Tuesday, June 25, 2024

WATCH LIVE: Puma launch Arsenal’s new 2015/16 home kit

What’s red and white and Puma all over? It’s Arsenal’s new home kit…

Watch live coverage from the Emirates Stadium as Thierry Henry and a host of first team stars unveil the latest incarnation of our famous shirt.

The live stream from the event will be shown in the player below, this evening at 21.30 BST / 20.30 GMT until 22.00 BST / 21.00GMT.

Keep your eyes peeled for even more from the kit launch tomorrow morning…

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In America a puma is called a mountain lion … Does sound cooler.

Good Omens

In America a tomato is called a tomato.


And they play football with their hands.


However, a potato there is called a potato.

Django unhinged

And an aubergine is an egg plant, chips are fries, crisps are chips, a film is a movie, a pavement is a sidewalk, aluminium is aluminum, a toilet is a restroom, a tramp is a bum, an arse is an ass and a backside is a fanny. And ‘absolutely nothing in the middle of nowhere’ is a massive stash of chemical weapons trained on the West. It’s a miracle we actually understand each other.


Color is colour!


Lynx is called axe, crisps are chips and football is called hyper mega goal soccerball

Coastal Georgia Gunner

And Lucozade is called Gatorade.


Nope, two different drinks.


To quote the song… “How much they paying you?”


I can’t imagine this being all that exciting, as live streams go…


Hope it’s not another 30 sec clip of Winning forever together and ever whatever

Coastal Georgia Gunner

It’s a shirt. It will probably be red, with white sleeves, “Fly Emirates” on the front and the AFC crest on it somewhere.

Exciting times.


Hopefully better than that over-the-Thames thing from last year. Crowd looked bored to tears at that one, carrying on conversations, just standing there videotaping….

Burn Baby Burn

Last year’s release was one of the most anti-climactic events that I had ever witnessed.

The Angriest Man on Twitter

I bet the first kit will be red and white. You heard it here first!


I’d put money on it having a little badge with a cannon on, and the name of a Middle eastern airliner on it too.


The neck, the collar if they are big and loose like last season’s then there will be a very upset AntiSpuds around here.


Hey, it’s red with white sleeves.

Looks like a title winning strip.


Accidentally missing the stream and seeing it in the last minute.

That’s how to get all the information you need.


Sorry guys but what a load of bollocks…..it’s red with white sleaves ,like it has been since time immemorial………
Except that year we actually go to the CL final in 2006
We are Red with White sleeves ,the rest is just small variations to encourage our ‘children’ to buy on a season by season basis..


I like it. Like it a lot. Pre order in. We are wearing red at the final next year so better get the red. We all know how ugly the blue with a gold thing on the side is.


Serious question: what is the difference between the “Player Performance” shirt and the “Adult” shirt?


Player fit=Tight fit for the HFB in all of us
Adult fit =Looser fit for the Maradona in all of us


The player performance ones are the ones the players actually wear. Skin tight and all that jazz
The adult ones are for those of us huskier gentlemen with sweet hockey bodies who like wearing their clothing as opposed to their clothing wearing them.

Clock-End Mike

Yes, I quite like the new kit, especially that, as Welbz said, the fact that it’s not quite as tight as the last one!

Maybe that retro-style little collar will catch on, too — I remember the collar on the Highbury special “redcurrant” strip. Still wear mine…


LIke the collar.

Not sure about the white under-arms.



LOOK HOW HAPPY SANTI IS. Seriously, I love Santi. Such a happy man.


Any idea on when the away kits are being released. I’ve been hearing they will be worn closer to the start of the season, but haven’t seen a definitive date confirmed.

Btw home kits are nice and classy.

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