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FA rescind Gabriel’s suspension

Gabriel’s three-match ban for the red card picked up against Chelsea at the weekend has been withdrawn by the FA.

A statement from the FA about the decision to rescind the suspension reads:

Arsenal’s claim of wrongful dismissal in relation to Gabriel has been upheld following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing.

The player’s three-match suspension has, therefore, been withdrawn with immediate effect.

Gabriel was dismissed for violent conduct during the game against Chelsea on Saturday [19 September 2015].

The Brazilian is still the subject of a separate FA charge of improper conduct as a result of his refusal to leave the field of play on Saturday. He has until 6pm on Thursday [24 September 2015] to reply to the charge.

It’s great news for Arsenal, although admittedly it comes too late to do anything about Saturday’s defeat. Gabriel will be available for the trip to Sp*rs tomorrow and, for the time being, Arsenal’s subsequent domestic fixtures with Leicester and Manchester United.

The FA haven’t yet made a decision about Diego Costa who is facing a ban for violent conduct for his twattishness at the weekend.

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Captain Bubblepants

Gabriel to receive 3 match ban for not leaving the pitch! Mike Dean should be banned for the next few games.


I did! When I checked last time it was well over 78,00 signed the petition 🙂


89000 when I signed. Amazing. Back that up with great work from Tim’s post the other day, and more examples of Dean’s appaling refereeing throughout the years and something may even happen. Come on you Gooners! Let’s get to that 150k mark and really make a point! Dean is a fucking cunt and enough is enough.

Finsbury Park Gooner


“Mike Dean is clearly a Jasper Carrot impersonator who somehow found himself officiating football matches, and he’s clearly not up to the standard of mental strength we need in the premier league.”


If you are signing this or even thumbs up you need to get a life ffs


Yeah and whining like a bitch by yourself would actually make a point? And here you are being the typical keyboard warrior hating everything other people do, at the same time having the cheek telling people to get a life, hah the bloody irony.


Calm down dear

Frustrated about it yes, whining no. Gabriel had to be smarter and the ref bottled standing up to Costa Jose and chavski. We move on

Does Mike Dean intentionally make bad decisions so he can be derided and ridiculed in the media? I think not he took the easy option

A sign up petition to stop the big bad man refing us again! Haha you’ll realise how sad and pathetic it is when you grow up


Piss off Mike Dean


You never miss a chance to moan, do you? At least Fatgooner’s entertaining, you’re just boring now.


Shush Greg Dean. I know it’s tough to take that people don’t like your daddy but it’s nothing personal against you. It’s all about the cunt who spawned you. Man the fuck up, son!

Bob's Mexican Cousin

It probably took you more time to write your comment than doing either or both those things idiot. Get a life.


Costa 3 match ban!

Just need the 3 points and Mike Dean to never referee us again and justice would be totally served.

broken heart of Dein

not enough! he deserved a walk of shame from FA to the Cunt Bridge.


Sign da ting!

David C

I would think once the FA realized how dumb the sending off was that Gabriel would be excused from not leaving the field. I think a fine and a warning would be enough, no?

No mention of ChelSKI surrounding the ref and moaning all game sadly.


would not surprise me if they gave him a 3 match ban for not leaving the field


Who? Mike Dean? If so I agree. He should have a lifetime ban for not leaving the field forever years ago.

saiyan wenger

mike dean should be banned forever

Burn Baby Burn

I’m convinced he’ll somehow be our ref tomorrow


Banned, period and permanently certainly fo PL games…. Twat


Let’s not let the FA off the hook just yet, they could still go after him on Thursday for the “inappropriate conduct” thing. And they could decide not to suspend Costa. And there’s the matter of the dropped points that resulted from the sending-off. And the idiot Dean could get off too.

More correct to say one step towards justice.


Unfortunately dropped points will never come back, but at least as you said this is a small step towards some justice. It is possible that both Gabriel and Carzola could get a one match ban for their charges (that would be served tomorrow potentially in advance)? Does anyone know the history with other players being charged with failure to leave the pitch and what they received?


