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Walcott: The Jeff needs to learn my FIFA lesson

Theo Walcott says that he found it intimidating when he first joined Arsenal because he was sharing a dressing room with players he used on EA Sports FIFA video game series.

That tells us a lot about him because back then Pro Evolution Soccer was still a good game and he should have been playing with legends like Minanda, Ximelez, Castola and Espimas, but we won’t hold it against him.

And having been impressed the Jeffervescent performance of his young French teammate, he had some words of advice for him.

“I was completely starstruck when I first came here, so he may be in the same boat as well,” Walcott told Arsenal Player.

“It’s always quite surreal when you walk into the dressing room and you’re training with guys that you use to play as on FIFA.

“It may take a while just to get used to that but when he plays games he’ll forget about that because he knows he’s good enough to be here.

“That’s why he’s been given the opportunity to play and if he gets that in his head, he will go far.”

Insiders tell us that Jeff suffered the same problem, instantly trying to make Mathieu Debuchy run faster by frantically holding down R2 and, having grown used to ‘alternate’, lashing one over the bar because he thought it was square to shoot and not circle.

Aside from that he seems to have settled in well though.

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Ah Pro Evo master league, better times. Ordaz was my star man.

chippy's chip


chippy's chip

And i dont mean the game!

chippy's chip


Eddie McGoldrick

Nothing quite beats the charm if that first season. Baroto up top, vornander commanding in defence. Old man Celnili in dm.

Would love if we had schwarz up front right now!


The wasted hours pretending I’d made it, and that I just wasn’t me.

Gudang Bedil

In that sense Theo is like Burchet…

The Fonz

Wasn’t Burchet left footed?


If only we signed Pro Evo Park Chu Young and not life Park Chu Young.

Gudang Bedil

Always be my first buy

David Saunders

Let’s be fair, we signed the real life version of ‘Castola’ and I know which one I’d rather. PS, anyone remember when the Netherlands weren’t licensed so Bergkamp was ‘Orange 010’?

Thierry Bergkamp

Roberto Larcos..


Later he was known as ‘Bemkap’.


Lol, fyi Theo through the middle on Fifa all day

Thierry Walcott

Carlos Alberto in Classic XI FIFA 11. Super Saiyan with his hair unchanged.

lovely arse

Too funny. Thanks for the flashback. And btw this badass Jeff doesn’t seem starstruck at all, Theo.




PES 2013 was the best football game in years though.


Ah right.
Meanwhile, back in this solar system…


I would kill for a PES 6 Jeremy Mathieu as our holding midfielder right now!


Haha those long range left foot wallops were bliss on toast! And he could play CB/LB if required, and if my memory serves me right.


I would put him as a CMF cause he’s so damn tall!
Yes his original position was LB (not so much a CB) and a LMF but after say 3 seasons of Master league, you can practically play him wherever you want as all of his ratings are in orange at least.

Jeremy Mathieu, I salute you!


Haha yes! Overwhelmed with nostalgia right now, may just boot up the ps2 if it still works!


go for it!
I’ve patched my PES 6 on my PC – looks awesome !

Ronaldo's Paunch

Castolo, absolute legend

Less Rambly Pete

If he played the way he did while feeling nervous and srarstruck I can’t wait to see the Jeff at peak confidence.

sallam Olalekan

I remembered castolo and burchet aimar in pes 13 was a beast and my favorite player just that Walcot in real life and pes are the same, they are wasteful…


Anyone remember ‘Evotargo’ (spelling?) in Master League? He had to be bought in, think he was South American but looked more of African descent.
A solid young CB- tall, imposing, brutal, didn’t exist in reality? Yeah, I really wanted Arsenal to sign him…


I still play PES 2015 partly coz its the only way I can get Bendtner to be not fat and play footie

Dick Swiveller

Best football game I’ve played for years too.


Come on you North London Reds!


Park chu Young got me 40 goals a season pes 6! what a game, what a player…. Ximilez brings back so many memories


Good old Jiminez


God I love this site. My 5 a side team is still called “Amerigo Atlantis”


Now and then I still bring out my PES 2003 out for a spin, Thierry and Pires made France unbeatable!


We could really do with a PES Adriano up top, if not the forever 24 year old PES Martins.

The Fonz

Martins, speed = 99!


Kaiser, Bos, Orellano, Shimizu

sallam Olalekan

Do you remember Pablo, he’s the only guy that can single handedly make your team get promotion from second division, shimizu is that short guy who’s having speed but no stamina and body balance. My goal keeper is either wolf or Michael. My formation is 3-2-5.suprised?im always using 5 strikers. I think that is only possible in pes and not in real life.


Even after they licensed the German team, Oliver Kahn was still Oliver Kalm. Heady days.


even FM couldn’t get his name rights. that little circle named jens musterman used to defy the laws of physics in his relentless quest for clean sheets


Was Miranda, not Minanda. Or maybe I’m the one mixing things up. Good old days …*deepsigh*

Naija Gunner

Love all u guys for the wonderful memories, still have my PES 2001 CD case though, but not the cd! 🙂

Dave Wale

2 words Mr Mangan. Farzel Menst. That is all.


“…having grown used to ‘alternate’, lashing one over the bar because he thought it was square to shoot and not circle.”

This resonates with me so very deeply.


PES5 Master League, Merseyside Red wanted to trade me Gerrard (at the peak of his powers) for Ljungberg. It was an easy decision… I said no straight away.


Last paragraph, I made the mistake of trying to drink water while reading. Needless to say, I had to clean and dry out my damn keyboard … thanks blogger !!! 🙂 😉

kampala gooner

Ohhhhh guys thanks for the memories almost brought a tear to grown man’s eyes all those hours at university put to good use playing pes 6. This one time we were seated playing with a mate of mine only for his friend to come into my room asking him how he had found the paper. What paper he asked. Only to remember two hours after it had ended playing pes 06 trying to reverse his 6 game losing streak. Ohhhhh good old days. Bless you blogs.

Getso gunner

I just finished 2023 season in my PES 2013 with Ozil (captain) and Cech beside him lifting both the EPL and UCL and Welbeck finishing as top scorer in both competitions

the american

jeffervescent… best one yet

Arteta's front incisor

Very close to switching back from FIFA to PES this year. PES16 is looking the business!



Homer Simpson

You nerds are alright


My front three of Walcott, Bendtner and Adriano was unstoppable back in the day. I had Villa too, just because. All those absurd training sessions really paid off.

And when I say paid off, I mean robbed me of life I’ll never get back again.

Crystal Balls

Ordaz, castolo, ruskin, ximenez, minanda, espinas. . Good old days

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