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Wilshere charged by FA over FA Cup chants

In news that would make you lose whatever little faith you have left in the people who run football organisations, Jack Wilshere has been charged with misconduct for his post-FA Cup chanting at the Arsenal parade.

In front of the gathered fans the midfielder asked what the assembled crowd thought of Tottenham. They replied that they thought Tottenham were shit.

As a follow up, he then asked them what they thought of shit and the reply was ‘Tottenham’. He then thanked them for their answers and those thanks were graciously acknowledged.

However, today the dimwitted gobshites at the FA today announced that Wilshere would face a charge. Their statement reads:

Jack Wilshere has been charged with misconduct in relation to Arsenal’s FA Cup celebrations on Sunday 31 May 2015.

It is alleged his conduct in making and/or inciting certain comments during the club’s open bus trophy tour was improper and/or brought the game into disrepute.

The player has until 6pm on 10 June 2015 to respond to the charge.

Far be it for us to offer advice in situations like this, but if were us we’d be very tempted to make our response a two-fingered one.

In a week when the widespread, endemic corruption in FIFA has been exposed, and Leicester City players were involved in alleged racial abuse during an orgy that was filmed and leaked onto the Internet, Wilshere celebrating with his own fans is as far from bringing the game into disrepute as you can get.

But then the FA have shown themselves to be pathetic and spineless before. Rather than address the real issues they focus on the easy targets.

It’s also worth asking how far the remit of the FA extends. Is an Arsenal celebration at a non-FA sanctioned event open to their disciplinary procedures? And if they’re so concerned about offensive chanting, why aren’t there blanket charges for things that happen inside football grounds every weekend.

The whole thing is shameful.

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Springbank 1962

And suddenly it’s the FA who turn out to be shit.



Springbank 1962

The FA – FIFA without the uncertainty.

Point taken.

Rosicky's boot

FA – FIFA without the ‘if’.


I for one applaud this swift, decisive, moral-guardianing FA.

Once Jack is dealt with seriously, I expect they’ll be handing out the death penalty to those Leicester lads for bringing the English game into disrepute.


Btw, is that Jack or Alexis in the photo? Look a lot like Alexis!


The FA – Doing a remarkable job of proving they’re more shite than Tottenham. Americans must target FA now.


Suddenly, out of no where, like a torrential onslaught of diarrhea they prove their quality: Totten’m.

Az Ahmed

Why are we looking at teams so far below us? Who is Tottenham? Why do we care so much about them as to talk about them? They couldnt be more worthless to us. They are a thing of the past. I don’t even consider it a rivalry. A rivalry is where there is genuine competition. What competition is this team in white? We need to start looking up at the Chelseas and Citys


“Who is Tottenham?”

Tottenham is shit


Who are you? Using my name!


Wait, there’s more than one Paul in the world? My reality is crashing down around me…


How do you think I feel?!

ospina's thumb

The new number two


Hey number 1


I am sent to disturb you.


Well you are succeeding!


The new number two???

You mean the new Tottenham, though the original Paul may be offended by that.


You appear to be new to this…

We’re The Arsenal – we’re the best team in the world.

Tottenham = shit

I get your point and am being somewhat facetious, but even when spurs get relegated, we will ALWAYS remind them they’re shit!


I agree with your point. The last 10 years we have been forced to sell our best players and accept the consequences, being unable to win the league etc. What the Fuck have spurs done in this period?? I get their local neighbors and all that but the truth of the matter is they are shit. They look to us in the table as if finishing above us is THE goal of the season?!?! Grow a pair and aspire to be better then another club ffs. And we have, as expected risen from the ashes. I personally don’t consider spurs… Read more »

Az Ahmed

Exactly. We don’t need to bother with mediocrity. This is like the first rivalry between Stone Cold and the Rock, when Stone Cold gave his intercontinental title up to him and said I got bigger fish to fry, and stunnered him. Tottenham is small fish. We got bigger fish to fry

Fat Fingers

I agree we have bigger fish to fry, and I think most fans hate Chelsea/United more, it’s fun laughing at Sperz. Comparing football with actual competition to scripted acting in WWE though :/

Az Ahmed

WWF attitude era


It is nice for them to have some attention. How will they get it otherwise?