Justice would be for Mike Dean to be suspeneded. Justice would be in game video review that avoided these ridiculous refereeing in the first place. Justice would be Diego Costa being sent off, Chelsea playing with 10 men instead of us. None of these ban rescinded nonsense would change my view that the game of football is corrupted, flawed, and sometimes downright stupid.


Justice would be replaying that match from the 43rd minute onwards, with Costa off and Gabriel on.

Costa’s charge of violent conduct has just been upheld, BTW. He’s got a three-match ban. So, without actually saying anything out loud about it, the FA has confirmed that Dean was shit on the day by overturning ALL of his decisions made in the 43rd minute.


Except, as you correctly put it, Chelsea still hold the three points. I’m not saying we ‘would have won’ on Saturday, but I think If Costa goes off and Gabriel stays on its unlikely that they would have won. All we can do is cut our losses, Gabriel is no longer banned from 3 games, Costa got what he deserved, and as annoying as it is, we can’t have too many complaints about Santi’s – even if similar if not the same kind of challenges went unpunished from the Chelsea players. On the plus side, todays decisions from the FA… Read more »

Dan Hunter

Costa didn’t get what he deserved. He didn’t get a kick in the nuts for a start. His three offences that warranted red cards should be taken as such and he should be given a 9 match ban. If Suarez can be banned for a long period, surely Costa can for surely scratching and raking the face is just as bad as a little nibble on the arm by a toothy South American


F*ck it, honestly. They won the game & got 3 pts because of those red cards. This c*nt will get some charge and that’s it. They have other strikers, Dean will get not charge and you’re calling it justice. Sorry I don’t agree. Maybe at the end of the season we’ll be in situation when those 3 pts would change dramatically our position or maybe determine the championship?


Justice for now. Let’s see what’s in store for Costa.
There were several pictures posted by the Telegraph. One of them showed Costa chest bumping Koscielny in the foreground and in the background an assistant referee (linesman) looking at them.
He was looking at them! He saw Costa being violent with Koscielny but yet he didn’t bring it to the ref’s attention.
Is there a campaign by the referees against Arsenal? Or did Chelsea make a big donation to the FA?


Realistically it means jack shit now. We’ve lost the game due to the amatuer officiating from Mike Dean. We are without the 3 points, and Chelsea have done one over on us again, which in turn, psychologically hurts the team too. Those total cunts at the FA need to sort it out. Every fucking week we see shoddy refereeing costing teams valuable points. When you’re paying nearly a pound a minute to watch your team play, that should not be the case. The matches should be officiated at the highest fucking standards. There should be no excuses for these situations… Read more »

Man Manny

Do you want to see real justice? The FA should ban Costa and then order a replay.


Ahh man, I was just going to suggest a replay of the fixture – you beat me to it. If there is any vestige of “sport” as it was meant to be, then a replay would happen.


Yes, they could have it at Wembley and make a chunk of change on it.

Make Wembley the “replay centre!”

Come on FA, you’d end up have 40 more games a year.

Man Manny

No, not for every flimsy situation. We are talking about a chain of events that significantly change the course of a match.
By the FA’s admission, Gabriel should have remained on the pitch while Costa should have been off. Arsenal would be with 11 points now in the least. But I am more inclined to think that we would have won that match.
I know there can’t be a replay now but I believe the game can evolve to a point where such decisions become probable.

Man Manny

Real justice would be for the FA to ban Costa and then order a replay of the match! Wishful thinking I know.


Surprised that FA managed to get this right – including the three match ban.

If only Webb was playing an official role, it would have been corrected within the game itself!

Actually even with a slightly better ref, there would have been no requirement for video replays.

However, I think the use of video technology will happen sooner than Dean stop refereeing our games and favouring the opposition!


Yep. Also, Costa officially banned for 3 games. Color me completely shocked.

Makes things a tiny bit better. Where is video replay??? It’s 2015.



Hardly. Justice would be a replayed 10v10 second half game, with 3 points till being fought for, and some footage of Mourinho constantly being bothered by a strategically placed fart-generator. This, is just salvage.


