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Cech hails ‘extraordinary’ Arsenal spirit

Despite only being at the club a few weeks, Petr Cech says he’s enjoying life at Arsenal and that he’s found a dressing room full of players who are all ambitious and ready to help each other to win.

The former Chelsea man made his uncompetitive debut against Everton last weekend, but appears to have settled in well since moving to north London.

“What I’ve found is a group of players who work very hard and are focused on what they are doing on the pitch to get ready,” he said.

“I’ve found the team spirit quite extraordinary. Everybody pulls in the same direction, which is why I believe we will have a successful season.”

The Czech international believes the balance between youth and experience at Arsenal is such that it gives Arsene Wenger’s side a boost ahead of the new season.

“We have a good balance,” he said. “We have players with a lot of experience, who have won the World Cup for example, and young players who want to prove their point and play as much as possible.

“We have experienced players and hungry players so that balance gives us an advantage. Everything depends on how well we do on the pitch. We have to compete with the strongest teams.

“There are a lot of talented players in our team, but the real strength lies in our numbers. This squad has a number of players ready to compete for every position, and we will need them all during the course of the season.”

Seems like he’s enjoying things so far, long may it last.

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Shere Willpower

If he’s happy.. I’m happy !


All hail cech.


He needs to cech his gob, he’s been talking non-stop since he got here.


Awful, isn’t it? The man’s asked questions and he has the temerity, the sheer brazen cheek, to answer them in a polite and thoughtful manner! Honestly, these players today are such a shower of bastards that you just never know what they might do next!

NW Gooner

Doesn’t Sheer Brazen-Cheek play for Chelsea?


Think Wenger should trim his nose hair. Don’t want to see it anymore tbh.

Hugh J'Arse

Me thinks we have a Chelski troll amongst us


Petr Cech is magic,

He wears a magic hat,

and when he saw the Arsenal,

he said “I’m having that”

Djangoon Unchained

Petr Čech is magic
He wears a magic hat
And when he left the Chelsea scum
He said: “Jose, you’re a cunt. John Terry, you’re a cunt. Most of the rest of you are probably cunts as well, and you’re supporters are chavcunts. So why don’t the lot of you fuck the fuck off and GET IN THE FUCKING SEA you goddamn twatspanners! Oh, and about that Premier League title this season, I’ll be ‘avin that!”

I am 100% confident this will catch on.


Not sure about them getting into the sea, think of the environmental damage that would be caused by pumping all that cheap Burberry material into the water………..better still to cram them into a furnace and use them as a source of power………


Don’t think the furnace is a better option either. The atmospheric damage might just be too much for London to handle. Why not just sell them to some buyer in the north pole where freezers are large in abundance.

Djangoon Unchained

That should read: […] YOUR supporters are chavcunts […]

Too much of a pedant to let that slide. Also I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use the word ‘chavcunts’ again.

Springbank 1962

Of all the advantages Cech brings us this season – and there are many – one of the ones least considered is that he knows Chelsea’s weaknesses.

If, in order to win the title, we need to get the monkey Mourinho off our backs then Cech can provide the necessary means. We’re going to have to play Chelsea at least three and as many as seven times (not counting replays) this season. So, maybe having Cech in our camp will make enough of an additional difference to get around their boring old bus.

Just a thought.


He also knows our weaknesses as Jose sees em.


Strong and encouraging words from Petr, given he has come from the PL champions. Those of the ‘we have to buy lots of big name players’ persuasion take note. Most clubs that buy lots struggle for a season or more.

We won’t this time (one or two tops) so have an increased chance of doing well this season (no CL qualifying matches for a start). And we didn’t do that badly last season…


If it lasts,it last’s


Is that you Theo?




Where Art Thou going to


Love this guy already

Getso gunner

Hope the spirit you will bring will make it to be extra extraordinary


“he’s found a dressing room full of players”
Must have been a pleasant surprise for a bloke used to a dressing room full of cunts.


Ospina ought to stay he is class, Schezney can get the boot. We are on the up and in future Ospina will inherit Cech-esque characteristics. Furthermore Karim would fit in right with the “M” and the “tiger” that is alexis and if A.A.Ron goes back to the way he was 2 seasons ago we will be untouchable and thus can be called the “destroyers” forget the invincibles the destroyers is what we ought to aim for this term around.

“Destroy all in our path to glory”

Top of the lot we are, we are,we are the Arsenal


It must be nice for him to be at a club where the captain isn’t a racist cunt who shags his teammates birds.


Arteta can share my wife any time he likes, I would consider it an honour


Pic please.

Reginald Perrin

He’s relieved he doesn’t have a skipper that bangs his team mates wives.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Now he’s just worried about his wife getting the hots for one of our many handsome lads.


Totally unrelated but just saw this on twitter
Arsenal Fan: We have a golden bpl trophy
MAN U Fan: Talk about present. Not 10 years ago
Arsenal Fan: We won two FA cups and you lot behind us with no trophy
ManU Fan: We are rebuilding, next season we will win

Tight arse

If it happens it happens

like a red head Ljungberg

you guys seem to hate chelsea more than you love arsenal, hatred blackens the heart, to the point that hollowness is all that’s left, in far west of london there was this story elders told, stories about how chelsea cunts are born from hatred.


Na mate, the love for Arsenal overpowers any hatred. But they definitely are cunts. I mean no offence to any gooners reading this that have an Arsenal tattoo (well I kinda do) but you do see a disproportionate amount of Chelsea fans with Chelsea tattoos and that can only be explained by the fact that they are cunts, the cunts.

Anonymous Physicist

Somehow I keep reading the headline as “Cech hails extraordinary Arsenal shirt.” It must be something to do with the picture.


the strength in numbers bit is key for me. there’s no point having such a large, talented squad and insisting on running down some players. at the end of the day, the replacements are so unfit they are useless.

i’m not saying change the team every week, but it is not considered resting a player when you take him out in the 86th minute.(i’m looking at you Wenger)

Cliff Bastin

Feel bad for him because of how puma went to town on the keeper kit design.

Stewart Robson's therapist

The away kit looked much better once we saw it actually being worn by the players. The goalkeeper kit decidedly does not.


Next time puma might want to ‘Cech’ their design of the goalkeeper Kit.
Okay I’ll leave


Wenger has consistently failed to hit Europe’s top prize But consistently qualifying for CL is not a failure. It is a very high MINIMUM standard for us to achieve in close to two decades. It afforded Wenger: 1) An oportuntiy to build the brand of Arsenal following early success. Remember our finances were below pre-Abramovich Chelsea when Wenger took over and they were a very very small club then. 2) Ability to attarct backing from banks with consistent TV rights money in order to build the stadium and move us to a different level income-wise 3) Opoortunity to afford and… Read more »

Arsenal's Legend

“What I’ve found is a group of players who are not cunts”

You can’t be happy in a club owned by a cunt, coached by a cunt, captained by a cunt and being cheered by absolute cunts.

Arsenal is Class that can’t be bought

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