Wilshere desperate to start | Walcott on Arteta speech


Jack Wilshere says the prospect of featuring in a cup final played an integral role in helping him overcome the dark days of his recent injury.


Sidelined for over 5 months following surgery on his ankle the England international also underlined how desperate he is to feature at Wembley again.

Last year the midfielder came off the bench in extra-time to play the final 15 minutes of the Gunners’ 3-2 victory over Hull City.

“When you’re injured you’re having those dark, lonely days in the gym when all the players are training.

“When you come back and you get to major finals and you can win major trophies, that definitely is something that keeps you going.

“I’ve been injured for a long time this season. I’ve worked hard. All I want to do at the minute is play football.

“I really want to play. It’s probably the biggest game of the season. I’ve been injured for a lot of the season so it’s been frustrating and I’ve worked really hard to come back.

“I feel really good. Of course it’s down to the manager but hopefully I will play.”

Wilshere played the full 90 minutes in Arsenal’s final two league games of the season but could well miss out on a starting berth if Arsene Wenger returns to the Coquelin, Ramsey, Cazorla triumvirate that featured in the preceding six matches.

After scoring a hattrick at the weekend, Theo Walcott is also looking forward to making an impact at Wembley.

Speaking to the Evening Standard he shed light on the squad’s build up to the big day, revealing all the players watched a video documenting Arsenal’s pedigree in the FA Cup at the bequest of club captain Mikel Arteta.

“We had a nice little video and Mikel [Arteta] stood up and said a few words to the players who weren’t involved last year in the FA Cup, the foreign guys.

“Just showing the video shows how passionate the club are and it being the 19th occasion [Arsenal in a final] as well and potentially the 12th win is a great achievement. Those words were very strong.”

He continued: “It [the FA Cup] always will be special, not just to me but all the players.

“People say the love has gone for the FA Cup… not at all. For me, not being involved last year hurt so this year you want to take every opportunity you can.

“You want to be in those history books. You want to be remembered for the way you played and a winning team.

“Every single player, me included, will be putting in 110 per cent in this game because it means a lot to us and the fans.”

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WoW – Walcott and Wilshere.

Hopefully both will play a part and perform great.




Walcott of Wilsherecraft

Coq's nose of steel

Wal of Wilcraft …… Apologies


Wilsh of Walcraft.


Fucking come on lads!!!!!

J Bird

I’d like Walcott to start ahead of Giroud. I think Santi has been poorer of late so I’d be inclined to move Rambo central and Wilshere at RW. I don’t think Arsene will do either of these though.


Santi hasn’t been his best attacking the opposition, but him and coq been mopping up in front of the defenders brilliantly. All depends on how Arsene wants to start the game.. Personally think he’ll keep it balanced as our last few league games have almost been all out attack.

Bould's Eyeliner

I wouldn’t leave Santi Clutchzorla out for anyone in the squad. Wilshere certainly could do Santi’s job I guess, but Santi, Coq, and Ramsey have really established a great pressing rhythm. They’re very coordinated and they’ve been solidly controlling the midfield. Surely Villa will go for a sit back and counter plan for at least some of the game, so Santi’s ball retention and coquelin’s sweeping should be essential in not letting Benteke sucker punch us.

Merlin's Panini

Don’t think I would drop Santi for a cup final to be honest. Not after last year when he kicked off the turnaround.


Please stop it I’m getting overly excited.


Me thinks that Wilshere and Szczesny have unfinished business with Wembley finals


http://player.arsenal.com/player/6365-szczesny-on-the-fa-cup implies he is in. Would be strange if he wasn’t playing and did this video. Though he does say it is the manager’s decision.


Even me, myself dont know who to put in the starting XI tomorrow. Cant imagine how much headache wenger is facing now.


I personally can’t wait for Arteta to retire and go into coaching… It’s worth keeping him around for the speeches alone.

I dream Arsenal

And for the hair…..

David C

Jack better lay off the smoking because he looks older than Arteta in this picture! Arteta looks like he could play for years.

mandela kokoto

I think it’s important for Wenger to start theo Walcott than Giroud and wilshere in deep midfield together with Carzola and coquelein

good 'ol 1-0 to woolwich

yea, I imagine players giving their all to ensure that his hair stays perfect. Even if he doesn’t say it to them, just looking at his hair will make them play the perfect game. Arteta! COYG

Fool of a Took

Wow, imagine beeing in the room when Captain Arteta speaks about the importance of the F.A. Cup to the new foreign players. A proper captain who knows when to speak up and what to say to make his team mates grow an extra inch. Love this team!

double canister

Arteta is pure class, a selfless captain.


Mikel can’t help that his hair (and apparently his teeth) are perfecto.

I need to know where these pictures are taken so that I can “accidentally” bump into them.

Arsenal's Legend

Hey am I the only one getting pumped for tomorrow’s game?


Blogs, I think you got caught between behest and request. I’m not sure Arteta was bequeathing anything. (No need to publish this).

Isaac Marcus Carter

Nice one captain I hope we will enjoy the moment like last year and we the fans will also put 200% into it. Good Spirit, Wilshere and Walcott.


Oh captain, my captain!
Arteta is pure class.

And although winning is important, I would say equally important is the way you play. We don’t have have enough in the budget for a bus driver.


the foreign guys. hope the media don’t twist it!










Not bad. But how about this?







How does that sound, champ?

Finsbury Park Gooner



Nice words, but who is this Atheta guy anyways?


“Every single player, me included, will be putting in 110 per cent in this game because it means a lot to us and the fans.”

No you won’t – because you can’t give more than 100 per cent. Why do footballers say such stupid things?


Though if they normally run 5 miles in a match they could run 110% of that, so 5.5 miles.

