Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Arteta rallies the troops

Yeah, we know.

Arsenal lose. Players say sorry. We all stew a bit. We play another game. We win. Well, we win sometimes. We’re lured into a new sense of optimism. And then we lose again and the cycle repeats itself.

That’s Arsenal right now. But ask most fans and they’ll say it’s their team too. Football’s a bit of a bugger like that.

Anyway, Arseblog News is done stewing about Tuesday’s Greek clusterfuck because we’re playing Manchester United on Sunday and that’s a massive game. Mikel Arteta knows it too and he’s decided it’s time to beat his chest in defiance.

Speaking ahead of the game the club captain told the matchday programme that now more than ever the players must stick together as a unit.

“After a result like Tuesday’s I think the first 48 hours are about digesting what happened and being critical with your own performance, but after that you can ask some questions, sit together as a team and move forward from there.

“But you need to do that as a group, without any friction or individual finger pointing, because we are a team.

“One day you make a mistake, but the next time maybe you will win the game. If one of your team-mates makes a mistake, the next one has to step in to avoid that mistake costing us something.

“That’s the important thing about being a team, and that determines how good you can be.

“Everybody is upset with what happened on Tuesday, but we don’t need any extra motivation for a game as big as today’s. We need to get up again, and I know we have the capability to do that.

“We have got a great chance to get in an excellent position in the league, then we have another two weeks before our next game while everyone goes off for internationals.

“From experience we know how important it is to win that last game before the international break.”

Here’s hoping for a fantastic atmosphere at the Emirates tomorrow, a performance that reflects our potential and three glorious points. Failing that maybe someone could just kick a ball really hard in Rooney’s face. It won’t be Arteta as he’s injured.

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Le Jim

I hope sexi lexi smacks one that goes through Fat Wayne’s legs, just clipping his testicles, so that they recede into his body out of fear, effectively making him a eunuch for the rest of his life, and slightly changing direction to make De Gea cock up in hilarious fashion, ruining his self-esteem and dream move to Real Madrid, so that he lives his life as a hermit, aspiring to win the llama lookalike championships. Sorry about the weird shit, studying does that to me. On another note, take a trip down Arseblog nostalgia lane to July 13, 2005 –… Read more »


How did your post suddenly appear at the top?
Have you been studying queue-jumping?? 🙂


Meanwhile mourinho is having a meltdown at the moment.
Karma is a bitch.


Our karma just ran over his dogma

Le Jim

Computer hackz d00d.
Just kidding, I have no idea.


That was rambling Pete-esque, man


Great comment, now let’s see that on the pictch !


really hope we win this game, for all the bad publicity wenger has stirred up; having a bad big game result stew into the international break. A draw would be anti climatic


My dog died. 🙁


Get a turtle? 🙂

La Défense

Lol @ Chelsea

gooner 44

just watched maureens abysmal attempt to protect his shower of shite.has there ever been a worse performance by a champion winning team, defending their title
l think not.
bunch of CUNTS.


We seem to have a hell of a lot of injuries again!

North Bank Tom

The point at the end of the article – about there being a fantastic atmosphere at the Emirates tomorrow – is such an important one. I’m lucky enough to be a season ticket holder in the North Bank Lower and too often over the past few seasons, the atmosphere at the Grove has descended into audible displeasure at the performance of the team. Passes going out, players being tackled or making the wrong decision are all part of the game and have always been. Instead of groaning and grimacing at the small things, what the players need is our support… Read more »


The bad atmosphere at the stadium has been an issue for years and years now – some would say ever since the move, honestly – and it’s time there’s more effort to address it.

Sadly it’s probably the worst stadium in the league for crowd engagement. Too many rich corporate types treating it like an American style day-at-the-ball-game experience.

But then that’s what you get I guess when you charge prices that only those types can afford.


I dont like the design of the Emirates. I prefer the really steep close to the pitch stadiums for example like Signal Iduna Park. That place is intimidating with its wall of Black and Yellow Dortmund supporters looming over you. But oh well, we are stuck with what we got for the next 100 years so no point in complaining about it. But I think atmosphere was probably at the bottom of their priority list when they designed the Emirates. I dread saying it, But I think Spurs new stadium looks 10 times better on paper atleast. Just go look… Read more »


Since it takes abit less effort to moan and groan from the stands than it does to stand and sing support your team unfortunately this trend will not end because most of the fans at games especially home are fat and lazy so they will do that which require minimal effort.

Sad really.


Our captain sets such a perfect example.Majority of the time he’s benched and pulls up a muscle when he gets a chance to play




Wow! It’s like Monaco anderlecht Chelsea Liverpool never happened!

