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Podolski wants Arsenal return after Inter mistake

Lukas Podolski says he’s eager to play again for Arsenal despite reports in Turkey claiming the Germany international has agreed to move to Galatasaray.

Yesterday Turkish publication Cumhuriyet carried spurious quotes from Podolski where he appears to confirm a move to the Turkish capital.

“I have agreed with Galatasaray,” he’s reported to have said. “I want to leave [Arsenal].”

However, Bild have today published an interview with the striker where he laments his failed loan spell at Inter Milan and underlines his determination to reintegrate at the Emirates.

“I’ve always felt comfortable there [at Arsenal],” Podolski explained [quotes translated by Football Italia].

“With the fans, with the team and also with the manager [Arsene Wenger]. I’m going back to play, I have to say my qualities suit Arsenal.

“Inter? Last season went how it went. English football is the one which best suits my style, but I know how suddenly everything can change.

“I have characteristics to help different teams, but it was a mistake to go to Inter with no redemption clauses.

“In football there are times when everything doesn’t work out for the best. You’re not always playing as a starter, and you just have to accept the decisions and work on your own game.

“That’s what I did, but now I’m looking forward.”

The World Cup winner is widely thought to be surplus to requirements at the Emirates as he enters the final year of his contract.

The 30-year-old attacker has scored 31 goals in 82 appearances since moving from Cologne three years ago, but started only two games last campaign as he fell down the pecking order behind new arrivals Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck.

Arseblog News certainly is far from convinced of the veracity of the quotes from Turkey, but at the same time we’d be surprised if Poldi is part of Arsene Wenger’s first team plans for next season…even if he really wants to see out his contract.

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Why doesn’t he try and go to Colgne?
You really get a feel that he is truly at home there. Start making life choices rather than career ones.

ZA Gunner

I’d guess money comes in to it. Pod is on GBP 100,000 per week. I’d be surprised if Koln could pay him more than about 25% of that.

Pod can probably get one more decent contract under his belt, before going back home. From an Arsenal perspective we might still be able to get a couple of million for him, or at the least ship him off on a loan where his full salary is covered.


Agreed on the wages. Also, the transfer fee would make it seem unlikely. The whole Cologne team is estimated to be worth about 45 million Euro right now, and they just had one good season after coming out of the second league. They’d need to be sure he’d be worth what, to them, would be a major investment even with his decline. They couldn’t afford to have him around just because he’s a well-beloved local figure.

Anonymous Physicist

There is zero benefit of shipping him out on loan over letting him go at a low (free?) transfer fee if we don’t extend his contract, since he’d go for free next year anyway. And other clubs will realise this as well, as well as the fact that he isn’t in Wenger’s plans and that we would like to get rid of his wages. So I’d be very surprised if we got a significant transfer fee for him, since we don’t exactly have much of a bargaining position.


Poldi = the new Arshavin.

Great player, earning a packet and things got too easy being at Arsenal. Physically dropped, performances not as good, never the same player again.


And hard for us to transfer, given the huge wages. And no financial motivation for him to go given the drop in pay he would have to suffer. Would be the same with RVP if he had stayed with us.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Except van Persie was good enough to make it into the side when he threw his tantrum.

Andy Mack

Shouldn’t that say “Except on the rare occasions he was fit enough, van Persie was good enough to make it into the side when he threw his tantrum.”?


He’s lazy. Quality wise he’s 7.5 out of 10 and arsenal are aiming for 9’s

Bumpy Bear

Old school striker who just want to move forward. Unfortunately for him Wenger expect all his players to contribute both offensively And defensively. But his goals and Assists are pretty crazy looking at minutes played. Since joining the club only 20% of his appearances have been a full game. Rest is subbed on or subbed off. So he offers both more goals and more assists than for example Giroud per minute played. But his uselessness at tracking back and generally being poor at winning the ball backor when he attempts to it to often result in a foul and card… Read more »

Luis Boa Muerte

It’s not just his lack of work rate in defence though, it’s his lack of off the ball runs and sprints in attack. He’s so lethargic and unimaginative it’s easy for defenders to pick him up. And we need our wingers to contribute to the defence in our system anyway. It would also be stupid to change a fairly successful system in order to crowbar in Podolski anyway. Maybe lazy is a harsh word to use as it indicates he doesn’t try. Maybe he does but physically he just isn’t up to it. Tbh I would have thought Serie A… Read more »


I have to agree that his goals and assists are impressive, but my main gripe with him is that not only does he lack defensive awareness, he rarely gets involved in build up play. If the game is going against us, you don’t expect him to make something happen like a Sanchez or Ox would do. He also didn’t exactly grab the few chances he had to play at his favoured CF position, he looked lost with poor movement nor bringing others into play. I love Poldi but I really don’t think he can make an impact for us next… Read more »


I disagree that he doesn’t get involved in link up play. He drops deep to get the ball, has a touch and the ball will continue to move around but he’ll sit in between the 18yd and the centre circle where his touch occurred. Meanwhile I’m screaming at the TV to “get in the box”.
At least that’s what I recall, haven’t seen him in a bit.
Hes had a few good games for us but he’s a luxury player, plain and simple


I agree with everything except that Messi “probably not fit in well under Arsene Wenger” . LOL The mans a freak of nature

the Car2n Goon

Wenger gave Cesc and Henry the freedom of the park. He’d absolutely do the same for Messi. Poldi just isn’t anywhere near that level unfortunately.

