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Arsenal announce title challenge with 3-0 win over United

Shots fired at the Emirates Stadium as Arsenal announced their title challenge with a comfortable 3-0 victory over Manchester United.

Arsenal got off to a quick start in the first half thanks to the dynamic duo of Alexis and Özil. Arsenal piled pressure on United in the first three minutes with three consecutive corners. The early pressure broke United’s defense, Ramsey played a through ball for Özil who got to the bye line and picked out the run of Alexis with a delightful little cross. Sanchez still had some work to do but in his current form he made a backheel goal look easy.

Özil added a second goal minutes later with a nifty one-two move with Theo Walcott. The German World Cup winner played a neat little ball into Walcott who held up the ball deep in the United penalty box despite pressure from several United defenders. Walcott then slid the ball to Özil at the top of the box and the Arsenal playmaker just passed the ball into the corner to make the match 2-0. It was Özil’s first goal for Arsenal since the 4-1 win over Liverpool in April.

Next up was Alexis Sanchez and it was yet another stunning strike to add to his highlight reel for this season. Similar to the goal against Leicester, Alexis picked the ball up on the left, dribbled past several defenders and fired a rocket past the helpless de Gea.

The score was 3-0 and it was the first time Arsenal scored three league goals against United since the 3-1 win in November 2001. That was the season Arsenal won Arsene Wenger’s second League title.

From that point on, Arsenal looked to hit United on the counter and play settled into a familiar pattern of United passing the ball around in circles, Arsenal winning it back, Arsenal springing the counter attack, and United fouling.  Ashley Young got the first yellow of the game, breaking up a counter attack spearheaded by Ramsey. Darmian got the second yellow for a foul on Alexis on yet another counter.

Ramsey Spurned a glorious chance when Alexis picked him out at the far post with a lobbed cross. Ramsey was wide open but hit the first time volley well over the bar. It was a huge let off and probably should have made the game 4-0.

You knew United would get back into the match and as the first half came to a close Anthony Martial shucked Mertesacker to the ground, pivoted around the penalty spot, and took a left footed shot wide open in front of goal. Petr Cech rescued Arsenal, making an impressive save from point blank range.

Seconds later, Ramsey dawdled on the ball on the edge of his own 18 yard box and had his pocket picked easily. It was the kind of brain fart which could have really hurt Arsenal but the ball fell to Wayne Rooney who fizzed his cross to no one.

The first half ended with a foul on Alexis by Bastian Schweinstiger. The Emirates crowd roared their approval at the Arsenal for a powerful and controlled first half display.

United changed their lineup at half time, bringing on Fellaini and Valencia. The thought here was to 1) foul more and 2) peg Alexis back into his own half.

Coquelin got Arsenal’s first yellow card when he stopped a Rooney counter. Then Arsenal collected the ball from the ensuing free kick and broke quickly, forcing Michael Carrick to foul Ramsey from behind. Referee Anthony Taylor refused to give a yellow card to the United man because, well, no one knows why. He gave Rooney a yellow card a minute later when the United captain fouled Özil on the break, just as if to prove that he still had them in his pocket.

Thus was the flow of the second half: Arsenal playing compact, hitting United on the counter, getting fouled. United are well known for their patient build up play this season under van Gaal but today they went from patient to downright tedious as they passed the ball around in circles for 60 minutes.

United had their first shot of the second half after a spell of pressure led to several corners. Coquelin powered out header after header but one eventually fell to Wayne Rooney outside the box. The United captain had a shot but it was saved well, low and to Cech’s right.

United had another good chance when Bastian Schweinstiger was played through clean with Cech, 8 yards out. Cech was quick off his line and bravely smothered the shot. If goalkeepers save points, this was Cech’s chance to save Arsenal and he did well, claiming crosses and smothering the shots that came his way.

In the 73rd minute Wenger made what is now his customary change, hauling off Walcott and Özil in exchange for Giroud and Oxlade-Chamberlain. It’s a smart move because it provides Arsenal with a big man to clear the ball to and two speedy wingers to threaten on the counter. It also works because Ramsey is moved to the Özil role and he provides both an attacking and defending balance up front.

Arsene took Alexis off and brought on Gibbs in the 80th minute to give the Chilean a short break ahead of the long international (non) break.

While United toiled and worked to get shots off, Giroud had a late chance for Arsenal. Arsenal broke pressure with a pulsing counter down the right. Ox set up Giroud on the penalty spot but the Frenchman shot straight at de Gea. Anywhere else would have been a 4th goal. And then almost at the death Ox had another chance to make it 4-0 when he was played in down the wings but his cheeky chip hit the crossbar.

At the final whistle, Arsenal supporters were all smiles as their team not only scored three goals agaainst United but kept the clean sheet. Cech celebrated with Mertesacker at the end and they deserved the clean sheet for their performance.


