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Player says something about defeat

Despite the fact he’d probably not rather talk about it publicly, knowing that fans really don’t want to hear it anyway, an Arsenal player has spoken about the opening day defeat to West Ham.

Pressed into post-game media action by the relentless desire for content regardless of its merit, the player gave stock responses to questions everybody already knows the answers to.

Expressing disappointment at the performance and the result, the player in question, dying inside a little bit because he’s not stupid like, talked of learning lessons and bouncing back.

On top of that, while keen to make the point that they couldn’t blame anyone but themselves for the loss, he stressed the need to ‘work hard’ and get the right result in the next game.

It provided fans with fresh insight into the minds of the squad after a bad result, and is certainly not simply a repeat of countless other interviews in similar circumstances.

‘Thank goodness I was able to provide supporters with an explanation for that terrible display, I’m sure they’ll really appreciate it’, he didn’t think for one second as he made his way mournfully to the showers.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I feel like I’ve read this article before.

Gooners & Roses

Many times

remember the invincibles

does arseblog news keep templates for stories? Might be worth the trouble.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

In all seriousness though I do sympathise with the players, it’s not their fault, it’s the worthless would-be journalists who insist on the right to ask the same stupid questions after every match. It must feel like absolute shit having to trudge in front of the cameras after such a miserable day.

On the other hand, stop having miserable days and they can go in front of the cameras and gloat I guess.


And that is why you shouldn’t sympathise with them. It’s not like they played well and lost.
I watched westham (not sure) beat us by one goal in a game where we had 91% of the possession (bobby zamora goal, i think) but the lads played well.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Bad days are going to happen no matter the team. Every team will have performances like this during the season, no doubt about it, and every time the players will have to go through this pointless process, for worthless content.

remember the invincibles

I have a novel idea. Maybe they shouldn’t play so badly.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I’m not talking about only Arsenal, and this article isn’t only mocking the coverage of Arsenal players. This is true of every single match, the same stupid questions to get the same recycled quotes over and over, regardless of the teams involved.


I agree – If I was a journalist, and I was sent to interview a man as intelligent and gifted as Arsene Wenger, I wouldn’t ask him questions… I would just let him talk, to say anything he wanted, teach us and so that we might grasp a glimpse of his magnifisence and learn somthing from his vast experiance at every level of the game.

But instead we get, “so you have a 25 man squad, would you say there is competition for places?”


chippy's chip

Its better than listening to wengers usual excuses time after time after time……


I think pretty much the same article was posted last season after the Southampton defeat.


As he made his way mournfully to the shower for a cheeky snout.

InTheArse weekend cant come quickly. I just want to forget. It´s just Monday..


….And over to Johan Djourou for reaction to the latest defeat at the Emirates.
We will keep you updated as this story develops.


We should have kept him purely for this purpose. “What position am I playing today, boss?” “Little bit Sky Sports, little bit print media Johann. Keep your tracksuit on”.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Whatever happened to Djourou? I used to enjoy his “Boot Room” show on Arsenal Player


Didn’t he go like 30 games unbeaten. It was 26 at the time of this

Gotta admit it’s not too bad!

The Beast

We will go on a long unbeaten run I know that for sure trust me.

Neil #2

Agreed. Chelsea drew, so that’s some relief. We’ll see a different type of game next week…I know it!

bims lay

We’ve heard all this before, and sadly, this team keep repeating the same mistakes, despite the fact that we profess to have learned from them…….. The performance against westham was a disgrace to fans, club and the arsenal shirt, and no amount of rhetorics from players, or indeed manager can change that! For me, any apologies, regrets or forensic analysis of what went wrong by any of the players sounds hollow and of no use, especially as we ‘ve heard this all before, severally!…..go back on the pitch in the next game against crystal palace, and show me! So, any… Read more »

Ditch the Blue

Do you really think ‘the player’ wanted to speak to said media? All round a miserable game, but every team will have them! Just we do seem to have a few more than most….