We will learn this time. Proooommmmiiiiisssseeee


The warning signs were there against Leicester, it’s no exaggeration that we could of easily conceded 5 within the first 20minutes.
Arsene’s insistance on collecting injury prone, lightweight midfielders has gone on for too long.


OT: It’s a pity Arseblog didn’t publish Theo’s interview about Mesut. Interesting to know how two of our best players work together. But well, yeah, it’s just Özil…



“Ozil has provided three assists and created more goalscoring chances than anyone else in the Premier League this term”

Love me a bit of Mezut! 🙂


How many goals has he scored?

Name a game against a top 4 team or a top European Team where he was good?


Name the 5th prime number?


Name the interior minister for the republic of Gabon?


Guy-Bertrand Mapangou.


I wanted the answer from Greg!

PS. I am not sure Gabon has an “interior minister” I kinda made up the question…



Proves the point on ozil


Less talk please…less talk. You said the same after the chelshit hammered us.
No more excuses..tired of you guys talking big and flopping when it matters only to start performing when the pressure is off.

Rip Van's Winkel

In one of my dreams I repeatedly kicked a ball in Rooney’s face REALLY hard.
Can it be a raffle prize?

Rip Van's Winkel

Come to think of it, does a a ball have to be involved at all?


A bit off topic, but whatever the heck happened to Gnabry? Doesn’t even make it on the bench for WBA.


a bit off topic?

Thierry 's basrard love child

Has anyone else notices the correlation between these rallying cries being followed by losses or substandard performances.


You might want to rethink that one…


it would be nice if we had a captain that led on the pitch rather than from behind a mic, but whatever, it’s arsenal right.


Hit Shrek in his ogre face? It’s a big enough target. Takers? The line forms to the left.

Tony Hall

It’s not easy being an Arsenal fan but watching the well deserved fall from grace of that odious twatbucket over at Stamford Bridge and his classless players is absolutely fucking priceless … 🙂


I love the classy swear words on this site, such as “twatbucket” and “thundercunt” many thanks to all the participants!
Feel free to add some more below..:-)

Come on you Gooners!

Canuck Gunner

Shall we have a moment of silence for Chelsea for suffering another defeat?
Followed by a week long period of laughter of course!


Maurinio just had to one-up Arsene’s “techy” interview, the obsessed thundercunt


“One day you make a mistake, but the next time maybe you will win the game and the next time repeat the same mistakes” so it goes on and on. Here i am, thinking that the use of analysing mistakes is to learn from them and try not to repeat them, but alas the analysis being done at the club is how to make the same mistakes but in a more embarrasing manner


I am gonna say this even though it will get too many downvotes:
Thank god we let Fabregas go.


We forget the importance of atmosphere and growth over time. I still believe: if we had Van Persie and Fabregas in 2013-14 (the year we led the PL for 200 old goddamn days and ended up 4th), we’d have cracked it. All of it. We’d look like this monster: Sagna Mertesacker Kocielny Gibbs Arteta Ramsey Fabregas Cazorla Walcott VanPersie With subs: Wilshere Giroud Flamini Vermaelen Jenkinson Rosicky Fabianski With select reserves being: Ox Podolski Bendtner Monreal Etc. *Ozil wouldn’t have been bought then. But someone would. Anyone that 42mil bought would be bonus to this squad. And remember, this is… Read more »

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

Looking at Fabregas preceding hairline I am convinced he has had the ol’ cricketer’s hair transplant done over the summer. I have also been struck by how utterly shite Fabregas has been this season in comparison to last. Compare this to Rooney, who (I hate to admit) has caused us plenty bother over the years as a premature balding man. Rooney also had a hair transplant; several in fact, and his form and quality has seemed to decline further with each procedure. Compare this to Zidane, Vieira, Henry etc. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Nigerian Gunner

It is disrespectful to suggest that Gabon does not have an interior Minister.
All the same, all we really care about is a fantastic atmosphere at the Emirates and 3 points in the bag.


Britain doesn’t have one – I meant no disrespect (can’t believe we are discussing this!)


Chelsea will no doubt finish top next season.

1. Chelsea
2. Derby
3. Nottingham Forest
4. Burnley


Off topic, but I love the classy swear words on this site, such as “twatbucket” and “thundercunt” many thanks to all the contributors!
Feel free to add some more below..:-)

(It may keep our minds off the United game for a bit!)

Come on you Gooners!


we can do it, come on you gooners


Manchester United dismantled!


Sick goals!!!!!!!!! COYG!

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