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Trio to get another U21 run-out

Having turned out for the U21s last week, Mikel Arteta, Jack Wilshere and Abou Diaby will again feature for Steve Gatting’s side when they face Stoke City at the Emirates tonight.

It’s the latest step on the comeback trail for the midfield trio with Arteta and Wilshere out since November, while Diaby has missed most of the last two seasons through thigh and knee injuries.

The club also confirm that Serge Gnabry, who has missed a lot of football due to a serious knee problem, will take part.

Interestingly though, there’s no mention of Mathieu Debuchy who played last week for an hour. Whether that’s because he’s now ready for first action again or for some other reason we’re not quite sure.

The Frenchman said he wasn’t far off 100% last week in an interview in which he expressed feelings of guilt for having missed so much football in his first season at a new club.

If you fancy seeing tonight’s game, tickets are on sale at just £4 for adults, and £2 concessions.


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It’s going to be cold tonight, shirts on I’d recommend.

And have a good match!




3-1 up, 10 minutes to go…

All three might do the 90 minutes.


4-1 hat trick Iwobi!


Iwobi with a hat-trick. is that 5 goals in 2 games? not bad. not bad at all.


Diaby!! I will be rooting for you.

James Reihill

Any word on the ox?


2 weeks


I assume Debuchy cannot participate because you can only have 3 overage players in the U21 match; hence with Wilshere, Arteta, and Diaby playing, there is no place for Debuchy. Prioritization? An interesting one if you ask me.


All 4 of them played last week for the under 21 and flamini played the second half. i think Debuchy and Flamini are in the squad or this weekend


That was not a U-21 game, it was a closed-door friendly.


That was a behind closed doors friendly though, and not restricted by the league rules.

Arsene's musings

I think Wishere still qualifies as u-21 player? hopefully Debuchy back fit now.


For England yeah, because it’s about his age when the qualification games started, but not for Arsenal – he’s 23!


He does for the England camp, not sure if it’s the same rules for club.


pipped at the line. well done JB.


Jack thought “under 21s” was his new daily smoking regime


I’d really fancy a live stream for this one. Anyone?


Good news (everyone!). I only hope it isn’t a case of a setback for MD. It would be great to see them all feature before the season ends as a prelude to next season!


Did anyone else see Sanogo’s juggle up and over the Man city defense yesterday? What the hell was that?

Giroud Awakening

He always seems like he’s making it up as he goes along haha. Love Yaya. He had a few nice touches last night.


That’s great news that they all are close to a return, but I don’t see how Wenger is not going to have some issues with some very unhappy players that won’t even make the bench. Assume we go with the same starting lineup vs Liverpool when these players get back and everyone is healthy he will have to pick four subs for the bench (with the other three being a GK and two defenders) from the list of:


Even on defense he can only pick two of:

Gibbs, Debuchy, Chambers, Gabriel


compared to what we’ve had in the last few years, I’d rather Wenger faces this ‘problem’.

bims lay

Yep!….agree with you 100% pal

Walcott's left footed curl

Well, Flamini and Diaby I think we can rule out from an Arsenal future. Flamini is just not that good. When he came into the side, he did a good job, and credit to him for that. But for now, I don’t see him as a part of our team. Diabys injury record speaks for itself. Arteta will hopefullt stay on for another season or two, as will Rosicky. Two great players who I hope would like to spend the sunset of their careers with us and perhaps grow into other jobs at the club. The other four and the… Read more »

Arsene's Zip

Poor old Rosicky can’t buy a game at the moment.

Shame really – love that guy. Just shows how much depth we have when everyone is fit.


He should have come on instead of Flamini at the weekend, not that it really mattered.

Arsene's Zip

I thought that too, but Flamini is more defensively minded.

(or slidey tackley, as it’s also known)

Anonymous Physicist

This is a good point and one too many fans overlook. To be honest, I think we probably have one player too many in midfield at the moment (not counting Diaby), and I think we need to be careful in the summer to not add players without letting others go, as we might run into morale issues. It’s all well and good saying we should sign another holding midfielder and also keep Arteta, but will he be happy being third choice dm? And when will we try chambers at am if we already have three senior options? To me, anyone… Read more »


Injuries, injuries!!!

Anonymous Physicist

Yes, that’s why I said second eleven, not first eleven. I think we currently have about the right amount of squad depth, but getting more is asking for trouble, as with what we currently have we’ve coped fairly well with a massive injury crisis (ever since getting Gabriel and ‘replacing’ Flamini with Coquelin that is). I’m not saying we should get rid of a bunch of players. It’s great to have squad depth. I’m saying I think we probably have one midfielder more than we need (Flamini), and that beyond that for every senior player coming in someone should go… Read more »

Me So Hornsey

Players being unhappy at not getting into the team really should be near the bottom of Wenger’s concerns and list of priorities.