Sometimes the only answer to such nonsense is a WTF! followed by hitting your head against a convenient hard surface.

In any case, everyone knows that Tottenham Are Shit.


Hasn’t he already apologised via Twitter?

Sharing back2back Cup wins with so many amazing Gooners is a dream come true. Apologies if I upset or offended any of u with my celebrations.


I don’t think Jack has to apologise for Tottenham being shit

Third Plebeian

Agreed. In fact, I think Tottenham should apologise for being shit.


Next Season, when we play Shit at home, we owe Jack the gesture of solidarity to belt the song out extra loud on his behalf. And I have a sneaking suspicion that, when it’s only fans singing, the FA won’t give a Tottenham.


Haha, brilliant.

I just knew that the FA would jump on this, just knew it. Now all we need is the overwhelmingly pro-Shit media to push it along like they always do. Feck ’em. All.


They’ll fine Arsenal.


Can’t you defend a charge of defamation by pleading truth?

I would like him to show up to the hearing and tell the FA “but they ARE shit, aren’t they?”

Brian wallace

What a shower of cunts. Fuck pigs the lot of them.

Mark Hughes

Are we still talking about the FA or Tottenham now?




If I were Jack I’d tell them exactly where they can stick their National team should they uphold this. Utter bollocks.


Thank you Brian wallace, ‘shower of cunts’ has now been added to my repertoire.


Yeah, it’s a good one, already had it though. Fuck pigs, on the other hand, very nice addition!


If I were Jack I think my response would be “fuck off bollocks you’re all cunts”

Arsene's Zip

What? FA must have FA better to. Shit baskets

Az Ahmed

Yes…erm yeaah…errr what?

The Only Olivier is Giroud

How about their darling Utd (actually all clubs to be fair, but them fucking especially) clearly yelling “fuck off!” and other insults at refs during matches broadcast all over the world? That’s fine? But a PLAYER singing a song that THOUSANDS of fans sing day in day out year after year gets sanctioned? Nanny state cunts.


People are fined for stating the truth. Disgusting!


Sorry but I agree with this. Perhaps Arsenal should have fined Wilshere too. Arseblog is probably right to say it is “worth asking how far the remit of the FA extends” but that is irrelevant to the fact that our player should never had uttered the chant. Just an opinion.

Edu's Braces


Dave Gooner

My children agree with Jack.

Dick Swiveller

It’s a bit OTT if you have no sense of humour, I will acknowledge that but bringing the game into disrepute? Not even close.


In my opinion, your opinion is bollox.

Have a nice day though cos we won the FA Cup


You’re so full of ‘Totten**m…




Left, I agree that Wilshere should not have reprised his silly stunt from last year. (Few players are this disrespectful, for a reason.) But for the FA to get involved is absurd. If Wenger didn’t have a word with Jack about this previously, he ought to now.


I’m sure Wilshere couldn’t give a fish’s tit and would do it all over again.


What about charging Manchester united and their fucking who hate been hurling pedophile abuses at Wenger for years and nobody bats an eyelid.
All this during an official game sactioned by the FA.
It’s a FArce!


Next they will be following players about on holiday to make sure they behave themselves.


Stay classy Arsenal… no point baiting teams which are beneath us.

Robbie Rob

I had to count two fingers as described by you.

One middle, left.

One middle, right.

Yup, correct. Two fucks given today.


Jack is no longer 18 yes old. Got to get mature. Fact.

I can understand if some juveniles engaged in taunts.


Get a grip.


Guess my post willl be a thumbs down magnet but you would be furious if spurs engaged in such behavior.

Doesn’t mean I don’t love Jack.


