is.”

Szczesny, who returned to the bench at Burnley after missing the Liverpool game with a rib injury, is due to start against Reading at Wembley this weekend.

Ironically, having ‘missed out’ on an FA Cup medal last year because he was the number one, he could now get his hands on the trophy as the back-up keeper (should we make the final and then beat either Liverpool or Aston Villa on 30 May).

Speculation continues to link Arsenal with a summer move for Chelsea’s Petr Cech; a player Arsene came close to signing when the Czech was playing for Rennes in France. Whoever is around to challenge Ospina, they’ve got their work cut out…

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Cech please.

Here all week.

Anonymous Physicist

And Chelsea is going to sell him to us why, exactly? Mourinho wouldn’t even loan us Ba two years ago. There is no way in hell he’s selling us Cech.


I might be showing my age, but was that a Goodness Gracious Me reference?


Did you by any chance notice a whooshing sound above your head while posting that?

Anonymous Physicist

Ah, that’s what that sound was. I did wonder…


Mourinho has said that Cech is such a Chelski “institution” that he is a special case, and for that reason he’s going to let Cech choose where he wants to go. It’s a nice way of doing business to be fair … if it’s true. Wouldn’t be surprised if he stays at Chelski though


I don’t believe a word Moanreen says, but he may refuse Cech to come to us just because he can. Out of spite.

bims lay

Rubbish!….Lol……Cech is never coming to Arsenal…not as long as Mourinho is alive anyway!

Arshavin's Dietician

Interesting thought, Mourinho not being alive.

Stringer Bell

I like him and want him to become great. What he did against Southampton when he let in the second, picking up bottle of water said more about his ego than he realised. He was more concerned with how he looked than going 2 down. Hope he learns from it.


Hard not to be confident when you are in the Arsenal first team that young. Went over the line into arrogance but hopefully will come back very determined, hopefully in the FA Cup.

Hope he stays and fights it out next season.


Ospina has obviously been very good since he has come into the team, but i think in terms of pure goalkeeping ability both szczesny and ospina are about the same. Whats szczsny lacks and ospina clearly has is consistency. If szczesny learns to put in consistent performances without needing a kick up his arse every other season, i believe he can be even better than ospina and perhaps, truly world class. He also clearly offers the advantage of much much better ball distribution from the back than ospina, and while that quality may not be a very vital one when… Read more »


If Szcecny needs a kick up the arse every season or so, that would be a consistent performance in my book. And that’s the point: Szcezny was consistent last year, he even won the Golden Fist or Glove (who knows?). I don’t think he lacks consistency, I assume he lacks attitude in training. It’s make or break for Zcsesny. He needs to show Arsene and David in training, that he can buckle down, rectify his arrogant stance and be the better keeper for the team. I like him, his ability, but like writen before, the swash-buckling water bottle and the… Read more »


Regarding any of the best players in the world, isnt it usually a case of could rather than should?


of course, it was more hypothetically


Szczesny is relatively very young for a goal keeper (of course there might be a few exceptions here and there). Maybe maturity will also brings the best out of him.
Regarding consistency, Szczesny won the Golden glove along with the Cech. That could not have happened if he was not consistent.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Alternatively, it didn’t happen for two seasons running because he lacks consistency.

Me So Hornsey

I actually think Chez has more natural ability than Ospina and honestly has the “potential” to be as good as Cech. But his decision making is appalling and his distribution isn’t much better. They are both aspects a young, motivated and determined young keeper can iron out. The big question: is he up for the fight?

the only sam is nelson

there have been a couple of times where Ospina has come out for a ball and I’ve watched through my fingers, terrified that he was going to clean up the opposition forward a la Szcez and earn a straight red. But no – it can be done! hopefully the younger keeper (and actually that’s another thing – Ospina looks about 20 years older than he apparently is, the poor fella) is picking some of that good shit up in training, though, because if his judgement improves and he gets his head together then he could be a world-beater.

remember the invincibles

The only doubt I have is about his mentality. I like him too, but I wonder if he’s just another Lord Bendtner in disguise. Confidence and self belief are great but they need to be tempered with a dose of reality every now and again. Look at how Coquelin got real and improved his game. Its different for a keeper, sure, but I don’t see why Szcz can’t try to cut out all the crap and just keep it simple by staying solid in goal. Thats what Ospina has done more often than not and If he doesn’t make the… Read more »

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Or he was just thirsty?


