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Video: Szczesny vs Ospina – Who’s better? (2014/15)

Here is a video featuring Szczesny and Ospina, enjoy. Who do you prefer?

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Szcz. Though like Ospina’s calmness, though he has played behind the Coq and a settled defence so has been more fortunate than Szcz.

Happy to have them both competing for the spot.


I think its the other way round. The defense is more calm with ospina behind them. Szczesny being really good at reflexes, but not so much with anticipation of the ball, get the defence little nervous I feel. With Ospina, they all look composed. Just like we fans feel clam with him at goal


I feel szczeny drops in confidence in the biggest games.That usual swagger is not there and he makes minor mistakes.His confidence drops and his overall performance drops a notch.Makes small errors from time to time.Ospina is being played probably because of his calmness and he is a much better sweeper.Ospina’s weakness is his height,distance of his kicks and collecting crosses.But he will improve.

Bould's Eyeliner

Ospina’s got a bit more big show experience though, I’m sure World Cup experience goes a lot way in keeping him calm for an EPL game. I have confidence that Szcz is the keeper with more capability but needs to find his ground soon, and Ospina is one at the height of his career. It’s an interesting pair of goalkeepers we have – it’s such a difficult position to quantify in terms of skill because there’s a such a variety of ways of going about it. I think though positioning and composure will come to anyone at the top level… Read more »

happy gunner

I feel that ospina is an outstanding goalkeeper and has out-performed szc this season and hence deserves to keep his place.

And here comes the:

BUT – I just have this affection for szc. Yes he makes mistakes. Yes my heart is in my mouth every time he comes sprinting out, but its szc. Its our szcezzy.



I’d like it if we could combine Szczesny’s physicality with Ospina’s innate calmness in some sort of Freaky Friday experiment. As it is though, Ospina for me.


Added plot twist: Szczspina gets injured 2 minutes after the transfer window shuts leaving us with only the gimp alternate “Hugo” to play.

Man Manny

Ospina’s height is my only worry. You’ll have to think that Szczesny would have stopped that Monaco third goal at the Emirates because of his longer reach. Apart from that, I am okay with Ospina. I hope Szcz. stays to fight for his place. The two can help us win the league next season.


Height is irrelevant, some of the best goalkeepers of all time have been just as short.

Relevant stats –


That doesn’t prove that it’s irrelevant, that proves it’s not impossible. More of the best keepers of all time have been tall.

Overall, it seems reasonable to think of height as an advantage.


Height actually isn’t an advantage to saving a low down shot to a corner like the 3rd goal Monaco got. In fact it’s the opposite. Being closer to the ground makes it easier to get down to save those shots, not harder. There’s a reason the best gymnasts tend to be short light teenagers. Having long arms is indeed a goalkeeping advantage no matter how you cut it, and it is correlated with height to some degree, but height itself is not really all that important in a goalkeeper. Arm length actually varies enough independent from height that you’d have… Read more »

sg gooner

Barca new keeper is about the same height as ospina.

Luis Boa Muerte

This might sound stupid but Ospina looks like he has a really short neck, meaning he has higher shoulders than the average person of his height. Seeing as goalkeepers have no real need for a neck Ospina’s practical height might be taller than his real height!


Because keepers, unlike the rest of humans, do not require necks to connect their heads to their bodies and keep them in place.


Well played, Sir.


They are both good goalkeepers. It’s great to have strength on the bench throughout the team. Maybe next season our injuries won’t derail another campaign.

I would rather hear players moan about a lack of game time from the sidelines than wave them off with an expected acceptance that it’s for the best.

Every member of the squad will, in the end, receive an opportunity to shine. So let’s assume the injuries will return again next year and show no fear in fully preparing for it.


Szczesny all the way


Ospina all the way. He is a pro in all fronts. No fooling around and being overwhelmed by success and good performances, keeping his head down and working hard. If Szcz can learn from that he could improve.

First choice keeper should be David.

Si in Galway

Naturally “first choice keeper should be David” means I’m thinking about David Seaman.

Ospina’s thick oily hair could eventually reach Seamanesque proportions if he really knuckles down and commits to it over the coming seasons.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

In truth, Szczney has talent to be one of the greats but he relies on talent alone. He doesn’t have the desire to be great. I hope he wakes up soon and realize his gifts and understand the work it takes to become great. Until he develops that burning obsession to be great, he’ll just be holding his talent hostage

Pursuant Bear

Neither. Upgrade on both please.


Be a fan or go away

Pursuant Bear

So it’s considered not being a fan if you want the team you support to improve?