Hank Scorpio

Except that genuine title challengers have fewer of them & when they do play terribly they tend to draw or even win. Ah well, another season of good but not good enough it seems.


Are you saying genuine title contenders never lose? Or that they only lose when they play well?


Why are people thumbing this down? Its so true it hurts. Same players, same manager, same up and down results. Plus ca change.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Is it possible to have had up and down results one match into a season?


Well said! Pulse of millions of gooners for sure!


I wish we could play Palace tomorrow to get this toxic out of my system

morrows collarbone

Too many in the red zone at the minute


Could be worse. We could support Sp*rs. Let’s put this behind us and look to the next game.

Danger Mouse

Not to make too big a deal about it or anything but THE SKY IS FALLING IN!!!!!!.WE’RE ALL DOOMED !!!!!!!


I’m glad you are taking this calmly


And I thought I was the hysterical one! Pull yourself together DM!

Crash Fistfight

Penfold: Shush


Loved the Arseblog approach over this one! We all have seen this just so very often. Words will do nothing, better get your act together now and prove that it was this game that was a fluke and not the entire preseason and win against Chelsea!


A bit OT, sorry, but Mesut yesterday :

I love his “Come on, oh” (4’30”). And some still say he is no leader and has no passion for Arsenal and blablabla.


Not only that. Watching this clip tells me that albeit it lacking in decisive end product we weren’t that bad either and West Ham played well. More productive perhaps is to congratulate WH and expect more from the next game.

morrows collarbone

Players unfortunately have a duty off the pitch also. What would you say exactly? ” I’d rather not talk about it again as the fans know its all media bulls#*t” ? Build a bridge and get over it people, you are fueling the hype for this weeks “story”. That three points wont change anything come the end as Chelsea only have 1 point lead on us, plus we wont be that bad at home many more times(over the season we never are really) CHILLAX its a new season, enjoy the downs too as they feel so sweeter when the ups… Read more »


I guess being an optimist is a good thing when shit like this happens, too bad I’m no optimist. I kinda wish I were though because having a similar disposition to the angriest man on twitter doesn’t help one bit.

Neil #2

Totally totally agree with this. Unnecessary drama. Give it 2 more matches, then reevaluate.



Getso gunner

I remember just few seasons ago when we lost to Astonvilla in a similar manner but spent almost all the first half of that season on top so be positive about the team fellow Arsenal fans

Pedantic Dan

The difference maker then was the huge signing we made to give the team a lift likely would not have had otherwise. For this reason I am hoping we can get this Benzema deal over the line.


It’s so frustrating! You wait impatiently for a new season and by November, your team is out of the running for the league. And you are left hoping for season to end quickly so that you can do it all again!!!
What the…..?


Is it November already?
Time flies…..

blue bird Gunner

BBC/football: “Arsenal will recover from the “nerves” they suffered in their opening-day Premier League defeat by West Ham, their manager Arsene Wenger says.”

Nerves???!!! BShit!
They are not even playing against Barca in the champions league yet and they are nervous against west ham at the Emirates!!!

Has anyone anyone found my Arsenal team that beat AV in the FA cup final??

luca james

I don’t know why everyone is losing their shit over yesterday.

Yeah, it’s annoying and we should have won but 9 times out of 10 we win that game yesterday. Chech is half a second quicker off his line, Kos sticks a leg out to block the shot. Ox and Giroud don’t hit the side netting.

F*cking hell, that’s just football!

