Friday, February 23, 2024

Arsenal 3-0 Man Utd – from the pub player ratings

Well that was fun. United spanked, great goals, solid defending, and they played a shit Danny Welbeck up front.

Here’s how the players rated and we’re in the pub.

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Waiting for LVG to remind people of that one time he subbed a keeper

Ox Coq

With the exception of possibly Per, everyone on the team is really fluent with the ball at their feet. The likes of Coquelin, Bellerin, Gabriel and Monreal contribute so much to our build up play in this fashion.


Per is really good passer if you watch it carefully far better than Gabriel he looks slow and that is why you think that he is not good passer, per always starts the attach from defense when he plays because he is great passer.

Dial Square Charity XI

This is perhaps a matter of placement vs speed. I agree that he can pass well if he has time, but he also does draw pressure as his whole body needs to be in a particular position for him to pass successfully. I would say that his technique is limited, but his accuracy and reading of the game is good.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

“I agree that he can pass well if he has time”

He also often starts counter attacks with some nice one-touch passing. One in particular that I remember was a ball against Villa in the league last February from the edge of the box to Ozil at midfield that set up Ozil for that ridiculous flick of his, putting Giroud through on goal to open the scoring.

Dial Square Charity XI

Sure, i don’t disagree. btw “I agree that he can pass well if he has time” as a statement does not (explicitly) say anything about my beliefs towards his passing when he does not have time. It’s my fault for being ambiguous.

gooner 44

makes yer wonder how he got 100+ caps for Germany
“We’ve got a Big Fukin German”


Tall people (with long legs) look slower, thats because they’re single step covers 1.25 or 1.5 times a regular step. So to go at the speed of three steps of a regular guy, Mert can do it in two steps. So he looks slower, but is actually at the same speed as regular players. Same goes for Yaya Sanogo, or Ibrahimovic, or Varane.


Then you have no understanding of the dynamics of football.


odd comment when he usually has an excellent pass conversion ratio

bims lay

The hall mark of a good passing (confident?) centre half is the one that consistently pass out the ball on the ground (as opposed to the riskier lofting of the ball forward} to enable his team to seamlessly transit from defence to attack and this is one of the strogest (underrated?) part of per’s game……he does it day in day out for arsenal and for germany before he retired. I have watched him pick out cazorla, ozil, coquelin, ramsey etc, in midfield with lazer accurate 50, 60. 70 yard? floor parallel passes that ccompletely catches out the opposition and launches… Read more »


Per-fect analysis – never has a truer word been spoken. So strange that many fans, pundits and so called experts don’t see this. The amount of times I hear commentators patronising or praising him underhandedly is ridiculous. That he is the butt of many people’s jokes and regarded a weak link is so silly it’s stupid. Even yesterday, in a match we dominated, were defensively disciplined, alert and secure, Martin Tyler still found some way to poke fun at him, implying his interceptions were desperate. It almost borders on puerile. The very fact that people judge him on his appearance… Read more »


Alexis 2/10 is generous


I think its supposed to be 12 ??



Diehard gunner

Everyone played their hearts, I’m so happy to be a gunner.


I think 2 is a bit harsh on Sanchez, he was decent. I’d give him a 4.5.

saiyan wenger

1/10 is enough


In another off-topic news, Brendan Rodgers has won the sack race. Really hope Mourinho’s next. 😀


In my ideal world, Jose Mourinho would continue as Chelsea manager and finish outside the European spots at the end of the season. Then he can get fired. The problem with this is that I know Chelsea will get better, start picking up points and squeeze into the top 4.

Or, alternatively, after another humiliating defeat, Mourinho just runs away from the club he swore he loved. This would put to shame his promise of “never walking away” and tarnish his image forever.


He’s a busted flush at Chelsea, he’s lost his captain, his dressing room, his board, his medical team and only his relationship with abramovic is holding him on. I hope he drags on until after Christmas when hazard and fabregas lead the exodus.


Seems to be doing his best to engineer a sacking, but I hope the humiliation continues for as long as possible – couldn’t happen to anyone more deserving.


I will never be satisfied until I see Mourinho circumscribed in a straitjacket locked in a padded cell with a crayon between his toes writing on the walls “I hate Wenger”.
He has become Inspector Dreyfus from the Clouseau movies and should be treated with the appropriate “respect”.


If by “respect” you mean setting his balls on fire and dropping him off a freeway overpass into rush hour traffic, then yes, we should respect the cunt.


you read my mind.


Subtle arsepedant but effective i second that emotion


You hate to see teams that are struggling that compete with us for top 4 spots sack their managers as I prefer them to continue to be in their downward spirals and having to deal with the will he or won’t he be fired talk each week.


and yet my takeaway from today was…..Mike Dean is a cunt.


