Monday, July 4, 2022

Brand new pics of the 2015/16 home kit

Via a little birdie comes a couple of new pictures of next season’s home kit.

We were going to watermark them, but maybe if we just asked all the people who will take them and put them on Facebook, Twitter or their own website to either credit this post or our Twitter account – @arseblognews – they might view that as a fair deal.

Up to you folks.

Arsenal 2015/16 home kit
Arsenal 2015/16 home kit
Arsenal 2015/16 home kit
Arsenal 2015/16 home kit

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La Défense

Sanchez will pop that collar.

James vagaBond

Collar is already popped!


I’m liking that collar, smart.

David C

very priestly as well

David C

perhaps to please the injury Gods!


I like it, a lot. Smart design with the button. This was the one which was doing the rounds, so you’d expect the away one that was floating about to be pretty much identical too..


Its still got that silly plastic badge

AN other

Not much sure about it but will end up buying it anyway.


Red with white sleeves.


Jack's Right Foot

Looks authentic as fuck that does. Nice.


30 Mil > Nike > Puma

cesc van pushy

looks pretty loose by puma standards.


Players’ version will be tighter I’d guess


It’s skin tight, not sure if you saw but there was a photo floating round twitter a few days ago, after Arsenal “accidentally” put up a video which had Rambo wearing it in the background, however they quickly took down the video once they realised the mistake.



Arsene's zip

My Nike shirt from 2 years ago is still in good nick, having been worn a lot.

My Puma one from this season has the badge hanging off and it says Fl Emira. Half the letters came off in the second wash.

Cheap shit.


Well, *MY* Nike shirt from two seasons ago has tons of pulls and snags. My Puma shirt from this season looks 90% as good as it did when I bought it in September (I’ve washed it at least a dozen times since then).

Tazmanian Jesus

The quality of the Fly Emirates logo doesnt have anything to do with the shirt.

Sounds like yours werent printed on with enough heat.

Really doubt Puma puts that logo on themselves.

Ive worked a few years with this, doing football shirts for more or less my whole region in Norway…its real boring work..


Didn’t realize Tasmania was in Norway?

NSW forever!

Tasmania is nowhere. Nowhere interesting anyway…


-but not too bad for Norway, is it??? 🙂


Same as mine

Az Ahmed

Usually under the neck label or side label, there’s a bunch of little pictures – that tells you you don’t wash the shirt at 80 degrees with fabric softener, bleach and then iron directly onto the printing. If you do that you are left with LY MATES or LY IRATE

Sam Jones

Business as usual. Get the feeling it’ll grow on me.

Mikel Artekkers

Don’t like the collar, and the single button just looks unnatural.

cesc van pushy

what do mean unnatural? shud it like like body paint like the current one?


Looks good to be honest.


Doesn’t look as figure-hugging as previous shirts. Which is a shame because I like to wear something that accentuates my extremely toned physique.


My tummy should be in safe hands with this i reckon.


Just your man boobs popping off that button to worry about.



Sideshow Fellaini

I bet u can see your wee wee when you pee pee.

NW Gooner

Get the feeling it’ll look pretty good when we’re lifting a treble wearing it.


I like the retro look of this, though I will echo an above sentiment regarding the quality, the stitching is coming out of my puma shirt. That said the letters all came off a Nike one from a few years back (might be 2011/12) very early on.


One word… sweatshop! Or should that be two words?


Class, that.


The fucking button. Like its 1982 or something.

Third Plebeian

1982 was a great year. What do you have against 1982, you yearist.

I looked up 1982 on Wikipedia and learned many interesting facts. Mikel Arteta was born that year (also Jenna Haze). It was also the year the first computer virus was written (by a 15-year old kid, to infect Apple II via floppy disk), the Delorean Motor Company’s plant in Belfast went into receivership, Sony launched the first CD player, Time’s Man of the Year was a computer, and Italy won the World Cup.

LvL 3 Pidgey

Jenna Haze sounds familiar. Let me look it up for research purposes.