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Thanks to the team and manager for a committed, brilliant performance!
Pure bliss!
Let’s get behind the club and build on this.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

What a ruthless performance by our lads today. Top class finishing from Alexis -check. Killer instinct- check. Defensive discipline-check. Now we can marinate in happiness through the interlull. (Standing applause)


Oh how I needed this weekend. Maureen in meltdown, Rodgers sacked and beating manure 3-0 at Highbury. Gave my Son my ticket today cos I couldn’t bear to watch. He’s been texting me in seventh heaven and tonight …..we’re gonna get plastered together COYbeautiful Gunners


Oh and I forgot one quote from the BBC today
“Liverpool are becoming Tottenham They think they are a big club but the real big clubs aren’t concerned about what they do.”
I’m going to be smiling for the entire interlull

Dial Square Charity XI

That was Jamie Carragher!


Carregher saying Arsenal never win the Champions League with this team, knocked out in the quarter finals – surprising that he and others thing England on the other hand are favourites for every tournament!

I was hoping when they interrupted Henry for a big announcement, I was hoping it would be Mourinio going. Brenden is quite harmless!


Kane also scored an o.g. which felt nice too..


I think the brendan rodgers news is not a good one. <klopp is coming


Would be sad to see him at Liverpool.


Theo growing in stature slowly but surely. The rest of the team as well I hope.

It looked as though the team were refraining themselves from humiliating the opposition. If Ramsey had scored we very well might have!


“Ozil can’t do it against the big teams.” Um, what?

Rocket Diary

Did you just call united a big club ?
Spendwise maybe yes


Ego wise too


And manager head size wise too

bims lay

Lol….what a night to be a gooner..


unfortunately, they’re in the top bracket of revenue, too, so they’ll have the power to keep on spending like drunken sailors on shore leave.


But afterwards, just like the drunken sailor, they’ll still have nothing to show for all their spending except a massive hangover and a burning sensation in the nads.


Cech oozes confidence. Coolness personified


Best player on the pitch for me, after Sanchez of course. Without his saves could easily have been a draw. And to make things much better, the drama down at the shit hole and the special cunt having to eat his words! Go on Arsene make a cheeky bid for Matic in January.


Coquelin > Matic.





I enjoyed that.


And our star players stood up in a big game!!

dr Strange

That’s my Arsenal.


I fucking love you Arsenal!


Now THAT is how to start a match!


Lets just all take a minute and bask in the ambience of Mourinho’s tears right now.


We have double the points of chelsea currently. Ha ha ha.


Great performance. 2nd in the table. 2 time reigning FA cup champions. 3rd place last season. Beaten man u 3-0, liverpool 4-1, city 2-0, chelsea 1-0. We could do more in europe, but fans are an entitled lot if you’re unhappy with Arsenal.


Blitzed them in the first half, controlled and sensible in the second. Perfect performance. You know what? Fuck Europe. Let’s win the Premier League!!!

Titty Twistah

Fuck yes

Getso gunner

What a way to silence critics, what a way for sanchez to rediscover his goal scoring touch, what a way for ozil to dictate a big game, what a way for walcott to show that He can also create chances for others……
Proud to be a gunner


I think Alexis rediscovered his “scoring touch” against Leicester?


Great performance. 2nd in the table. 2 time reigning FA cup champions. rd place last season. Beaten man u 3-0, liverpool 4-1, city 2-0, chelsea 1-0. We could do more in europe, but fans are an entitled lot if you’re unhappy with Arsenal.


Let’s also remember we’ve done it by spending two seasons worth of transfers in a single transfer window, whilst our competitors have spent close to 400million in the same period.


Ah, the return of bang-bang-you’re-dead football from the Arsenal. It’s been too long.

Also, I’ve only got an infographic on the BBC to go on, but it looked like Walcott made less than 10 passes in the game, but got 2 assists. Seems the lad’s clinical even when not scoring.


Just like the old days! The Alexis-Walcott partnership was like a mirage in the desert last season – this year it’s looking real.

Had a motherfucking power cut where I was right after kick-off, took about 3 minutes to change to inverter power and so I missed the opening salvo. But the performance level for that first half was insane.

Abayomi Aje

You are like me I guess. My Chelsea fan friend turned off the power switch. Before we could detech the mischief, the two goals had been scored. Good a thing my fiancee is doing the cooking today, he will eat more than necessary spice in this food today for sure.

I will ensure it.


Our front line is by far the most exciting in the league, when Walcott’so hold up play gets even better not even man city can touch us


Not many teams in the world that can put on a show like that in a very big game. With the resources we have this was really f… outstanding. I can live with the shit games we play inbetween because shows like this are extremly enjoyable


Today Arsenal played like… well… Arsenal

Paul my Dickov

What a lovely lovely day

Thomas B



All of us right now:



ZA Gooner

Blog can’t wait to see the rating.

Please do the right thing!…. Like a 10, I so love Sanchez

Nacho nacho man!