I think the bromance between Abramovich and Mourinho will end near the end of the season. Then it’s “Sayanora motherfucker.”


Mourinho must stay, we need more comedy in the BPL and we would like to see Chelsea and Cuntinho get relegated

David C

no, I prefer to watch Mourinho suffer longer. plus I want to beat Chelsea with Moaninho as the coach!


poor alexis


Alexis was definitely a 2. SO CRAP> ALEXIS OUT



Its 2am here and I cant fall asleep, 3-0 over united and mourinho going mad, what a weekend. Now fingers crossed for those flying out for internationals, especially theo. COYG!!!

I Am Jack's Ankle

Was that a 12 for Alexis?

Goone's Farm

First time Manure concedes 3 in the first 20 mins. Guess Moyseh didn’t break all the records. COYG!


Utd are A billion dollar fuck up … we were devastating for 45min


3-0 is a dazzling display but what’s even better is watching Theo Walcott. He was unbelievable. Something I never thought I’d be able to associate with him was the ability to win flick on headers, and that tackle he made on Schweinsteiger after chasing thirty yards to get him? He deserved a goal today for sure.

Oh and yeah, Mesut Ozil’s best game in an Arsenal shirt. He’s unreal.


Wow! Great from Wenger!


Alexis has to be dropped. Anyone who cannot bag a hat trick against that shambles isn’t good enough for us. No wonder barca got rid! Lol, another two seasons like this and Thierry can start to worry!


You tried to give Alexis a 20 didn’t you blogs, you sly dog you!


Fenway Group watching Arsenal game and decide to poop on the party. Tomorrow was a good day as any. Can’t buy class. How about that game!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Part pooping bastards! What are they smoking over there?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Party pooping bastards! What are they smoking over there?


I thought “part pooping” was better. They can’t even get taking a shit right.


You are going to have to schedule a special arseblogs at the pub every Monday till the end of the season. Clearly some magic happened.

Alex Partridge

2 for his 2 goals you silly sausages. What a beautiful day this is.


He’s got a lot more scoring to do if he wants to keep his arseblog season average up!


Probably the sweetest victory I can’t remember since that 2-1 vs Barca.

And yes, I include the fa cup games send finals in that one. There’s nothing sweeter than finally roasting those cunts.


A ten pint night for blogs


What does Monreal need to do to move up from a season average of 5.5?!! He’s been solid since the start but for some reason his average rating is even lower than that of Gibbs!


Bonus rating – seeing Theo full of energy, showing good positional sense as CF and tracking back to win slide tackle in centre circle. He was a different player today and it’s great to see.

Second bonus rating – seeing everyone involved at Arsenal (AW, players, fans) shove LVG’s “when we beat Arsenal” up his arse.


He’s been growing into the role all season. I didn’t say anything when people were shouting that he’s not a CF, empty vessels make the most noise!


A brilliant win today to shit on United’s hopes of challenging for the title. Their next 6 matches include Everton, Palace, Leciester away and City at home. We ended the solid run they were on and hopefully started a run of defeats in which they lose points and confidence. Our players have to build on this victory and perform like this in all matches. If we do and seriously challenge but end up second to City with a difference of a few points we will all be gutted but at the same time we will applause the team for their… Read more »


Agree support the players, and agree Arsene got it spot on today.
But Rosicky, Wilshere, Arteta, Flamini all injured Again, we knew Welbeck was out until at least Xmas, applauding for coming close? We’ll have a decent season, play some great football, but ultimately come up short because our squad isn’t at the desired level to compete on four fronts.
We should have bought another DM at the very least.


Yesterday afternoon I felt like I saw the birth of a new Arsenal. I do not want to get my hopes up too much as the same thing happened last season against City; but for some reason it felt different. Our blistering attack actually made me say ”wow! we can actually scare the big teams into submission now!” we genuinely looked like we were making Manchester United shit their pants and that has not happened in a long time. We must improve from here on out and make sure we stick to a cohesive game plan. It was a performance… Read more »


Bonus rating: seeing Chelsea and their clown of a manager that far down the table. 10/10.

Come on you reeeeeds!

Gooner Rises

Might be a bit early but Walcott is really impressing so wenger knows best huh. And to all those that said ozil hides in big games PFFF.


I think we should start getting worried, harry kane is back among the goals…………oh wait.
LVG the plank, when we get three points at the Emirates he said. Yeah right Van Gaal, you have a head like a turkey and you were lucky to escape with a 3-0 loss.


Usually i come here
1. backing the team
2. giving Ozil stick for not taking the shot
3. Walcott for not coming for the ball
4. Ozil/Walcott not making an effort on defensive duty
but today i would just like to say the guys did well, the crowd did its part, fans commenting on the blogs are today all positive and the players did their selves justice including the manager.
Thank you Arsenal for such a blessed day as the World is at peace!!


