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McCarthy: “He’s going to play for Arsenal”

After Steve Bruce gave a ruddy-faced ‘wow‘ to Chuba Akpom’s start during his loan spell at Hull, another grizzled centre-half of that era has done likewise with another one of the club’s promising youngsters.

This time it’s Ipswich manager Mick McCarthy who has been blown away by the talent and performances of Ainsley Maitland-Niles.

The youngster, great-grandson of @ArsenalGent, has impressed since moving to Portman Road this summer and was involved in Town’s winner against Burnley last night.

“Wow!”, said the usually stoic Yorkshire man to BBC Radio Suffolk, “The talent of him! I think he’s going to play for Arsenal, there’s no doubt in my mind.

“We are just so lucky to have him.”

And he revealed that he’d spotted the young attacking midfielder playing for Arsenal’s U21s last season.

“Nobody knew anything about him,” he said. “I watched him play against Reading for Arsenal’s under-21s last season and I thought he was great.

“I enquired about him in January, but they needed him for their Champions League squad.”

Well, he’s got his man now, and he’s all:


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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

That manager’s sly little grin, so seductive. He needed to wink at the end though.

Podolski Sklep

This is my favoured version.

Dial Square Charity XI
mick gif legend

McCarthy is a survivor of Dr Moreau’s island of monsters. The only successful result of an experiment to cross a baboon with a human. He managed to swim to safety and was picked up by the Marie Celeste……..after eating the crew and jumping ship in the UK he has forged himself a career as manager of clubs in a slump.

Eddie McGoldrick

Hahaha! He is very baboon-like!


Hahahahaa, that GIF. Gold!!

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

That may be the greatest gif of all time!

Merlin's Panini

It’s great but this is my favourite Mick GIF.
Mick McCarthy gets scared by nothing:

Chase Meë

Zelalem, Toral, Akpom, Mateland-Niles, Hayden, Beilik, Gnabry, Crowley. Plus the players at the senior level under 25 as complete as the squad looks now the future looks amazing!


You forgot “The Jeff”.How could you forget “The Jeff”…..


Holy GIF overload Blogs! You just can’t unsee that one.

Am I the last Gooner to know about the ArsenalGent/Maitland-Niles connection?


Okay that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve posted on here.


Surely that must be from a question of sport. It’s flipping great

American Gooner

I’m glad to hear he’s doing so well at ITFC as they fight for promotion to the BPL. My father was born and raised in Ipswich before moving to the States so Maitland-Niles performance has not only put a smile on my face, but also my dad’s too! 🙂 Up the Town and COYG always!!


Too many false dawns with youngsters over the years. Throughout the league not just us. Talk to me when he’s played 100 odd games for us.

Hope it works out though.


Sensible & well said…….a nice change on here


It’s obvious now its been mentioned but i always thought McCarthy was Irish!


But comes from yorkshire


You sure you’re not making these quotes up? Only asking cos I’ve watched the interview a few times and I can’t see/hear any mention of Maitland-Niles….

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Thanks for the link….but you clearly didn’t click on mine ; )

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Hahaha, no I clearly did not!

die hard gooner

All our loan players are on fire. Crowley, Toral, Akpom, Hayen, Maitland-Niles have all started brilliantly. Now Zelalem and Wellington-Silva are going out on loan. lets hope they start producing the goods fast too.

J Bird

I really rate Ainsley Maitland-Niles. He’s always been consistent and can play in various positions at a high standard. I think he goes under the radar at Arsenal because of Zelalem, Crowley etc. but in my opinion he has just as good potential as any of the brightest youngsters at Arsenal and he’s proving that at Ipswich with some great performances and has already been complimented by his manager and captain. Good on him, hopefully he has a big season.

chippy's chip


chippy's chip

WTF!! Ok so he has no understanding with the back 4, was shit for us last season and had a shit copa america??? Heey we obviously need a striker, lets get the drog. Mugs.


The boy is brilliant. Wenger knows that. What Mccarthy said is meant to be a compliment. Yes he has helicopter parents but I can definitely see him getting regular starts at Arsenal. Now Roy Keane is a Tosser. And that’s true


The gif that keeps on gifing.


We have been outstripped by our potential rivals in terms of decisive action in the transfer market. If Arsenal continues with the same squad – without any other key additions – we will rapidly fall behind in the title race. The question of availability doesn’t seem to have constrained Liverpool, Man City, Man U – and now Chelsea – from signing talent, why do we continue to sit on the sidelines?


You seem to have been “Wellarsed” by the: SkyTwitterESPNbreakingUnderstandsMaybeWeHeardSawAPictureofHimatanAirportIT’s..SO..FUCKING..ON!everse.
That’s not really football or Arsenal I M humble O.
It’s a bit more Coq and less Falcao! Or atleast I pray it is.
Either way the fact that the transfer windows get more hits and gossip and create more headlines than the actual football is really starting piss me off!


Very poor formatting soz


The media circus around the window is a given – & irrelevant. The reality is that our rivals have strengthened and we have not. I realize it’s not a popular line here, but it’s fact. Title aspirations anyone?


And how, pray, should we strengthen “decisively”?

A “world-class striker” whose name shall remain unknown (or Benzema who, clearly, is no longer wanted by Real Madrid)? A “world-class” DM to warm the bench as cover for Coq? Maybe you could suggest a third option which the “pundits” have not been beating us over the head with..


Maybe not World class cuz those kind of players are few, but i dont think asking for players to compete and make sure our current players dont get complacent is not far fetched. I love Arteta but his legs can betray him once in a while, flamini isnt what i’d say someone coq has to worry about taking his spot, Giroud is good, but Walcott tho can score, isnt known for storming in the game and often dissapears, and Welbeck has great work rate, but his finishing are sub par. so yeah, i think we can strenght without going all… Read more »

Dick Swiveller


We’re obviously trying for a striker, and that’s the only place we really need anybody.

John C


We need another DM and if Ramsey is our best option on the right wing then we definitely need one of those as well.

The squad wasn’t good enough last year and hasn’t got better this yet, whilst others already look better than they did last season.

chippy's chip

But some look at the small club in fulham.


What about Alexis as striker?

Strength, speed, technique, & magic! Plus, the rest of our front line might get to play in favored positions too. Ramsey & Özil interchange, Ox blazes down either wing, and Jack can slot right in. Internal solution, maintaining our cohesion.

P.S. Tim Stillman had an excellent point about DM- an upgrade on Arteta might suit this team more. Felt Isaac had a shout. Hope his loan goes well!

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Wenger experimented with that early last season, but the team didn’t look good and he seemed to give up on it pretty quickly. But now with Alexis having been here for more than a year, it might be worth trying again, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it at some point this year – provided we don’t sign another striker before the end of the month.

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