Onwards towards game 2 🙂


Your logic is truly baffling. A million things could have happened differently and led to a million different outcomes.
The “losing our shit” part comes from historical data. We all know arsenal will go on a beautiful run which will come too late. and even of it comes early enough, we’ll inevitably do something to self-destruct

Hank Scorpio

Precisely. This side are footballing conmen. Look up the phrase ‘flatter to deceive’ and you’ll find the Arsenal team photograph next to the definition


Since you already knew this, then when do you keep complaining? I’m baffled. You’ve seen the end from the beginning already why not just go do other things till season ends and then come back with “I told you so.” You’re just adding to the noise, nothing more. And to think you already knew what would happen… I don’t understand you guys. :s

Man Manny

The team that won the league last season dropped 27 points. If we learn our lessons, the loss may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. We can rise on the ashes of this defeat and power to the title.
This line of thought makes me feel better at least.


Chill already, we got 200 mill in the bank, alrighty?

The Alexinator

Calm down everyone! It’s only match day #1 ffs!


They had the balls to hand a debut to a SIXTEEN year old to anchor their midfield at the Emirates against Ozil, Santi, Ramsey etc and we let them get away with it. Here are my issues with the team and yesterday’s performance: 1 – were we nervous or complacent? Either one is not acceptable for a first league game at home after an excellent pre-season which also happened to be a derby. 2 – why was Ramsey playing beside Coqelin and Santi out on the left when he played his best beside the DM. Ramsey is not as skillful… Read more »


Nothin’ but CHECH m8?w00t


Why can’t we ever lose without an inquest? We lost a game. All teams lose from time to time, but when it’s arsenal, oh my god do we wallow and point fingers. It’s partly the blame of the media who seem to relish having a dig at wenger/arsenal and it’s partly our vocal minority of fans who seem to enjoy our defeats more than our victories. It’s a total fucking ball ache to hear the drivel that follows a loss. I wonder if fans of other clubs feel the same.


If a victory deserves a celebration, a loss deserves some debate as well. And with a loss like that inquest in inevitable. That was our strongest possible team (bar Sanchez as starter)!!!

I still think we can and we will bounce back, but that doesn’t mean we can just shrug our shoulders and “forget”. Move on, yes but forget, NO!! Let this hurt a bit and then see if we can apply the proper bandage. Make sure this remains just a bruise instead of a festering fucking wound.

bims lay

well matey, its perfectly normal for fans to “inquest” a defeat just as it is to “celebrate” a victory, this is what “normal” fans do, and i assure you, this is not atypical of arsenal fans or arseblog forum members alone…….. if you go to any of the fan forums, of any of the footbal teams in the premiership, championship, league one etc, you will find the same type of “inquest” going on after their team suffers a loss. A recent example that comes to mind, is the recnt chelsea loss to arsenal in the 2015 community shield……now, this is… Read more »

Man Manny

This means that the fans of some teams that lose ever so often are on default “Inquest Mode”. What a difficult state to be.


Not really.
Actually that’s the way it should be and it’s a compliment Arsenal and AW. It simply means Arsenal is judged with a higher standard than most clubs. That happens with big clubs.
In fact I would start running scared if we begin to loose winnable games and fans feel ok with it


I think what I’m trying to say is, be gutted when we lose yeah, but it ain’t the end of the fucking world


I think that for the top teams, and I include us in that category because we are aspiring towards a league title, a loss should not be accepted as Ok, especially not in the first team and also against a team that is not a contender. How many league games did Chelsea lose last season? 3! That’s what it takes, so when you start off a league season with a home loss, that is a bad sign. PS, only one team has lost the first game and went on to win the EPL. I’m not saying we can’t do it… Read more »


*first game


The three games Chel$ea lost last season were to West Brom, Sp*rs and Newcastle, not exactly title contenders are they?


They lost all those games away from home while missing key players like Matic or Costa. What excuse do we have for losing at home yesterday apart from Alexis Sanchez not playing?

Running Coqmentary

Fair point.


I dont know whether our players needed this wake up call.