Just what I needed after the rugby yesterday! Thank you Arsenal!! That was the first time I’ve watched us play united and felt comfortable for the full 90… Wenger in 😉

Llambro Stefan Pali

Öz stepping up, Alexis red devil-raping, Cech showing cuntinho he made a grave mistake letting him go, and of course, Arsène smiling! What a day to be a Gooner!


dude, do not use the word “rape” like its a fun word


…its clearly a metaphor. dude.


Every time Keane talks shit about us we deliver. Selfie and the Charity Shield, and now this. More of that please. Sadly nobody would call him out for being the fucking clueless cunthead he is though.


I gotta say, Mourinho has dug his own grave with his, “Any other manager would be sacked” rant, which basically is saying to Abramovic, “You should definitely sack me now – look, even Wenger is earning his keep!” So fuck you Mourinho. I can’t believe that Gabriel red card, we’d probably be top of the league if it hadn’t happened but it seemed like that game has shot a rocket up Arsenal’s arse in the Premier League so I’m glad it happened. And I have to say I love the way we mixed our usual passing and possession game with… Read more »


Bellerin… fast as a rattlesnake and twice as quick…. these thing make the rest of the team purr…..


Fucking interlull

AS Baby

Rogers sacked


Had some dodgy moment in the second half but we always looked more capable to score, although United dominated possession throughout.

United’s possession football was actually laughable, so much so when Gabriel lost the ball to Martial all United managed to conjure is an extra slow motioned series of passes that resulted in a poor through ball that Cech gathered with ease.


Please can you turn on ur TV?


I liked what I saw from Theo…we may have our striker, people!


Hello Sanchezzzzzzzzarrr

Diehard gunner

Oh to be a gunner.


Oh so sweet! Delicious! Gorgeous! Ozil and Alexis! What can I say? To a man, the whole team responded. Cech with the big saves!! The Ox a bar-width from 4-0! Great day!

Side notes: Didn’t know Shweinsteiger was such a dirty player, throwing elbows, pushing, pulling? And Fellaini telling the ref to “Fuck off”! Hahahaha!

Roy Keane and Gary Neville, enjoy you cunts!

Goone's Farm

I used to like Schweinsteiger. Still do but he joined the wrong team sadly. I did however enjoy Ramsey’s stand off with him. We DO have fight in our team. COYG!


Just like Arsenal. Taking us fans on a ride which goes from despair to bliss and from pathetic to sublime. Thank God it was the other Arsenal tonight. What a brilliant piece of football we played in the first 20 minutes. We have a decent run of fixtures in the premier league now. Lets stay at the top. COYG!!!

Dial Square Charity XI

What a fine fine day. Missed the first 15 mins, trying to load a stream and it was 3-0. I know Liverpool news isn’t of any interest, but I thought Jamie Carragher’s insights concerning the sacking of Rodgers were rather amusing: “…Liverpool are becoming Tottenham They think they are a big club but the real big clubs aren’t concerned about what they do….”

Abou Diaby Institute of Medical Science and Technology

Absolutely tasty weekend of football. chelsea shitting the bed and this result against utd

Can’t believe there’s another international break already ARGH


Remember when we couldn’t beat the big teams?


What an absolutely beautiful performance. I can’t remember the last time I saw an Arsenal side look so fluid and lethal and organised and creative and defensively competent and tactically aware and etc. etc. There really aren’t many compliments you can’t give to the team today. That is the performance of a world class team, that is the performance that we KNOW this group is capable of! A team that wants to be champions can go out and perform like that more often than not, for fucks sakes Arsenal, enough of this jekyl and hyde bullshit, be the team we… Read more »


Our world class players bringing their A-game to a world class match. Great result.


dear michael owen
you’re a cunt.
love mesut.


Great game. I know we should be enjoying our victory, but please could we spare a minute to lol at The Circus from Stamford bridge. hahahahahaha waaaaha hahahahahaha

I still remember the cheating, fighting, pretending, quirking, unicycle riding Cyclop saying a good result against us will turn their season around. What a turn around indeed.


Wish this was the start of a title challenge really; but we are too inconsistant. Fingers crossed!


Supreme…Arsenal made me Squeeee today. Ruthless and fasst first half.
Solid and Measured in the 2nd..Should have been 6 shat all over those slow cunts. Only chance they had was Martial..COYG

The 49ners

Oh!!! What a day to be a’s gonna be good tomorrow…COYG!!


A breathtaking and brilliant game by Arsenal in the opening 20 mins!

Lovely backheel by Alexis, followed by Ozil finally breaking his duck this season! As if those weren’t enough, Alexis scored a screamer not long after!

Poor Man U didn’t know what had hit them. Call it wishful thinking but can we play like this in every match please?

NZ Gooner

The other thing I would like to point out is that we are second on the table and have already played:

Man United
Crystal Palace (who are in 4th place)
Leicester City (who are in 5th place)
West Ham (who are in 6th place)

With just two easy games (relatively) in Stoke and Newcastle we are SECOND on the table!!


My only regret is our missed chances. Brilliant performance all around. Well going entirely out of europe is starting to look like a good idea

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