Reports: Walcott signs new deal


It’s being reported that Theo Walcott has signed a new 4 year deal with the club.

Negotiations have been ongoing for quite some time indeed, but earlier today this was Tweeted:

And followed up with a story in the Sunday Mirror which says essentially the same thing.

Of course until it’s official there will always be doubts, but it does seem as if something has gone down.

Walcott has made 302 appearances since his debut in 2006, scoring 76 goals.

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A Gooner

Why is Dean on twitter a reliable source?


Exactly my thoughts when I first read it .

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Dean is reliable, he’s got connections. One transfer I remember him getting right before I heard about it anywhere else was Cazorla. I believe he also used to, or at least has on more than one occasion, posted Arsenal’s team news before it was announced on TV.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

He’s also been wrong before though. But I’m betting he got this right.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

That’s a thread on reddit with some people citing other stuff he’s gotten right before. Apparently he called the Cech deal long before anyone else, according to a poster there, though I missed that if it’s true.


What about the inside arsenal guy on twitter?? He seems legit as well.


The line “Arsenal will confirm the deal within the next two weeks” makes me doubt it. Certainly it won’t take that long if an agreement is reached, especially we have been in talks with his camp for a centery.

Andy Mack

I’m not sure that’s enough reason to think it has or has not been done. If it has then the club (and theo) could be keeping the announcement to cause smoke (or detract from smoke) over another issue. Whether that’s another buy or a sale, we’ll see. Or, as you suggest, maybe the deal hasn’t been signed…. So basically, we don’t know squat…….. 😀




Guess it’s happened then

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

That’s a thread on reddit with some people citing other stuff he’s gotten right before. Apparently he called the Cech deal long before anyone else, according to a poster there, though I missed that if it’s true.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

oops. Posting is hard when you’re a dummy.


Ding dong. I love it when they play hard to get.


That seemed less creepy in my head.


I’m neutral about this, but he’s a good player to have at the club.

Juxta Position

What do you prefer, losing a proven goal scorer who’s at the peak of his career?


I’m just not a fan of the Walcott camp and how they handle things at the club. On the pitch, I think he’s a good if restricted player who guarantees goals. I’m saying I’m neutral because were he to be sold, I believe wenger would replace him with somebody like benzema. While its great that he’s staying, I don’t think we’ll be bringing in a forward as a result of this deal, which may be a bad thing.

Gudang Pelor

I am with Mr Spot here, Walcott’s camp tactic was kind of undermined beloved Arsene a bit.


Well. depends whose Koolaid you are drinking. I might be in the minority but I admire Walcott’ stand – this is the most important contract of his career. As regards the ‘atmosphere’ of the renegotiations, the fact is the string of sarcastic comments (as has been the prior case) came from the club and Wenger, not from Walcott. Whatever your opinion, Walcott and his representation kept their position completely private. Finally, try the shoe on the other foot. Wenger has spent years buying or not, essentially dragging his heels through transfer window after transfer window making last minute deals on… Read more »


Thank you.
I got begged to hell for even suggesting Theo hasn’t done anything wrong, just because I wasn’t going with the general tide of “boooo, feo”.

Also, consider every time he nears his contract, Wenger plays him as a CF, tells him he will play as CF, then as soon as he signs, sticks him permanently on the wings. If a manager did that to us at work, we would be fuming.

Gooner Balls

Does signing Walcott on preclude us from signing someone like Reus? Reus is an option at centre forward as well as the wings…similar to Walcott.


We’ll get Reus in a couple of years once Real are bored of him!

Andy Mack

Johnboy, or when Reus gets bored of the RM bench!


Think it’s slightly hypocritical to shame Sterling or Van Persie for going public with their comments about wanting to leave their respective clubs and then also criticize Walcott. In fairness, while negotiations have drawn out, he’s never attempted to compromise his position with the club to the extent that RVP did, or refuse to play or lay down ultimatums or anything. Ultimately, we really can’t begrudge him asking for more money, long as he’s not disrespectful about it. And I, for one, am glad he’s staying. Replacing him would be a pain, since we’d have to look for a winger… Read more »

Red Cannon

I agree with everything you said except for bragging rights. If Theo left, we’d still have the fastest player in the League– Bellerin.


