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Wenger wants more aggression

Arsene Wenger is looking for more aggression from his players today as they look to bounce back from the opening day defeat to West Ham.

The manager suggested his team can be a bit ‘too nice’ at times, and wants to see more fight from them at Selhurst Park this afternoon.

“Sometimes, we are maybe too nice,” he said. “If you want to say our aggression level against West Ham was not big enough, then I would agree with you.

“It is always about how you respond and our game is hugely important. We just need to be at our best and produce a different performance.”

He also believes that the performance and the result were not really representative of the quality of the team.

“We had a good continuity before the end of the season and we think that our cohesive aspect has been maintained.

“It’s not one game that should change our ambition, our objective – we just want to continue to come back to our best level.”

However, he warned that the increased money in the Premier League, which allows teams like Crystal Palace to buy players from giants like PSG, means the level of the so-called lesser teams will improve, something that the established ‘big boys’ will have to contend with.

“They will get closer on a technical level to our level so it will not be so much an opposition of style,” he said.

“They will all raise their level on the technical front, so these teams now have more players who can decide a game.

“Every mistake you make you can be punished.”

And don’t we know it.

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Patrick kelr

This guy lies so much !


The Mourinho Thread is that-a-way!

As for this one: h3ll yes! Let’s see some fire.

Essy baba

One games does not make a season, i still belive we will win the league or atleast the champions league. I can bet anything on it.COYG

John C

Haha I would much prefer he played our best players in their best positions then talk about the need to be more aggressive.

He made 7 changes to the team that lined up in the FA Cup final against West Ham so i think he needs to hold himself more accountable especially as he himself said more than 3 changes disrupts the team.

I’m not going to hold my breath.


Szcz, Bellerin, Walcott and Sanchez are the changes I seem to recollect. I don’t think the team selection had anything to do with how we played. The only thing he could have done to reduce the number of changes is start Walcott in place of Giroud. I don’t think that would greatly alter the outcome of the match that day.

John C

The changes were 1. Cech for Szcz, 2. Debuchy for Bellerin, 3. Ox for Alexis 4. Giroud for Walcott., 5 Ramsey in the centre instead of the right wing 6. Cazorla on the left wing instead of the centre and 7. Chamberlain on the right wing instead of Alexis on the left. So thats 3 positional changes to midfield just to swap Alexis with Chamberlain, which disrupted the whole dynamic of the team and it makes no sense what so ever. For what reason could we not play someone on the left, possibly Chamberlain, as a replacement for Alexis without… Read more »


Mourinho is an effortless cunt


What? He lies about his opinions??
Because “We had a good continuity before the end of the season […]” is the only fact he gives in this article. And it is a pretty solid fact if you ask me.

John C

If you want continuity why did he make 7 changes to the team?


“we had a good continuity before the end of the season” as in, we played well and won most of the games before the end of the season. So this is hardly a lie (which was the point I was trying to make).
If you’re asking why he changed the setup between the end of last season and the beginning of this…geeez, you people are NEVER happy, are you.
rotation vs. continuity
we play our game vs. our game plan depends on the opponent
Give him the benefit of the doubt for a handful of games, for heaven’s sake.

John C

“We had a good continuity before the end of the season and we think that our cohesive aspect has been maintained.

it wasn’t maintained because he changed the team dramatically and it showed in the result, switched back today to more or less the same team that ended last season and low and behold we won and looked better.

I understand sometimes changes need to be made due to injures and rotation but switching the positions of Ramsey and Cazorla didn’t need to happen, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, which is exactly what happened last week.

Texas Tanaka

Come on you gunners, let’s shatter their crystal balls!

Crystal Balls

Go ahead

gooner bank

We want more aggression in transfer too

Stringer Bell

What’s the odds Wenger moves Aaron Hollywood back out wide and drops the ox. I pray I am wrong and that he put him on bench where he belongs, for now. One of Le boss’s major faults is he is not ruthless enough. Why he did not take Ramsey off at half time instead of putting him on left wing!!!! I will never know. Let’s hope we don’t fuck up today or the hounds will be released on here talking usual shite like blogs is too positive bla bla bla. It’s ok to critique but if you want to be… Read more »


Ruthless is what we should be.
Overconfident is what we should not be.

Yankee Gooner

Accidental down vote, sorry!


Mourinho is a tampon.


Nah. Tampons are useful.


Against WH last week we were in many ways the same of Arsenals of the trophy-less years… mundane domination of possession without creating clear cut goal scoring opportunities when faced with 10 behind the ball. Then we do something stupid defensively, switch off and then we’re a goal down.

While every team can have the odd bad game we seem to be making the same mistakes over and over again. Doubtless we have improved but now the main focus should be consistency.

palace gunner

As i say again v hammers the one thing that was interesting is seeing a one striker giroud is better laying the ball the ariel heading in but he needs someone up their with him welbeck injury showing for the fixtures pers to on back tracking we missing also bellerin but what we mainly do not see as our team arsenal fc is the tired playing after all the attacking u watch v hammers game at emirates pace all over the place big games cming so giroud needs help he will not get a goal on lone striker unless tactics… Read more »


This week clearly has a pattern, for me. Shit start with us losing and Rozza getting injured. But boy did Wenger win all of us Indians over by wishing us on our Independence Day. And it includes Chelsea and United fans as well. They are pleased to see how classy we are. To top it off, I grew some balls and got a girl’s number. 😀
I predict a routine victory for us today. 3-0 to us, I say.


More Wenger BS. Why hasn’t he bought the DM or striker whom we desperately need? If we lose or draw today expect to hear more pathetic excuses.


I always find it funny when you use ‘we’ whilst your avatar shows a fat man shity fan. Wrong forum may be mate. I’m sure city fans have their own forum somewhere mate. Just Google it or look into the nearest bin


Strike you down for wearing light blue in your avatar


Restore normal services please, Arsenal. COYG!!!


More aggression from Santi and Ozil… How?
I believe we will win today because we will not be over confident after the West Ham defeat as we were following the Chelsea win.

like a red head Ljungberg

when i said it couple of weeks back, i had tons of thumb downs, now that wenger too admits he believes we are too nice n unmotivated… there is a huge difference between a realist, an optimist n a pessimist, needs a little logic to understand that, n to the ice cold fans with no passion and lowest of expectations out there (much like our board) why not stop making jokes of every different opinion and question our goal as a club of rich history and bank account.


Ild like to see him being ruthless with the players esp when not performing. Whether it be ozil cazorla sub them and drop them

Bad feeling for today hope I’m wrong

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