Strange. Perhaps you live in a country where “fan” means you don’t your team to improve?

Enlighten me, please.

Pursuant Bear

I’m genuinely surprised at the negative reaction to my comment. Are there that many Gooners who really believe we couldn’t / shouldn’t upgrade our keeper position this summer? Honestly? I like our current keepers just fine, but I regard them as ‘really good’ rather than ‘great’. Each have strengths and weaknesses, but I think there are much stronger keepers in the league and elsewhere in Europe.

I think there’s a good argument to be made for an upgrade on both.


Ignore…we call people like him “positive fans”. Even if Neuer was available, they’d rather we not get him to displace their favorites.
Nothing wrong with your comment. However, it won’t be the end of the world if we stick to the both of them.



Positive fans, they are scumbags.

Pursuant Bear

I think you know what he means, CB. Those fans who are both hyper-vigilant and hyper-sensitive at any criticism of the club, no matter how constructive and/or accurate. I meant my comment in the most positive way. I want us to be a better team, and I think the keeper position is one for which improvement could be made in the summer. Personally, based on what I see Wenger doing, I think Ospina will stay and Szczesny will go this summer. I hope at that time we spend on a keeper. Honestly, I don’t think we’ve had a truly great… Read more »

alexis' shorts

Saying “Neither. Upgrade on both please,” is not constructive criticism and most would read it in a negative tone (internets).

The “if Neuer was available” argument can easily be mirrored as an “if Messi was available” argument – unrealistic/astronomically expensive.

You seem to want a Courtois/Czech situation, which is unsustainable unless you give one of them ridiculous wages to sit on the bench.

I’m not questioning your support for the club, just the sensibility in your original comment and defense.

Pursuant Bear

alexis’ shorts,

Perhaps you think it’s “constructive” to ask Gooners on a website “Szczesny vs. Ospina Who’s Better”? I replied very much in the spirit of this post. I’m sorry you can’t see that.

I think I’ve qualified my remark below. Even if I hadn’t, I think it’s a fair argument. Neither are ideal, and I believe we need an upgrade in this position.

alexis' shorts

Yes, you qualified it better below, I’ll give credit for that as it’s true. But in statements above, you imply that your original comment was constructive enough, a failing argument because you did not expand on anything in that first statement. As I said before, I am criticizing that form of defense as it’s fairly easy to break down. If you submit a short, relatively vague/unqualified statement, there shouldn’t be any surprise when others assume meanings as little direction was provided as to what your real intent was. With the expansions, it’s a fair argument, without them, it’s a statement… Read more »

Pursuant Bear

“Argument” was used in a comment below to make a general statement about how readers respond to criticism of the club. My original comment I would prefer to characterize as a “point.” I maintain it was a fair point, or at least one for which any sensible reader could infer reasons. It’s not the first time on this site that people have argued for a better keeper, and in fact the Arsecasts of late have suggested this very thing. To be told that I am not a real fan for expressing this idea is absurd, and I find it strange… Read more »

Pursuant Bear

Also, quibbling over the use of the word “argument” does not, I would suggest, mitigate the statement that responses such as WindsorGooner’s (and others like his/hers) represent a kind of hyper-sensitivity amongst certain fans. And again, I would say your critical eye would be better directed at those who respond to comments by attacking the person instead of the point.

John C

I do, neither are from the top bracket of goalkeepers in my opinion. Chesney hasn’t improved since he got into the team and is arrogant but not in a good way. Ospina is still to completely convince me.

Czech would be a good purchase in my opinion


well, i think the issue is that the common thing now from so many people is “oh, we don’t have a ‘world class’ player in that position? GO OUT AND SPEND ALL THE MONEY!!1!1” As you say, we have two young “really good” keepers in competition with each other. I’d prefer to keep them together, in competition, and see if one (my money’s on Szcz) can make the leap. Your mentality would have had us sell Le Coq, loan out Bellerin, give up on Monreal after some shaky games, etc. I want to see our players improve, and I’m willing… Read more »

John C

Not really, the money’s there to be spent to make the team the best it can be.

The truth is Chesney has been 1st choice for a few years and been given every opportunity to make the position his own, which he hasn’t because he’s been dropped. There’s no parallel to be made with Coq, Monreal or Bellerin as none had been previously given a consistent run in the team, in fact the opposite is true those three have improved when given the chance.