Actually, justice would be replaying it from the 43rd minute forward, with Costa gone and Gabriel on the pitch, our 11 vs. their 10.

You’re spot on with the fart generator, though. The setting should be “big stinky dog farts” with a concentration factor of infinity.


Not really, we still lost to Chelsea and Mike Dean still has a job. Our next big game is against Man Utd and its very likely he will be in charge for that one too


Can’t remember the ref’s agency so clearly signalling their displeasure with a referee before for this sort of thing. They have now basically admitted that Dean got every single part of that decision wrong. I’ll give them credit – I never imagined they had this in them. Hopefully it’s a sign of better things to come from what’s been a really sorry and shameful organization in the past.


Oh wow, this was really unexpected. What a fantastic surprise.

Parisian Weetabix

I’m sure come the end of the season when we miss out on the title by a single point it will feel just as fantastic. It’s great that they’ve admitted they’ve made a mistake, and it’s great that they’ve admitted Mike Dean is entirely deluded/a biased twat. But that doesn’t change that it was a very costly mistake that ruined a great game of football and potentially robbed us of one or three points. There isn’t a “sorry’s from the FA” column in the premier league table, and I’d much prefer it if they’d actually install video technology/non-shit referees/some sort… Read more »


Don’t you mean missed out on 4th place by a single point…

Coq au Vin

If we miss out on the title by a point, THAT is progress.

Norwegian gunner

If we miss out by a single point I think more people will bemoan the loss against West-Ham in the opener or the draw against the mugsmashers. If we lose the title, it won’t be because of Mike Dean’s incapability of being a half decent referee, it will be because we lost point where we had everything that was necessary to take take all three.

Although my hopes for the title got a boost now. FA admitting that Mike Dean did a mistake? Happens so rarely that I see a PL title coming!

Dan Man

A ref also cost us against Liverpool by the way, onside goal given offside.

Ozil's a Gunner

The FA does something logical…………this is new

Boilermaker Gunner

So he is eligible for spurs and then he may or may not get a ban?
Great news
A 3 game ban for costa would be the least fa can do


The Guardian are reporting the charge in relation the improper conduct will likely be a fine:



I’ll wait until we see it, but that would be a most good outcome.


Good news, Gabriel didn’t deserve that. I really hope we smash the cnts in the return fixture.

Arsene's handkerchief

Result! I honestly didn’t expect this, the FA using common sense for once?! Let’s hope the consequences of the second charge aren’t that bad……..


I doubt that improper conduct ranks higher than violent conduct in terms of punishment.


The FA in common sense shocker!


Wow. Never saw that coming. This means the FA are saying the heel flick was not violent conduct. I agree with that wholeheartedly from a common sense point of view, but never thought the lawmakers had much common sense anyway. Sets a very interesting precedent.


Second charge doesnt happen without the red


True but regardless of right or wrong, he still technically acted improperly.


Nice. But i suspect this is to blind us from Costa and Deans cuntishness, they will get off lightly.

Nevertheless a welcomed decision!


Somebody pinch me please!!!! I need to really wake up now.


I hear Costa will gladly do that to you.


Do you think this is because for what he got senf off for wasn’t a red card offence? or because if the ref had done his job and sent Costa off in the first instance he wouldn’t of been on the pitch for Gab to kick him?



I don't comment here often

I feel like they watched the minute before Gabriel’s red card and said “one of these players is going to be sent off for violent conduct.” There’s no way for a sane person to watch that sequence of events and infer that Gabriel is the violent one. Obviously it doesn’t compensate for the lost points, but it’s some kind of vindication.


But I’m also guessing it’s because Costa should have already been sent off since they are charging him for the Kos assault. They got in the Delorean, fired up the flux capacitor, and decided if he had this never would have happened at all.

Andy Mack

Apparently Gabby didn’t actually physically ‘connect’ with the cheating cunt.


It feels like calm before storm. knowing the FA they will most likely ban Gabriel for 10 games for his post red card reaction.


Then they would have to go after a few other Chelsea players for being involved in it as well. Zouma for one.


You are my favorite Brazilian for standing upto that twat who has neardearthal features.