“… it is not until after they go, that all these guys realise how good Arsenal is.”

Spoken like a true legend.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Couldn’t have said it better


The Dumbest thing for him to do is to leave. This is the biggest club where he has joined as a youngster, given him the education and believed in him and give him numerous of chances. No where else is such patience and encouragement is shown to players at this level. Some might say we haven’t really won the trophies because we haven’t replaced him as number one, but we still stuck by him. If he leaves it would be for a lesser level club and he not Arsenal will suffer believe me. Suck it up and work harder and… Read more »


Upvote for Szczoo


I like Sczcz .. still remember his penalty save against Udinese. Maybe send him on loan to Charlton 😉 worked wonders for Le Coq u know 😛


We don’t need another DM


Fuck off Chel$ea scum, I’d rather have a shit player that’s Arsenal through and through (not saying Szczesny is shit, saying I don’t want Cech).


In fairness to Cech, he is perhaps the only Chelsea player I can stand, or even (dare I say it) like, having seen him interviewed and having met him (albeit briefly). He comes across as a professional and a gentleman, something seldom seen at that most crass and vulgar of clubs.


Knowing very little about the Chav $cum, Azpilicueta seems like the only half decent one to me. Makes no difference anyway, I would never want an ex-Chel$ki player.


Yes I can see all Arsenal fans turning down Hazard if he begged to come to us….


…or John Terry.


Never wanted a player from the Shit either but Campbell worked out pretty well didn’t he? I don’t care where they come from as long as they give their all for the club while they are here and aren’t complete asshats.


When Dave speaks you listen, simple


Seaman knows of course. Safe Hands wisdom.

Rozza the samourai

Szczesny is full of talent. Lot of people do not realize this because of his errors. He needs time to get his head right during games and everybody will see what a great keeper he is. He will be sought by big teams, I am sure. Few years ago, people were saying that De Gea did not have the level to be Man U keeper. The same people are now saying that Real Madrid wants him. In terms of intrinsic talent, Szczesny is even better than De Gea imo.


He certainly has tremendous talent, but I think the question is whether or not he has the temperament to use it properly. I’ve taught many kids and seen some phenomenally bright ones come up short because of arrogance, laziness and general assorted twattery. If he can get his head out of his arse, he could have a bright future with us. But ‘if’ is the operative word, I fear.


Absolutely, well put. And Wilshire too, to an extent.


Totally agree, they both seem immature and obviously they still are to an extent.

But compare Szczesny’s temperament with the likes of De Gea and Courtois and there’s a big difference.

Saying that, I’m not realy convinced by Ospina either. I do think it’s one area we could improve upon in the summer.


Why the down votes?


Do not gloss over the fact David de Gea has reportedly spent countless hours building his physique and improving his game – he is supposed to be relentless in his quest to improve. His mentality has always been good and he never had a reputation for bad decision making. He was first tasked with bulking up as he was thought too slight for the EPL. Frankly, I think we can only imagine what it would be like to have a goalkeeper with the command of De Gea or Courtois and I agree with Arseblog that this is one area where… Read more »

My name is my name

I think he gets unfairly criticized for his errors too. Sure he has made bad mistakes but what goalkeeper hasn’t? Everybody’s lovebird Courtois has made at least two huge blunders this season that has led to goals for example. People make it out like Szczesny does unbelievable mistakes in every single game, and that’s not true.

Yes he needs to work on consistency, but he is not this league one-level keeper that a lot of our fans seem to think.

Stewart Robson's therapist

I’m going to get blasted for saying this but I think he’s got to go. He’s a liability with the ball at his feet, he inspires no confidence in the defenders playing in front of him, and his decision-making is getting worse, not better. And then he’s caught smoking in the showers at St Mary’s, while his father reveals he’s regularly puffing away in private. Arsenal have to have one of the best goalkeepers in the world between their posts. Petr Cech is a no-brainer if he’s available, Ospina would be a very solid backup. Szczesny is a good guy… Read more »


Blown it? Surely he has inhaled it? Look its not the ball on his feet, or the smoking that’s the problem its that his rare errors are so damn expensive – we keep winning by 1 goal margins which were draws with szczesny. Ospina, sure he makes judgement and technical errors but seems to have street smarts in recovery, Szczesny doesnt seem to have that ability to recover -e.g, Ospina would never have conceded in that league cup final and yet i think szcz would do it again. Szczesny may be better technical goalkeeper, but for me Ospina is technically… Read more »


