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The FA charge Arsenal over Chambers transfer

It has been confirmed that Arsenal have been charged for allegedly breaching The FA’s Football Agents Regulations.

Back in February there were whispers that an investigation into Calum Chambers move from Southampton was taking place with suggestions a disgruntled third-party had lodged a complaint.

At the time Arsene Wenger had the following to say: “I am very happy about his transfer. I made over 350 transfers since I am here. We have a lot of enquiries about them and we never had any problem.”

The defender swapped St Mary’s for the Emirates in July last year in a £16 million move that seemed to go through swiftly and with no problems.

Chambers went on to make 36 appearances for the Gunners in his debut season and secured an England cap. The player is currently on international duty ahead of the under-21 European Championships in the Czech Republic.

A statement on The FA’s website reads:

“The charge is in relation to the transfer of Calum Chambers from Southampton to Arsenal on 26 July 2014.

“Authorised agent Alan Middleton has also been charged for allegedly breaching The FA’s Football Agents Regulations in relation to the same transfer.

“Mr Middleton has until 17 June 2015 to respond to the charge.

“Arsenal have until 26 June 2015 after they requested more time to respond to the charge.”

We’re not quite sure what the punishment would be should we be found guilty of any wrongdoing. What is obvious, is that for player, manager and the club this is not something we’ll want dragging on any longer than necessary.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

What do you think of the FA?


I don’t think about them.


Tottenham. ^_^


I don’t think your allowed to say Tottenham in case of an FA charge

Snoop D


Robert Ochieng

Fuckin Assholes!!!


John Terry’s shit … swimming in mourinhos’s wee…being shovelled down orally by greg dyke to make him even more obese. That’s what i think of the F.A


Thanks to CB for initiating this.
Please vote Ramsey NOW for best CL goal…
Barca rigging us out of this again with Messy’s goal slightly ahead.
He’s now up to 35%. Process is a bit of a hassle but defo worth it for Ramsey’s sweet strike.



Merlin's Panini

Fingers crossed this doesn’t mean some kind of transfer ban. If it does we’d better get our act together, and fast.


Arsene probably did it on purpose, he hates the transfer window.


Based on the similar cases, when Sunderland, Wigan, Reading, Brighton and others were charged for breaching the Football Agents Regulations, it shouldn’t be this kind of punishment, just a fine. For example Sunderland were fined £100 000.


A disgruntled third-party?

Who is that likely to be? Not the clubs or his agent.

David Seaman's Ponytail

His mum probably

Merlin's Panini

Probably Spurs, because they’re shit.

Gareth Murray

There were whispers at the time that Chambers was to join Liverpool.


Can we take a moment to remember when Wenger offered Liverpool £40,000,001 for Suarez. How anyone can not love the man is beyond me.

luca james

That fee should have triggered a clause in his contract… How come Liverpool were never charged by the FA?

Gus Caesar

Because nobody ever complained to the FA about it. Had Suarez been willing to go to the Courts he’d have been at Arsenal… probably about 8-10 months later.

David C

i think the clause only meant that Liverpool had to acknowledge the bid or some nonsense like that. I think it was agent Guardiola (Pep’s bro) who gave Arsenal wrong information.

I’m fine with Sanchez instead of the bitey racist diving Suarez.

Danger Mouse

Ha ha ha. At the time I thought it was nuts. Looking back it was actually hysterically funny. Ultimate trolling.


Someone else who thought they were his agent?

Can’t believe it is another club.


What’s odd about this is the timing. If Chambers actually had a second agent who was involved in the transfer – unlikely though this sounds – you’d expect him to have demanded his share of the fee a bit before now. Why wait an entire year even to mention it to Arsenal who’ve clearly been taken completely by surprise?

Sounds more like someone trying to make trouble now the window is open again. Who else would benefit from making difficulties for Arsenal if not another club?

Gus Caesar

As per above, it’s been going on for ages and Arsenal wouldn’t have been surprised.


i don’t know what the hell is going on… but i blame Edu

Norn Iron Gooner

Blame it on Eboue.