Plus we can resign Ryo Miyachi.


I don’t know about proven goal scorer with 76 goals from 302 appearances is accurate. Though I would have hated him going, no one has his pace.

Edu's Braces

Think about him joining Chelsea for nothing and be less neutral.

Oh and remember he’s a jolly good player, sometimes 😉


Yeah. He’s consistent in patches.


The old ones are always best!


If true, quite satisfying


Awesome if true, but not exactly a trusted source


mirror can be trusted when it comes internal matters like contract extensions, but not transfers rumours.


John Cross for the Mirror is generally a trustworthy source, although you do sometimes feel that the Club deliberately use the Mirror to spread BS misinformation too.


What, done and dusted without any (further) drama?

Our pre-season continues on its smooth path. It’s a strange new phenomenon. But I like it.


Really happy if he signs a new deal, even happier if he sees his roll at Arsenal realistically and doesen’t want 150 a week to sign da thing.

Chuba's floating sideburns

What a magnificent human he has turned out to be. Dare I say there is no need for a new striker, with Giroud as the big guy, Theo as the dynamic guy. Surely it’s covered. But as i’m an Arsenal fan writing online i’ll cover myself by saying things like Benzema ( who has only once scored 20+ goals for one of the worlds best teams in a softer league) and other things like Lewandowski and other good players on FIFA15.


I agree, whilst not being Feo’s biggest fan, that as an alternative striker up against OG he will be a good fit. He may even, whisper it quietly, be able to play alongside OG in a 2 up front.

Of course, the question being that if Walcott is the alternate striker, who would we play on the right instead?


If Wenger is happy to try Theo as CF sometimes, I’m happy to see the Ox and his twin brother Gnabry battle for the spot on the right of our mighty attack


Or Ramsey, or Wilshere, or whichever other midfielder we want to play and cannot fit into the center because of the riches we already have there.


You play fucking OX on the right.

God is Bergkamp, Bergkamp is God

I’d comment on your post, but I struggle to keep focus when I see ‘Chuba’s floating sideburns’ first apparently


Good news (once confirmed).

He has his critics (I rate him v.highly) but he fact is I’d rather we lined up with him in our match day squad (starting or otherwise) than against us. Quality player, gives us a different option and with players like Ozil, Ramsey, Alexis and Cazorla feeding him he is very difficult to play against.

Feeling good about the upcoming season!


Who’s DC?


if you check his twitter he seems like anything but a reliable source.


Surely not Dave Cameron, aka the PM, aka known gosspel teller of the truth, half truths, & things not known for being the truth yet he still probably wishes was the truth? Dave & the Mirror as sources…yikes! Sincerely hoping that there’s at least one other DC out there with a better track record for being accurate.


There is no better club to be a part of right now.


Downvote that ^^ comment if you are not an Arsenal fan.


Right Now?!!! There is no better club to be part of. Period.


I am gruntled.

Clock-End Mike

Me too. Definitely gruntled.

Santis Better Foot

Never in doubt.

Question plus theo

Bloggs how can I get a picture next to my comment?

Theo is becoming a very good finisher, and I believe could get 25 plus goals next season. I really hope this is his season he deserves it!


Try gravatar.


If it happened, it happened


And now we can put this to rest




I couldn’t be happier if this is true.

What I like about Walcott (aside for him at his best), is that just his presence on the pitch scares teams into playing a high line. Based on the what I saw today, the pace we were at when on the counter attack, if you add Alexis and Walcott into that mix, it’s a scarily pacey team.

Regardless of the lacklustre finishing sometimes, and him playing hard to get, having Theo around is great. It’s a plan b, and he’s someone that can cause a genuine threat.

Ted Miliband

Yesss. Will be an underrated key player this season. The trophies will be ours


If it happens – it happens…


According to The Mirror, “The deal will keep Walcott at the Emirates until 2019 and put his salary in the £100,000 a year bracket and make him one of the club’s highest earners.” Now I can see why Ashley Cole left.