Dale Cooper

I thought he was upset at Wenger for not getting him a leaving present when he went on loan? He really went down in my books after those comments.


Agreed, especially considering Wenger could have kept him around as a sub but he didn’t, he gave him his wish of going somewhere to play more and what did he do with that chance?? Nothing. His one highlight being…surprise surprise a left foot top corner smasher, I will definitely miss see his howitzer of a left foot but its time to go our separate ways

Stringer Bell

Fantastic left foot shot. He won’t get much game time with us. Doubt he will make bench if all are fit. He knows how to get fans on board though so watch the thumbs down begin. Release the hounds.


This is the same in reddit, but when you come out saying what is essentially “come downvote me haters!”, you are going to get downvoted regardless whether or not your opinion is popular.

Why? Because confronting others by caring about imaginary internet points is annoying to read.

Stringer Bell

Are you john terry in disguise. You sound really clever so work out what I’m saying!!


He’s worth keeping – even as a suitable option on the bench – if only he bloody applies himself on the pitch as much as he does on social media.


One year left on his deal so sell him off this summer and reinvest. Should get about £5m for him.

Stringer Bell

No one will pay him £100 grand a week so I doubt he is going anywhere but maybe another loan.


Nah mate, nobody will pay £5m for him. He’s got one year left on his deal and he’s not all that amazing, frankly. His left foot is sensational, by beyond that he really doesn’t offer all that much, frankly.


If by 5 million you mean we’d get the 5 million we wouldn’t have to pay him in his last year of his contract, that’s probably right. If you mean we’d get 5 million plus the 5 million we wouldn’t have to pay him in his last year of his contract…well, suckers are born every minute, but it’s hard to believe anyone is going to pay that much for him given what his wage demands will presumably be. I think we’re looking more at a token transfer fee with the real understanding being that the advantage to arsenal is getting… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Playing as a CF for a lower Prem club, he could be very useful. I’d say he’s worth 5m to someone like Palace or Sunderland.

Andy Mack

He’d definitely be worth 5m to one of them but not 10m. If the rumours are true then he costs around 5m per year in salary, so adding another 5m to buy him would make it pretty had for anyone to swallow for a player of his age. IMO.

Rohith J

He should really get back to Cologne if they’re ready to take him on that is. Would be too expensive for them.

Andy Mack

He can earn much more elsewhere although I’d be surprised if he doesn’t end up there in 3/4/5 years time to end his career at the club he truly loves.

Cliff Bastin



He is just not hard working enough. Would he be good for cup games while our starting 11 push for bigger honours? Yes. But that’s upto him. If we could get 5+ mil for him I would take it. Great guy and funny. Can’t forget that mini outburst what wenger tho? …. Anyway good luck to him

Balthazar Dwight Wigglesworth

We love you Poldi. But now my mind is all the Cech thing. Had the bloody thing been signed yet? Can’t wait any longer


Then it’s gonna be a long summer for you my friend, it’s a whole 2 more months of transfer window left… Anything can happen especially with that Portuguese cunt involved.


Hard to see him stay but truth be told only Sanchez scores more from the wings. Had lots of assists too for us the other season but 31 in 80 dwarfs some stats


I like Poldi, but that’s because he doesn’t quite complete the role of ‘winger’.
More of a ‘stander in the box and shooter’.
He’s damn good at that though.


Id happily have poldi back for next season.. if its 0-0 with 20 minutes to go.. id rather throw on lukas podolski then any other player we’ve got in the squad. If hes happy as a bit part player then why not.


“I’d happily have poldi back for next season.. if its 0-0 with 20 minutes to go.. id rather throw on lukas podolski then any other player we’ve got in the squad. If hes happy as a bit part player then why not.”

I agree. Certain games when the oppo is camped in their area, on edge of box it’s crying out for a lay off and someone to hit it. What better than a Poldi hammer blow?

Maybe after WBA and his last Eng game maybe Wilshere could be that man.

bims lay

I agree, for same reasons…..although i might add i am also one of those that enjoys his social media windups!


Yeah.. Except we don’t get to keep him for free.

I get your point but paying 100k+ a week for a super sub that you might use in the last 20 minutes of a game is too expensive.

like a red head Ljungberg

i dont usually say it, but i feel like “go fuck yourself”

the only sam is nelson

is he really on 100k a week??? i seriously doubt that. having said that, even if he’s trousering £60-70K a week that’ll seriously limit the field in terms of who might actually pay us whilst he’s a year left, when they can wait til January and get him on a free instead – or at least front load his contract with a signing-on fee in order to get him down to a reasonable weekly wage. there is a part of me that really likes the idea that Spuds, having rid themselves of Adebayor and Soldado, take a punt on Lukas… Read more »

Andy Mack

How the hell will the spuddies get rid of Adebarndoor and oversold’ado?


