Saturday, June 15, 2024

Aston Villa nab Arsenal analytics guru

Ex-Arsenal CCO, Tom Fox, has raided Arsene Wenger’s backroom setup to sign analytics specialist, Hendrik Almstadt, as Aston Villa’s first sporting director.

Fox, who became CEO at Villa Park last August, made the appointment after being impressed by the German’s portfolio of skills during three years working together at the Emirates.

Almstadt, 40, is understood to have had a wide remit at Arsenal including technical scouting, data analytics, financial budgeting, contract management and academy and athletic development.

“I’m really pleased to welcome Hendrik to Aston Villa,” Fox told Villa’s official website.

“I was able to see first hand the excellent work he did at Arsenal and he will add tremendous value across our entire football set-up.”

Arseblog News had never actually heard of Almstadt until we learned of his move; somewhat surprising given the number of pies his fingers appear to be in. If nothing else the news further highlights how big an operation Arsene is running between the Emirates and London Colney.


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Vacancy? Where do I have to send my CV?


I was in daydreaming mode one day on there but unfortunately for me, there wasn’t an advert for an unfit, failed striker.

On the plus side I did go on a tour bus with Alexis that night in my dreams. However I had to get off to pop to the loo and when I came back it was driving away without me. He looked really sad in the back window. This was most likely because I was holding the only football we brought with us.

I trust you’re glad you asked now.

Thierry Walcott



This brings back memories of Rambling Pete.

Djangoon Unchained



That’s some position spin you put right at the end. I was anticipating a sarcastic jibe on Villa.


Sounds like Hendrik is good at making up an impressive CV with all that stuff on it. Let’s hope he can actually do it all, at the same time, or Villa will be disappointed. Arsenal would have kept him if he was that good at doing all that roles.

And he should have mentioned on his CV his desire for a boost to his pay and/or his lack of ambition. Why would he want to be at Villa otherwise?


Sporting director at Villa or random guy who none even knows exist who get all the boring jobs at Arsenal no one else wants.

Pretty easy choice making that move I would say if you are an ambitious person.


Though if he is actually doing all those jobs he is over-stretching badly or doing them badly. So I m suspicious. And also suspicious of anyone who leaves Arsenal.

La Défense

You mean like David Dean? I’m sure you are…

offbeat madoda

Wonder what impact that will have on our analytics depts and if the move has been facilitated by the recentish purchase of the analytics company

Anonymous Kumquat

At least we’ve still got our beloved Shad.

Third Plebeian

Interesting write-up in the Mirror today about the Shad effect.

Feeling optimistic for fewer injuries this coming season.


4-1 it seems. Ok, it’s just a consolation.


Thank god it wasn’t the new waxist

pony tulips

Totally off topic, I just read that Cuntagher had said that sterling is not worth all that money and he will be talked for all his off pitch behaviour than on pitch.

Although he is right, it just baffles me how the same guy claimed that sterling is better than ozil just few months back and now doing a huge U turn with his opinion.

His hypocrisy is giving me cancer!


That was Owen.

ospina's thumb

Is he Marriner in disguise?


Trust me, this is all Sherwood’s doing, that great schemer, always plotting our downfall. Except for that one day at Wembley when he was clearly on our side. But other than that, mark my words people, mark my words…

Arsenal's Legend

Am actually waiting to here Owen’s verdict on his best player since the inception of football ala sterling. am happy we didn’t sign him

Ronaldo's Paunch

What! This is outrageous. #WengerOut


I’m not so much impressed with this poaching of our unknown analyst as I am with Villa’s ability to get Liverpoo to pay 32.5 million pounds for the incredibly overrated Benteke. Still, Liverpoo are flush with money after getting 49 million for the incredibly overrated Sterling, so I guess they had to spend it somewhere. Honestly, I look at the dosh teams are throwing around this transfer window, and I can’t help but think there’s not been a single high-profile signing so far that would have significantly improved us if we’d made it. Except for Petr Cech – and that’s… Read more »

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