But the sad faces of our players during/after the game will be handy for the compilation videos after we win the league in may


Sorry for the hashtag.It gives me some kind of happiness when i use hashflags;)


The problem isn’t losing the game. It’s losing an opportunity to gain 2 points on Chelsea. Instead we are 1 behind already.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Yeah with only 37 matches to go, that’s pretty insurmountable. Let’s all freak out!


lose a home game to a middling team when there no pressure of hectic schedules of champions league/cup fixtures or fatigue or injuries to key players…what do you think happens when we have 3 matches in a week later on and all of them are must win in order to stay in contention but we have multiple injuries to key players and players getting tired…yeah it’s a game of dominoes and we aren’t any good at it…some 3 points are more valuable than others because of the circumstances we can’t predict down the road


lighten up ffs….

you think they will always play like that? thast what i dotn understand.

you take the west ham game and use it as the standard to judge us with.

why not the dismantling of villa in the final, or the comfortable 1-0 against the champions?

why do you haters ALWAYS use the one or two games we play badly and present that as our overall picture as a football club ?


And here we see in the wild, the usual ‘wait till few months/December’ creatures coming out slowly from their seasonal slumber..
this time of year is perfect environment for them, which is happening every year for the past 10 years now..
Unique as it is,they will soon morph into ‘we will win the league’ mode as soon as the the team wins 2/3/4 matches in a
row and then followed by silence when we fail to win the league again and out they rise from the slumber again..

steveafc forever

I can think of easier games than palace to bounce back in a match for anyone at home we struggled there last season


Yes but that will probably work in our favour, as the players won’t be so relaxed, knowing Palace are a good team.

Nic Bell
Pedantic Dan

Surely that graphic shows what we all knew was the problem on Sunday? That we didn’t have enough width on either flank and played or game more in the middle, owing to the fact that we tried to fit square pegs into round holes. Surely Walcott and Ox should have started on the wings with Cazorla and Coq in the middle and Özil just behind the striker? It is just baffling why our strongest assets were not played in their strongest positions.


on the reincarnation of the team in the second half of last season we thought this team was reborn and had learned by its previous mistakes, Wenger was adopting different strategies even making changes beore 68 minutes, why O why did we slip so soon back to the wannabies, we were so disorganised all over the pitch, our manerism’s were laden our passing was sub standard, and over gung ho approach to attacking forgetting the basics of defending, time after time we got caught on the counter attack, carry on like this and we will be 5th or worse, not… Read more »


#shithappenens #Aha


Not enough automatisms. Too many lobotomisms.

steveafc forever

Why is giroud even putting the cross in surely he should be in the middle in stead of crossing to nobody


If and when Giroud is on the outside looking to put a ball inside, whether he should or not, how come nobody was up to the idea to get in the box. He should have stayed central, but there you have him, ball at his feet on the left side, as a teammate you ask…what would Bergkamp do?


I do think tactically Mr Wenger got out witted by Bilic 🙁


Name and shame him blogs.


I know every team will have a bad game as we did.. In a way I’m happy it happened in the first game so our team will have a right mind set goin forward.. As long as they don’t repeat what happened this past week.. Having said that, am I the only who still thinks we can still win the league?? ?


Win the league, yeah let’s keep dreaming. Watch man city’s performance yesterday, the cosmic difference between Silva and our NOTHING player Ozil for example and yeah, let’s dream…….


I have always been unconvinced by Ozil and I have made that known in the past as well. There are obviously lot of posters who are very protective of him which is great. In my heart I would like him to be a massive success, ofcourse. He looked good after his last come back with a bit more muscle on his frame. I still hope he comes good and starts plays like a 42 million player , and eventually a Wengers/Arsenals 42 million player (something like a 3:2 ratio ). But so far not impressed with him. How can anyone… Read more »


This is just interesting for me. I think the team just wanted to give us a last taste of what we were used to previously before morphing into super-champions (all trophies at stake). 😀



Yeah right; same reply I gave to Joshua above you.


I’m gutted. I couldn’t even read an article until am hour ago. This is the season we dominate all middle table and lower teams. This is the season we beat or draw against top teams through tactically aware defensive play. Im gutted. Anything could go wrong now.

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