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New LEAKED images of Arsenal’s third kit

A while back pics of Arsenal’s proposed new Puma third shirt for the 2015/16 season were leaked…and they didn’t go down particularly well.

Since then the navy blue kit has undergone a few tweaks with the stripes now sitting diagonally across the shirt.

It’s still a bit of an odd one…

Front of shirt featuring white, turquoise and gold diagonal stripes


Back of shirt featuring the same art deco ‘A’ that’s also on the home and away kits
The original leak...notice how the badge has also changed.
The original leak…notice how the badge has also changed.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


Pictures courtesy of @Voetbalshirtjes

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Toby Moss

Looks like they were testing which colour would show up best on the blue, and thought “oh fuck it, let’s just leave it at that and go to the pub”

Tom thumb

Sounds like me on a Friday at work


It looks like they designed it after coming back from the pub. I like the navy blue (maybe because i’m a frog), but not the stripes.


Or they thought, it has good give away value for WAGS… tie a sash through the middle and it looks like a summer dress!!


If the club sells more than 10 of those, I’ll be shocked


It looks like there should be 20 cigarettes inside?
and a government warning!


Maybe a nice pic of John Terry being killed by smoking too, like some Indian fag company did a while back?


To be fair – it’s not all that bad. Albeit looks more like a training top, but the top half of the shirt is sharp. Not so much the bottom half. But Alexis 17 will look fckn good on anything


That’s gotta be right up there with some of the worst kits we’ve ever had.

Why is my name required

Who the hell designed this..for gods sakes. Looks like shite. Dont waste your money on this 3rd kit

David C

and why is Puma stealing Adidas’ 3 stripes?

I don’t like us in dark colours at all; too hard for my old eyes to follow our team on the tele.




My eyes hurt


I think Benzema would look great in either.


I quite like it actually…


What do the colours even represent????


Colours man….they represent colours


I kinda like it. Wouldn’t buy one though.

Neil McKeown

I am not a massive fan of this tbh. The diagonal stripes are funny…and I don’t fancy the sky blue…but it is a third kit!


Worst ever. Take thise stripe out, then it looks bit more classic. But really dont understand those stripe


I feel like this will sell more replica pillows than shirts. That or we’ll win the champions league in this shirt and we will all fucking love it.


If we win the Champions league in THAT, it will be the shittest any team has ever looked holding the cup – with the exception of John ‘I put my kit on when I didn’t play’ Terry…

Fergie the Gooner

Aaaaaagh, my eyes!

Podolski Sklep

The googles! Zay do noooothiiinnk!




My eyes, my eyeeeeess


IS are rampaging through the Middle East. Despots around the world oppress their people. Millions of girls are denied an education.

You know what the real crime is? That someone was paid to design that abomination.


That’s not funny.

Sir Tarquin Underspoon

That’s completely funny.


If you don’t really think about it, it’s funny, yeah…but if you think about it, not funny at all.


I’ll reserve my opinion till I see Carzola tip toeing pass Shweinsteiger to give the ball to Ozil who just flicks it through shneidelins legs leaving Welback to score again against them celebrating like he did to knock united outta the UCL.. then i’ll judge


But ManU aren’t in the UCL yet.

Parisian Weetabix

*breathes into paper bag* Cazorla… it’s spelled Cazorla…


And Schweinsteiger. And Schneiderlin. And Welbeck.

But “Carzola” is unforgivable sir. As punishment, you must wear this third kit for an entire week.


and the Man Utd player is spelled Shinanigans

Little Mozart

Definitely improved from the last leaked image but it’s no way near as good as the gold coloured away kit. I do like the gold badge on this third kit though…


It isn’t too bad. Still seems a little like something Obelix would wear though.


It’s different enough for me to believe it’s a one off. Should look good as Retro in a number of years. Will buy it for that sole reason.


I liked it from the boobs up.


I thought the purple/black striped monstrosity of a couple of seasons ago couldn’t be topped as the ugliest AFC 3rd shirt ever, but this one is certainly giving a run for its money.


That monstrosity was actually our bona fide away kit, not the third kit,


Nothing can compete with that purple bumblebee kit for worst ever, not even the kaleidoscopic banana kit from the mid-90s. Mind you, this awful kit does come close.