It’s probably Man U. Calumn Chambers is the defender they thought Luke Shaw would be.

poliver girolski

I would like to know exactly what we did wrong.

Gooner Jakub

Not meant to talk to a player without their clubs permission unless he has 6 months or less on his contract ( I think there is something different rules to youth/ u21 players

Rohith J

John Terry for President of the FA.


FA for president of John Terry!


All the dodge young players we’ve signed from across the globe and this is the one that trips us up?

Getso gunner

What possibly was wrong ? I hope no any transfer ban because yesterday I dreamt that we bought original ronaldo who won the EPL for us. Don’t ruin my beautiful dream please FA

Mark Hughes

I’m not sure Ronaldo is going to be winning us anything these days as I wouldn’t be totally convinced he was actually improving our strike force…

Andy Mack

I thought he’d retired back to Brazil!


No, he retired to spend more time with his stomach and to pursue an acting career. He has just recently made a small cameo in Jurassic World as a sauropod.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Not retired, invalided.


The fuck?

Merlin's Panini

Sorry to break it to ya but the original Ronaldo won’t be winning the EPL for anyone. The only EPL competition he might win is Eating Plenty of Lard.

Merlin's Panini

that was to Getso gunner, by the way.


Somebody is not getting his/her cut, I guess. It is always about money anyway with the FA.

Andy Mack

Rumour is that Jack Warner was expecting to earn out of this transfer and didn’t, so he’s complained…..


It’s nothing like that. The charge is literally down to correct procedure not being followed. No one was gypped out of any money or indeed received money they shouldn’t have.


Actually, disregard that as I’m not entirely sure it’s true.


What exactly Arsenal did wrong? Can anyone explain me the reason of being accused?


Maybe we spoke to his agent before talking to Southampton, or, we didn’t send the George Graham envelope to Sepp!

Dick Swiveller

I doubt it, nobody sticks to those rules.

Andy Mack

As Dick says, every club checks with the players agent if he’d be interested in a move.
Every player has teams that they wouldn’t want to play for and for club ‘X’ to approach club ‘Y’ about a player, club ‘Y’ say yes but then the player says “No” would be embarrassing all round if the press found out.

Le Jim

The Football Agent’s Regulations that should exist from my point of the view are the one’s where we push them all into volcanoes and deep, dark abysses, never to be seen again…

Cliff Bastin

Maybe he’s actually 35 years old like a reverse Diego Costa.


Wow. Jack and now this. Hummm. Wonder if FA spooks come here and read our post? To be fair we have been saying how they are countless times in the past few days. SHIT that is. Wonder if the mysterious third party is not Maureen. I know the Chavs were snoofing around the time we got the boy. Also amongst all those who lacks decency and minimal self respect, he is the only one I can think of.

good ol' 1-0 to Woolwich

the FA have it in for us eh? I mean how dare we knock out their beloved Man Utd from the FA cup and then go on and win it… As if that was not enough we beat Utd to automatic UCL qualification. how dare you arsenal

Andy Mack

They are really pissed off by that but not as much as the PGMO (referees) are!


Great talent. John terry is a wanker.


According to the BBC article, two other clubs have been fined around £90k – £100k and “warned over their future conduct” for similar offences, doesn’t seem like a big deal for us.


Which means a two year transfer ban for us 😉


Cant see Wenger ever doing anything below board.

Just telling it like it is

can they give us a fucking break?


First Jack now this, not long before FA charge Arsenal for playing football.


Bringing the game into disrepute by kicking a ball.


£16 million…

Dick Swiveller

I hope they give us some specifics, I’d love to know what we did wrong or, as I’m assuming, who’s palms didn’t get greased and are trying to kick up a fuss. I suspect we’ll never get that much information though, it’s a fairly nebulous area to begin with.


What a load of bulls*#t!!!! Next the FA will come after our keeper for smoking in the showers!!! C*#$ts!!!!


