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Szczesny slams father after Wenger abuse

Wojciech Szczesny has taken to social media to dismiss comments made by his father after Maciej labelled Arsene Wenger disloyal in the Polish press.

Szczesny senior, an angry man who seemingly styles himself as a Slavic Stuart Robson, is miffed that junior hasn’t featured much at the Emirates recently and called on his son to quit the Gunners for another big club.

Clearly irked by the timing of his father’s words Wojciech took to Facebook to outline where his loyalties lie.

They are clearly not with papa.

“Really shouldn’t be dealing with this one day before the cup final but my father leaves me no choice.

“I have not spoken to him in more than 2 years and just like everybody else I have had enough of his idiotic comments about The Football Club and The Manager I owe so much to!

“Therefore please do not consider his comments as my shared view. Thank You for your understanding!”

It’s not the first time that Wojciech and his father have traded verbal volleys, nor is it the first time that Wenger has been the target.

Given Szczesny has been tipped to start tomorrow’s FA Cup final we can only hope his head isn’t too frazzled by the latest round of pushy parenting.

He probably would have been better off ignoring his dad given the circumstances but at the same time we can understand why he’s so naffed off…Maciej is quite clearly an absolute bell.

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Weird, what a tool of a dad. As a former goalie himself I would have thought he would know better.

remember the invincibles



What a self-centered twat. Way to ruffle your sons feathers the day before a cup final. Hope he c*nts a goal kick straight through your window in Poland you lousy sh*t.


Well hopefully Szcz starts then cause Oooooooospina! couldn’t c*nt a goal kick through a window on the edge of his own box 🙂


What a dick, dad is.

Az Ahmed

What? A dick? Dad is


He didn’t even pass on his dress sense to his son.


Well.. That was unexpected..


A welcome sign of maturity from Woj. Let’s hope it’s the start of brighter things for him..


Well said Wojciech.

Third Plebeian

Feel for Szczesny junior. That’s a sad family situation.


Not as bad as Adebayors…

Arseology - Reloaded

Adebayors full Facebook statement reads: ‘SEA, I have kept these stories for a long time but I think today it is worth sharing some of them with you. It’s true that family matters should be solved internally and not in public but I am doing this so that hopefully all families can learn from what happened in mine. Also keep in mind that none of this is about money. ‘At the age of 17, with my first wages as a footballer, I built a house for my family and made sure they are safe. As you all know, I have… Read more »


That’s quite interesting, thanks for sharing.


“as you know… I was African footballer of the year in 2008”

I didn’t know… Am I ignorant?

Anonymous Physicist

He posted this on his own facebook page, so it’s not an insane assumption that the people reading that would know.




It certainly answers a few questions and gives a whole different insight into Adebayor.


Unfortunately a lot of Sub-Saharan families are like this. For me, it still doesn’t excuse Ade’s behaviour to the club when he left.

chippy's chip

Bet you sell ya dad the cleaning agents at a tidy profit.


Now thats a fucking lawless family no one deserves, not even barndoor.


Poor Manu, just shows that money doesn’t necessarily bring happiness.


There’s also part 2: And part 3: This part is particularly fucked up: “Another day, after training…I was very tired and decided to go take a nap. I woke up and a knife was held to my throat. As I opened my eyes, both of my brothers were there. They were shouting and they claimed that I was wasting their time. Peter was going mad and Kola was supporting. I asked them: “Is this the only way to solve this issue? I yes, then kill me and take the money”. It’s only at that moment that he put… Read more »

Az Ahmed

Crazy shit. I thought this kind of stuff only happened in Bollywood movies of the 80s


Don’t let this get to your head Szczesny.
Win us the cup tomorrow.
I know to this day you still feel responsible for the League Cup defeat to Birmingham in 2011; so the moment is there for you to exorcise those demons.
Us gooners have your back.



well said!