Don’t like either of them!


Is there a more sickening visual indictment of the vapid commercialisation of football than ‘third kits’? Fucking poison, get rid of ’em.


Much nicer than the away kit that’s for sure.

The away kit looks like something made in a shit curtain shop from 1965. It’s truly horrific.


And there’s where we differ.
The gold away kit is almost as lovely as our home kit this season
This third kit is not Arsenal.
It’s ugly
It has lots of black
It has mismatch stripes
Puma is trying to put all our colours and traditions in one kit

But each to his own….

kamikazeee kev

Get rid of the stripes on the front totally…..
like the gold badge and the turquoise band around sleeves other than that leave just navy.


Looks worse than a training kit. What’s with those stripes?!?


The vertical stripes look like test colours. It is probably a mockup to check how the colours look against the primary colour of the kit. It certainly won’t be patterning that ends up in the final kit.


Contender with Norwich kit for ” the most ugly kit this season”, to include Chelsea away kit

Dear PUMA Arsenal
You let us down with the 3rd Kit

Finsbury Park Gooner



Awful it maybe, but not as bad a Sp**s kit


You could take a steaming poo on a plain white shirt and it would still be better than a Sp*rs kit


Glad it’s changed from it’s initial PSG MkII design.
Still not spending £60 on a shirt that looks like a Carpetright rug sampler though.


What a shocker. I’d pay not to wear it.


The original looks better if they’d keep the lighter grey diagonal at top and switch the lower diagonal to gold and remove the two other unnecessary stripes.

Teal just isn’t an Arsenal color.


I had high hopes for Puma. Their footwear is amongst the most stylish on the market. If that ends up being our third shirt however, then they’ve cut me deep. I bought one of their cheap training tops in Sports Direct for £13 and it has more design integrity than this eyesore.

Gooner K

I like the design of it but I don’t get what the colours are meant to represent?

Any ideas?


It’s myrrh, frankincense and gold. It’s a nativity kit.
A ‘natikity’.

luca james

This could be the most underrated comments on Arseblog

Shwoooooz Caproooz

I say we buy the shirt and then do a Flamini and rip the bottom part off it. 😉


From a crap top to a crop top in no time.

kamikazeee kev

Get rid of the stripes on the front totally…..
I like the gold badge and the turquoise band around the sleeves though.
How about just having navy but with a watermark Cannon on the bottom half of the front also in navy ???.


What were they smoking at Puma?


The boss of Puma is Irish, he demanded a “t’ird kit”

John S

Should leave it entirely navy blue with the gold trim, that would have been a classy looking shirt….this one?…..bottom half is garbage, more likely to be laughed at wearing one of these!

By The Eyes of Özil

Huh? That shite strip looks like the Scum’s seat belt/lap belt kit… No fucn way bro! Screw the 3rd kit, Puma should give us an option to buy both new kits at discount and they’ll triple their sales and we won’t have to see that horrible mess of a kit on the rack and they don’t have to waste money producing a kit that only some will buy just for their collection.

Arse Sutra

well just hope the players tuck that shirt in and pull the shorts up to their chest and all is well…


Simon Cowell style?! Ha ha


the stripes spoilt it all….would ve been better if there were no stripes. anyway,many fans won’t buy it


Looks great from the back and on the front from the Emirates logo and above. Apart from that, its shite.

My options are to walk backwards to the ground with strategically placed kebab and carrier bag holding all my match day needs around my midrift or alternatively , and my prefered option, is to take some scissors and cut a perfect line thus making the appearance appear ‘original’ right below ‘Fly Emirates’. This way the world can see my ripped abdominals which unfortunately reside below a significant layer of fat.


Way too Spursy crapola 3rd kit.

I really like our Home and away kits this year. But this is poo.


I don’t hate it. I’m not gonna spend £60 on it but I may use it in Fifa every now and again.


Club badge in gold looks classy but…what’s with the stripes? Epic fail. Eww factor at a maximum.

Excuse me while I go and vomit my meal.

Matt Bradford

The goggles, they do nothing!


Can’t wait to read the bullshit blurb that will accompany it’s release about what the stripes supposedly represent.


Fuck that shit.


Looked nice until I saw the bottom half sillyness – gag. I’ll stick to the sweet looking new away shirt.

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