Thursday, June 13, 2024

Video: FA Cup final Arsenal 4-0 Aston Villa highlights

Proper highlight from yesterday’s game … enjoy the video!

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Robbie Rob

Best match of the season to me.

Яков Аршавин

The FA Cup has been renamed as The Arse Cup


This’ll probably not be written about, but everyone goes on about why are you letting Arsenal play? Get stuck in them. Well, Arsenal have developed a system where Arsenal do not allow teams to get stuck in, because they’re so good. It ain’t easy to do you know. Wenger needs to be applauded for his tactical genius in playing Walcott and then the wing switch for the goal, but because arsene is arsene and not jose he won’t get any credit for it. Some respect gentlemen, for one of the all time greatest. PS: why didn’t Villa play benteke? Heard… Read more »


THANK YOU! So many people saying “Oh Villa didn’t turn up” yada yada. Did they not see how high and fast the Villa players were pressuring us in the first half? It was only because everyone was on their game that we absolutely demolished their pressing game with the speed of the passing and moving. Also people saying Walcott proving he should be upfront/CF/ST, do they not realise that when he scored he was LW and Alexis was our top man?? Anyway, what a game. Had to watch it at the office. I think everyone that walked past my desk… Read more »


Benteke 90 minutes no goals.
Giroud 12 minutes one goal.
Let’s NOT buy Benteke!


I could watch this 100 times. I’m really glad for the following:

1. Arsene
2. Arsene’s choice to play Theo paid off.
3. The beast that is Alexis scored a well deserved screamer.
4. Olivier’s goal.
5. Coquelin’s massive presence

I could go on and on. Thank you to all the players. Those on the field and off. Thanks for doing us proud and giving your all for us. If this is how we can play next season the sky is the limit. So proud to be a Gooner.

Finsbury Park Gooner

In a team of 8’s and 9’s, Coquelin was the MOTM for me.


The look on Mert’s face when he scored. Priceless.
I love me some Merteshoulder.


We were so sexy on the day what with our sleek yellow/blue kits to much our play. I could watch the whole game 100 times over and not get bored.


Daniella No. 9

Actually left me kind of depressed. I’m obviously happy we won, but that display (even against Villa) reminded me how special this squad was and how much injuries/poor execution/simple bad luck cost us this season. On our day we’ve looked equal to — if not better than — Barca *on their day*. So, yes, great vid, wonderfully edited, but it left me with a tinge of regret for what could have been. PS. Hopefully we keep the squad intact, add a few key players (for the first time in awhile, there don’t seem to be positions — except perhaps GK… Read more »


Thank you Arsene Wenger and his men… I have stuck by you always looking at the bigger picture, never, ever a bad word I muttered. when we would lose is avoid all things arsenal online for the pure fact of reading those bad comments, responding then fighting with fellow fans.
Thank you for justifying my stance.
This is why it’s the beautiful game!


I tell you whats crazy, the fact that the dirty spuds had won this competition more than us before Wenger turned up. What a class act Wenger is and he will be a manager that will be talked about as long as football is played. Mind the canyon spuds because it gives you way to much credit to call it a gap. I just watched mourinhos response to Arsenal winning the F A cup, what a classless, arrogant little man he is. I would start watching curling if he ever became Arsenal manager, but gladly that will never happen because… Read more »

Django unhinged

Nigel Spink, Prince William, Peter Withe, Ozzy Osbourne, Ron Saunders, David Cameron, Tony Daley, Tom Hanks, Paul McGrath, Citizen Khan, Dwight Yorke… your boys took one hell of a beating.


What happenned to rosicky?


Been wondering about this too but when you look closely in the group picture, you can see his head sticking out. I think the little Mozart is just fine


A friend is just wondering about this so I did a bit of digging. Here is how to spot him. On the main go up picture on the pitch with the winners banner. You know, where they did the champagne thing. You have diaby standing on your left and Wenger on the right, right? Then look closely on diaby’s side and count right. He is the fifth on the right of diaby or sixth or seventh depending on how you see it or what you’ve been drinking. Personally, With all the stellas artois I have been on since last night,… Read more »


When I saw that Mertesacker goal I was really impressed by how fast Koscielny started the celebrations :))

Special mention, Benteke and Sherwood. Deep down inside they’re doing cartwheels and backflips.


Didnt mean to thumb down ..fat fingers and smartphone..

I love the BFG!

Roland C Rozario

A fantastic display of skills, commitment by the gunners!


Great performance. Fully agree with all comments
As we look forward to next season, how many games out of 38 (maybe 50 if I include cup competitions) can we repeat that level of performance? The answer to that will determine how successful next season will be. IMO I think that level of perform 30% of all games, slightly less in 40% and much below par (poor) in 30% will see us have a very successful season.
This is a rather realistic way of assessing our title chances, since its impossible to perform at the highest energy level in all games


Great game, winning it with panache. Premier League is next; and lets hit the ground running next season.


It’s been two days now and I still can’t get over how wonderful that match was. This, people, THIS is how good Arsenal are. We played to the absolute peak of our ability on Saturday, and when we play that way we can destroy anybody.

Congratulations to the whole team, for their outstanding effort. Special congratulations to Arsene Wenger, whom I admire more than anyone else in the world, for his fortitude, vision, and persistance. And congratulations to all the wonderful Gooners everywhere for their constant support and devotion to the club.

melba Jessica kamambiasa

Great job.

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