I honestly wouldn’t. My post also probably came across a little strong- totally understand your opionion, but I feel like this kind of thing is really missing from the game. Remember a while back (’11 i think) I went up to OT for a 2-0 FA Cup loss. Evra walked past us all cupping his hand to his ear and giving it a bit which, as annoying as it was, I think engages the fans a lot more. I hated him until that point, but that improved my perception of him (slightly). Everyone loves a pantomime villain. I think fans’… Read more »


Yeah, fucking cunt


Can I just say that wasn’t me!
Original Paul x

Ps this is fucking annoying having a new rude “Paul” on the block!!


Hey original Paul I am the new Paul in town your days are over fuck off


I was at that match at Old Toilet too. Every time Evra touched the ball all the away supporters chanted “Evra Evra you’re a cunt”. When I got back home and watched the delayed broadcast on TV you could hear it clearly. Meanwhile, the Yernited supporters were busy chanting about how Wenger is a pedophile.

Not a peep from the FA.

But now, for something considerably milder at an event that had nothing to do with the FA, they want to crack down? I hardly know where to begin, except to say Blatter was a good start …


I bet I don’t just speak for myself when I say I couldn’t give two fucks what Sp*rs fans get up to in their spare time. I don’t need to see or hear it to imagine they’ll be slagging us off all over the place either. No t once have I give a fuck. Power to them, should they ever get anything worth bragging about, I won’t play sore loser.


I couldn’t give a toss either.

If they shouted something like that I’d laugh and point at the trophy cabinet.


They are doing it mate. They are just too small that you have to lower yourself to notice it. They come make fool of themselves in front of emirates and put it on YouTube. They never an opportunity to get on a centre stage like jack did that’s why. You saw some Chavs celebrating the cup they bought in front of our stadium.


Our double standards are exposed when we loathe adebator for his celebration vs us @etihad but praise jack. Wait till you hear rival players sing arsene pedo chants during their parades.


Actually there isn’t much difference at all. Players are role models. Arsenal issued official apology to Spurs after the parade. If they thought it was OK they probably wouldn’t have done that.

Gillespie Road

Sorry, but there is a huge difference.

Calling Arsene Wenger a paedophile is slander. It’s alleging that he has committed a criminal offence that he has not committed. That is an actual crime.

Calling Spurs ‘shit’ while celebrating winning the FA Cup with Arsenal, while it may cause some Helen Lovejoy types to get themselves all flustered and ‘WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?’ is not a crime. It’s not a crime to swear in public.

Is it juvenile? Maybe. But that’s a value judgement. It’s certainly not comparable to alleging that a man committed a crime though.


I worry about all the paediatrincians being given free access to Paul Scholes

Thierry Bergkamp

Too much double standards on this site.
That Utd chant about Wenger is no different from the Arsenal chant implying that RVP is a rapist (the same fans btw who loved him after his arrest, while still an Arsenal player).

Third Plebeian

Well said, Gillespie.


From a legal point of view there is a massive difference. Saying that Tottenham is shit is just an honest opinion about a football team that in truth are shit in comparision with Arsenal. Whilst branding someone a criminal (paedophile…) without evidence is illegal.


Say that to a victim of sexual abuse you ignorant todge-rocket!


Really cannot argue with *this* logic can I?


No, you really can’t.

chippy's chip

Thats the worst thing anyone can be called and i still cant understand why those dirty skanky mancs get away with it. Fuck off bollocks youre a cunt or just shit is nothing.

North Bank Gooner

Sorry mate, but I call bollocks to that. Stating the truth, and calling someone a paedo are 2 totally different things….


Abuse is abuse Arseblog. No matter where or who it comes from. All I’m saying is that Arsenal players are ambassadors for the club. He should not be swearing or appearing absolutely hungover at an official event. At any other company as high-profile as Arsenal this behavior is not tolerated.

Coq Au Vin

We are called Arsenal Football Club not Arsenal, Inc. Theirin lies the rub…


There’s also a huge difference between a rival singing about us and taking the piss whilst on their own parade and 20 feet in front of our away fans..

Dick Swiveller

No, you may impose double standards on others but the majority of people don’t really give a Spurs about what other people sing.