As the cup keeper, with a finals coming up, I wish Wenger had played Szcz against West Brom. I like Ooooospina, he certainly has a calming effect on the defence. However Bentake is good form, is very good in the air. It has been well documented that we have been conceding more than our fair share of headed goals! With Ospina’s height disadvantage, any contest for a cross will be more than uncomfortable. Szcz responded well to the last time he was benched and he could be a better bet – if he had played a game recently! A speculative… Read more »


In his dad’s defence he did once punch Roberto Mancini


Even Hitler liked dogs.


It needs to have been Maureen for him to come out of this well! 😉

John Doe Gooner

Good to distance himself from those contentious comments.
However, Woj could have been more respectful to his father.

Mark Hughes

Like his Dad has been respectful to him? If my Dad kept having a go at my boss and putting my career in danger, I’d probably tell him to shut up too.

As a parent you can voice your concerns to your child but don’t try and talk for them, especially when it’s only going to cause a problem. If he left, then any potential club is going to see that they would have to deal with his Dad as well.

Az Ahmed

Respect of elders is the cornerstone of all successful societies. He’s his dad at the end of the day. If it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t be here


Respect for elders with bad ideas leads to ruin. Just look at the entire world for evidence.

Az Ahmed

His father is obviously concerned otherwise why would he day such a thing?
Respect is earned, but also when it is ingrained in a society that elders are respected, the elders themselves earn respect. It is a cycle.


Respect must be earned. You cannot demand or expect it by default.

Mark Hughes

I absolutely respect my Dad and my elders but if one of them is being a bellend then I’m going to let them know it.

Az Ahmed

That is the difference between western and eastern societies. Respect of elders and for white hair is not a significant part of the western mindset and philosophy.
You reap what you sow. A man who disrespects his parents will be disrespected by his own children. This issue has reduced my respect for Wojciech. There are many ways to deal with such issues. A man is defined by his conduct. It is easy to be respectful when others are respectful. The reality of a man’s character is clear when facing adversity.

Az Ahmed

Arsene Wenger is the perfect example. He respects everybody, even those who are disrespectful towards him. Now you can sum up Mr Wenger in one word – class


Slow it down.. Every one here is losing respect for you I guess. If you continue they would lose hope too..

Karthik Shandilya

Its really dissapointing that Szczesny’s career has come down to this. He is not a bad keeper at all , in my opinion. He had a great year last year winning best goalie award alongside cech. This year he has had spectacular fall from prominence to being a fringe player.
I still think he should be kept in team and not sold. He can be a classy goalie if he makes few important improvements to his game and I think he deserves a chance.


I get the feeling that Wenger has been trying increase his humility and decrease his daft behaviour this season. Or to put it less kindly: bringing him down a peg or two. He’s a great keeper, and seems like a good enough bloke, who’s been a bit prone to the odd bout of stupidity and hotheadedness both on and off the pitch. The smoking-thing was probably the last straw and a prolonged period on the bench might have done his attitude (which had been improving anyway) the world of good and a Cup Final winning performance (which of course he… Read more »

Master Bates

you are embaraszczing me daaaaad


Dad, not in front of my friends!


literally LOLed !!!



George Martin

If they haven’t spoken in two years it’s rather puzzling that his father deemed it necessary to involve himself in matters that he probably has little knowledge of, what a tosser.

Mark Hughes

His Dad hasn’t exactly been quiet during his son’s career….


This is what confuses me. It used to be that Woj talked to his dad all the time, and got pointers after each game. Now it comes out that they haven’t talked in two years? I don’t know what happened at that time, but I do recall end of 2012 or 2013 that his father came out Wenger bashing too.


In other words, we know that szcs still have his much respect on wenger despite of his lack of game time. He might hasn’t be to good & sharp lately but love how he’s now becoming more mature & hope he do learn from his mistakes and keep improving himself if he wanna stay at arsenal.


Even if your intentions are to do good, if you don’t do “good” well, you’ll end up doing harm.