The last time we had a player willing to do that was back in the Paddy Vierra days, and back then we went a season unbeaten.

We love you but just learn to stamp on their shitty feet without getting send off.


This just makes the FA’s unwillingness to address the appalling refereeing on Saturday even more absurd.
Red card was unjust but Dean did nothing wrong?
Still better than nothing, though…


Wonder if this is a “make-up” call on behalf of the FA in lieu of giving Mike Dean any punishment


Ahahahahahahahaha Fuck you Chelsea Fuck you Mourinho Fuck you Mike Dean DOUBLE FUCKING FUCK YOU DIEGO COSTA


Can’t wait to watch the Chelsea fans go from “haha problem haters??” to “why always us??”.


Great news!


Excellent and sensible decision!

Hopefully Costa gets done for goading and baiting. Unless you are blind, a dye in the wool Spurs fan, lack common sense or are Mike Dean, anyone could tell what Costa was up to.

The greater damage though to us is still the loss of Coqzorla.

Hopefully the FA will also review Mike Dean’s poor track record at this level. They will likely not do anything to him publicly but will quietly demote him into the championship where he rightly belongs.


Apart from the fact he’s down to ref West Ham v Norwich at the weekend….


That’ll be an interesting match to watch in terms of his game control. He’s had BOTH of his decisions from Saturday overturned now (Gabriel rescinded, Costa now banned). I’m thinking there’ll be a few people getting in his face every time he makes a decision and there’ll be references to how he got everything wrong last week. He’s in for a difficult match.

Merlin's Panini

Surely if he shouldn’t have been sent off in the first place they can’t do him for improper conduct seeing as it was for not leaving the field quick enough. He should have still been on the field so doesn’t it kind of render the second charge pointless?

It’s great we get a ban lifted but we don’t get the three points back, do we?
Maybe there should be a points deduction for clubs who do not control their player’s conduct and points awarded for those who are victims of it. That might actually stop this kind of repugnant behaviour.


Part of me wants the ban to stand but Gabriel gets to earn it by giving Costa a good hiding.


Great news, nice one to see as I finish work!

In reality though, if the FA have acknowledged the fact that not only did Costa orchestrate Gabriel being sent off and but also fouling Koscielny in 3 different scenarios (face pushing, the smack and the chest to knock him over?) he might receive a longer ban?

Plus I may be wrong on this one, but hasn’t it been shown before if the player receives retrospective punishment on more than one occasion the bans are extended?

Walcott's left footed curl

Wow, this is really surpricing. Cutting the ban to one game, maybe (two yellows, not a straight red), but dismissing the red card suspention all together? That’s a message to Mike Dean as well. No let’s what they’re doing with Costa.


ARSENAL FANS HAVE SPOKEN…The Fa is just a Pr machine run by old bastards..
They saw that we were coming strong for one of their ‘best’ refs MIke i Have no clue Dean.
75,000 and counting…We made the FA shit on themselves.


Actually the notion that the massive pressure on their reputation from several angles moved them probably has some truth to it.

Perhaps Mourinho petulantly mouthing off that that is how the game must be played did so as well. If I were the FA I’d certainly take action to make an example of that. Talk about bringing the game into disrepute!

Andy Mack

The FA should also lever Gary Neville out of the England set up for saying he saw nothing wrong with Costas actions. Coaches like him will continue to hold the national team at a low level in the game.


I think a part of this has to do with the fact that the Arsenal GLobal Fan Base ‘spoke’ up via the petition, that we would not put up with any more injustice from these C*nts.

Also, I hate T*ttenham

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

Great, now if they could just put Mike Dean in the tower of London that would be great.


For whom the bell tolls!


Almost as satisfying as loading a trebuchet with Mike Dean, grabbing a shotgun and shouting “Pull!”


Just wait till they announce a one match ban for him just before United game.


Cue Moaninho.


Replay with Chelsea down to 10 men and a proper referee please.


Someone else mentioned it, but they can’t ban him for the post red card reaction if they’ve admitted the red card was wrong, can they? That would be really fucking stupid anyway.

