Thursday, October 6, 2022

Ramsey: we have to find consistency

After a great second part of 2014/15, and a good first part of 2013/14, Aaron Ramsey says that Arsenal now have to be consistent over an entire season if they’re to stand any chance of winning the league.

The Welshman spoke to this month’s edition of FourFourTwo, and he waxed lyrical about the quality of the current Arsenal team, but warned they have to maintain good form for the duration of the upcoming Premier League campaign.

“Consistency is key,” he said. “The form we showed towards the end of last season is the form we need to show throughout the new season if we want to be challenging for the title.

“In the last few years we’ve always had half a season where we’ve been the most consistent team – it would be great if we could do that back-to-back in one season.

“I think it’s the best team we’ve had in a long while – probably the best team I’ve been involved in – and this club can get better. We’re in a very strong position to challenge for the Premier League and Champions League.”

He also paid tribute to Arsene Wenger for giving him a new contract at a time when doubts over his future were rife.

“I always knew what I was capable of doing,” he said.

“It was just trying to figure out how I could do it. The boss always believed in me. He gave me a new contract in that period and he’s always known what I could do.

“It was just a case of figuring out how to put things to the back of my mind, psychologically, with what went on with my injury. Then I quickly rediscovered my form.”

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He wants to be captain as well. Look forward to it.

chippy's chip

I love you Rambo. You made my life complete at wembley v hull.

chippy's chip

Never doubted his ability at all. Was showing how good he was just before that cunt shawcross happened and always backed him after when gooner mates slated him.

Satnam Singh

Arsene and Aaron . Two fantastic people . They said fuck off to the haters .
What if Arsene Wenger listened to the fucking idiots . So called Fans and the media . All cunts . Look at Aaron Ramsey now . Barca and Real will be pushing big time next year . Let’s hope he will give us another couple of years at least .

Stewart Robson's therapist

They’ll both be pushing for Pogba, I suspect. I’m hoping with all my being that there’s enough options for them on the continent that they’ll leave Aaron alone.


I can see him staying with us till Wenger stays but as he hasn’t been too vocal in stating that he sees his long term future with us, I wouldn’t bet on him spending his peak years with us.

Stewart Robson's therapist

He’s still the same guy who turned down Manchester United (who were European champions at the time) because he knew he would play more at Arsenal. One would hope that he looks at the track record of Arsenal players who go to Barcelona and realise his career is better served here.


@ Singh. Almost all the arsenal fans who ever doubted Ramsey have recanted and eaten humble pie. They have learnt the error of their ways. No need to go around calling them cunts. We never call other Arsenal fans cunts. That’s as bad as calling an arsenal fan John Terry, Samir Nasri or Van Pursie

Springbank 1962

Big statements. Mostly because (a) Turning on one of our own is a vile and unspeakable act. (b) Recanting is easy – we see it in the press all the time with so-called pundits. (c) It’s very rare that people really do learn the error of their ways. All that happens is they move on to misjudging someone else. (d) The way Ramsey was treated could well have derailed his career completely. Fortunately, for us he was made of Welsh granite instead of laverbread. But they couldn’t have known that. I think what you’ve proven is that there are quite… Read more »


He’s off to Spain before long. Already said so himself.

Happy to see him go once he delivers the title or two his talent deserve.

Getso gunner

Your performance in the 2nd half of last season plus the just concluded preseason gives us hope. Please make our dream come true once again this season by winning the EPL


Expect at least 10 goals from him in league this season.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Talented, rich, handsome, modest, gorgeous wife (who’s some chef as well if her Twitter feed is anything to go by), baby on the way, loves animals, and above all, a Gooner. When I grow up, I want to be like Aaron Ramsey.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Whoever downvoted this has got a severe case of Welsh Jesus envy.

TR7 > CR7

Whoever downvoted this has got a severe case of Stewart Robson’s therapist envy.

jay goon

Just call him RAMBO!


Piers Morgan = Jose Mourinho = cunt.


This is an equation that should be taught in all university mathematics seminars, along with its variant involving John Terry.


Law of infinite cuntitude.

Third Plebeian

Is this the first Ramsey interview NOT to feature the phrase, “ever so well”??? Leaps and bounds.

Naija Gunner

What a guy, i want all our current squad to retire @ Arsenal. Naaaa, i dont think that will happen though :D.

die hard gooner

First and foremost the priority is keeping our players fit. Could you imagine if we kept our injury prone players like Ramsey, Wilshere, ox, welbeck, debuchy, walcott fit, we would definitely have the consistency to fight for the title. The above players and also Giroud and Ozil included missed large chunks of last season. If we manage to keep them all fit for at least 30+ games of the season we would win the league even without additional players. Additions are welcome but the first priority must be for our players to be able to play, then I have no… Read more »


Couldn’t agree more. It would be wonderful to see just what this team could do if relatively healthy for an entire campaign. The players deserve it, Arsene deserves it and we the supporters deserve it.


All hail to the Welsh Jesus. And fuck Stoke. And Chelski. And Manure. And, of course, the Totteringhams. COYG!!!!

blue bird Gunner

I’d like us to irritate the media and pundits to the extreme this season.
No doubt Liverpool and Man U are their favourite teams. Left to the pundits & media Arsenal would have relegated ages ago.
By winning the league this season most of them would end up with kettle-winks on their faces

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