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Wolves confirm Martinez loan deal

Wolves have confirmed that Emi Martinez will spend the 2015-16 season with them, after the Argentine agreed a season long deal.

The 22 year will play alongside former Gunner Benik Afobe at Molinuex, and he was welcomed to his new club by manager Kenny Jackett.

“We are delighted to have brought Emi to the club for the season,” he told their official website.

“I have been aware of him from being in and around the Arsenal set-up for a few years and he has also has experience of the Championship from loan spells with Sheffield Wednesday and Rotherham.

“It is very important to have good competition among your goalkeepers not just at the start of the season but as it progresses.

“So it is good to bring Emi in right at the start and we are looking forward to working with him.”

Martinez made 8 appearances for Rotherham last season during a loan spell there, very quickly becoming a fan favourite, and he’s eligible for Wolves Capital One Cup tie against Newport County this evening.

Arsenal remain with Petr Cech and David Ospina as one and two, with Matt Macey and Ryan Huddart providing cover if required.

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He can be groomed to be future Arsenal number 1.Looks calm and composed.

Eric Blair

No Emi! Get out while you still can Emi!

Martin Finley

Good luck Emi


Good luck Emi is there anybody coming in I wonder ?

Tshaka the gooner

Ospina remains the only goalie we have.I don’t count Peter Cech yet until he proves over the next few games that he no longer on Chelsea’s payroll. His performance on Sunday was criminal


So the saves he made against Chelsea were what then? A double bluff? Just calm down. He’s nowhere near as good as many fans think he is, but hopefully he’ll put this game behind him and show some of his old form.

chippy's chip

THAT was a ‘friendly’.

chippy's chip

Err ok it was a really really important match because wenger beat moronio for the 1st time. Ok.

chippy's chip

…first time EVER!!!


Comment:does this mean we’d get another 3rd choice in?


The dearth of Arsenal news since Sunday is kind of depressing. Don’t get me wrong, I know there isn’t any and that the “Player Says We’ll Bounce Back” stuff provides no solace whatsoever. I guess I’m just looking for some sort of comfort, even though I know that can only come in the form of a decent win over Palace next Sunday, which seems a long time off right now…


Comment:good luck

Man Manny

I wish him all the best. Is there a loan fee? Anybody has an idea?
Just wondering if he is merely brought in for cover like we did with one Italian bloke (forgotten his name) 2 seasons ago.
Just thinking that if there is no fee, the club may be reluctant to develop him knowing that he’s coming back at the end of the season except injuries play in his favour.


That was another Emiliano – Viviano. Good point – will Martinez be first choice for Wolves – if not, is there a benefit to us in loaning him?


I think his chances of getting game time at Wolves are better than they are as our third choice.

Anonymous Physicist

Does paying for a player make a club more likely to use him? I already know that how excited fans are about a new player is directly proportional to how much the club payed, but didn’t know it also impacted the manager’s decisions.

Also, I assume we wouldn’t have loaned him out if we expected him to be used as backup exclusively. I’m pretty sure that’s the first thing any club asks before loaning out their promising youngsters (even if it doesn’t always work out well).


I suppose not paying a fee doesn’t mean you won’t use a player, but paying one indicates a greater commitment to using him.


I hope he gets plenty of playing time on the pitch.. good luck too..

die hard gooner

It has been depressing since last Sunday no matter what the news. unless we sign a marquee striker the optimism of the fan base has absolutely shattered. we need a lift from some where, because otherwise I am seeing a draw at palace this weekend. I do hope I am wrong. If we sign some one great it will be like the season when we signed ozil after the villa defeat and went to lead until January. Hope the defeat doesn’t destroy our season.


Every team loses at some point (apart from the invincibles) whether its the first game or the 20th.. Our season ain’t over yet.. Calm down mate we’ll be alrite ?

chippy's chip

Sure we will if ‘alrite’ means 3rd,4th or the failure that is 5th!

Reginald Perrin

Emi out, Edi in.


Wish him all the best. Even if he isn’t going to be first choice at first hes got the quality to force his way into the wolves’ startin 11 and I don’t mean any offence to the lad but if he cant do it at wolves he wont make it at arsenal. I’ve got faith in the boy though so lets see what happens

luca james

Wonder what he’s looking at?

J Bird

He’s looking at the massive statue of Wayne Hennessey at Wolves’ training ground for inspiration.


WATCHING FOOTBALL WITH A WOMAN CAN BE REALLY STRESSFUL. Wife: which teams are playing? Husband: Arsenal vs Manchester United Wife : oooh wonderful! I love Arsenal.. Husband: that’s a good team… Wife: is Drogba playing? Husband: he doesn’t play for any ofthese teams… Wife: okay sweeet…is that Chris Brown? Husband: [bored] no he is Chamberlain… Wife : okay but they look thesame…what’s that yellow card for? Husband: its a warning to the player…After few minutes Rooney scores forManchester United…. Wife: [cerebrates in high mood] is thatChamberlain who has scored? Husband: [calmly] no its Rooney forManchester United…!! Wife: [furious] how? it… Read more »

luca james

Sorry, have you quantum leaped here from the 1950s?


Are you feeling okay, Sir?


I can’t believe I read that to the end.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I can’t believe you read that to the end either.


Have you been locked in a basement with no connection to the outside world? Ifso you’ll never believe what’s happening nowdays… Women actually equal with men… Who would’ve thought it ey! Caveman


I can imagine a similar scenario if someone tried to explain humour to you.


Like this you mean? Swap borat for the poster above. Borat:What is a ‘not’ jokes? Pat Haggerty:A ‘not’ joke is when we’re trying to make fun of something and what we do is, we make a statement that we pretend is true but at the end, we say ‘not,’ which means it’s not true. Borat:So teach me how to make one. Pat Haggerty:Alright. What color is your suit? Borat:This suit is gray. Pat Haggerty:Gray. I would call it blue, okay? ‘Borat:It’s gray. Pat Haggerty:Alright, it’s blue-gray. But it… Borat:Well, it’s more gray. Pat Haggerty:It’s certainly not black, right? Alright, let’s… Read more »


Common guys, its just a little thing to spice up your mood after that horrific Sunday afternoon


“cerebrates in high mood”

After I’ve finished smoking this, I expect I’ll be doing the same.


Jesus the comments here are depressing after Sunday… Even the jokes are shit.


What jokes?


its the outdated joke by kalu. Copied it from facebook (I think so). Foget that, Mr Kalu and think of something better next time. You aren’t Aki and you aen’t Pawpaw neither Osofia.

Now..football matters now, we will bounce I swear and we will win the league

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