LvL 3 Pidgey

Oh… 😉


Fuck off arteta was born in ’82… Ahhhh fuck, I’d be retired by now if I were a footballer.


So what? Nothing is new, new.


And what is wrong with 1982?

Django unhinged

Spurs won the FA cup in 1982. Everything is wrong with that year.

Third Plebeian

Are you saying that a year that birthed Mikel Arteta and Jenna Haze is wrong?

No chance.


Kinda reminds me of the old 91 JVC one. Hopefully it’s got a little space for my love handles. Had to cut two holes in the sides of this seasons one.


A new home kit every season? I know, lets fleece the fans a little bit more because a 1k season ticket isnt quite enough!


I loved this years kid, but I dig this one too. I think it’ll look good on the boys.


When proof reading helps.


I think its looks pretty neat! And the gold trimming is a sign of winning the premier league maybe…


Very, very odd to me that no one has seen a single shot (even rumoured) of the Away shirt for next season.


Looks alright eh


If we win stuff with that kit, we’ll like it. I remember when we switched from JVC to dreamcast and I hated it…then the kit we got with the massive O2 logo on it almost made me throw up when I saw it at first.

But, we enjoyed success with those kits (nothing to do with the kits, but we associate that stuff with winning etc).
I for one don’t like it when we have a blue away kit…just stick to yellow, in my opinion.


I bloody wish they’d stitch on the fecking Puma logo and Arsenal crest. Printed rubber sucks ass.

Nic overall though.


@arseblognews +1


Well its red and white, that will do me!


Waiting to see how it fits shneiderlin and lacazette. The shirt from last year (the one blue white red armband)was the best IMHO. When I first saw it I thought This is gonna be iconic. Then they diched it! WengerOut!

Sherman Hall

I like the new top would like to see the new away top

Shere Willpower

Should look good with Reus name on it !

For Gods Sake

Looks like a baseball top.

mersons coke dealer

Looks cool as. I’m still rocking the 2013 shirt so I’m due an update. It reminds me of Alex Song a bit too much.

Gooner mon

Am I the only one that hates baggy shirts? Something about the tight fit looks sleek and futuristic almost


You are obviously not drinking enough beer……then you would learn to love the loose fitters.

Kenyan Gooner

Is there a possibility this is for the fans. The players’ shirt must be tight fitting.

Third Plebeian

They sell a different shirt to the fans, always have. There has never been a problem.

Sylent Syd

This one is worth my money. Haven’t bought a home kit since 2006/07.


With mullet wig and clapped out Capri as accessories? We’ll rule the streets,


It will look better if we win the league in it!




As a total sucker for collars, I’m currently having an Arse-gasm.
*something about Ireland’s referendum*


The Mandarin collar looks tacky… -_-‘

Third Plebeian

It’s not a Mandarin collar…but thanks for contributing.


I love it. This is a MUST BUY!


Im far to big boned to wear puma tops


Football shirts should not have colors !!!! Just don’t look right


I definitely agree. Looks outdated. Everyone raving about it is hanging unto the past.


I agree, no colors at all. They should be completely transparent. The only thing I dislike about your post is the American spelling.


Looks like a champions league winning top. Up the gooners


Don’t think I’ve ever liked any Puma kit of any team to be honest… But you know what I do like? £30 Million for my team. That’s what I like.


Gotta be honest & say it looks shit.Hate buttons on a footie shirt & the grandad collar is a big no no.Keep the current one for 2 seasons you greedy bar stewards


I prefer the tight ones so you can see everyone’s moobs.


It’s alright , I prefer this seasons home shirt though.
Not a fan of the button on a footy shirt , whilst The collar is just about acceptable .


I think that the plastic badge makes the whole shirt look cheap I prefer the good quality woven sewen on badges not the ones that have been stuck on with heat

Kos Forehead

I’m I the only one who likes 2008-09 kit ?


Why the white at the top of the arms? I’d like a kit that simply has a red body and white arms with maybe a white collar & red cuffs with no fucking about!

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