Rozza the samourai

You are as off target as shots made by Adebayor on the pitch the past two years. Jack never played for Tottenham so your Adebayor example went way over the bar. Why would you compare Wilshere chant to the unacceptable chant against Arsene ? We all know what is totally unacceptable. I remember most Arsenal fans fiercely expressed their disagreement with unacceptable religious things that were said against Tottenham owners and fans in the past. Most Arsenal fans found Frimpong an idiot when he tweeted derogatory comments that had reference to faith. A bit of comparing rotten apple to oranges… Read more »


Er, besides the massive differences everyone else has pointed out, no one asked the FA to fine Adepaywhore for his celebration against us. It may have pissed us off, but nothing more. What a world we live in when people cannot realise the absurdity of charging someone for what is basically common, harmless ‘banter’.

Springbank 1962

Three points.

1. In order for it to be a taunt the object has to be watching (as if).
2. Not everyone who thinks that something is ‘shit’ is a juvenile.
3. Sp*rs are indeed ‘shit’ though I now expect shit to take exception with this.


I get your point but this entire chant is being blown out of proportion. I don’t get why they don’t make an example out of Tottenham for using a racism term in their chant. FA really do make a mountain out of a mole hill.

titty bum bun

Big donkey’s dick, fuckity bum bangs, wanky cuntfuckery.

There you go and I’m 46.


Being a passionate fan has nothing to do with age.


Someone should start a petition on one of these sites. I appreciate nothing will come of it but I feel like it would calm people down a bit if we knew at least the FA knew we thought they were complete fucking morons. I actually can’t believe how much press this has generated- I really, really, really hope Wilshere, Wenger and the club tell them to do one and accept whatever more harsh punishment comes our way. What do they want from footballers, PR robots who just “give 100% for the team”, “take each game as it comes” and… Read more »

Mo Money

Football is business and nothing more. The FA are likes bankers, only interested in their own welfare and lining their pockets etc. I’m losing all my love for what was once a beautiful game.


It’s also worth asking how far the remit of the FA extends. Is an Arsenal celebration at a non-FA sanctioned event open to their disciplinary procedures? And if they’re so concerned about offensive chanting, why aren’t there blanket charges for things that happen inside football grounds every weekend.


A reasonable point but unfortunately reasonable is irrelevant here. The FA believes their remit extends throughout the known universe – not to be applied with any logic or consistency, just when they happen to feel like throwing their weight around. They often sanction players for relatively inoffensive comments on twitter. Terry’s racist abuse on the pitch, however, was apparently outside their jurisdiction.


because the things sung in stadiums up and down the country every week are being sung by fans, its not like the fa is trying to charge the arsenal fans that attended the parade

Arsene's Zip

He should bung ’em another £20k and call them cunts on the way out of the meeting too.


Some people need to grow a sense of humour


He did the same chant last year aswell and nothing came of it? Sounds like some high up from sp*rs has thrown their toys out of the pram about it..


i was wondering why this was only an issue this year as well. I think its more likely that it was picked up by journalists who dont have anything better to do and the fa just jumped on the bandwagon like a bunch of fools


Someone enlighten me.

Where does that whole chant derive from?

Does make me laugh every time I hear it though.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

It derives from Tottenham being shit.


Well, if you really go back far enough, probably E = mc2.


You know and i know If you’re an arsenal fan that has ever been to more than one game, you have sung that song. This is pathetic


Seeing as he made the same “rant” last year, why is it only bothering the FA now? Such a ridiculous scenario to charge him. Anyway… Tottenham are indeed shit!


Maybe because he did it last year, and his repeating it has convinced the FA that Arsenal FC is OK with Jack’s doing it. I doubt that AFC is OK with it. It was a little dumb last year, and this year it’s really dumb. Ignore the cock on a ball. It’s pathetic to celebrate the winning of a great tournament by running down a rival (who by the way took four points off us this season). I would encourage Jack to channel this feeling about Spuds into a good performance against them next season rather than a witless scatological… Read more »


Leicester players racially abusing Thai women on film: No FA involvement.
Adam Johnson charged with having sex with a minor: No FA involvement.
Jack Wilshere calls Tottenham shit (which they are): FA immediate action!

I despair.

But at least we have their cup!