Of the bench to score in the winner? Even at his age I’d still put Kanu on, score the winner? He’ll score a hat trick! Kanu believe it!!!!!

Sorry I went of on memory lane there


um, no.


no thanks not Arsenal class IMO
Wengerwas right to loan him out and I hope he can sell him to Spurs


Nobody deserves to go to Spurs…not from our squad at least.

Rozza the samourai

For example, how much of class Welbeck has and Poldi hasn’t ? Welbeck is industrious, Poldi is clinical. The team has improved so much in his absence. Not his fault but why bother re-integrating him ? The fact that he doesn’t fit doesn’t mean he lacks quality.


How clinical was he in the Italian league?


I’ve always rated Poldi highly, I just don’t think his qualities quite suit the way we play. His best position, IMO, is as a second striker where he can drop in between the lines and then either make one of those poaching runs into the box or wait for an opening at the top of the 18 to unleash that beautiful left-footed howitzer of his. His combination play is fairly good when he has a bit of space, but he isn’t afforded that space as a lone striker. Thus he drops into spaces occupied by our mids, we lose our… Read more »


Spot on analysis, couldn’t agree more. Not sure which prem teams play a style which would suit him though!


Maybe not concerning the article but what about theo? Has he still not signed? It’s been a little too quiet on that front. Cmon, theo. Sign da ting!

Titty Twistah

Go awaaaaaay


If he does stays hopefully a little sanchez magic will rub off on him.

Getso gunner

Thank you Mr. Podolski for scoring some marvellous goals for us but truth is that we can not rely on you to win EPL next season so please do us a favour and go so we can atleast get a couple of millions from you

Django unhinged

#numbernine #cursecontinues #greatguy #but #it’s #aufwiedersehn #Ithink


31 in 82 is pretty good going, especially when you consider how many minutes that he actually contributed. Yet without more to his game he can be a burden. I’m open.


Welbeck interview on AFC website…wondering what AFC are saying here?
Very nice chap yes.
Man U through and through yes.
Are we supposed to love him for being nice or hate him for being Man U and not being sophisticated like our HFB?

Dutch Gooner

It’s up to you poldi. Hire a personal trainer and work your balls off the next few weeks. Show up for training and light it up. Show everyone how badly you want to be there. Wenger did say he wanted another 15 goal scorer, might as well be poldi.


On his way maybe?….following a WCS signing?

Johnny Gooner

Let him come off the bench once in a while for his final year, he can still influence games. I’d say it’s a pretty decent card to have up your sleeve.

brandon weli

Let this guy just retire at arsenal and become a cheer leader(smiles…)


United should get him. It might work out sell for them.




Fuck all the analyses. If he stays and scores 5 goals when the goal drought kicks in on every body else to push us to the title, his accused laziness is all fine by me.

Stop bashing one of our once favourite players. You fickle bitches!

Andy Mack

So would you have him taking a spot in the CL 25 as well? or just the PL 25 (or whatever the number is)?
If it wasn’t for the squad number limit then I’d be for keeping him as well, but that means we probably can’t get anyone else in this summer.

eddie mcgoldrick

We all know what Podolski’s strengths are – If the game situation is correct for him then he can come into it and score (potentially vital) goals for us. He has had 15 goals a season for us (when he’s been used regularly and not loaned out) and this is the return you want for a front 3 player in our system. The idea of him coming on in a big game and smashing two in to give us the points is tempting. But, if the situation isn’t right for him, he not only doesn’t bring anything, his non-presence is… Read more »

Hank Scorpio

He’d have been very useful coming on against Chelsea or any other games involving bus parking.


Good squad player. Could be useful next season. As long as he trains hard and doesn’t whinge about his lack of playing time, let’s keep him if another team won’t give any cash for him.


I’d love to have Poldi as an impact sub. He is certainly good freinds with the rest of the german contingent so one could assume he’s a positive force on the training ground.

Merlin's Panini

I’d love to see him have one last decent season with us but I think his time is up.
He could still do a very good job for a midtable/lower premier league team I think, someone like West Ham, Newcastle, Everton or Villa though I’d rather see him go back to Koln where he would be happy.

John C

Part of me thinks he won’t be such a defensive burden now we’re actually playing a defensive midfielder but you still wouldn’t play him ahead of Sanchez. He does however provide something that isn’t easily replaceable which is goals, and the last time i checked scoring goals is the point of football. Perhaps the addition of Cech in goal might also relieve some of the defensive burden on our attackers also. It’s a bit of a dilemma, but not a major one, i think if The Ox had a better fitness and goalscoring record he’d be out the door pretty… Read more »

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