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Ospina linked with Fenerbahce move

David Ospina’s Arsenal career could be over after just one season, if reports from Turkey are to be believed.

According to, the Colombian stopper is set for a move to Fenerbahce for a fee in the region of €5.5 million.

It’s claimed that a deal with Arsenal has been struck and that final negotiations with the player will take place when he returns from international duty at the Copa America.

The 26-year-old moved to the Emirates last summer from French side Nice as a replacement for Lukasz Fabianski, eventually usurping Wojciech Szczesny to end the season as Arsene Wenger’s first choice between the sticks.

During his 18 Premier League appearances Ospina racked up some impressive stats, including the highest save percentage, 80.7%, and the highest win ratio, 72.22%, for any keeper in the division.

It seems somewhat odd that we’d want to let him go, however, with Szczesny committing himself to the Gunners and still a long-term prospect and Petr Cech’s move from Chelsea looking more and more likely it appears he’s the most likely candidate to make way.

That being said, Arseblog News is not yet completely convinced by this particular rumour…the Turkish press have a history of printing nonsense. With that in mind it’s a solid 6 on the poo-ometer scale.


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Governing Dynamics

Hard to believe. ..yet you can’t rule that out


Doesn’t really make sense *now*, though Not until (if) we actually sign Cech. And even then it’d make more sense to keep the 3 of them around for a year than to sell one for a relative pittance now. You never know how a new signing is going to adjust to a different team – if we do sign Cech he’d “probably” turn out great but probably is a bit of a risk to be taking. Seems like it’d make more sense to keep all 3 for a year and see how it goes before making a decision on which… Read more »


I think you have a point, I don’t understand why you got all the downvotes.
Nothing is wrong with keeping all 3 if, and that is a big IF we get Cech in this summer.
Anyway what’s all the hassle about, it smells like 20 chunks of poop to me as well.


Strange, given Arsenal’s Twitter feed has just published:

He’s a keeper! Check out @D_Ospina1’s stand-out stats from 2014/15


Last season he had the highest save ratio in Europe and then followed that up with a solid season at Arsenal. Hard to see him take such a massive step down on his career ladder.

Juventus among others we’re scouting him when we bought him.

Dick Swiveller

His stock was at an all time high though, after putting in some very good performances during the World Cup. I’d imagine he still has a bit of pull, but sometimes names live on after the World Cup hype and sometimes they don’t, maybe Opsina’s hasn’t.

Bould's Eyeliner

At another club, his move could be well more than feasible if this report is accurate, about double for what we got him for, and we already have a 1st choice keeper etc.

However, this is le prof we’re talking about, the man who curates his team like pairings of vintage wine – if he saw something worth well keeping in Ospina last season, he’s sure as hell going to see it in him for the upcoming season as well.

Dick Swiveller

It might well be that he wasn’t THAT familiar with Ospina to begin with though, saw him at the World Cup and thought ‘hmm, need a new keeper and he looks good’ so took a bit of a punt. It’s not like he’s done that badly, but possibly seeing him up against Premiership teams that swing the ball in, and push and pull you all over the place, Wenger thinks he might be out of his depth.

Rectum Spectrum

marketing package? 😉


He didn’t fuck up or do anything to warrant a sale already. 10 runny, steaming hot poo’s for me.


I’ll have the same, please.




It would be better to keep Ospina and let Szczesny go if the guy with the joins us. Ospina brings calm to the back four.


*guy with the hat*


Szczesny has homegrown status however, and probably more potential – although Ospina has been in better form this season undoubtedly.

Bould's Eyeliner

the height thing is a bit worrying certainly, but with the right cb’s in front of him, Ospina has dealt with aerials decently well this season.


Why not loan Szczesny? He’d get first team football, a different perspective and an obvious route back to a big club. It also saves us having to make a firm decision on something quite marginal, we can make a more informed decision later. Seems like the best way for club and player?


Should Cech arrive, I’d much rather Ospina be the one to go. Szczesny has more upside, being younger, taller, and more aggressive.
However, there’s no reason why we’d be in a hurry to cut him for a low price seeing as he has like four years left on a relatively modest contract. The club can afford to hold out if they want to.


May be we are thinking about his career too rather than the money…May be


Not sure if aggression is a quality I value in goalkeepers. Szczesny’s main weakness is his rushing off the line to bring down an attacker resulting in a red card and/or penalty. He’s done it many times. He’s done it in 2 of the biggest games of his career. For Arsenal vs Bayern and for Poland in Euro 2012. I’d rather more calmness in my keeper than a rush of blood to the head.