Andy Mack

Just because it would be ‘really fucking stupid’ doesn’t mean the FA won’t do it.
Their ‘default’ position is ‘really fucking stupid’ and they need to raise money as they’re skint.


They owed* us one. Twats

Andy Mack

They owe us an awful lot more than ‘One’.
The PGMO like to screw us over regularly.


so why has his misconduct charge not been dropped, seeing as it is in connection with a sending off that that FA now admit was a wrong decision. Surely they have to drop the charge. If they don’t then it shows them up for what they are.


If Mike Dean has any self awareness, he would be watching all of these FA post match findings and thinking to himself:

“All those millions of people are right, I truly am a cunt who is shit at his job!”


Great news for Gabriel but Mike Dean getting off scotfree for his below par refereeing is incredible. MD should be suspended.


Give it time. Now that Costa has been banned for three games, thus sending a second clear message about Mr. Bean’s incompetence/bias, I wonder if the FA might not take another look at their referee appointments for next week.


Rory McIlroy should lose a major for his below par golf playing


Completely unexpected, someone at the FA showing common sense! Whatever next!

Sylent Syd


Now, couple this with a 3-game ban for Dirty Diego, and Hypocrite Jose should be moaning in about 5….4….3…2…

Sanchez' Toe

Come on people, sign the petition to prevent Mike Dean from refereeing future Arsenal matches.. Let us show some solidarity for a change.


Dreams can come true.


im not so sure i trust the FA got this feeling 3 match ban for not leaving the pitch for Gab and fines for both clubs about players behaviour and only one game ban for the Costacuntus


The penalty for improper conduct is usually a fine. And the Costacuntus just got banned for three matches. Damn, I should buy a lottery ticket right now!


I will never celebrate this until I see Mike Dick punished for aiding his beloved club to win the match. Costa remains to me the most useless thing to have happened in the epl, his ban will not change him, he’s trained by another useless character. Will only be happy if the his ban will go along way to take away the points awarded to them by mike dick, and I see maureen scream murder I will not rest.


Mourincunt called him Man of the Match and said it’s what people want to see. So glad we don’t have that classless cunt at our respectful club.


I can’t believe my fucking eyes. Someone has actually watched the video of Costa molesting Gabriel and called it for what it is. How has common sense prevailed?????


Hang on a min. Now the FA have admitted Gabriel shouldn’t have been sent off, and are effectively going to send Costa off with a violent conduct charge which amounts to a straight red, can we replay the fucking game then with the correct people on the fucking field? Too late you fucking thundercuntfucktwats.


They’re going to charge him for something that was a reaction to something they have rescinded. Madness…


Not that the FA will do this, but the only fair action to take right now is at least a 2 game suspension for Costa plus to ban him specifically for the reverse fixture at Emirates. Why don’t they do this?

Wilshere's Coke Straw

Nice one. Now for Costa to get a one season ban and Mike Dean to be euthanized….

Yaya Binks

So if the FA say the red card shouldn’t have happened and has therefore been rescinded doesn’t that logically mean in theory that the charge relating to his refusal to leave the field doesn’t actually exist either as it should never have originally happened?

Yaya Binks

is this an FA tribunal paradox or am i just over thinking this?


Let’s just wait and see. The FA are two for two so far (hard as that is to believe).

The more I think about this, the more I realize this is a MASSIVE message that the FA are sending out about Mike Dean. It’s really going to undercut his authority if he remains appointed to that West Ham / Norwich match on the weekend and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see him taken off it.

Dick Swiveller

Technically speaking, it was a charge related to his response to it, even if it was an unjustified red (it was), he still responded that way, and if the FA deem it to be inappropriate then any mitigating factors won’t make it disappear.


Look at the video on you tube of Costa v real Madrid that sums up the man

Enough now. Games gone, sadly the team of viera and keown would not have lost that game going down to 10.they would have felt the injustice and done everything. That goal from zouma is embarrassing


Shouldnt moaninghole be Charged too then for condoning Costa behaviour and saying thats how football should be played.


Unfortunately, being a cunt isn’t a crime. If it was then Moronho would have been executed at birth.

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