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Wilshere to face Reading…tonight

Arsenal have confirmed that Jack Wilshere will continue his rehabilitation from ankle surgery with another run out for the club’s under-21s.

The England midfielder wasn’t included in Arsene Wenger’s squad for the win against Burnley, but will captain Steve Gatting’s side when they face Reading at the Emirates this evening.

The Young Guns have it all to do in the final weeks of the season if they are to secure a quick return to the top tier. They’re currently fourth in Division 2, one point behind Reading, but should be buoyed by last week’s 4-1 trouncing of Stoke City.

Abou Diaby and Serge Gnabry, also returning from long lay-offs, add further first team gloss while the likes of Krystian Bielik and Dan Crowley are also due to start.

If you fancy watching the match this evening, tickets are on general sale until 4pm, priced at £4 adults and £2 for concessions.

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You can also watch the game live online on


I was just about to ask. Ta


Ohh.. how I envy you North Londoners! 🙁


Speaking of North London. I believe we are nearing St. Totteringham’s Day. About 6 points away…or more games played with the same spread. Soon enough we should be celebrating that small but joyous holiday 🙂


Interesting Wilshere is picked as captain ahead of Diaby….
Or maybe just vaguely interesting.

Andy Mack

Maybe it’s planned for Diaby to only play 60mins and for Jack to play the full 90mins.


I only hope that Shad has somehow solved the most complicated puzzle that is Diaby. I really, really hope that he can continue his career with us, even if just on a pay as you play deal.


Gotta say, I really like Dan Crowley’s promise. Worried about his size though…

Andy Mack

I’ve only heard good things about him.

Cliff Bastin

It’s not the size that matters it’s how you use it.


Yeo size has really hindered that no hoper Messi, hazard, fab, Xavi, cazorla, maradonna… The list is endless. Quality is quality

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

The list of small players who have succeeded may be endless, but the list of small players who have not succeeded is even endlessier. Worries about a player’s size are certainly valid concerns to raise. Not saying this player won’t be good, I have no idea, I’m only saying that your argument is not a very good one.

Rohith J

That’s what they said about Cazorla too.

Arsene's Selfie Stick

Gnabry. I love Gnabry. He’s gonna be a tank with a Ferrari engine in a red and white paint job.


Yeah gnabry and ox have the epitome of a brick shithouse workhorse in alexis to look up to and learn from, hope they’re taking notes!


Hope Jack has been taking copious notes on Santi’s play in the center, a Jack-Coq partnership could be very effective for us


Barkeep! One Jack ‘n Coq please


Arsenal is playing in division 2???


I know Nigeria is a fair trek from London but please try and keep up

Mr Gooner

Fuck off mate, there’s no need for this nonsense.


Racist piece of shit…burn in hell.


Really…does it matter online where you are physically..
In case its too cerebral for you heres my alternative retort…please try and keep up with Arsenal’s class and behaviour…

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Ask yourselves why you think that was racist? Seriously people. Think about the assumption that you all made about the original poster. Would you make a similar snap decision if the poster called him/herself “American” or “Australian”? Nigeria is a long way from London is what I think Steve was getting at, and it’s what I first thought of when I read his reply. He didn’t mention anything about race. You folks actually brought that subject up. I suggest you apologise to Nigerian for being so crass as to assume his/her race. Trez, I suggest to you that the concept… Read more »


£4?!?! What is that….like….$9 Canadian? I can’t even go to my sucky local division 1 Soccer team for that cheap… (It’s comparable to watching Monty Python’s Upper Middle Class Twit of the Year Race). Please someone over there give me a work visa, job and a place to live so I can go watch real live footy…

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

You understand what you’re getting is division two of the kids’ league, right? Not saying it’s not cool, I checked these matches out from time to time when I was in London and they were usually a fun day out, but you’re not getting high-quality super competitive football…


Geefive, I know Canada is a long way from London, but keep up with our deflation here in the UK.

I also know that all Canadians are you know like…. Canadian and I am allowed to say it.


David, our deflation is as bad as yours. I actually went to England to see the Arsenal last month, and it cost me $1.98 for each pound I bought before I went.


