Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Video: 2015 FA Cup Winners – Supporters Edition

Relive the FA Cup final win with fans from all over the world, thanks to our pal Bryce Larsen & @ArsenalAmerica


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My favourite reaction is the dude in blue in Miami

Bradys left foot

Dublin makes an appearance I believe

A Yank

A) For all the travel I’ve done in the past year, I recognize the inside of about 10 of those bars. So nice to know that no matter where I’m stuck I can find a temporary home for a couple of hours on a Saturday morning.

B) The shot of the Villa fans in San Diego being shut up on the BFG goal is pretty priceless.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Hilarious! “We’ll sing when we want! We’ll sing when we want! We don’t feel like singing now.”


San Diego Gooners and Villains both share the same pub at the Bluefoot. We were actually featured in the FA Cup Final programme 🙂


Arsenal forever. Always :’)


This Will Destroy You at the end. More than lovely.


A personal favourite. I actually chose that song at 4am so I could finally finish it! Haha. The first two songs were from The American Dollar, if you wanted something else to check out. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed.

Mein Bergkampf

I feel like I should start supporting an American football team so if they win a trophy American people can say “Hey look at those awesome English guys going mental when the Denver 69ers won the Super Bowl cup. Even though they are a whole Atlantic Ocean away, they still love it as much as if they went to every game.” Because that’s how I feel when I see you guys going crazy.

Massachusetts Man

I hope you like watching commercials! Also, in my anecdotal experience, American NFL fans generally are not the biggest supporters of the other kind of football. There’s fan overlap, for sure. But otherwise, a lot of NFL fans don’t just avoid soccer, they actively hate it. I think it’s entirely down to the shared name, because the two sports are otherwise totally dissimilar. Attitudes are starting to shift, though. I guess what I’m saying is, you know, don’t feel too obligated. But it is great to hear we have support from fans in the home country. I feel like American… Read more »


just dont follow the Raiders


Looks like arsenal owns America


Tears in the eyes from 15 seconds onwards. Ow Arsenal we love you


That girl from Croatia

Midfield Corporal

Look out for the random solitary Villa fans reactions. There’s one bottom left of the screen after Mertersacker scores.


Man, I love this club.

Coq Au Vin

I must admit I found last years video much more emotional. Must of been the nine year wait!

On another Wembley note, I haven’t read any comments about our choice of attacking direction that fantastic Saturday. We got robbed of three goals – especially the wonder strike – by putting Given in the sun in the first half… At least Villa had some entertainment and I got to see Alexis’ hit from behind and saw all the swerve!

Le Jim

Also the fact that we all felt like dying after 8 minutes… 🙂

mario pardo

There is no place in this videos for south american fans??….colombia, chile, brasil, argentina….no one single shot??…


Fair point


@mario: there was one shot in Brazil I am sure, São Paulo I think. I was in sydney at casino sports bar must of been a couple of hundred there but we are not in the video at all I suppose we have to take a video and send in? Last year at the actual supporters club ‘the armoury’ in parramatta holds heaps more, massive screen but pub was smashed up a bit when they turned it off at 5am right before the trophy presentation, c*nts!. So we had to go to the sterile, security laden casino. They played with… Read more »


Good Video, But not really ALL around the world, More like All over the US of A and a few places around the world. :p


Crying tears if joy on the shitta…


And somebody said the FA Cup doesn’t matter?

Danger Mouse

Goosebumps indeed. Imagine the scenes if we win the league….Genuinely feel Wenger is building one last great team. He’s almost there.

Christopher Wreh

‘Til I die.


TV commentary so underwhelming in comparison to fan reaction, even for Alexis’s wonderstrike. Unsurprisingly I didn’t notice the commentary on the day!

Saffa Gooner

That guy in the blue kit, middle of screen at 3:48, reacting to Sanchez’s goal.


And the guy in the red shirt next to him looked totally stunned. I thought he would fall over.

AN other

Brilliant. I was just hoping I could Arsenal Delhi group.


I can’t Fucking believe it!!!
My video made it!
Gooners in Lahore.
The loudest voice is mine, totally made my day 🙂


My missus just woke up and asked me “why are you crying in bed if we haven’t just had sex”……


In Minneapolis, there are 2 pubs about 2 blocks apart. We started at the Local, the one featured in this twice, but it was so packed we couldn’t find anywhere to sit anywhere near a TV, so we went to Brit’s. Still pretty crowded but we were able to get seats with a good view, although we had to sit sideways (hard to describe). Anyway, Gooners were able to fill up two pretty big venues in the heart of downtown Mpls. There are other pubs in the area, who knows what was going on elsewhere. This is just awesome!

gooner bank

Next year, the same video but for Champions League !!!!

The Real (Gooner) King

South Bay Gooners (San Jose, CA) cameraman here…Bryce, fantastic work. Phenomenal seeing everyone worldwide. Unreal.

I also made a short film about the SBG FA Cup Final viewing – you can watch it here:

Again, great job Bryce…looking forward to contributing when we win the league. 🙂

~The Real King

The Night Elf

Karachi went MAD last year, and now this year too … so proud! Two consecutive FA Cups baby .. COYG!




chills. just chills down my spine. I wonder what it will feel like when i finally get to attend one of these matches at the stadium itself.

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