Blogs especially wants him to be the man, its his blog and he’s entitled to his opnion but it is hard to imagine him writing today’s blog about Oezil instead of Ospina. Yeah, he’s been good since coming in but he’s playing with a settled defense and a team that is really clicking, we should not judge him on such a short period of time, remember Gallas, not saying he’s Gallas, but remember? Anyway, I’m sure Wilshere would have done just as well as Oezil with this settled defense and Coq playing beside him and if Oezil has a bad… Read more »

My name is my name

I hear this ‘inspires no confidence’ storyline all the time and it’s just clearly made up out of nothing. What’s you proof for that statement? The defenders in front of him was pretty confident last season wouldn’t you say? We had the best and most consistent back four in the league and together with Szczesny they all won the golden glove.


No brainer? Cech cant even dislodged that Courtois dude. Why should we take their reject?


Ospina has performed better this season than Courtois, the guy who benched Cech. So clearly the best thing to do would be to get Cech to replace Ospina.

Stewart Robson indeed.


First Coquelin wasn’t the answer.
then Hector Bellerin wasn’t the answer.
Then Gabriel wasn’t the answer.
Then Ospina wasn’t the answer.

Does anyone remember the question?

the only sam is nelson

if only comments had been enabled when AW decided to blow a load of money on a Juventus reserve winger, thinking he could convert him to a central role… imagine!

although having said that, can anyone else remember whatever happened to that bloke?


Wenger spent decent money for a proven French International who did not click at Juve, after moving from Monaco where Wenger had managed.

Henry was already a serious and recognized talent, and that is why he cost 11 million to bring to Arsenal.

remember the invincibles

we don’t need an answer. We need a team and these guys are helping us build that.

Merlin's Panini

Is the question:
What’s the square root of 85231?


Is the answer 291.94348768211973938420599385117?

Anonymous Physicist

I hope Szczesny is currently working his ass off to make sure he will be the undroppable one the next time he gets his chance, as I think he’s got the talent to be a great goalkeeper. Either way though, I don’t think we can buy a really great goalkeeper this summer (see my comment on Chelsea not selling us Cech above) and whatever happens to Szczesny, we have a very solid goalkeeper in Ospina, and a very solid backup in Martinez. I wouldn’t expect Martinez to stay if we keep or replace Szczesny, actually, as I think he’s getting… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Had to double take the headline there. At first glance I thought it said “Semen is on Szczesny’s begloved hands”
First the smoking now this?


He can be a right wanker at times but will come again. I’ll get my coat.

Zorro in the Box

He’ll come good…


Szczczczccz need to eat some humble pie and realize he is not the worlds greatest but actually still has alot to learn if he want to fullfill his potential.

Based on what I have read about Ospina, he is a pure proffessional through and through who puts his head down and works really hard allways wanting to better himself. Took him 2 months to claim the number 1 role in France and not much longer to do the same at Arsenal.

Canuck Gunner

The #1 keeper spot is clearly going to stay with Ospina unless he pulls off some Sczcesny styled errors. I like both keepers and agree that Szcez may have better natural ability, but his mistakes over the years have been costly. Simple fact is that we are winning with Ospina and he isn’t costing us any goals or dropped points. Szcez is a quality back up, but the occasional errors still makes me nervous (albeit they are less frequent than they used to be).

goalkeeper please

ye “if only szczesny could save better, make better decisions and just be better then he’d be world class”. That’s what some people might aswell be saying. The guy is far from world class. Yes he’s still young and could come good but no way in the state he’s in should he be arsenal’s number one next season. Get Cech in.


In fairness to Szcez he has not really had much in the way of competition for his place, until Ospina arrived.
The benching of him, may well be the making of him.
He has the ability and time on his side, he will have to put his head down, work hard and when the time comes, he has to show us what he can do.


I think Szcez will not get back into the team (apart from cups) for a while. I don’t think he can hack it being a big player – look what happened in Euro 2012 – he concedes a penalty and gets sent off in the first game for the hosts.

Ultimately, the players are there to win games and if Opsina is either good or lucky to win games then it is irrelevant if Szcez is deemed better. As another french general said – better to be lucky than good.


Szcz is still very young. Let’s be patient with him.


