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Szczesny reveals Wenger talks ahead of Roma move

Wojciech Szczesny has revealed a conversation with Arsene Wenger helped convince him that a season long loan at Roma would be a good move.

The 25 year old has made 181 appearances for the Gunners, but the signing of Petr Cech meant any additions to that would, at best, be in the cup competitions.

Having left the door open for Szczesny’s return, it seems Arsene Wenger played a part in convincing the Polish international that playing reguarly in Serie A and the Champions league would be of real benefit to him.

“Once the offer from Roma came in, I spoke to Arsene Wenger and he told me it would be a fantastic move for me to join Roma and play in the Champions League, fight for the Serie A title and try and improve the squad,” he told the official Roma site.

“Arsene Wenger told me that Rudi Garcia is a very good manager. I also have Mathieu Debuchy, who played for Rudi Garcia at Lille, and he had some good things to say about him as well.

“I’m excited – as I said, I’m trying to gain experience every day from everyone I meet, every new coach. I’m looking forward to working with him and with the goalkeeping coach and trying to become a better goalkeeper and a better person.”

He also spoke about how he sees the season in Italy as a way of improving after what was a disappointing campaign last time around.

“I had a difficult time last year,” he said. “I’m the first person to admit that. I didn’t have the best of seasons, that’s why things have turned out the way they have, but I’m grateful because it gives me the opportunity to join Roma this season.

“I believe if I work hard – and with the help of the coaches – I’ll be able to help the team improve from last season and hopefully challenge for the title.”

There were also hints that in spite of Arsene Wenger’s words, he might see his long-term future elsewhere.

“I don’t want to focus on just getting experience here and going back to Arsenal. I didn’t come here just to go back to Arsenal after one year.

“I’ve come here to win trophies with AS Roma and I believe that the team is strong enough to do so. I think there’s great potential. I’m here to win games and trophies for this club.”

We know he annoys some people, but we’re fans of Wocjiech still, and it’s a bit of a shame the way it’s worked out. Who knows what might transpire in the future, but let’s hope he has a good season in Rome and take it from there.

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I rate him over Ospina. Good luck to him, but I am sorry to see him go. Hopefully he’ll have a standout year and be back with us.

master floda

I agree, he has more potential than Ospina. He is taller and more self-confident, which allows him a more commanding playing style. Ospina and Chech are both a bit “old fashioned”, sticking to the line and such. Which on the other hand means, they are easier interchangeable because the defenders don’t have to adapt to another goalkeeping style. I think Szczesny will become a better keeper than Ospina in the long term. And of course there’s the “Gooner factor”: he grew up with us, he’s got Arsenal in his blood and we all love a player who comes through our… Read more »


Cannot believe you have almost as many down votes as up-votes !!! In any case, I very much prefer Szczesny over Ospina myself. I honestly think Ospina, was at the right place at the right time to take advantage. Yes, Szcz did screw up but in this case the punishment (last season and on-going) doesn’t fit the “crime”. I think, AW probably gave both Ospina and Szcz option to go out on loan or be second fiddle. Szcz wanted to be playing full time whereas Ospina was happy with the secondary role. I dont think it was a case of… Read more »

chippy's chip

NC, see below, Gooneron; not so even. Arsene knows.


Am really struggling what makes people see Ooooooospina as not a great keeper. As an opinion I am more comfortable with him as keeper than I am with Chesney


Spot on . its likes folks would rather Szcz go about his flamboyant style of play, let in a couple of soton-esque goals while at it than have the calm and composed Ospina who in statitistical terms is way better hahah don’t make me laught


i like both of them . chesney slightly more 🙂

statistics do not show coq coming in when opsina was playing and stats do not show that we played with a makeshift defence in the early part of the season when chesney was playing.

anyway, we now have cech. let chesney get more experience n come back to serve us then 🙂

Stringer Bell

Alright, I won’t.


Pretty simple: Ospina let in two or maybe three goals a top keeper would not let in during the home tie against Monaco. Also, he spills a lot of balls on crosses (the only reason the average fan hasn’t noticed is that he’s been lucky to not get punished for it yet). Doesn’t distribute the ball particularly well either.