Dick Swiveller

I think he means in terms of attcking balls into the box, rather than maniacal tendencies, hopefully Szczesny can curb his ‘enthusiasm’ and learn when to do it; Neuer reguarly gets praised for his mobility as it is a great skill, as well as a potential weakness.

I’d keep Szczesny for the same reason, which is why this story does make sense as if we don’t think Ospina can learn to command his area then moving him on, despite great stats and an awesome chant, might be a good idea.


Yeah, I still rate him and would like to keep him. Just needs to iron out that flaw.


IF true –> One “RUTHLESS” Arsene Wenger


Honestly can’t believe there are sections of our support who would be unopposed to him being allowed to leave after just one (rather successful) season with us. Even if rumours about Cech are to be believed, Ospina is still a mighty fine keeper at age 26. Plus I don’t think I’ve enjoyed anything as much this season as hearing “Oooooooospiinaaaa” every time he boots the ball upfield.


……all the way to the edge of his own penalty area


That ospina chant is a good enough reason in itself to sell the guy. there is literally nothing enjoyable about it

monkey knees

It’s jolly good fun. Stop being a sad sack.



Honestly, I’d sooner let Szcz go instead of Ospina. He’s proven himself (at least in my opinion) that he’s a reliable option even after sitting out half of the season unlike erratic and unpredictable Szczesny. And if we buy Cech, who’d be the first option (again, in my opinion), I’m not sure I’d trust Szczesny on the odd occasions he gets the game, or if he has to step in in case of injury. Potential notwithstanding, I think his problems are mostly mental and he doesn’t seem to do any “growing up” thing. I’d feel more assured with Ospina on… Read more »


But has Ospina ever won a cup for us?

The Only Olivier is Giroud

I only came for the poo-meter.


I’d be surprised if this is anything but nonsense. Ospina isn’t a world beater, but he hasn’t exactly let us down. It would be evident though if we sign Cech, that either Szczesny or Ospina will probably have to go. Neither would be satisfied with being third choice.


Cannot see a better situation than Szczesny to learning his trade off the experienced world top class goalie that is Cech.

Ospina has been tidy but sadly was not to be.


Dont want to see ospina or sczs to leave actually if cech arrived. As most of people want, cech can be a master to sczs to improve him game & ospina will be our no.2 maybe. Szcs still has a lot of years to improve, don’t want to see someone who is very loyal to the club leaving.


Szczesny has had chance after chance and doesn’t grow up. He’s not a kid anymore and hasn’t progressed at all for at least three years. I don’t trust him and I don’t believe our defense trusts him. He’s very good at manipulating fans with all this “This is my home, I never want to leave” stuff because he knows he’s really ballsed up this time and the club have probably had enough. I’d be quite happy to see him go, or at least be loaned out, because he’s had it too easy for too long, and besides, he really irritates… Read more »

Hillbilly Joe

8 poos


If this is true (which is highly unlikely) I think it would be good business to make a small profit on him. I like Ospina and he did well, but I think he has pretty much reached his ceiling where Szczesny still has lots of growth to come and has far more physical tools. Yes he is a nutcase and needs to mature, but he’s still young and is more suited to the PL in my opinion than Ospina who struggles mightily with balls flighted into the box.

Bould's Eyeliner

Ospina had an excellent 2 seasons with a very successful World Cup run – and he’s only 26. What you’re saying is good business maybe in terms of investing in stocks, but I think it’s foolish to sell a successful player after one season. He doesn’t contribute in just transfer fees, he helped salvage what could have been a disastrous season for us, which saw us consolidate more of our fan base since recent years, continue to bring in massive amounts of revenue, etc. Players aren’t stocks, they’re assets, and getting your return on the pitch is far greater than… Read more »


Errrrr, only one season since the WC


He played well for a poor Nice side in the season before the World cup, then played well for us. So 2 seasons and a WC.


As long as we get the cechbook at for Petr then I’m happy!

Stringer Bell

What do you think of the poo meter?



Arsene Ginger

Expect a call from the FA and a 12month ban from your favourite pub

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

10 poos!


This little exchange is why I love the arseblog news comment section.


“the Turkish press have a history of printing nonsense.” Sounds familiar, just change Turkish for whichever country you live in.


Just take out the country name entirely and it works.