He’s not much younger than Ospina and personally I’m sick of him. Before the last FA Cup there was a very interesting interview with Kos who was asked if Fabianski should keep his place for the final. His reply was yes, he said the players had confidence in him and he CONCENTRATED FOR THE WHOLE GAME. Ospina is the same, he doesn’t stand rooted to the spot while the first shot on target whizzes past him, he’s always awake. I like his calm presence and I don’t get all the criticism over his distribution either. Szczesney is a disaster waiting… Read more »

Juxta Position

I don’t understand people who say he has immense talent. When has he really showed that? Yes, he won the golden glove but that was more down to the defense in front of him. I remember in the early days of de gea at Man U (a truly world class player), his size and distribution were questioned but not his shot stopping ability. When has Szcz ever shown the same talent? This isn’t a case of a highly-talented player making tons of mistakes, this is the case of an average player make stupid decisions. Arsenal as a club deserves the… Read more »


Huh. What a silly statement.
You said the reason Szsz won the golden glove is because the defence in front of him and yet you compare him with the likes of Neuer, De Gea, Lloris as if they handle defence by themselves. All the defence do their bits. Szcz is one of our own, aim your shot to the enemy, pal.

Juxta Position

If you could look past your rose tinted glasses you’d (maybe) understand my point. Are you trying to imply Szczenzy has any chance to ever be like the aforementioned 3 keepers? And if so, when has he ever shown it?

And I’m not aiming a shot at ‘one of our own.’ I’m a fan of the club, not blindly loyal to all players. Since when has criticizing a player meant aiming a shot at them? If we can do better than him, we should. And we clearly can.


Forget the glaring errors (if possible), the stat that really hammered home an alarming point was when Arsenal were purportedly letting in more first shots on goal than any other team.

And regarding the Golden Glove, both recipients (the other being Cech) ended up benched as better keepers claimed the number one spot….so that rather dipells the idea such a winner reamins first choice.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

De Gea’s early days were not as good as you are pretending. There were newspapers saying Ferguson wanted another goalkeeper.

Juxta Position

I guess I have to spell it out for you. Yes, his early days were shaky, but that had to do with his relatively small size and being easily bullied; his shot stopping capabilities were never in question. Everyone could see he had a real talent for that. On the other hand, when has Szczezny ever shown similar shot saving ability? You can’t say he’s particularly good at one-on-ones or long shots, so where is this massive potential I always hear about?


I wonder if a part of the reason szcz fell out of favour is also related, at some level, to his dad’s outbursts in the press. His comments about Per being useless and slow, in particular, won’t have been appreciated by the club…


For me there are 4 things Ospina is doing better at the moment, and that have always concerned me about Szczez: 1. Distribution. I always feel like Szcz pushes short balls out too soon and puts the team under pressure in their own half. Ospina never does this. He’s more of a ‘safety first’ keeper, which is calming and smart with a defense that has at times been too nervous. 2. Organization. This is a bit intangible, and it’s hard to say if it’s the keeper, or the defenders getting it together, but I have to give Ospina credit based… Read more »


Also against Everton. Lukaku (sorry about the spelling) went through due to a Gabriel (I think) error and Ospina came out and made two clean tackles.

Arsenal's Legend

I think the target of every players is to do better than what they did the previous season. in my own opinion Scez get carried away by that golden glove and lack of proper competition


Schez is miles behind De Gea. and some seasons ago we were saying scez was the better of the two.
he puts the defence under pressure by some of his antics. he would have to improve a lot to become No 1 at the club.
he has time but he needs the fire in his belly.

Mesut Aussie

Cracking title blogs…. No wonder he has seaman in his begloved hands. He’s got nothing better to do!


I don’t think Szczesny is only the issue …let’s ask the question…how good is the goal keeping coach …??


The future of the Pole at Arsenal look bleak for me.
He s’ got talent for sure, but the environment of the club has changed.
more composed and mature players, manager been in his last years, financial muscles. if arsene can upgrade he will. And I suspect the problem with him has more to do with his attitude than his skills.If one ask the players in defensive position if they prefer the P


If they prefer the Pole or Ospinna it will probably be Ospinna. Like someone said with a keeper you are looking for safety first.


Absolutely right.

Szsc is still very young for a keeper, basically his career was unduly accelerated for lack of choice on our part.

That considering, he has performed very well.

Unless he is ill advised by his old man, I expect him to stay.

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