To be a Gooner/Gunner
Usually i come here
1. backing the team
2. giving Ozil stick for not taking the shot
3. Walcott for not coming for the ball
4. Ozil/Walcott not making an effort on defensive duty
but today i would just like to say the guys did well, the crowd did its part, fans commenting on the blogs are today all positive and the players did their selves justice including the manager.
Thank you Arsenal for such a blessed day as the World is at peace!!


Bonus point. Making my Manure supporting cousin wear an arsenal shirt to the game just to get in with my season ticket and then seeing his face on 10 minutes


Bonus point 10/10. Making my Manure supporting cousin wear an arsenal shirt to the game just to get in with my season ticket and then seeing his face on 10 minutes. Priceless…


Unless we concede that Man U have been flattering to deceive in recent weeks & are really just shit (& I am inclined to think there’s something of that in this), then this is clear proof that we can stuff any team on our day. The challenge now is one of consistency. If we can do it today, when we really needed it – and many thought we wouldn’t – then we should be able to do it most days. This result convinces me our problems lie in pre-match preparation and concentration on the field.

Wow, what a ripper today!


Something that really struck me was how much stronger our bench was than theirs. We still have Wilshere, Rosicky and Welbeck to come back too!

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

What will it take for Wenger to accept that Sanchez has got to be dropped? If he didn’t work that out after today’s performance (the proof- 2/10 when everyone else got 10/10) then he has clearly lost it. Sack the board.

Yeah! Alexix OUT!


We are so much stronger a team when we press high as we did for the first goal and also in some of our best starts in the CL matches at home (like vs Napoli). I would far rather see us be aggressive like that early on defensive and go at them then sit back as Wenger often likes to. We did have a lot of risky turnovers in our def third by Carzola and Ramsey among others, but great play from the back four and Cech to snuff out any problems. Best 20 minutes of football I’ve seen from… Read more »


coquelin is monster… i say give 10 to every player after this victory… me too after a pub,, I LOVE ARSENAL..

Getso gunner

Why the interlull now??

fellaini drops mic!

I’d give 10/10 to roonery for being worse compared to abysmal. The guy’s falling with the same speed he burst onto the scene with. Bad for England, I know, but seeing him throw his hands up in the air for a ferking non-foul in the box just sums his recent seasons up. The drinks and smokes are really catching up at 30.

Simonetta Ozilista

Why is nobody mentioning how GREAT that delicious masterpiece of a footballer named MESUT OZIL has been today!? *hiccups*


Theo has improved leaps and bounds in my opinion. Didn’t score but assisted in Ozil’s goal & tracked back too.

Brilliant goals by Alexis. My MOTM goes to Ozil!


Fortunately there’s an international break so that Alexis can get the rest he deserves and nurse that knock he got today.

Unfortunately there’s an international break and Alexis will fly to Chile because he doesn’t have the word “rest” in his vocabulary.

Bless his cotton socks and come home safely, Alexis


One win especially over MU does not make Arsenal outright epl winners. I think Cech’s key role cannot be underestimated.If Wenger had put him for the match in the cl things could have been different. Now WEnger must go on a winning streak of at least 5/6 epl games to take advantage of this massive win. For now the critics will lay off. still think the cd is an area of concern. The bg maybe a good passer but we need solid and uncompromising defenders. That’s how trophies are won. Btw,there are no easy games in the epl.WH were flyin… Read more »


I like to smile sometimes and be happy.


Welcome back Gabriel! We have never conceded this when you play 90 minutes…
Out of topic, dont you think giggs looks older than lvg?


they are like brothers … oh dear


Welcome back Gabriel! We have never conceded this season when you play 90 minutes…
Out of topic, dont you think giggs looks older than lvg?


-0/10 for me for doubting if we could win today. We’ve sent out a message with this result so consistency should be our next target

Hal Block Arsenal

I would have loved to see us turn the screw and make ti 6-0. But our overall display was so dominant, the effect was essentially the same.


Good win, showed that arsenal can play, the attack was a lot more direct, ozil actually scored, which i would like to see more of if he is going to be in the number 10 position.

Ramsay still not scoring, but actually played well, even with the errors he made, he showed a lovely bit of skill for our second or third goal and did work in the middle of the park defensively

We will have to wait for the next game


How do you put a cherry on top of this brillant Sunday? Hearing the Swansea fans mocking the Spuds singing Harry Kane, he scores when he wants after his hilarious own goal. Even Mike Dean couldn’t help them get 3 points.


Was sanchez in that game?…….yeahhh he fucking was celebrating his top class goals! COYG!


Combined Arsenal-United 11:

Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey, Walcott


Never thought i was going to like a man this much.
Alexis has become almost a legend for this club. What a player!

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