Bould's Eyeliner

By no means does that mean bad, but there is a certain suspicion that he’s pretty much at the height of his career now. Sometimes physique makes the difference. Wenger’s intentions to hang on to szczizzlekicks pretty much confirms my suspicions as well. Also I like Ospina – but liking Ospina doesn’t necessarily mean I want Szcezny to leave. That’s a hard decision for the boss, not mine. Whoever’s in goal, is whoever I’ll support. And honestly, from the end of ’12-’13 through ’13-’14 our Pole in Goal was outstanding. It’s funny how so many people are willing to instantly… Read more »


Definitely still bother by Ospina’s lack of height. That was why there were a number of times when he made a diving save but couldn’t hold onto the ball and left dangerous rebounds that were barely missed by opponents and in my opinion was very lucky they were not converted. Look, Szczesny can gain some experience and become a really top goalie, while Ospina is too old to get taller. As much as some Gooners want to deny it, playing goalie in the BPL especially is a big man’s game.Ospina was the shortest in the league.Sorry, still think Szczesny is… Read more »

chippy's chip

Seems to me that most Szczesny fans are internet, instagram, facebook, twatter users BUT Ooooosspia fans are investing,(maybe a bit older), attending supporters.

chippy's chip

Weve got Betr Cech.


Well, he can’t say that he went to Rome to see the Pope and come back in a year, right? Would be disrespectful to Roma fans. I hope he gains experience and comes back in a year or two to play for us again.


Yah, exactly my thoughts- I read it as he was reaching out to the Roma faithful and telling them he’s not just there on holiday to pick up his pay but wants to play a meaningful role. And I hope he does.

Best to you Woj!

Edu's Braces

I doubt that’s the reason, I mean the Roma fans are known the world over for how mellow they are.

gooner 44

didnt some spud fans go to rome to see the pope ?
dunno what he said


He hinted not wanting to come back so let’s not take him back,Arsenal is too big of a club to be playing his games. ESPECIALLY when we have two good MATURE keepers at the club.With Ospina and Cech we have more than enough.


I think you may have read what you wanted to read there.


He was talking to the AS Roma official site. He’s not playing games, just saying the right things to show respect to the fans. He hasn’t said he’s not coming back, he’s only said that he’s not focussing on what may happen in a year. And good on him. He should work hard and do his best for the club and maybe next summer we’ll be batting clubs away to keep hold of him.


“I don’t want to focus on just getting experience here and going back to Arsenal. I didn’t come here just to go back to Arsenal after one year. I’ve come here to win trophies with AS Roma and I believe that the team is strong enough to do so. I think there’s great potential. I’m here to win games and trophies for this club.” Read into what you like but I am not sure there is much nuance here. My guess is he is presuming he is not returning to Arsenal. I think this might be better for his career.… Read more »

chippy's chip

Agree with the szczezcznzy part but you’re thumbed down for dissin superjack!

chippy's chip

And Martinez will be better than szczesny ever will.


And your basis for this prediction is what ? A couple pre-season games ? I am not saying he will be or won’t be, I am just against this whole “X is the new Y” or “X will be better than Y” statements. Even the biggest managers and scouts have been more wrong than right in their careers.

chippy's chip

I think i may have seen a few more games played than you have mate.

chippy's chip

What? You think Martinez hasnt played more than “a couple of preseason friendlies”???


A one two of Cech and Ospina is an exciting rotation. Hopefully they can replicate the success of Claudio Bravo and TerSteegen*

*not sure if it’s spelt correctly


I don’t think what he meant by that final quote is interpreted correctly Arseblog. It seems like he’s trying to examine to the fans of Roma that he’s not just there to use them as a ‘stepping stone’, and that he’s fully committed to them blah blah

Xavi's DNA

Can we please stop with the psychoanalysis of every word a player says? I do understand this is standard across football media as a way to try and make copy, but it gets really, really tedious because it’s all so incredibly strained. Players are made to take these interviews and do their best to say the right thing to appear as congenial as possible. 99% of players won’t ever say “I am going to be at Club X forever, I am fully committed”, and why would they? We don’t say that in our own lives. If anything, he doesn’t want… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

But look at how engaged in this discussion you now are. Copy meta game 1, Xavi’s DNA 0.

Xavi's DNA

You’re so right it hurts me.


I agree, and the biggest factor in realising there is little subtext to uncover is that, sadly, most footballers aren’t intelligent enough to be cryptic, at least not to the degree the media try to make us believe.