Pursuant Bear

I don’t think those are fair assumptions of my ‘mentality’ at all. For one thing, Szczesny has been given ample opportunity to develop. In my opinion, he’s stagnated, and much of that seems to have to do with his attitude. Wenger seems to agree with this sentiment, and has dropped him indefinitely. You say competition is a good thing. I agree completely, which is why I want a better keeper than either of them in order to push one of them to even greater heights. I can’t understand how you can claim that my understanding precludes competition. Really strange conclusion.… Read more »


If I could ask one thing it would be some evidence/facts to back up your argument. Otherwise it is all opinion and often bullsh*t. Look at MT’s post 20-25 posts below this one. Lots of detail that create a convincing argument. Otherwise it is all fantasy football without any rationality as to why. Or ‘Szcz didn’t play very well against Southampton’ as an argument purporting to show that he is a poor keeper ie taking one match/incident and extrapolating. For example – Szcz was Golden Gloves winner last season, kept a clean sheet against Germany, the World Champions, this season,… Read more »

Ramsey's Spirit

The keepers we have are good, there isn’t anyone better available at reasonable cost and wages and we have weaker areas to improve first so lets address that first. This is fairly obvious so lets not go around labelling people as positive fans for disagreeing with your plans for an upgrade, who did you even have in mind? Out bidding Bayern Munich for Neuer? impractical and a waste of resources.



David C

I have to agree with Monday’s Arsecast and say that this is a position we can improve on. Would a 32 year old Cech be an improvement? In the short-term, I would say yes.

If Szcz isn’t happy, then get rid of him. This team is on the opposite of a ‘downward spiral’ and we don’t need negative players around. Same goes for Walcott; he hasn’t really improved enough given the time he has been allotted.

Now, who’s next? COYG!!!

John C

We’d get a good few years out of Cech, at 32 he should be in his prime and Goalkeepers can stay at the top in to there late 30’s.

I’ve got a friend who’s a Chelsea season ticket holder who says he thinks Cech is better than Courtios but isn’t playing because Courtios is younger

Ramsey's Spirit

Cech may be an improvement in terms of immediate ability, potential? not so much, signing him virtually requires us to have a buyer set up for 1 of our current already good keepers, and that assumes a few things too, would cech even want to come, would maureen not do his level best to make the transfer as difficult as possible ala demba ba? Cech is an extreme solution to a non urgent problem. Arsene is a pretty good man manager, i say give him time to resolve the situation before jumping on the transfer wagon. get a bloody dm… Read more »

John C

I don’t understand this comment, the title of this article is “Szczesny vs Ospina – Who’s better?” so thats what we’re discussing, not “Who should we buy in the Summer”.

So given the goalkeeping position is the topic i think it’s reasonable to say, actually if given the choice i think we can get better.

I also think we should get an other defensive midfielder.


Szcz is more talented but Ospina is clearly a solid professional. This isn’t a case of ospina is playing because he’s the better keeper, he is playing because szcz made a fool out of himself with that smoking in the showers business. If he ends up leaving us then I hope he does so knowing he has no one to blame but himself.

The Playmaker

“This isn’t a case of ospina is playing because he’s the better keeper”.
Based on statistics Ospina is actually the best keeper in the league.


Hard to say, but szczesny still my preferred even though he hasn’t prove he can do well this season.

Maybe he deserves some other chance to improve his skill. Or the club maybe should do some other closed friendly game again, & give wojciech the chance to improve & show his quality

Tshaka the gooner

Very little separate them. Both Not world class but decent goalkeepers. I would go for cech if available


I don’t think that’s true. Last season SZCZ was one of two standout keepers in the league, the other being peter chech. This season he seems to have relapsed to the kind of form/behaviour that saw him dropped in favour of fabianski. Ospina is a very solid proffessional, reliable and composed if not excellent and eye catching. SZCZ has the physical potential and the talent to be an amazing keeper but he is lacking what Ospina has, the professionalism and reliability. That is what has cost SZCZ his place and what is stopping him from becoming the undisputed Arsenal no.1.… Read more »


I like them both and I’m happy for both to stay and fight for their place.


Its such a difficult task choose between the two. Thankfully, I dont have to. I love szczesny but ospina is really solid.


Ospina, but if buying Cech is a realistic option we should definitely get him.

Rumpole del Bailey

Nah, Cechs on his way out I think.


I would like Mr.Blogs to do a stat vs stat for the two goalkeeper. I’m pretty sure Ospina is better.

Wolf Gang

If ospina get a bit tougher in the box he is nearly a complete keeper


Between the two, gotta go with Ospina and his calmness. However, Cech would be an upgrade over both.