Stringer Bell

Speaking of cashley, he is in paper saying he wouldn’t come back to premier league as he can now live his life in private. As if it was everyone else’s fault. He sold his fucking wedding photos to ok magazine and the cunt talks about living his life in private.


And after selling his wedding photos he cheated on his wife, who on a purely physical level is surely one of the most desireable women in the history of the human race and is also reputed to be one of the nicest and kindest people you could ever meet. What kind of idiot does that?


Either your last remark is deadpanned with tongue as firmly in cheek as is possible to imagine, or this is a case that passed you by…

Arsene's zip

Cashley in the papers saying he wishes he wasn’t in the papers?!


They have now corrected it to £100,000 a week, hence ruining my witty observation.

Richie Growling

to be fair quoting salaries as a weekly figure is bloody annoying, I’m sure most people can get their head around £5.2m / year


Oh yeah it was arsenals poor contract offer that made him leave, its not like before contract negotiations had even begun he had met with chelsea already. He forced his way out because he knew he could earn more at chelsea and that he stood a better chance of winning trophies. Let us not forget the interview where he complained that the fans didnt sing his name after the last game at highbury. He is/was always will be a prick.


It never ceases to amaze me how blind people can be to any kind of tongue in cheek humour in the comments section. I was drawing attention to the error in the original Mirror article (i.e. before they corrected it) in which they had said £100k per YEAR would put Theo amongst our highest earners. If that were really the case, how surprised would you be to see our top players leave? I can’t believe I have to spell this out. How many thumbs down were by people who only read the last line of my post, thought I was… Read more »


Are you surprised?? as soon as they saw it was sounding “negative”, they jumped to conclusions.
Maybe you should’ve put the “year” in capital letters and quotation marks.




Absolutely brilliant! Well played, sir!


Glad that seems to be over. Hope he earns that money this season! A fit, firing Theo could be crucial …


And Ibrahimovich has just put an elbow into John Terry’s head. It just gets better and better.


I’m having to watch it on a Chelsea TV stream, and the commentator was defending Zlatan. Even Chelsea supporters think Terry is a cunt.


EVERYBODY thinks Terry is a cunt.


Mourinho’s a cunt.

Gudang Pelor

I read it: abramovich has just put an elbow into John Terry’s head.
I thought: did Terry slept with the boss’s wife?

Gudang Pelor



If he did, I doubt its an elbow to the head from Abramovich 😀


4 years? Wow, the pay increase must have been really good for him not to want to go through this fiasco again next summer. I hope we sign up Ozil before the coming season’s end.


Fucking A! And after this morning’s dismemberment of Lyon I thought today couldn’t possibly get any better.

To top it off, the US just lost to Panama in the Gold Cup. Brilliant.


Remeber this guy against Liverpool and Barcelona at the age of 18, the closest guy to Thierry Henry I have ever seen minus the Needed Arrogance and Self-confidence to truly scare opponents off.


True but he lacks the king’s technical ability and football intelligence in general.

Wenger admirer

I think you might be proven wrong on both counts, if he’s going to have the season he’s capable of as a centre forward. He’s just never been given an extended run up front in his career, which I think is about to change.
One of us is going to have to eat their words, and I think both of us hope that that one is you.


Theo is a good player and a great finsher, but lets be honest, no way in the world does he come close to having henry’s technical ability.
Sure he’ll score goals if fit, but in terms of technique, he’ll never get close to henry.


Remember this guy against Liverpool and Barcelona at the age of 18, the closest guy to Thierry Henry I have ever seen minus the Needed Arrogance and Self-confidence to truly scare opponents off.


Using a Twitter ITK type as an official source? Odd, thought this site was above that.


Blogs is ITK of ITK’s.


I won’t believe this until Ben Fairthorne confirms

Man Manny

Now that it’s halpened, it’s happened.

Man Manny

Now that it’s happened, it’s happened.

Ronaldo's Paunch

Now that he’s signed his contract, is he going to keep up his “playing-for-a-new-contract” form? He was genuinely exciting up front in the last two games he’s been played there, his off the ball movement is miles better than when he was put up front before. Hope he keeps it up.