Footballers are just normal people who are especially good at football, and all that concentration on one subject usually limits (be it time/interest) their intake of other forms of knowledge. So think to yourself ‘would I be that cryptic?’, because there’s less chance they would be.

Bould's Eyeliner

You’d think so, but I heartily disagree. Footballers have to protect their image, and so they’re really are well-practiced at being noncommittal. Anyone who does the same thing over and over again, will get good at it, be it intentional or not. Sure they’re not hot shot dick laws, but they’re not dumb enough to not connect the words they speak and the print that gets run afterwards. They might not have a crazy conspiracy agenda, but they’re certainly not in the business of burning bridges to future prospects either. At least not our gunners (for now). You can be… Read more »


Yeah, I reckon he was simply implying he wasn’t just going there to fill in at GK for Roma for a year, but that in that year he wants to help them win things. Letting the fans know he’s 100% with them. I didn’t get the impression that he was saying his Arsenal days are over. Guess it’s just how we individually interpret the quotes.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Here’s what I don’t get about the theory that the smoking incident has burned Szczesny’s last bridge at Arsenal. At the FA Cup parade, he made that “has anybody got a lighter” crack when someone passed him the mic, and surely even he wouldn’t be daft enough to do that if he was really in such hot shit about it as all that. I think Wenger is being sincere when he says this isn’t necessarily the end of Sczesny at Arsenal.


It won’t be the end of his career – Wilshere’s done it plenty of times. And I know the game’s changed a lot since then but Tony Adams got behind the wheel pissed as a fart and crashed it and he wasn’t forced out.

If Szczesny doesn’t stay to achieve great things at Arsenal it’ll be because we decided he wasn’t good enough.

Perry S.

This is the realest of the real.


Well he’s gone up in my estimations…

The Underwood Antidote

With Emi Martinez mentioning @petrcech in his every other tweet, he seems pretty convinced that he is the bonafide understudy.

This Hobnobbing and Woj’s language only serves to confirm that Woj may truly be over and out of the Emirates.

Beezus Fuffoon

I imagine plenty of Footballers smoke in Italy. He’ll do fine!

Good luck, Woj, hope to see you back at the Arsenal very soon!


When in Rome….


I hope you said that like Ron Burgundy?




You can’t expect him to join a new club and say he’s focused on returning to Arsenal next season, he would be on the bad side of the Ultras immediately. I read into Wenger’s comments that he is having a hard time letting go of a player that he’s given 180 apps to by the age of 25, but that he had to move on. We all have had the same idea of Cech mentoring Szczesny into a top keeper before riding off into the sunset, but at some point you have to let it go, I applaud Wenger for… Read more »


“So I had a chat with Wenger and he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse”

Anyway seems like his dad will be happy at least.

Theo's Speed

Probably the talks with Wenger were similar to the ones that convinced Podolski to seek a move. You know where the boss diplomatically tells you that you have no chance here . The boss tells you why a move is good for you .

New Haven Gooner

Seems unorthodox given how many games he’s played for us, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on loan for a few years until Cech transitions out of the number 1 spot. Sorta similar to what happened with Courtois at Athletico Madrid where he played there for a few years and improved as a keeper before Chelsea took him back. Again, different situation with SZCZ having more games with us, but he’s still quite young for a keeper and it’s obvious Wenger rates him highly.


I rate him,honestly all his saves are outstanding,De Geaish in today’s overated world,its his blunders which needs to go.He is top 3 shot stopper in England in my humble opinion.His command over defence and calls need to improve.Hopefully he plays all games with Roma and comes back to challenge Cech.he is a true Arsenal lad that matters a lot in the Delph era.


All the best Szczes looking forwarded seeing you next season…..
Off topic, did you see Kos’ rabona shot….wow


Go my son. Go. Go any eat some pizza and enjoy the sun. Do the courtois my son. Come back strong and fearless, said the wise man. The boy then steadily picked up his gloves and start walking through the land of calcio. He turned his head one last time and looked the wise man in the eyes and said: I shall be back as Hart, to which the wise man replied: no my son. No sily haircut no shampoo adverts. Just come back as Courtois. The boy took that astride and headed to the land of spaghetti, determined and… Read more »


At least he is closer to the pope . seems like only prayer would save his performances in goal