Ospina is the more solid and actually saves shots coming at him. Can’t remember the last time I saw szczesny actually save a shot. On paper szczesny has it all but keepers know its a lot to do with the mental side and wanting to improve. Ospina wins that on both times and is the best at min.

And as for real world class keepers, there are only 3 out there and we aint getting any of them. Ospina is a very good keeper but not world class.


You didn’t watch the video? (or your memory is really really bad!) Szcz makes several saves on there!


What spanned over a couple of years?? Ospinas highlights are just over last few months.


All the action is from this season, take a look.


As much as I feel that Ospina has benefited by a solid defense, I also think that he is not flashy because he keeps things quite simple. He is calm and makes good decisions. Szcz on the other hand, though makes some really eye catching saves, still doesn’t give as much as assurance between the posts due to his demeanor and his poor decisions at time, only at times. Good to have both. I am still sure we don’t need any upgrade as they both will be world class in the years to come.


Exactly. Ospina is solid but unspectacular. Knows when to keep things simple unlike SCZ.

Eddie Kelly's disputed equaliser

Either way, the keeper is a position we need to strengthen moving forward. Grateful to them both for their contribution but I want the best as our number 1 and neither of them are the best.


Surely Szczesny but he hasn’t had luck this season. At the start of it our defending was very poor. In many games we got goal from the first shot but not by Szczesny’s fault. I had time and reviewed some of goals we got. Palace header – no chance Everton header and one on one Liecester header – no chance City Aguero from close range and Demichelis’s header – no chance spuds – not his fault Chelsea penalty and Costa one on one Hull 1. goal mistake from defender and one on one and 2. header – no chance Swansea… Read more »


To the Man Ure home match you can add: first goal conceded after both a foul and an offside by Man Ure and a crazy, flukey deflection on the shot. No chance.

John C

I think Szczesny was to blame for Utd first, i don’t think he should have come out so far for the ball (which he spilt) when staying on his line would have been the better decision, but thats my opinion.

Up until that point he had nothing to do and i think he was too keen to get involved.


Nah, the team acting like headless chickens after they scored, playing with a high line, leaving all the space to counter attacks from monaco is what costed us the game (also the ammount of missed chances)

Louis W

Just about EVERYONE has forgotten the numerous clangers and dropped crosses from Ospina and he’s had a few, he has made some good saves but overall I don’t believe he is better than Szczesny. Another thing people need to remember is Coquelin has given our defence and of course Ospina cover that Szczesny didn’t have when he was in goal earlier in the season.


Szczesny, though there’s not much in it. He had one bad game, but deserved to be dropped for his complacent attitude and, until Ospina does something wrong, Szczesny will just have to take the consequences of his actions. I agree that the competition is healthy.

Chibuzor Amos



I think With Sczez we always conceded to the first shot on target. It’s probably a concentration issue he looses focus and Ospina saves a lot of shots that I feel Sczez would let in. Sad to admit it but Ospina is a better goalie and Woljiac has the aesthetics


Szczesny has been over-confident despite being indecisive and undisciplined this season. The January 1st Southampton debacle simply would not have happened with Ospina in goal, not to mention a number of other “head scratcher” goals he allowed in the first half of the season. I wouldn’t call Ospina “world class”, but he also simply hasn’t had enough games under his belt to earn that title. No doubt, 4 extra inches on Ospina would be great, but his reaction speed and composure are phenomenal.

Sideshow David

Look how big Szeznzenznyzeny made himself


do these commentators ever listen to themselves.


In other news some Eagles just shit all over the blue skys and did us a right favour. The wheels are falling off in middle Eastlands.


Out-possessed 74-26. Outshot 22-5. Out-cornered 13-4. And Palace still won. Fucking brilliant result for us. Now let’s see Chel$ki drop some points before we thrash them in two weeks’ time. I can still get 16/1 on us to win the league.

Eddie Kelly's disputed equaliser

Scezesny’s kicking is poor


Ospina. More mature, calm, professional, good reflexes,better decision making than szczesny, more focused, his height can be a problem hence why he has to resort to punching crosses, but so far hasnt made any big mistake leading to goals or leading to “almost goals”. Feel more confident with him on goal. szczesny can become a good goalkeeper in the future but as of now he thinks biger of himself that what he really is. Neither is World class, but not many world class keepers out there. Age isnt really an issue with szczesny maturity, since there’s keepers out there with… Read more »




Won’t change nowt at the moment. Citeh got whacked at palace we are winning chelscky looks nervous, happy daze! Maintain the status quo, and hope a bad run from Maureen, we beat them, win the title THEN compare who is the best between the two

David C

..and city just lost to Crystal Palace!