If the man with Head-Gear arrives, Arsene would have truly completed 10 year long quest for a title winning GK.

PS: Really hard on Ospina, but would rather have the “Smoker” as our no.2


It’s a strange one. This is what happens when you have quality in all positions, tough decisions need to be made. I’m glad we are in for Cech, shows the complete lack of aversion to an upgrade.


I like Ospina. But, if we sign Cech and one of Ospina or Szczesny has to go – I’d want to keep Szczesny.


He is staying put. I saw him before the cup final and asked him . 6 poos on the poo meter


I wasn’t convinced by Ospina because he was protected by our defence a lot. Szcz is a better keeper imo but young and needs guidence from a more mature keeper so if this works out then I’m happy as a pig in poop


Ospina chucked a couple in last season….
QED…Is Cech better than Ospina? Answer: yes.
Too much sentiment on here….just improve on what youve got.

Mirth Gooner

Keep Ospina as 2nd choice, Szcs go to Southampton on loan for season. Simples.

like a red head Ljungberg

the problem with ospina is that he doesnt make em beautiful, he just does his job, he doesnt go for attention, but hes what a PL team need, to be calm n reliable 90 mins every single match and of course as a number 2 hes a great option, has a great mentality for that to come in any minute and be confident enough to keep things steady… he may not be a number1 or a future number 1, but be sure that you cant find a better number 2…

Ospina has a fair few Hollywood saves in him


Just ask Lukaku.


Come on you Gooners! You should be able to guess what is the likely reason behind this episode of Ospina likely to leave Arsenal this summer. Are the Gunners not clamoring to see Petr Cech in Arsenal kit this summer? At whose sacrifice will that be among the current 4 Arsenal Keepers. Would Ospina agree to be patient to sit on the bench as a backup to Cech who I am sure will only agree to sign for Arsenal if he will be our no.1? Don’t we notice the way Ospina was ranting for Falcao to be signed by Jose… Read more »


Come on you Gooners! You should be able to guess what is the likely reason behind this episode of Ospina likely to leave Arsenal this summer. Are the Gunners not clamoring to see Petr Cech in Arsenal kit this summer? At whose sacrifice will that be among the current 4 Arsenal Keepers? Would Ospina agree to be patient to sit on the bench as a backup to Cech who I am sure will only agree to sign for Arsenal if he will be our no.1? Don’t we notice the way Ospina was ranting for Falcao to be signed by Jose… Read more »


Lol we got it the first time

Alexis the best of London

Honestly I don’t want to see both ospina and sczesny go. So am caught in the middle. I think I rather let cech go to psg than have a cesc revenge on chelshit.


Pls watch Ospina in Columbia 1-0 Brazil game.
Who keeps the like if Neymar at bay?
He did well at WC. He did well for us. He is doing well at Copa America.
Just becoz Cech is coming, some of you want Ospina to leave. Cech is not even first choice at Chelsea!!!
Please guyz. What exactly has Ospina done, please someone tell me, to deserve all these negative treatment??

like a red head Ljungberg

hes not a showman with a big mouth, and evidently people these days think at 26 is old for a goalkeeper and has no future… just imagine szcz had his stats and ospina was the one smoking once n again as well as his in field nightmares…

German Shepherd

Cech isn’t first choice at Chelsea bc they have Thibaut Courtois. Ospina has done nothing wrong but Szcz is better and so is Cech, and we have Emiliano Martinez. Moving him on to a club where he can continue being a first choice keeper isn’t really negative treatment. Remember that Ospina was bought for 3.5 million as a backup to Sczc. He’s done a lot for himself at Arsenal this season, proving his quality at the highest level, so that his career will only move forward, unless he stays and Cech comes. People put a lot into the stats that… Read more »


what evidence is there that szcz is better?

German Shepherd

Ospina is a decent keeper who had the benefit of Coquelin’s breakout, I just don’t think he’s as impressive as his stats suggest he is. Just bc he has a high save percentage doesn’t mean any of the saves he made were very difficult. It’s just my opinion, but the evidence is in the incredible saves Szcz has made over the last few seasons.