So it is possible.


Bollocks. The the 5.5 miles would be the 100 per cent and the 5 “normal” miles would be only 90 per cent. One hundred percent is the maximum possible performance – in this case 5.5 miles, or even more; that’s why it’s impossible to give 10 per cent more than the maximum.

Fact – as Rafa would say.


Fats, I’m supposed to be the pedant around here and you are stealing my thunder. Stop it.


So a player can’t run more than 5.5 miles? Anyone can beat their previous personal best.

Let’s say it is the FA Cup Final, he is desperate to win, the adrenalin is working overtime and he runs more than ever before, say 6.05 miles. That is 110% of his previous maximum of 5.5 miles. He gave 110%.

We can keep on going until you realise 110% equals 1.1 ie 10% bigger than another figure, whether the normal miles, the previous maximum or whatever.

Think about when you beat your doughnut eating record. Same idea with the miles example above.


Actually, you’re the thicko, CB. You clearly can’t grasp the simple principle that 100 per cent is the maximum performance that anyone can possibly give. What Wilshere should have said is, “We’ll all be giving as close as possible to 100 per cent.” That would have made perfect sense.

It’s impossible to give more than you’ve actually got. If all you were worth in this world was, say 100,000 quid, you couldn’t promise to give me 150,000 quid, could you? Because you don’t have it.

Think before you decide to slag somebody off.


Look back. I’m not slagging you, was trying to be humorous at the end given your name. Compare your tone ‘bollocks’, ‘thicko’ with the tone of what I said, it wasn’t an attack on your you or your views.

Football isn’t about giving money, your example is spurious. A player can give extra effort than before, score more goals etc. It depends on the base you choose.

And I have lots of maths qualifications so in this one area I can claim not to be a thicko. Fact.

Pirate Dan

This fatgooner character is an angry boy. CB is spot on in terms understanding that percentages are always relative to the subject and base that you are referring to. A bit comical to see an argument like this. 🙂

Dick Swiveller

I suspect media training has something to do with it, they’re encouraged to not think about what they’re saying and utter meaningless platitudes instead. Can’t blame them with all the idiots unable to grasp things like context and perspective these days, but it’s a shame. Quite why middle management feels the need to do it though, is beyond me.


Really .. That’s your gripe??
Besides , Math is for nerds.
Go Jocks!! I mean Come on Arsenal.


Wtf, Jack was using the speech figuratifely.
Lighten up mate.


NYC friends: Blind Pig or Football Factory?

I’m leaning towards the former but how early do I have to get there to not be crammed towards the door?


The problem with starting both Walcott and Wilshere is Wenger has to look at the game as potentially going 120 minutes. If both start then those are two substitutions that would have to made before heading into extra time as neither can go 120 minutes. For this reason I feel Wenger has to use Monreal ahead of Gibbs as well with Gibbs’ history of picking up injuries so easily. I can certainly see more of a case for Walcott starting over Giroud based on current form, but I think that Giroud’s ability to help defend set pieces could play a… Read more »


Deffo don’t see Jack starting. He has to accept that.

As for Giroud? The question is does his addition of support in setpieces fully offset the loss of end product and likely goal scoring that Theo (at least on current form let alone historically) provide?

That I’m not so sure.

Dick Swiveller

Or, is the game out enough to recharge or remotivate, or whatever it is that leads to Giroud doing better when he’s spent some time on the bench.


Not for the Finals . Play our strongest team. Ospina and the back four.
If Cazorla is not a 100% in form, Rosicky please.
Walcott come in as a sub for either Giroud or Sanchez.
Ramsey on the right –> switch deep mid when Rosicky/cazorla/oezil goes off in 65th.
No Wilshere when Ramseys on unless we’re like 5-0 up.
I want the cup dammit.

The DaveOtron

Come on boys batter then senseless and lets show liverpool what a waste of 30million Christos Ben&Jerry really is !!!

PS Theo pen on the dotted line please

The DaveOtron

10 nil to us

The DaveOtron

We will win hands down !!!

Arteta Fan

Amazing how much Arteta is admired and respected by Gunners fans yet so many see him “done” as a player. He may be near the end of his career but he has always been a key player here when healthy. I say give him the credit he deserves…if Wenger feels he can still play next year, he deserves the same loyalty, class and support he gives the club. Maybe he backs up Coq, plays against certain teams, covers injuries. He is a worthy captain on and off the field.

Kenyan Gunner

Arteta the captain,Should be couch after retirement.

Sean Poe

I can only assume that you’re getting thumbed down for misspelling the word coach, in what’s probably not your native tongue. If it’s for suggesting he should take up the role after retirement then I agree. Arteta is showing all the right attributes and leadership qualities that can hopefully be passed down to future Gooners. It’s a bit strange that no one seems to agree with you


Dark and lonely days in the gym? I was under the impression that Diaby was great fun and jolly good chap to be around.


I bet Diaby has a sign hanging above the gym door where it says “Abous’ s room” knock before enter.


I doubt a football team could ever reach a higher level of handsomeness.


Out players shouldn’t be talking so much before a game. It hardly ends well…


Arteta has been brilliant for the club.

He was brought in by Wenger to shore us up when we hit our nadir.

He has led by example and held our ship together during the painful rebuild over recent seasons with key departures.

A much underrated player internationally.

I don’t think he will be with us for much longer (too many knocks) but what an inspiration he is.

David C

Toronto Gooners, where do you guys go to watch the matches?

COYG!!! Back-to-back FA Cup champs has a great ring to it.


Fox and Fiddle on Yonge.




We want the full picture…no no..? anyone? Oh okay.


I’ve been in love with everything Arsenal since Mancity match.wow can’t wIt for next season