David C

and united and citeh place each other this weekend. Points dropped all around!


Ospina is the keeper we need right now. If you knew where he came from to become Colombia’s No.1, the man has ice in his veins (his facial expressions don’t reveal much). He’s a steady, experienced international. Sczc is gonna be great, but has room to improve as does Ospina. It’s very close. I like both keepers, but if we do bring in another genuine world-class keeper on the Cech/Buffon level I’d be okay with Sczc leaving. We need to be ruthless in our squad pruning this summer and the positions that will make the most difference to us right… Read more »


You obviously haven’t seen Sterling in goal, he is brilliant! But you have seen him dive a lot so should have got a clue from that how good he is.

George the Gooner


John Griffiths

Sz has more long term potential and COULD be one of the greats if he’s willing to listen and learn. Os is more reliable and a good stop gap. He sometimes seems a bit slow to move. Sz has greater athleticism and agility. I just hope that with age his tendency to rashness and his temperament will both improve.


Slightly off topic but was just watching TV and the actor Demián Bichir has an uncanny resemblance to David Ospina.


I really do like Ospina and he has done just about everything asked of him given the opportunity. There are a few things that scare me about him: challenges with crosses/high balls, his inconsistency playing the ball with his feet (Szczesny had this issue early as well) and his lack of reach (the PK vs Liverpool was an example of this). I do think he is the steadier option of the two, but Szczesny certainly can make saves and grab balls that Ospina can’t. I don’t think either one is the best we can do and would love to see… Read more »


if we can get cech or similar upgrade szcz can go. ospina off the bench and for cup matches. tired of waiting for szcz to become the goalie everyone thinks he’ll become. he’s worse than fabinaski and ospina – the numbers prove it. his attitude is shit and that’s why he’ll never be great. if you don’t think attitude has anything to do with it you’re kidding yourself.


The reason I favor Ospina -at this moment- is that he’s not susceptible to the Stupids. -he doesn’t get ridiculously caught in no mans land every match -he doesn’t decide to pull of Cruyff turns when under pressure (credit to Sczcez he hasn’t been caught out on one yet) -This one is big for me- HE DOESNT RUSH DISTRIBUTION PUTTING OUR DEFENDERS UNDER UNNECESSARY PRESSURE LOSING THE BALL IN OUR HALF!!! I do think Sczcez is better at shutting down 1v1s and difficult shot stopping. But that is half a keeper’s job. Distribution, controlling game pace under pressure, and organization… Read more »


Now now before you go thumbs downing me, I really do think Szeszney is the better all round keeper. To be fair, Szeszney was last years golden glove winner and has been immense for us since he broke into the first team squad. Szeszny was playing for us this year at a time when the WHOLE squad was underperforming. I really don’t think that having Ospina in goals has changed our fortunes. He still seems like he’s one game away from making a few costly mistakes. Not that confident in the air and his shot stopping is nowhere as good… Read more »


You know the biggest difference to me is that Ospina doesn’t cause my heart to shiver every time he gets a backpass. Where as with Szczesny, he loves playing risky short passes that also invites pressure on our defence. It’s screwed us over before.

Getso gunner

Ospina all the way

Rumpole del Bailey

I think a bit of competition between the two is a good thing and from what I’ve seen Ospina looks more comfortable in that competitive role than Szczesny. I’m more than happy to have Ospina as the number 1 choice for the remainder of the season (and beyond.)


I prefer Ospina without a shadow of hesitation. You could feel his serenity from his first game. He is a lot more mature and composed than Scecz and only one year older. He is quicker, more agile, has better reflexes and doesn’t go to the ground too easily. The only bemole would be the Monaco game where the whole team had a shocker (him included) but nothing indicates Scecz would have done better. Don’t forget it is his first year. I rate him highly (saw him play for Nice). In some respects he reminds me of Neuer. He is not… Read more »

rocky coq



Me? Off course “Oooooospina”


Who cares, Almunia’s better than both of them.


Szczesny weaknesses:
Kicking directional problems.
Moments of madness.
Seems arrogant.

Ospina Weaknesses:
Kicking length.
Looks like we found him at a bus stop.

Cech has none of the above weaknesses but does wear dodgy head gear and is not Chelski number one.

You do the math! 🙂


If we keep Ospina, do we go for:

1. the one that got the Golden Gloves last year but has spent a lot of this season on the bench

or 2. the one that got the Golden Gloves last year but has spent a lot of this season on the bench?

Tricky, the choice is ours (or Arsene’s really).

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