Hummm. Nice to live in North London when you are a Gooner. You lucky sods

chippy's chip

Phew.. for a moment i thought captain jack was going to be faced with reading… a book. Lucky its just footie jack.


hope Iwobi scores a hattrick 🙂

AntiSpud unnecessary complicated utterly useless. I’m using the latest android device and have digital membership but all its showing is live audio. Why advertising video when only audio is fucking available???

Mark Hughes

Because you are using a device that has phone technology and not actual PC/Mac technology. Also, if Arsenal player are only doing commentary then it doesn’t matter what device you use.


I think you missed the point, Mark. Arsenal advertised live video, and only provided live audio.


Another smack in my face for leaving London 🙁


Same here mate. I now live in Winterfell, not far from The Wall and regretting it everyday.


Crumbs, if it weren’t for the football, I’d never return to the city of my birth. Don’t miss living in London at all! Each to their own!


I live way down-under.. in the shire


Jack who?



Mark Hughes



Apparently the phrase “watch it live” means listening to an audio only presentation. I’m disappointed, but it’s probably my fault for misunderstanding such clear English.

Arsenal's Legend

full squared, no chance to give a player a run of consecutive games to gain fitness. hmmmmmmm serious business


Anyone know what kit we are wearing Saturday?


I thought Jack looked pretty good today, seemed to suffer midway through from feeling like he had to do it all himself. I like the Crowley kid too, a little small but spunky. Bielek was very Koscielny-like until he pulled up with what looked like a thigh thing. Diaby was out of shape and all the “bad Diaby” things we vaguely remember, holding onto it too long, dawdling and a little lazy but he was clearly trying which is great to see. No chance he’s ready for first team this season. It would have been nice if the ticker… Read more »


Thanks for the post game…its almost impossible to find any qualatative report on such games. Normally it would not matter, but with key players featured…


what the heck is Keown doing at reading and not the Arsenal?! is he any good?


The meh – Jack being feisty as ever but also senselessly conceding silly fouls. I want to see a mature Jack next season with no trace of the Joey Bartons in him. Coquelin goes into so many duels each match but rarely concedes a foul – quite impressive and relieves a lot of pressure from attack Orcian in nature.

The good – The best thing about Jack is his first touch when receiving the ball – it’s perfect.


I watched the U21s game on arsenal player, it was a typical Wilshere performance. Excellent first touch, carried the ball well at times, tackled well at times. Didn’t make the most of two good scoring chances, held on to the ball until the very last moment – inviting the tackle a he likes to do… Should have released it earlier a couple of times. A good run out but I wouldn’t start him against Reading this weekend. He lacks the goalscoring of Ramsey, he lacks the passing range of Cazorla, and he’s certainly not better than Ozil as a number… Read more »


Funny, about 4 here who watched the game report Wilshere was essentially being Wilshere. I know the majority say give him another season but I thought this season was supposed to define him. We seem to go around in circles with him and I have said before, I believe a change of teams will be the only way for him to progress and mature his game. He has hit a celing here in terms of development and I believe in large part this is due to feeling entitled. If Man City were to offer silly money I would not hesitate… Read more »


Well, this season he defines himself as Diaby’s partner in the treatment room.

Daniel Swags

I missed the match can someone please post a link to watch the highlights

Arsenal's Legend

even if its goal keeping?


was curious to see how wilshere played and i wasnt surprised by what i saw. This was an under 21s match and quite often when dueling Wilshere would very obviously take his eyes off the ball and try to shove/barge (clearly fouling) the opposition. Maybe he was the big dog and the ref was turning a blind eye but it showed he couldnt even compete fairly at this level. But Wilshere definitely had a good grip of the game, his first touch was good and creating that extra yard of space from himself looked natural. however he still has the… Read more »


I think Diaby will be released. Impossible to bank on such an injury prone if super talented player.

Jack will be a great addition for us as we push toward the end. he offers plenty of energy going forward and may prosper with the better balance currently because of our regular Cback pairing and Coquelin.


Bielik and Crowley are two other players to watch. Bielik in particular is why I feel one of Arteta or Flamini will be released this summer. I think the former will go. The latter is not as bad a player as many imagine him to be. If you watch the games again, he is far from abject and has improved over recent season particularly with ball retention and use of the ball going forward. Where he lacks against Coquelin is energy level and technicality. But the difference is not as far off as many tend to imagine. If we bring… Read more »

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