This is win win. We have him tied down till 2018. Lets say he goes out and does a Courtouis, goes on loan for a year (maybe 2) and does extremely well, he either comes back and potentially challenges and then replaces a further ageing Cech (who knows we might have seen his major decline in those two years, certainly hope not but could happen.) Or we have a young keeper who has just spent another 2 years at a large champions league club playing regular ball and would probably command a nice fee if we do decide to get… Read more »


Good keeper…but is he professional enough? That’s his only weakness.
Hope he comes back fully focused…


forget about him coming back to arsenal. His time is over at arsenal. About him having more potential than Ospina, I doubt that. Honestly, I doubt that. Why? Because they are mates and also you can’t expect Ospina not to improve as well. If scz will improve to your imagination, he would have done that in his 4seasons as first choice but he didn’t. Let me ask you a question. Who was Neuer? Cortoise? De gea? ter stegen? When scz became our first choice in 2011? Are they not behind him then? Including Ospina. Now, roll forward the and tell… Read more »


Good move all ways around… If he performs we can take him back. Much prefer that to selling him outright and possibly seeing him fulfill his potential elsewhere


Wonder if he will Room with Gervinho and Ca$hley Cole?

Stewart Robson's therapist

Talented, but a complete berk. Do some growing up while you’re in Italy.


My ex used to call me a complete berk.


Martinez will take the number one mantle in a few years!!!

Springbank 1962

Maybe there’s something new happening here.

First Jenkinson. Now Szczesny. Both young ex-first-team players (committed to Arsenal) now on loan because we don’t want to sell them (lose them) and because they both need playing time to develop.

I can see both of them back with us in a year or two – better players – more experience – and Gooners playing for the only club they want to be at.

Clock-End Mike

“… let’s hope he has a good season in Rome and take it from there.”

Good advice from the Arseblogger. Let’s put all this away for a year, wish Wojciech the best at Roma, remember he’s still Gunner, and stop arguing our opinions about Szczesny vs Ospina because, let’s face it, they’re just opinions, and it seems to me we’re divided pretty equally on the two sides of the argument.

There’s nothing I hate more about these comment sections than seeing Gooners being rude to each other. We’re supposed to be on the same side, dammit.

chippy's chip

I remember the clockend takin the northbank a few times…. same sides eh? Fekin good times.


Exactly what I wanted. Don’t sell Ospina, send Sczc on loan and see how the season goes. Good idea. Ospina may be the first none polish keeper to win the FA Cup final in goal for Arsenal in 3 years 🙂 Let’s play some tiki taka and win some more silverware


Life is all about experience, and that to me is what Szczesny is drawing his attention on,, if he can’t win the position battle at Arsenal, let him come back reloaded.


Too much talk on Szczesny for my liking. He is leaving on a seasin loan…so be it, wish him well & MOVE ON!! We got Cech & Ospina. We are well covered. No worries. In fact I would love to see Ospina start more games….starting with this Sunday


Let’s not forget the that two season ago (where both keepers had a full season) he shared the golden glove with Cech. Hopefully a year away will get rid of the crazy

Andy Mack

He’s been with us a long time and is a genuine Gooner.
However I also think he’s a bit too comfortable and a spell in new surroundings where he’s out of his comfort zone is going to be very good for his development. His new (temporary) team mates will give him serious stick if he doesn’t concentrate and fucks up. Add to this that he could become recognised as a great keeper there without the anti-arsenal press on his case, so finally some of our less supportive ‘supporters’ may get off his back.
Yes, a really good idea.

chippy's chip

He learnt everything from clownmunia.


A good move all-round. Wenger’s man-management skills impeccable as always. You get the sense that AW has left Szczesny’s Arsenal future entirely down to him, giving us the option to keep or offload him in the future.

In terms of personal preference, it doesn’t matter what anyone here thinks of Szczesny right now. The manager can re-analyse the GK situation in a years time, and take it from there.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

His talent is unquestionable. His focus and dedication on the other hand need a lot of work. Hopefully this humbles him and he realizes his potential


I just want to point out it’s spelled Jeffzczesny.

I’ll leave now.


Im sorry but the author is dangerous with his last comment. This is not about who we like/dislike but who can do the job when the ball weighs in tonnes and pressure is at 3000psi.


Why are people reading so much into what he said. It’s quite simple, he’s in Rome. When in Rome… Do what the Romans do 🙂

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