The Leicester business is a murky one and remains to be seen.

But the FA have no business is saying or doing anything with regards to Johnson and neither has anyone else. This is now the subject of criminal case and in order to ensure that there is no prejudice, the law must take it’s course.

Everyone – without exception – is innocent until proven otherwise. Any action by the FA or anyone else that undermines that is contempt of court. Another crime.


My point isn’t that the FA should get involved in either of them, it’s that they say nothing. We’re talking about bringing the game into disrepute. Jack has only sung along with the fans in a ceremony that has no FA involvement and is only for Arsenal fans. Yet they feel the need to poke their nose in mainly because the media have turned it into something it more than it was. Leicester, as you say remains to be seen. Now I agree, innocent until proven guilty and I’m not saying Adam Johnson should have been banned, fined or reprimanded… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

It remains to be seen in the sense that you can actually watch the (edited) version of the video on the Mirror website, so I think it’s pretty obvious that they have done what the newspaper has said they have done (if they hadn’t, the newspaper could be taken to court on charges of libel).

I would have thought that indulging in an orgy with three women of probably questionable character, whilst audibly racially abusing them brings the game into disrepute moreso than a footballer saying a swear word. Clearly I have my priorities all wrong.


No it isn’t. The presumption of innocence applies in a criminal court. Not to society at large. You seem rather confused.


Jack is legend! FA is spineless. End of discussion.


The same folks who laud Jack now will criticize him when he is next caught binge drinking or smoking. This shows a lack of maturity from Jack. Despite advancing in years Jack hasn’t developed maturity.

Springbank 1962

This isn’t about Jack being immature. Look at the rest of the bus while while he’s got the microphone. Then look around at the rest of us laughing along with him. Especially those like Szczesny and Bellerin who’ve been brought up as ‘Gooners’.

The charge that the FA is making is absurd. Rather like bad poetry only infinitely more hilarious.

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

Could we inaugurate the FA Vogon poetry awards?


Who cares if he hasn’t matured. As long as he performs on the pitch and doesn’t participate in anything illegal off the pitch, what’s the issue? For all I care, he can smoke and drink as much as he wants. Fuck being mature, it is overrated.


When was he caught binge drinking? Christ, as long as he’s not too unfit to play and gaining weight like Ricky Hatton between fights, who cares if he has a beer and a fag every now and again?! I honestly don’t get what people expect off of footballers. Sure you’ll wheel out the “if i was getting paid X thousand a week I wouldn’t smoke or drink” but it’s not his fault that they get a fortune is it. And as someone who’s left school relatively recently, I can tell you NOONE be they 6 or 60 see footballers as… Read more »


I don’t think we’re lauding Jack for doing it, we’re just saying it’s an utter load of bollocks to be getting punished over.

Especially when much harsher things happen that they conveniently ignore. Like bullshit refereeing and their own internal goings on.

Crash Fistfight

Do you think that when Szczesny posted a video of him playing the piano to take the piss out of Tottenham he brought the game into disrepute, or does it only count if someone uses ‘indoor’ language outdoors?

This whole thing is pathetic.


Yes mate. He is immature just like Maradona, Pele, George Best and I could go on. All we need from jack is to kick the ball and win us games. If we wanted saints then we know where the monasteries are. By the way he did it last year after we won the cup and did it this year after we won the cup. Please let win the cup next year so jack can do it again please please. 5 match ban? Who gives a fuck? We have the little Mozart, the ox for that. We love you Jack. Fuck… Read more »


What a pack of cunts. I hope he appeals.

Dick Swiveller

I hope we contest the charge, we won’t as that would only make things worse because it’s easy to spot a kanagaroo court, but we should just spam them with calls for action every time anything even slightly bad ever happens. Terry falls over? Call for bringing the game into disrepute, he was mocking thsoe with balance problems. RvP mentions tofu in an interview? Mocking vegetarians. Player whips his shirt off? Mocking the obese who can’t take it off quite so easily.