We’ve been crying out for depth for the best part of 10 years. Not only that, I think our apparent oversubscribed list of midfielders looks a bit distorted when you consider Diaby, Rosicky and Flamini have all got very uncertain immediate futures at the club, also Arteta and Cazorla are into their 30s. Take those away and it becomes clear that maybe the ‘problem’ will never really exist.


the squad is incredibly strong. This summer and next season are a massive opportunity for us.

Someone's Something

*Calmly waits while media snatch this pic, cuts out Arteta, photoshops a cigar in it, and goes bananas over how Wilshere seems to be partying topless and obviously has lost his plot*


Are you sure this pic wasn’t photo shopped to take out the cigar 😉

That comment is only because they look relaxed and cool that a cigar company would have paid millions for an add with models looking this way.


Let’s hope the orcs U21s ain’t as ruthless as the first team

Rozza the samourai

Thought same as you. Is it a good idea to play guys back from long injuries against a club with a very rough, almost savage football culture ?

Giroud Awakening

I can’t remember the last time we had such a full bill of health. I know we were all joking about it at the start of the season but perhaps Shad Forsythe’s implementations are finally having their desired effect.

Since Christmas we have only had a handful of injuries; Debuchy’s freak accident, and Ramsey’s mystery muscle tweak. Other than that I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

January and February used to be our nemesis with regards to injuries so it’s nice that things finally are starting to look up.


Personally i think rosicky, flamini, podolski and campbell will leave.


I’d put Diaby on that list as well.


Not Rozza, please stay Rozza…


I think Rosicky will stay, but Flamster, #Aha, and Campbell are all gone. If Diaby remains fit for the rest of the year, he’ll be given a one or two year extension. Hopefully he WILL remain fit, because when he’s 100% he’s the first name on any teamsheet.

Will XL

I think Rosicky will retire at Arsenal. He deserves a testimonial match. Such a classy player. Real fighter too. I hope he successfully passes his spirit to some of these youngsters.


While I would love that to be the case, I doubt it. Did he not mention last autumn already that he has been seriously considering a swan song elsewhere? I suspect he wants more game time and he simply won’t get that with the aforementioned depth we have in this squad. I love watching Little Mozart but I fear his time is drawing to a close at the Arsenal, which is his choice.


I’ll be going tonight, anyone fancy joining me?


Comment:wow we have such a good squad. well balanced. i dare say the best in the league when everyone is Fit


Why do people put “Comment” at the front of everything they write? You’re in the comments section, we know it’s a comment. Even if the section wasn’t called “Comments”, most of us are smart enough to read it and be able to tell that it’s a comment.

My quibble aside, I thoroughly agree with your comment:comment. If we had been as injury-free as Chel$ki all season, we’d be the team ten points ahead of everybody else.

Lloyd Townsend

Anyone know whether it’d be possible for me to stream this game down here in Australia? Also, what time is the game going to be played in UK time?


We’re only allowed 3 over 21s in the side – presumably Debuchy is the least in need of game time hence not being involved.


Isn’t the reason why Debuchy won’t play is because U21 can only field three overaged players? Correct me if I’m wrong


Like the prof said..if only there was another 15 games to go. Great squad, best in years!

Save 75 cents

I am so envious of people that have the opportunity to watch Arsenal at any level. Being in the states I MAY MAY be able to one day attend a game but it is incredibly cost prohibitive and difficult to get a ticket I am told. Go support the boys at all levels; they deserve it!


Join Arsenal USA. Foreign supporters clubs get ticket access between the gold and silver levels. I’m in Canada and belong to Arsenal Canada, and I’ve never had a problem getting a ticket.

Do be aware, though, that foreign supporters clubs have deadlines for ticket applications. You generally have to commit to your purchase about ten to twelve weeks prior to the match, and once you’ve committed your purchase is irrevocable. When planning your trip, make allowances for possible date/time changes to the match.

Good luck.


Arteta really does look like a real life Ken doll. Like a ken doll crossed with Rob Lowe. I can picture him in an 80s bratpack film or potentially a particularly glamourous episode of Magnum.


If he grew a big bushy moustache he’d be a better Magnum than Magnum himself.


in Burnley news

The Premier League have just confirmed that Mike Dean will referee Saturday’s Premier League game Burnley against Arsenal.



Why do we get that twat refereeing our matches so often?


Isn’t there a limit to the number of senior players in U21 games? Could this not explain Debuchy’s absence?


Look at all this eye-watering depth. Wenger reaping the fruits of his patience and planning all these years.

John C

Not really sure what any of these 3 players brings to the first team at the moment as they all seem a massive step down from the 3 currently playing in the centre of our midfield at the moment.

Arteta brings an experienced alternative or compliment to Coq i guess but would i want either Wilshere or Diaby to replace Cazorla or Ozil, not a chance. When you add Ramsey, Flamini and Rosicky into the mix, looking at the numbers it’s clear that a couple of these guys will need to be off loaded in the summer.

Rozza the samourai

Is that what you call depth in a squad ?

John C

No, 9 players for 3 positions is unmanageable in my opinion, i can’t see how you can keep all happy and playing consistently.


does anyone have one of those special links where this game can be seen on a live stream?

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