Cheer up Chez, could be worse, you could be like Adebayor and his family.


You shouldn’t joke about things like that.

Dick Swiveller

Huh, if he has issues with his father then it may well be that his whole family life is a bit ‘complicated’, could go some way to explain his recent mentality.

Theo's Speed

The way chez is speaking kind of betrays that he will be playing tomorrow . You shouldn’t go two years without speaking to your dad though , even if he is a dick .


It seems that having a pushing prick as a father is a common issue within Arsenal changing room…


Calm down people and don’t be quick to judge the man. Szcz Jr hasn’t outlined why they haven’t spoken in two years.

He’s probably the one that “took care of him ” when he had that nasty double injury so you can imagine how had it would be to talk later.

“Szczmells like team spirit ”
‘szczhut the f*ck up dad ‘

“But Almunia is szczhit ”
‘Szczeriously dad, am never talking to you again ‘


Ok Shezza you are between the sticks tomorrow good luck.


Shez has been tipped to start? Who tipped him?


As mentioned, I do not see a new keeper.

Unless Szsc is gullible enough to heed the words of his old man, he is s till very young and very much in the ascendency.

Those slating our keepers should bear in mind Ospina has the highest save percentage this season!

As per usual, more simplistic minds tend to gravitate toward the grass is greener mentality without taking into account the high quality in the squad at present time and (considering age) the enormous potential for continued organic improvement within.


Funny that…he does look like the Polish Stuart Robson!


fabianski got us to the fa cup final last year with his penalty saving performance against wigan. he won that game for us and wenger deservedly started him in the final. szcz hasn’t really impressed in any of the cup games he’s played or in the league. ospina has been solid throughout and that’s why i think ospina will start in the fa cup. wenger let fabianski go because he had faith in szcz. how did szcz repay that faith – by embarrassing the manager with both his on and off field behavior. i won’t be surprised if he’s gone… Read more »


I would like to know what the goalkeeper coach has to say about Szczesny. Clearly he’s in the best position to judge Szczesny.


Congratulations to Wojciech for speaking out, it takes balls to say that in public. Now here’s hoping he can follow it up with a fantastic cup-winning performance at Wembley tomorrow.

Tazmanian Jesus

Holy hell! Thanks Woj Szcz!
If it wasnt for you and this article (thanks blogs), i would have missed the final!
I was 100% sure it was on sunday…been too lazy reading Arsenal stuff lately i see.

Tankard Gunner

Geez, just goes on to show that life is really not that easy even if you’re earning major bucks playing for a club like Arsenal. Suddenly, I’m a lot more thankful for all the support I get from my folks.
Takes balls to say something like that out in public, can’t imagine what it takes out of you on the eve of a cup final though…can’t be easy on any young lad like him.
Let’s just win the fucking Cup and then we’ll silence critics by the dozens. Starting with this Maciej.


Still think szesz is head and shoulders above ospina and should be our number 1. I think we are all forgetting that ospina came in with the emergence of coquelin as our back four shield. Szesz never had that. He was golden glove winner last year ffs.

Sam I Am

Ah shit, that sorts the Szez v Ospina issue right out. Szez to play just for the opportunity to do something fabulous, and then, with heaps of analysis, work this thing out with his father (or not work it out, but just move on)

Bumpy Bear

Is that Erik Thorstvedt the former Tottenham Goalkeeper in the picture with Szcz? If not, his dad looks an awful lot like Erik.


I support John Doe Gooner’s opinion; Woj did well to distance himself from his dad’s comments. But to tell the whole world that your dad is “idiotic” just to save face is too overreaching and underscores the “rebel” in most young people nowadays. If he used the word “inappropriate” on his dad’s comments it would have been most apt. Also saying he hasn’t spoken to him in two years, that’s not what he should expect from his own son when he becomes a father. His dad was simply trying too hard to protect his son, though his comments were truly… Read more »


i dont trust any of our keepers. sorry

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