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Wilshere fined £40,000 for Sp*rs jibe

The FA have confirmed that Jack Wilshere has been handed a £40,000 fine and been severely warned as to his future conduct following his antics at Arsenal’s FA Cup winners parade.

As has been well documented, the 23-year-old – chaneling his inner Sean Ryder – seized the microphone on a podium outside the Emirates before asking thousands of Gooners exactly what it is they think of our neighbours up the Seven Sisters Road.

The response, both hearty and correct, was that Sp*rs are, ‘SHIT!’

Having been warned about a similar incident 12 months prior, The FA had no qualms slapping the England international with a misconduct charge. He accepted the charge and was forced as a result to score two screaming efforts for the national team in Slovenia. He’ll now get his chequebook out and pay more than the average national salary to draw a line under things.

Arseblog News has always maintained that the charge, like Sp*rs, is crock of shit…however, we are at least relieved it hasn’t ended in a ban.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Worth it. (Because it’s not my money!)

David C

what does the FA actually do with this money? Do they at least donate it to charity or something? It’s not like they can depend on it or budget for it. The FA have collected 350,000 pounds since 2011 just from Twitter violations alone. I have googled the subject and found everything from “the club just pay him less that month”, meaning the club would get the money and I have also found lots of articles from players/clubs/managers asking the FA to donate the money. A puzzled Canadian would like to know. Thanks. Hope everyone is enjoying the women’s World… Read more »

Le Jim

I heard they donate it to all those, poor, pitiful Tottenham fans.

Me So Hornsey

So he gets exactly the same amount of fine Suarez got for racially abusing an opposition player.

How pleasing to see the FA have their priorities correctly set out.


There’s also the three Leicester City players who recently engaged in what the Guardian described as a ‘racist orgy’ in Thailand. Will they be sanctioned by the FA for bringing the game into disrepute? Presumably not, the excuse being they were out of the country at the time. I’d dearly like to know how the FA defines its jurisdiction. Wilshere’s case suggests it extends way beyond what happens on the pitch, as does the fact that players can be punished for comments on Twitter. But Twitter is a supra-national thing and I don’t suppose it makes any difference to the… Read more »


Leicester City Football Club couldn’t be bothered waiting for the FA to get their collective thumbs out. They sacked all three players yesterday. Props to them. Brickbats to the useless FA, who (I guess) figured Wilshere’s use of the word “shit” was a worse crime than racially abusing three ladies of the night during an orgy.


I think he should ask if he can donate to charity instead of paying them. Then he should cut the check to the closest waste processing facility to White Hart Lane.

Andy Mack

Because the FA are a bunch of incompetent fuckwits, the money will go into the pot to pay for the massive overspend on the St George training facility.


I was going to read every comment on here, but realised i cant, there is a tottenham load of comments. So i decided to stop reading, and comment here. Having to type fast because i really need a tottenham, and i do not want to tottenham myself.


jack warner distributes the money evenly between the concacaf federations. and having road tripped through canada, i can confirm that you do indeed grow great grass.

gooner 44

if eze guilty
were all fucking guilty!!


Worth it. (Because it´s not about money at all, they really are shit!)

Dangote's therapist ( Andre Santos i used to be)

let me pay off that fine as an act of goodwill.


Too much! Though I guess he can afford it it is a high price for telling the truth.


It’s the ‘severely warned as to his future conduct’ that’s worrying. What are they planning for next time? A ten-year ban (except when England want him, of course)?

Django unhinged

What about freedom of speech? The FA are acting like the Taliban.




I’m conflicted about finding that funny.

Perry S.

you shouldn’t be, because it is.


Surely that money should go to a charity.

No, I don’t mean you, Spurs.


Someone should start a donation drive – £40000 to the charity of Wilshere’s choice. Atleast itit’it’ll show the FA exactly where they can stick it without the obvious ridiculousness of donating to an insanely well paid and employed professional.


I had the same idea, we should as fans start a donation. Brilliant! £40.000, let’s do it!


And encourage them to fine again, and more?


Slowest of claps to the FA, who just don’t seem to get it.


