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Ozil outlines charity vision on scooping Ambassador award

Mesut Ozil’s popularity in his homeland appears to continue unabated after he won a public vote to be crowned German Football Ambassador.

The award, organised by the German Foreign Ministry in conjunction with Deutsche Welle and the Goethe Institute, is given to those with an ability to communicate and embody the best aspects of German football abroad.

Jurgen Klinsmann, coach of the United States international side, and ex-Aston Villa player Thomas Hitzelsperger, who shed a light on homosexuality in sport when he recently came out, were also crowned as German Football Ambassadors at the star-studded event held last night.

On collecting the award the Arsenal midfielder outlined how he intends to help disadvantaged children with the cash prize:

“In my job, I can really make a difference in a few ways. We are very privileged. People who know me will tell you: my goal is to help kids as much as possible. I like to spend time with them.

“I’ve already talked to my team of helpers, and we are going to use the money to help young burn victims in Africa. We’ve already set up a plan of how to do it.

“I have been planning for a while to start a charity. I have helped children before with projects. Because I now have a good network I can help a lot more of them, faster.

“That’s why I planned this organisation. The main aim is that you give children a positive future. There are lots of kids out there who really can barely enjoy life. Our goal is just to make their lives a little nicer.”

It’s not the first time Ozil’s goodwill has been in the spotlight. Last November he was presented with a Laureus Sport for Good award in recognition of his charity donations after the World Cup.

The 26-year-old used his prize bonus to help 23 seriously ill Brazilian children undergo much needed surgery.

Well done that man.

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Forever assisting on and off the pitch. What a beautiful man


Nicking goodwill if you ask me.

He’s come to this country and is nicking the goodwill others could be earning, simple as that.


Never thought I’d be up voting a Durham comment…

Third Plebeian

I can only assume the number of down-votes to this comment is proportionate to those readers who don’t get the joke.


Irony is a hard tone to capture. Durham needs to work at it, because this comment fails…


The real irony is that you haven’t realised the subtlety of his irony. Refers to Adrian Durham’s anti Arsenal rhetoric, and Ashton’s “Nicking a living” bollox. Can’t believe I’ve explained the joke… kinda kills it, but someone had to.


We are lucky in this country to have a player of his ability, and regardless of what the philistines in the press may say, or those who don’t watch him regularly, he is brilliant. He does stuff with a ball that make me giggle like a kid. I hope he stays for a long time. And this kind of behavior can only be good for our young players. JA GUNNERS JA!

Rohith J

Class, this man.




Santi ‘…….., no?’.


Outlines charity vision with his laser guided pupils.

His vision makes Superman jealous.

Arsene's Zip

A classy man at a classy club – what a good fit.


Ya Mesut Ya! So much class.


Top lad, top player. Am happy we have ozil as our player. Ya gunners ya

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Compare this to the other cuntish stuff celebs do with their fortunes. Well done, Mesut.

Arsene's Zip

I hear John Terry and Cashley pool their money for orphaned disabled kitten fighting.


And I bet you thought you were joking when you wrote that…. But it’s true, they do – and Mourinho manages the events.

Talbot's Neighbour


Mr. White

A lot of credit should be given to Arsene Wenger for building a squad of real class guys who are class on the pitch and off the pitch. I love this club.

Яков Аршавин

Give that man a slice of Ukraine


Not funny, mate, not funny AT ALL…


MO!!!!! Talent on field marches generosity off field. Can’t say that of too many players
A class act, an example to the next generation of players how to be selfless


“Mo”. Liking that nickname.

I for one hope Mo stays for the majority of his career. He’ll see us to titles. No question.

Class act.



Hoosier Gunner

I genuinely genuinely hope it’s not Moh…


He already did!

Little Mozart

A genuine inspiration.

Mboya Vanda Fat

His organisation should rightly be named ‘Assist Foundation’

i want to boff chuba and im not even gay

Proud of you mesut, that sort of thing is a credit to Arsenal and football, even more so considering some of the other cunts involved in it. Football that is not arsenal.


Always great to see people in positions of authority and public eye doing good, raising difficult issues can be tough so the more spotlight on them the better, good man Mesut!

ZA Gunner

Ich liebe dich.

Hope he goes down as an Arsenal legend after another 10 years and many many trophies.


Hi Arseblog, reckon you can do a player ratings-season version? Think it’d make an interesting read


Humility and class.


He puts it into row Z!

You can picture him in an optimistic and solid face when issues like these come up. He seems like he doesn’t care what happens around him. But he seems passionate at life and full of love.

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

Good shit!

Jar Jar Sanogo

A number or players in the German NT have their own charity foundations, including the BFG. Part of the proceeds of the movie that was made about last year’s World Cup tournament was split between those foundations (the rest went to others, including a slice for FIFA, who will supposedly put it into charities, yeah right). The management and the German association encourage that sort of thing and promote the players’ causes too, when possible.


Wow.. there are no comments with a thumbs down :O
(Why do i have a feeling that it will start here :P)


It’s taken a season of training – to not accidentally hit the thumbs down button by accident!

Also the FA Cup win seems to have filled absolutely everybody with positive feelings and thoughts! Always loved Arsenal, but the club at the moment feels really special


What a wonderful person. And having just watched a feature on Alexis and what he does back in Chile… The nicest front line in the world!

Arsene's Zip

Yeah I saw that on the BBC’s build up to the cup final – brought a tear to the eye that did.


How does it feel to be Tottenham?

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

How does it feel to be Tottenham,
How does it feel to be small,
How does it feel when your team means nothing at all…



Ja Mesut!! Ya Arsenal!! And what do you think of the FA?

young gun

pure class.


The storys from our players have taken a total 180 from the days of RVP, Nasri, Bentner et al
Really been putting a smile on my face a lot this version of The Arsenal really fucking heartwarming stuff that! Ja Ozil Ja…..goonerfuckingtastic


Ozil is Ozil. He is like no one. The assist to Giroud, I dont see anyone else pulling a pass like that. We have a gem in our hand.

Coq Au Vin

Ja Mesut, Ja!!!


What a classy chap Mesut is both on and off the pitch!

I remember not so long ago, Koscielny did his bit to save his hometown accordion factory. Alex and BFG have their foundations too. Top blokes!


*correction – Alexis, not Alex.


Outstanding stuff from the German. Now….if only he could only shoot at goal every now and again instead of being obsessed with bloody assisting ALL the time, he’d be perfect!

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