Think that would come under Health & Safety at work act, only punishment will be an all day seminar about the dangers of smoking


Well, what Wilshere does in his own free time is none of their business either, so now that you’ve given them the idea, I’m sure they will charge him now.


just laughable after the Wiltshre fiasco, not that shitty man u or chelsea have ever done any thing like this, shitty with 3 or 4 of our players Action from FA Zero chelski with Cole Action from FA Zero man u with ron van prick Action from FA Zero its just the FA throwing their muscle about because FIFA have been caught with their pants down they are trying to prove a point a mere fine water of a ducks back Pfffttttttttttttttttttttt


I read that as though you were screaming, with little break.

captain tobias wilcox

Find it hard to believe that the club have transgressed in any way. Must something very minor like not signing with a quill made from the wing of one eyed dodo!


Sunderland were fined 100K last year and Brighton were fined 90K earlier this year for the same breach of rules, so based on that and the FA’s usual sense of fair play I fully expect Arsenal to be docked every point gained when Chambers played, the FA cup win to be void, to be thrown out the CL (due to the points situation above) and to start the season with a 10 miilion fine and minus 30 points!!!


We’d still be celebrating St totteringham’s day at the end of the season though.


They probably discovered a typo in the transfer documentation. I suspect Arsenal will be fined and reminded of their responsibilities as standard bearers of the Queens English.

Arsene's Zip

Da Qweens Engerlish


Don’t think the FA have fined Arsene at all during the past season – so I guess they have to try and get some money out of us somehow. !!!!!


It’s just a maneuver for FA to get 100k. Mind you, we went through the last 2 champions league competitions without Wenger being banned for abusing the fourth referee or texting instructions whilst banned. So clearly we are now the good guys. But never mind


Happy to know that we also violates transfer rules. Like Barcelona and stuff…


And Tottenhan is charged because they are shit


If the FA did that, they have to charge themselves as well. They’d rather like the idea of receiving more money, until 5 weeks later when they realised it was their own all along.

Gus Caesar

Reading between the lines it looks like a dispute about who Chambers’ agent actually was and that maybe Arsenal shouldn’t have been dealing with Middleton. Given the fact that the FA have been investigating this for a while, it appears to me like they’ve been looking into Chambers’ agent agreements and found that Middleton actually wasn’t properly contracted to represent Chambers. Arsenal are probably arguing that they were led to believe that Middleton was the agent but the FA presumably think that they should have checked and therefore didn’t do enough . Sounds to me like carelessness on Arsenal’s part… Read more »


And still no announcement about Wilshere’s penalty for telling the truth about T*ttenham, despite the fact that he had to respond by end of play Wednesday.
So this way, they’ll pick him for Sunday, announce his x match ban on Monday and all will be good with the world.
They really are the biggest collection of talentless, biased, corrupt wankers outside of Zurich.


It has to be said, we are not as good at external politics as we were when David Dein was in charge of that side of business. Who is now?


Yeah, Dein really sorted out the FA when we got a 2 point deduction vs United’s single point back in 91.
Enough with the revisionism already.


to be fair the extra point was because we had already had a rumble with norwich a year or two previously.


The extra point was because we were guilty of not being Man United.

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

I’m actually kinda pleased we’re being cunts, why not, everyone does, it’s time to fight John Terry with John Terry. Because if you can’t beat them, fuck your team mates wife!!


Anything else they wanna charge us with while they’re at it? Unrelenting possession of their silverware, perhaps?

Real Otoyo

FA means f**K arsenal

Arsenal's Legend

Who is the new accountant of the FA it seems the guy is desperate to balance his book. #shits_happens


It’s curious as this came after the Prince’s grumpy face in the FA Cup Final.


I don’t quite understand what’s going on, or what Arsenal did that was wrong, but if the complaint arose from some disgruntled 3rd party then perhaps the FA needs to look into the business of football agents and regulate it, rather than bringing frivolous charges against Wilshere when he allegedly said that T*tt*nh*m was shit.

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