Wilshere balled so hard the FA had to fine him…


He should give them a cheque for £100k and call Spurs a bunch of cunts.


That’s the problem… unfortunately they’re not. Misguided, myopic, delusional and yes… shit, but a bunch of cunts, no. That’s primarily reserved for the complete shower of wankers down the Fulham Road.




Normally I hate semantics, but this I can support.


Or he can just pay a £100k and say it includes an advance payment on next year.

punter comment on this thread!


Fucking disgrace, are football players really expected to all be dull personality-less drones?


Well the whole thing is just a bit Tottenham.


It’s a steaming pile of Hotspur.

Ivan Drago

I’d love the crowd at the opening match to belt this out, the West Ham fans could even join in, I’m pretty sure they’d agree Tottenham are shit


Hahaha I can’t wait for that!


Yeah most Hammers fans are quite cool and despise of those scummy shits as much as we do.


Could we ask the fa to confirm it’ll only be a fine next time so we can get a repeat performance in may?


And 1,000 lashes for the cunt who reported him to the FA.

Stringer Bell

How much was Greg cunt face Dyke fined for accepting a £15000 watch Fuck All.

brain is a Gooner4Life

That’ll be the best ever £40,000 Wilshere will ever have to spend. Sp*rs are SHIT anyway!


What do you think of Jack

What do you think of Sp*rs
Still a load of shit !!


Pay the £120,000 with £80,000 as an advanve for next year’s parades – the Premier league parade and the FA cup parade, coz sp*s will never cease to be SHIT!


Unbelievable but that Chelsea twat can go on national television and call our manager a specialist in failure! What a load of Tottenham


Football players have inflicted horrible, injury-ending fouls to opposing players that many a time goes unpunished. Yet Jack gets slapped with a huge fine for telling the simple truth. Well done, FA. (In sarcasm font)


What I don’t understand is the subjectiveness of it all.
Had a league 1 team won the league, and a youth player on hardly anything done the same thing. Would the fine be 40k?
I very much doubt it. Can we be getting into one rule for one territory here?


*cup. Sorry


Free the Hitchin One


Det. Sgt. Mathews framed J. Wilshere.

One for the oldies there…..


I think all gooners fans should post JW a pound to cover the fine. After all, what true Arsenal fan wouldn’t pay a hundred times that amount to ensure their public humiliation. Aah, the spuds – the gift that keeps on giving.


That would amount to something in the tens of millions of pounds, enough for Super Jack to do an advance payment for the next dozen trophies we win.


I think Spuds should pay the fine for all of the publicity they have got from it!
If any youngsters just getting interested in football want to support a shit team, they NOW know where to go!
Money well spent Jack!


And this is why the FA can’t have nice things like for example the respect of the English footballing community.

Cliff Bastin

But…..they ARE shit. Don’t understand this one at all.


Our next parade, Jack shots just hold up the mic and say WHAT twice. The fans will fill in the rest.



Coq au Vin

You gotta be fucking kidding me… 40K WTF?!


Wow … 40K just for using the word “shit”. I wonder what the fines will be for those three Leicester players who were caught on tape racially abusing Thai women – should be astronomical.

Oh, right, they weren’t Arsenal players. So they won’t be disciplined by the FA at all.


Update: Leicester have just sacked all three players. Good for them. The FA are still sitting on their hands (except when those hands are in Wilshere’s pockets). So at least LCFC know right from wrong. The FA are still a big pile of Tottenham.


Just start using the word Santorum (see : urban dictionary). More apt description anyway.


That’s even more disgusting than Tottenham is.


Jack also instigated the “fuck off bollocks you’re a cunt” chant….I’m not sure that’s cool with kids about….
In fact Jack is still a big kid himself….maybe the penny will drop soon.

Karl Dilkington

Tottenham are shit
Tottenham are shiiit
Just ask Jack Wilshere
Tottenham are shit

Gooner Jack

Go on jack, it will be the best £40,000 spent by you.
Totally worth it.

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

Next game we should chant:


Mach iii

This is bullshit. Stripping the players of their personalities. Bullshit. I hope it never trickles over the passion of the game! People should protest.

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