Yankee Gooner

This “Ospina benefited from an improved defense” argument is asinine when comparing him to Szcz given that the exact same thing–mid-season defensive stability–saved the second half of Szcz’s golden glove season. I honestly don’t know who I’d rather keep, especially if Martinez is seen as a future #1.


so you have zero evidence that szcz is better

Dick Swiveller

Yeah, and Neymar, Firmino and whoever else was playing up front are nothing like the kind of threat you need to put up with in the Premiership. Ospina has been fine, but when you have a keeper who stays on his line and a team containing Huth/Crouch/Shawcross pushing your CBs around, it’s hard not to think what a little more proactivity could do; honestly I’d be fine with him going into next season as first choice because I’m not sure we can get anyone much better (Cech being the only possibility), and I reckon Szczesny will be back in there… Read more »


okay, i’m going to prepare for the down votes.

But what exactly has Ospina done to warrant so much love from the fans? He’s almost beyond criticism at times. I, like many other gooners, believe that Szczesny is a goalkeeper with more potential than Ospina. So selling him would make sense, if we were to get Cech. Everyone easily forgets that last season Szczesny was a major factor in why we were top for so many games. Remember the save he made at Crystal Palace, as well as the one from RVP at home? Guess not.


Yeah, let’s throw a guy off the bus that had some of the best stats in the EPL for GKing, and that’s during his first season on the team. pfffft.

German Shepherd

If Wenger is planning to bring in Cech then it makes sense that Szcz be the one to stay as back up, with Ospina leaving. He showed last season that he thinks Sczcesny needs to learn and mature and clearly sees high potential in him as most of us do. Wojchech has had fantastic moments as the starter and made some incredible saves in his time as the number one, penalties against Di Natale and Kuyt come to mind. Sczs is highly committed to his future here and seems to have accepted himself that he has more potential to fulfill.… Read more »

Captain Bubblepants

If this is true, then good luck to him. But if he goes before a replacement comes in, then Mourinho will not let Cech join Arsenal. But I think Szczesny would and should listen and learn from Cech should he come in.


Cech is better than Ospina. He really is. I think Ospina is great but I have the feeling he is at his peak.

Kentish Gooner

If we sign Cech I literally do not care who goes – either Sczcesny or Ospina would be good backup.


Ppl who reckon Cech is crap because he is not first choice at chelsea know nothing about football!


Not saying Cech is crap, but coming from a co-golden glove winning season to playing just 7 matches last year (5 of which were against bottom half teams) you have to wonder how far he’s fallen off his game. Not from a talent aspect, but from a lack of game time. Something to be wary about.


So we’d sell for the same we paid? Highly unlikely.


What happened to Martinez? He did really well when called upon and then was dropped after a poor performance. He looks a prospect and should be given some game time in my opinion.


Do fans really believe Arsene ‘is going to sell Ospinna after one solid first season?A very young goalkeeper with international tournaments experience? People forget Arsene is french and know the players in ligue 1 quite well. If he decided to bring in Ospinna , pretty sure it’s for the long term. I am amused by the comments of scz being young with potential et al , but how many years have we been saying that?The smoking pole has been number for quite some years now. This is not fantasy football nor project youth anymore. I don”t see Cech coming.Maureen will… Read more »


“Theo & Welbz just need to start scoring.” Quite a big thing fior a striker wouldn’t you say?

If Jose wants a home grown to grease the Cech move, Welbeck or Jenko. Maybe Gibbs.

NZ Gooner

Vidal plays generally as an AM for Juventus at the moment I think. Not sure if he is the best like for like replacement/cover for Coq. I would also say that given how well the Coq has done we should not be looking for someone to replace him but someone who could provide competition for him or could complement him.


I never liked Sczc even since before ospina came. For those saying it’s thanks to arsenal defense that ospina stats are that great check his stats when he was in nice. Top GK in Europe plain and simple best save percentage. The following is when ospina was in nice. “Ospina had a remarkable save success rate of 80.2% compared to Szczesny’s 73% at Arsenal. Nice lost all the nine games Ospina missed out, conceded an average of two goals per game but when Ospina was between the sticks, Nice won 12 games with an average of 1.45 points per game.… Read more »


I’d love to have seen people’s reactions if we’d played Ospina behind our back four in the first half of the season. Think we’d have a very different narrative.

BFG & Kos make him look a lot better than he really is. And he can’t kick properly.

If Cech comes, ship out Ospina. Immediately.


According to who again?



Sign up Jens for our GK coach, Saving a penalty in a Champions League Semi Final against Juan Riquelme in the final minutes of the game. He’s all we need fellas.


Ospina out and Cech in is perfect. Exactly was I was pining for.

Can you check for the cheque, Czech Cech?

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