FA are right on this. He is an arsenal employee and is held to a higher standard then the fan on the street. Saying “this set of fans did this” or ” this set of players did that” is not an excuse. He said more than what do you think of Tottenham by the way. We as a club are better than this. We should leave this kind of behaviour to Chelsea fans and their manager.


Fuck FA. Pathetic pile of garbage. If they continue down this road we should soon see Kos banned for 5games when he empties his pockets of the players he’s owned this year and forgets to recycle properly.

mersons coke dealer

Gestapo cunts.

Springbank 1962

I hope both Sp*rs and the FA realize that the longer this goes on for the more Jack is going to be cemented as a folk hero.

I hope they also realize that any sanction should affect his playing for England long before he plays for us again in earnest.

But then what can we expect from an organization that gets given £16,000 watches and has to be shamed into (effectively) giving them back.

Yeah. It’s just FIFA that’s the problem.


Does anyone remember when Greg Dyke, or at least one of the hacks under his umbrella, said that Tony Blair and his government were shit because of Iraq? Does anyone remember how he lost his job over it? I do. Seems Dyke has forgotten. What a cunt!

Thierry Bergkamp

Don’t understand the obsession with spurs other than the obvious local thing. They clearly are behind us in every department and it would hurt them more if we didn’t acknowledge them, other than when facing them. Aim high, forget about whats beneath us

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

But it’s just so fuuuuuun.

Crash Fistfight

True gloryhunter logic.

True Red

It’s a bit like someone asking what the weather is like on a hot day. “What do you think of the weather today?” “Hot” etc etc. It’s a fact that T*ttenham are shit so if someone asks what you think of them, you tell the truth. Do you want our players to start lying? I cannot countenance such a thought


But really what do you think of the FA= sh**t. And what do you think of sh**t = FA


“But really what do you think of the FA= sh**t.”

Not even the least respectable dung beetle would be seen crawling over that piece of shit.


How about the dung beetle that rocks up on here impersonating the lovely original Paul?!!!!

New Haven Gooner

Any more proof you need that Spurs are the biggest pack of whiny babies on the planet?

Crash Fistfight

I’m sure the majority of them don’t even care.

Contrary to what a lot of Arsenal fans think, most Tottenham fans are normal people, like any other football supporters. They’re just normally delusional and know nothing about football.


The department of justice has opened an investigation into alleged bribery and misconduct involving the football association.


How dare he say that word in front of the children! How dare he expose their sensitive ears to such things only heard amongst sailors and prisoners!

Meanwhiiiiiile…over in Switzerland…


Jack – Look, I had a lovely FA Cup final and all I said to the fans was that shit was good enough for T******m…
F.A. – BLASPHEMY! He said it AGAIN!!! Did you hear him?

*crowd roars and the stones start flying*


A misconduct charge for calling a rival football team shit? Eeeee my life! My mate is a lecturer at a University and his students often mock him for his shocking dress sense and tease him about it during seminars. His taste in clothes is shit though and he needs to rethink it. I better tell him he should round up the nasty students and bring them up on charges of misconduct. I mean it’s going to scar him for life if the students mock him isn’t it?

The FA can fuck off.


FA = Fuckin Asshole


Sepp Blatter must have found employment in the FA. After all, shit does attract vermin


I would also prefer players are not hungover at official events (as Wilshere evidently was). There’s no excuse really. I don’t care what other clubs do or other players or what they chant at other stadiums. Our players should be disciplined. They represent the club. I remember George Graham used to make them remove earrings.


I strongly disagree, as I do not think he had hangover – he was probably drunk. I just hope that from now on there will be two versions of the chant – one with the poor neighbours, and the other with FA.

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

George only did that because the earrings dug into his hands when he was giving the players a rough buggering as punishment for an inadequate on pitch performance.

But then, he was old fashioned that way too.