The league is ours

Mr obey

He is a true arsenal man and won’t be going any where trust in him

Ramsey's Spirit

I like to think of this as Schrödinger’s contract


As I mentioned, he was leaning in the direction following last game of season + cup win. Likely pushed on into signing because there has not been substantial offers for him, bearing in mind price Sterling went for and oil rich clubs done with their on bench local talent quotas. Walcott can weigh in with 10 goals or more next season. He can plunder them from the middle but more likely on the flanks where the system has been built for flexibility and interchange within a game. If he needs anything to go by, he needs to look no further… Read more »


He definitely has signed the thing. No doubt now. Buy why just now? After all the if it happens, it happens thing? The only explanation is that Theo may have seen Lord Bendtner hovering around Emirates yesterday and though ‘he is the greatest striker and fans want him back, even the Ox. Better sign it now, cannot keep this suspense going otherwise when it happens it happens, and I will be forced to wear Liverpool shirt and no way I will bear that. So he signed. This is just a theory though. Another one is that Mrs Elgin (Theo’s family… Read more »


Well,if it happened, it happened, didn’t it?

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

This only makes Walcott’s disrespectful “if it happens” comments more strange. If he was only a week away from signing a new deal, then surely he had a decent idea that it was close to happening. While I wish he hadn’t made the comments, I think it’s clear he just was kind of rambling and didn’t think about his words as carefully as he should have. He also contradicted himself regarding whether they were close to done or a long ways away, etc. I don’t think it really reflected how he feels, it’s clear to me at least that he… Read more »


I think part of his ‘if it happens, it happens’ comment is due to not wanting to confirm anything too quickly. If he and his advisers were still in negotiations Theo coming out and saying “it’s almost done” would basically thwart any negotiating power that was in his camp’s hands at that moment in time. I also understand why for many that is confusing or annoying but to be honest, I don’t think he has ever been close to leaving. He is 26, in what will be his peak between now and 30 seeking assurances that if he stays he… Read more »


What people forget is that theo can score goals. In the 2012/13 season he was our top scorer with 21 goals. Personally I’m delighted he is staying


It happens


lucky he’s British otherwise everyone would be going Greedycott on him and the way he signs da ting

I am a massive fan of his game and I prefer him and Sanchez as starters on the wings.
He might not track back as much as people like and they are quick to point it out but he scores way more than the others but it’s taboo to note that some hardly ever score

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Yeah nobody ever says that about British players. Except Sterling like 30 seconds ago. And, you know, lots of others.


What a birthday present to wake up to…Fixed the Boilk* almost as well as bacon and more beer would have. This also seems to have removed the psychological scar left by sharing my date of birth with the one and only Gael Clichy (he is a year older thankfully), temporarily at least. If it turns out this is all a plot to lull me into a false sense of security just so that I can be struck down by the previously presumed fixed Birthday Boilk* I’m blaming it on Lyon for conceding 6 goals against us and causing me to… Read more »


Happy birthday!! Hope you enjoy it!

ps: That is meant for Mr. Clichy.

🙂 😛


I rekon he rang his agent at half time and said “Did you see that fucking first half?? I better sign this now before they don’t want me”!

Easy tiger

Glad he signed, but get ready for a dip in form and a long term injury :-$


Theo is awesome at what he does and would make all our rivals better. I hope that Twitter knob has guessed this one right.


Theo has the all time highest number of substitute appearance at Arsenal. Even more than Kanu. I believe dats why his goal ratio looks unimpressive.


Off topic – anyone saw Aurier kicking Costa to the floor and fighting with him all game long? Aurier is a Gooner!


Err. I think he plays for Paris St Germain actually.

palace gunner

Theo theo


Wenger now shows his other side of being ruthless we held all the trumps cards this time in the Theo dealings and he was’nt going to be held to ransom he probably gave an ultimatum Sign De Ting Or do one, not bothered either way the way the OX has come to age and form but he is definatley another cog in this sides equilibrium


It’s on Twitter, but we won’t know the truth until it’s on Instagram.