FA must stand for
“Fucking Assholes” in which case they have been always really… Apparently

East Gooner

Again the We-Know-Sweet-FA have shown their true colours. Its OK for Chelski fans to chant sexist chants at their Physio. Its OK for Manchester Utd fans to call Arsene a pedophile. Its OK for West Ham to indulge in Anti-Semetic chants. But for a player to banter with his own fans using a chant which they use week-in, week-out is unacceptable? How the hell does this shit go down? I’m sure he’ll be given a 3 match ban too, which you guys should note that a certain Chav Cunt with initials JT got for racism. But on the bright side… Read more »


Personally I don’t hate Sp*rs. I even chuckled and congratulated them when they beat us this season. The ones I hate are Chelsea and Man U. Oh and Stoke. God I hate Stoke!

I understand the tradition but I’d be more supportive if Jack had laid into any of them. I care much less about Sp*rs. As for the FA charging him over it? I may soon have to start hating Greg Dyke as much as I hate Mourinho.


For all those saying that jack is is no longer 18 and that sort of bollocks. Jack is a true Gooner. You cannot be a Gooner and respect Spuds. Now most keep it to themselves that’s hypocrisy some are brave anough to exteriorise it that’s Jack and it’s called sincerity. He asked a question and the public answered be best they could. If FA think that’s wrong then they should tell Spuds to stop being shit and to stop being in our shadow. FUCKING MORRONS


Did Daniel Levy just give the FA a call and things got taken care of from there? Disgraceful. (My guess, don’t me!)

Do they know Jack did the same chant last year? Making themselves look like fools for inconsistency!


Fanny Adams!


Come on, guys! Get real!

Yes, Spurs are shit, but Wilshere has been in football long enough to know that you can’t publicly say what he did. The frustrating thing now is that he might get a ban, which will hurt his promising comeback and could affect our early games next season.

This incident highlights the problem that the club has with Wilshere: he’s a Jack-the-lad who has a nasty habit of finding himself in trouble away from the pitch. He should take a long hard look in the mirror.

Dick Swiveller

I know, and he smoked a cigarette. Twice, and he probably even inhaled, the bastard.




@fatgooner you have also just publicly said Spurs are shit you nut so that kinda makes you either a hypocrite or just stirring the shit as normal


Another role model saying the same as Jack. Let’s hope the FA don’t hear.


The question of the FA’s remit is worth asking. Having said that Wilshere did something similar last year and was warned about it. This time he’s pushed his luck and whilst I agree the FA’s involvement is sledge hammer v nut, this is player who has had a rubbish season – again and badly needs to get his career back on track. Scholes comments – last year – were entirely valid and you can thumb this down all you want. They were. Scholes has 13 title winners medals to prove the point and Wilshere badly needs to sober up and… Read more »




Scholes is a fucking cunt and it’s none of his business to tell others how to behave.




Whether Scholes is what you allege is a matter of opinion – yours not mine. That he has 13 League Title Winners Medals and two Champions League Winners Medals are facts, not opinions. As such Wilshere would have been well advised – given that he has zero League Title Winners medals and zero Champions League Winners medals – to listen carefully to what Scholes said. Of course if he doesn’t want any of either – he can just carry on. But given that he plays for Arsenal, I’d rather like to see him acquire one or more of either. So… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Djimi Traore won the Champions League – doesn’t mean his opinion is worth a dime.

It’s that attitude that makes broadcasters employ fucknuts like Robbie Savage. Just because they played the game doesn’t mean they have a clue about how to manage teams or players.

Would you make a postman chairman of Royal Mail????


The examples you site are irrelevant. However, Wenger also ‘won nothing’ as a player and Ferguson was less than stellar. It didn’t stop them going on to better things. This point is not who says it but what he/she says. Scholes offered sound advice and Wilshere should have taken it on board. If Scholes didn’t care, he wouldn’t have said what he did and let the matter ride. He plainly does care and on balance, wants Wilshere to succeed. Certainly for England if not Arsenal. It’s depressing that this board attracts so many bigots – and I am talking in… Read more »

Stewart Robson's therapist

Bore off. You’ve been brainwashed by the sensationalist media and their fabricated narrative. Get your Arsenal news from Arseblog and the other online Gooner forums. The ones written by the fans, who tell it as it is because they genuinely care about Arsenal. Not the fucking journos whose only mission in life is to stir up as much trouble so they can sell a few more papers and get a few more clicks.



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